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Trackstar Racing | News | Pearce ready to retain European

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Pearce ready to retain European

Lee Pearce (23) has been an ever present force in the 1300 Stock Cars for a number of years and is one of the top drivers of the formula; he’s the current European Champion and here he answers some questions for Keith Organ ahead of his title race defence Saturday 19th May.

KO: You won the European at Hednesford last year, do you remember much about that race and how has your time been as champ since, successful?

LP: I’ve had to have some time off this year as I’m in the process of buying a house, so something had to give and unfortunately it was stock cars - although I’m currently having a new car built! Winning the championship last year was great; a young girl called Chloe Aylward picked out the hat the grid draw for me and drew 5th; I thought great! Then I realised I had the 2 Smiths beside me, but I got away first bend and the rest was history! I couldn’t do all the meetings after due to the house purchase, unfortunately.

KO: How long you been racing the 1300s, you must still enjoy it?

LP: I’ve been racing 1300 stock cars 15 or so years now on and off after leaving Ministox; in which I also won the European championship also so it was good to win it in 2 different formulas! I do love the stock cars they’re a great formula.

KO: Who you like to race anything else?

LP: BriSCA F1 is my dream, hopefully one day, you never know!

KO: How are you feeling about the race on Saturday; who do you see as your biggest rival?

LP: I’m looking forward to racing Saturday, although it won’t be in my own car; I’ll be in a Diggy smith fabrications car. If I use my head, I’ve got every chance of winning it again, but at Kings Lynn its anyone’s race. As for rivals? On the track everyone is a rival to me, as they say when the green flag drops the b****** stops!

KO: Anything you want to add, people/ sponsors to thank?

LP: I would like to thank my Family and friends really there the ones who make it possible, too many people to mention, but they know who they are.  

 Thanks to Lee for taking the time with the above, we wish him well in his title defence Saturday 19th May - 5:30 Start time!

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