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Trackstar Racing | News | Sun 20 Jan (12noon) Preview

Latest Results

  • Sunday 02 June

    Sunday 02 June

    2 Litre Banger World Final: 570 Jordan Cumming. 2 Litre Saloon Stock Cars: 600 Barry Russell. 1300 Stock Cars: 191 Luke Leedell

    Updated: 21 Jun 2019 14:14

  • Saturday 01 June

    Saturday 01 June

    2 Litre Saloon European Championship: 306 Daniel Parker, 1300 Stock Cars: 23 Lee Pearce, Banger Final: 321 Kieran Fry

    Updated: 21 Jun 2019 14:13

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    • Saturday 13 July - 17:00
    • 2L Banger Rear Wheel Drive, Micro Bangers, 1300 Stock Cars & Junior Bangers
    • Saturday 27 July - 17:00
    • Trackstar Mafia v Mildenhall Fen Tigers III
    • Saturday 03 August - 17:00
    • 1300 Stock Car World Final & Steve Newman Memorial, 2L Stock Car Steve Newman Memorial & 1500cc Ban
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Latest Points

Sun 20 Jan (12noon) Preview



Unlimited Banger

Micro Bangers

Junior Bangers

Roll of Honour

Admission - advance E tickets are highly recommended!

Drivers Booked to Race

Meeting Format 


Mark Paulson Preview



The Banger racing season begins with a bang at the Adrian Flux Arena, King’s Lynn, with Icebreaker XXVI, the 26th running of the legendary team event on Sunday 20 January (12 noon). The most prestigious team contest for Unlimited Bangers has a star-studded entry, supported by a full field of Junior Bangers and a last minute addition – the excellent Micro Bangers

The arena boasts great viewing all around (plenty of under cover viewing too!), free on site and overflow parking, disabled viewing, licensed bars, ample food outlets and other great facilities. Please note that all bags will be searched on entry and coolboxes, glass and alcohol are not allowed to be bought into the venue.

There are 95 Unlimited Bangers (25 teams), 46 Micro Bangers and 33 Junior Bangers booked in to race. - Please note this meeting is now FULLY BOOKED. We are now taking reserves so if you would like to be added to the reserve list please contact 07939 580652; if you are booked in and can no longer make it, please contact the same number to allow another driver to race. Thank you. Please note if you are not listed below you will not be allowed to race if you turn up without a booking

Any driver who turns up unbooked will not receive any complimentary admissions / start monies which they may be entitled to. If you are not listed below and would like to race please contact:  07939 580652.

Drivers please note your early arrival will be appreciated. Drivers turning up in the last hour could well find themselves missing their first race. Please note you will not be able to save space in the pits and if you want to park with someone please make sure you turn up with them. Only race transporters will be allowed in the pits


Unlimited Bangers

Defending the Icebreaker title is Team Extreme, with two teams entered by the Devon-based James brothers. The ‘A’ squad is last year’s winning outfit, crewed by #362 Johnny James with King’s Lynn local #757 Callum Gill, veteran racer #627 Terry Coke and #622 Garry Webb.


Team Extreme ‘B’ looks just as strong, with #262 Buddy James joined by form driver #99 Scott Gough, a man who often goes well at King’s Lynn in the shape of #209 Tom Waller, and East Anglian star #327 Mick Maskell Jr.


 Scott Gough 99 was well involved 9th December - and won the Nutcracker!


Close runners-up last year were the Dover Boys, and they are aiming to go one better, headed by two of the top men around King’s Lynn, #673 Darren Fendley and #898 Andy Battle (who both won the Icebreaker as part of Team Bash in 2015), plus local entertainer #155 Sam Coote and crowd favourite #388 Stevo McGrath, all the way from Ireland.


Double champions Team Black are always in the mix, both for the overall points crown, and the day’s Entertainers’ League. Led by the legendary #617 Jack Overy, they will be ones to watch.

617 dw

Legend Jack Overy 617 will be hoping to lead a team to glory


Other strong contenders for the overall title are likely to include #22 Dave Vincent’s Team 22 (winners in 2017) and 2016 champions the VS Massive, captained by #160 Shayn Winsor.

77 388 

The Sowters won't be messing about; if it's on track it's getting a hit!

Entertainers don’t come bigger than Team Sowter/Filmer, who defend a streak of three Entertainers’ League successes – two in the six-a-side War of the Worlds, plus last year’s Icebreaker. Sowters Carl (#288) and Taylor (#388) will be up for some hard-hitting action. 

The Essex-based Shunters field two teams on the hunt for Entertainers’ success too, and include popular Wisbech brothers #790 Nathan and #791 Nicky Young in their team as they do each year.



The Shunters are likely to be in the mix!


The same can be said for all-Irish team Last Rites, who always put on a fantastic show when they visit King’s Lynn. Other visitors include Icebreaker favourites the Demons from the West Midlands, the southern-based Outsiders (for whom #274 Tom Grantham and 632 Callum Reed will be ones to watch) and two largely-southern teams entered by TMT. #570 Jordan Cumming, a podium finisher in the Trackstar World Final, could be a key member of the ‘A’ team, which also features Boston’s #88 Lyndon Stark.

Stark’s hometown has always been a hotbed of Banger racers, and is home of the Warlords, who have two teams entered. Father-and-son #230 Dean and #203 Josh Moljourd join returnee #280 Simon Goodale and commentator #974 Alistair Oxby in the ‘A’ team. The ‘B’ team is also packed with entertainers, including hearse and limo specialist #282 Bobby Daniels.


178 623

   Kieran Bowam 178 took this shot off Ricky Hutton 623 from TMT earlier this year - revenge on the 20th? 


Legendary local outfit the Predators (headed by individual Entertainers’ League champion #178 Kieran Bowman) and two teams of Wild Boyz (featuring  #43 Nicky Bishop) will also take some stopping.


Micro Bangers

The Micro's were a last minute addition and - whilst their numbers might be limited; the action won't be! They have been brilliant around King's Lynn this year and the usual Micro Bangers contestants are expected to join us - for a just for fun; no points Sunday afternoon action. 

547 666 683

Expect big action from the likes of Team Allsorts with James (51) and Jack (511) Licquorice, Team Bilge including 143 Aaron Mann, 664 Aaron Challis and last meetings final winner 666 Kieron Challis and Team Dicko with Micky Clarke (147), Andrew Clarke (647) and Danny Clarke (747) plus other top drivers and entertainers are expected in the line up. 


Junior Banger 

An off-season outing for the youngsters features an entry headed by double points champion #90 Joey Holmes Jr. Former world champion #131 Harley McCarthy will be looking to get back to winning ways, and will face competition from local starlets #555 Harry Gelsthorpe, #608 Lennie Murkin and #999 Louis Cottrill.


 Danny Elbourn 304 and Louie Cottrill 999 have been in the middle of the Junior Banger action this year

As well as McCarthy there are plenty of visitors booked to race, looking to get some track time ahead of the summer season.  They include the likes of #08 Finlay Damon, #349 Lewis Saunders, #452 Harry Eyles and #842 Keaton Ivins.



Roll of Honour

Unlimited Icebreaker

Year Venue 1st 2nd 3rd
1994 Swaffham United Steam Team Valley Services
1995 Swaffham Green Team Steam Team Norwich Mafia
1996 Swaffham Steam Team 'A' Metal Wreckers Steam Team 'B'
1997 Swaffham Suicide Squad 'A' Green Team Steam Team
1998 Swaffham Luton Banger Club 'A' Fen Tigers Steam Team
1999 Swaffham Bad Boys Steam Team Bedford & District
2000 Swaffham Team Black Steam Team Team Blitz!
2001 Swaffham Team Blitz! Steam Team Damage Inc 'A'
2002 King's Lynn Team Blitz! Steam Team Ant Hill Mob 'A'
2003 King's Lynn Ant Hill Mob 'B' Bears Steam Team
2004 King's Lynn Steam Team Ant Hill Mob Hitmen 'B'
2005 King's Lynn Steam Team Dover Boys All Stars
2006 King's Lynn All Stars Steam Team 'B' Steam Team 'A'
2007 King's Lynn Team V Ant Hill Mob Bears
2008 King's Lynn Team V 'A' All Stars 'A' Stinkbridge 'A'
2009 King's Lynn Ant Hill Mob Steam Team 'B' All Stars 'B'
2010 King's Lynn Team Extreme 'B' Team Extreme 'A' Bears 'A'
2011 King's Lynn Team 22 Damage Inc 'A' Team Handsome
2012 King's Lynn Team 22 Norfolk 'n' Good Damage Inc
2013 King's Lynn Team Black 'A' Norfolk 'n' Good Damage Inc
2014 King's Lynn 17 Eggs Team Grey & Black 'A' Riff Raff
2015 King's Lynn Team Bash Team Grey & Black 'A' Team Ninja 'A'
2016 King's Lynn VS Massive Team Bash Team 22
2017 King's Lynn Team 22 Team Black 'A' Damage Inc
2018 King's Lynn Team Extreme 'A' Dover Boys VS Massive



Admission - on the day prices

Adult - £17

OAP/ Concession - £14

12 - 15 year old - £7

Kids up to 11 - FREE

Family Ticket (2 adults and up to 3 12 - 15 year olds) - £44

Click here to save money and beat the queues with advance discount tickets - Highly recomended


Drivers Booked in to Race


Unlimited Bangers

Boston Warlords A

203 Josh Moljourd

230 Dean Moljourd

280 Simon Goodale

851 Adam Storr


Boston Warlords B

256 Mark Ginders

282 Bobby Daniels

577 Scott Graves

579 Gary Beccham



111 Joe Cotton

164 Gary Shaw

353 Sean Mullins

355 Martin Mullins


Dover Boys

155 Sam Coote

388 Stevo McGrath

673 Darren Fendley

898 Andy Battle


Last Rites

7 Alan Leonard

16 Mike Flaherty

19 Danny Flaherty

146 Davey O Connor


Mad Hatters

399 Jonny Atkins





Orange & White

195 Billy Giddings

661 Shaun Smith

662 Dalton Smith




178 Kieran Bowman

219 Robert Betts

279 Bradley Bowman

519 Lee Middleton


Shunters A

174 Curtis Rathbone

513 Sean Harvey

514 Charlie Taylor

768 Danny McSweeney


Shunters B

132 Robert James

160 Perry Willings

612 Danie Loades

791 Nicky Young


Team 22

22 Dave Vincent

128 Andy Shipp

321 Andy Newton

597 Andy Ashman


Team Black A

67 Rickie Beasley

103 Jack Deacon

455 Rickie Finney

617 Jack Overy


Team Black B

356 Harry Overy

625 Josh Gooch

760 Joey Reynolds

907 Cameron Bradford


Team Carter

58 Karl Parry

100 Karl Toole

329 Michael Carter

331 Mackenzie Whitehead


Team Extreme A

362 Johnny James

622 Garry Webb

627 Terry Coke

757 Callum Gill


Team Extreme B

99 Scott Gough

209 Tom Waller

262 Buddy James

327 Micky Maskell Jnr


Team Mates

165 Ben Randall

175 Karl Corsby

211 Dennis Vorkink

830 Lee White


Team Sowter / Filmer

288 Carl Sowter

388 Taylor Sowter

732 Ricky Stroud

733 Danny Stroud


The Outsiders

274 Tom Grantham

284 James Head

632 Callum Reed

932 Rhys Reed



88 Lyndon Stark

570 Jordan Cumming

599 Matty Butcher

623 Ricky Hutton



141 Gary Lee

157 Dom Hall

267 James Steel

405 Alfie Cornish



259 Dan Poole

577 Alfie Lee

592 Mark Marchant




VS Massive

160 Shayn Winsor

318 Tony Citro

328 Dan Lathan

960 Ross Winsor


Wild Boys A

11 Ryan Leeks

43 Nicky Bishop

78 Lee Macey

149 Wayne Bailey


Wild Boys B

73 Dean Cruickshanks

560 Steve Barker

746 Tony Jarvis

812 Lewis Winter


Micro Bangers

UK Champion - Union Jack           

566         Tony Pallett


Superstar - Red Roof & Flashing Lights    

88           Lyndon Stark

757         Callum Gill


Star Grade - Red Roof    

355         Micky Walker

623         Ricky Hutton


A Grade - Blue Roof        

248         Jamie Blything

556         Matt Tillow

634         Ben Green


B Grade - Yellow Roof   

214         Connor Osbourn

388         Taylor Sowter


C Grade - White Roof    

13           Morgen McCarthy

14           Ross Theobold

19           Joe Mullarkey

26           Paul Lovick

41           Louis Fidment

51           James Licquorice

87           Damien Matthews

91           Ben Lawrence

93           Lewis Godfrey

101         Cieran Harmer

121         Aaron Colbert

173         Daniel Gant

193         Jamie Jory

193         Nathan Shepley

248         Nick Ashbridge

293         Harry Cole

308         Kevin Baxter

330         Mackenzie Whitehead

333         Matt Thomas

334         Josh Stewart

359         Danny Smith

384         Liam Neave

412         Callum Lacey

556         Louis Barker

591         Jack Giddings

616         Matt Goodswin

664         Ryan Sutcliffe

666         Nick Ungermann

708         Jamie Nottingham

758         Paul Miller

799         Tim Rees

834         Josh Green

855         Callum Taylor

904         Reece Crane

908         Lewis Judd

998        Mark Paisley




Junior Bangers 

National Points Champion - Silver Roof

90 Joey Holmes


Superstar - Red Roof & Flashing Lights

33 Jacob Hampson


Star Grade - Red Roof

7 Josh Mackay

77 Lewis Ivatt

131 Harley McCarthy

555 Harry Gelsthorpe

608 Lennie Murkin

999 Louie Cottrill


A Grade - Blue Roof

5 Jack Maddox

57 Lewis Garrod

229 Harry Cobb

449 Bradley Green

800 Jacob Rushton


B Grade - Yellow Roof

8 Finley Damon

117 Lee Reynolds

188 Codie Reeves

317 Ben Saunders

622 Harvey Webb

854 Aiden Storr


C Grade - White Top

199 Jobie Holland-Gough

215 Crystal Croxon

267 Archie Fryatt

340 Samuel Bennett

349 Lewis Saunders

352 Howe Reade

374 Sam Markham

409 Emily Taylor

644 Reece Davis

701 Riley Marsh

833 Robbie Dillon

822 Shane Masterman

842 Keaton Ivins

902 Kacey Crane



Meeting Format


1.            Junior Banger White & Yellows

2.            Micro Banger Heat 1

3.            Junior Banger Heat 1

4.            Unlimited Banger Heat 1

5.            Unlimited Banger Heat 2

6.            Unlimited Banger Heat 3

7.            Junior Banger Heat 2

8.            Micro Banger Heat 2

9.            Unlimited Banger Heat 4

10.          Unlimited Banger Heat 5

11.          Junior Banger Final

12.          Micro Banger Final & Destruction Derby

13.          Unlimited Banger Final & Destruction Derby


 Unlimited banger Heat splits:

Heat 1

Boston Warlords A


Mad Hatters

Shunters B

Team Black B

Team Carter

Team Extreme B


Wild Boyz B


Heat 2

Boston Warlords B

Last Rites

Orange & White


Shunters A

Team Havoc

Team Sowter / Filmer


Wild Boyz A


Heat 3

Dover Boys

Team 22

Team Black A

Team Extreme A

Team Mates

The Outsiders


VS Massive


Heat 4

Boston Warlords B


Last Rites

Mad Hatters

Orange & White


Shunters A

Team Black B

Team Extreme B

Team Havoc

Team Sowter / Filmer


Wild Boyz A


Heat 5

Boston Warlords A

Dover Boys

Team 22

Shunters B

Team Black A

Team Carter

Team Extreme A

Team Mates

The Outsiders



VS Massive

Wild Boyz B



About Us

img1From the pure adrenaline and Unlimited Power of the F1 Stock Cars to the destruction and crazy antics of the Bangers - you can see it all at the Norfolk Arena! With up to fifty cars in every race, action is guaranteed and here at the Norfolk Arena we encourage “full contact” where spinning and hitting other cars is all part of the racing!

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