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  • Saturday 01 August

    Saturday 01 August

    Unlimited Bangers: 617 Jack Overy and 1300 Stock Cars: 302 Jack Smith

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  • Saturday 14 March

    Saturday 14 March

    1500cc Bangers: 12 Troy Cobbett, 2 Litre Bangers: 51 James Licquorice, Junior Bangers: 310 Harvey Latkowski and 1300 Stock Cars: 302 Jack Smith

    Updated: 15 Mar 2020 19:31

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    • Saturday 08 August - 17:00
    • Pre75 Bangers, Unders and Overs + 2L Bangers
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Missing friends during lockdown

Sarah Tomlin, aged 9, and her Dad Andrew have sent us this poem that Sarah wrote about Racing and the lockdown effect from a track’s point of view; written for a School project. It’s too good to not share! Thank you Sarah and hopefully we’ll see you soon.


Missing friends during lockdown

Before lockdown:

Kings Lynn stadium watches and waits.

Suddenly, a swarm of cars stream in humming excitedly

Kings Lynn stadium smiles, at last the week was up.

The plodding of footsteps grew louder as people were queuing, waiting to enter.

At last the gates open and the plodding grows even louder, when the people are making their way round to their spot on one of the steps.

Children run off to the fun fair ride as the parents meet up with their friends and talk about who is there and who they think is going to win the races.

At very long last, the low sound of thunder means that the main event is here as the ground starts to shake.

People go off towards the pits to see who is here and if their favourite drivers will be racing and get shoes dirty. Finally, the distant rumble of the ground and the sound of thunder gets closer, which means that within a few short minutes, the racing will begin.

After a lot of crashing, banging and cautions, the racing is over. As all of the fans go home and start to drive off, the cleaning begins.


After Lockdown:

Kings Lynn stadium watches and waits. No cars drive into the carpark, no people wait in a queue, oh no just silence instead.

Lockdown Kings Lynn stadium watches and waits. It stares, it glares but still nothing happens, no plodding in the pits, no people in the stands, no marshals on the track no nothing.

Lockdown Kings Lynn stadium watches and waits.


Sarah Tomlin,

Aged 9


Sarah Tomlin

Sarah Tomlin


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