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    • Next Meeting: Saturday 22 May - 17:30
    • F1 Stock Cars WQR, MiniStox World of Shale & V8 Stock Cars

      Limited spectator tickets, online in advance only - released 10 days before the event.

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Latest Results

  • Sunday 13 December

    Sunday 13 December

    1500 Bangers: 551 Brett Jackson. Unlimited Bangers: 388 Stevo McGrath.

    Updated: 15 Dec 2020 11:41

  • Saturday 31 October

    Saturday 31 October

    Unlimited Bangers: 181 Grant Doe. 2L Stock Cars: 116 Diggy Smith.

    Updated: 04 Nov 2020 16:44

  • Next Meetings

    • Saturday 22 May - 17:30
    • F1 Stock Cars WQR, MiniStox World of Shale & V8 Stock Cars
    • Sunday 23 May - 13:00
    • 2L Banger War of the Worlds, Junior Bangers & 1500 Bangers - Raising awareness for Mens Mental Health with CALM
    • Saturday 29 May - 17:30
    • All Bluebird / Cavalier / Primera / Carina Bangers, All Sunny & Almera Bangers & 1300 Stock Cars
    • Monday 31 May - 13:00
    • VANDEMONIUM Big Van Bangers, Siamese Bangers, 2L Stock Cars Steve Newman Memorial & Reliant Robins

Latest Points

BriSCA F1 Entry Raffle

BriSCA F1 Stock Car fans – win free entry to every F1 Stock Car meeting at King’s Lynn in 2021 for just £6!

To enter, simply buy any number which is still available from 1 to 59 - £6 each - the winning number will be based on the Bonus Ball in the National Lottery Draw on the first Wednesday or Saturday following the purchase of the final number.

The winner will then receive a free pass to each of the 6 F1 Stock Car meeting at King’s Lynn in 2021.

£1 from each ball sold will go to charity - CALM, who supports Mental Health and wellbeing.

Payment required in PayPal or Bank Transfer. 

Good luck!


 - 6th May update - all numbers now claimed and just waiting for payment

- 8th May update; all numbers now paid for and the draw will take place based on the main National Lottery draw 8th May 2021


- 9th May update: The Bonus Ball for the main lottery draw 8th May was number 15. Congratulations to Kara Dobson on winning the prize.



1 Stacey Rowe Paid
2 Craig Tomblin Paid
3 Racheal Richardson Paid
4 Melanie Bristow Paid
5 Gemma Callow Paid
6 Keith Pearce Paid
7 Leah Bristow Paid
8 Narelle Featherstone Paid
9 Craig Tomblin Paid
10 Martin Dawson Paid
11 Steven Evans Paid
12 Stacey Rowe Paid
13 Phil Chadbourne Paid
14 Billy Bristow Paid
15 Kara Dobson Paid
16 Leah Bristow Paid
17 Dani Chadbourne Paid
18 Gemma Callow Paid
19 Amy Bristow Paid
20 Kara Dobson Paid
21 Andrew Goodwin Paid
22 Billy Bristow Paid
23 Christopher Breden Paid
24 Glen Tuddenham Paid
25 Anthony Towey Paid
26 Tom Moat Paid
27 Chris Carter Paid
28 Andrew Goodwin Paid
29 Dan Stagg Paid
30 Nic Heywood Paid
31 Gaz Cartwright Paid
32 David Dickinson Paid
33 Craig Bannister Paid
34 Anthony Towey Paid
35 Chris Carter Paid
36 Chris Rowe Paid
37 Dave Johnson Paid
38 Melanie Bristow Paid
39 David Crosby Paid
40 David Crosby Paid
41 Leanne Price Paid
42 Amy Bristow Paid
43 Cade Bond Paid
44 Martin Dawson Paid
45 Shane Rowe Paid
46 David Dickinson Paid
47 Dave Johnson Paid
48 Shane Rowe Paid
49 Glen Tuddenham Paid
50 Nic Heywood Paid
51 Leanne Price Paid
52 Dani Chadbourne Paid
53 Craig Bannister Paid
54 Steven Bone Paid
55 Steven Bone Paid
56 Chris Rowe Paid
57 Phil Chadbourne Paid
58 Narelle Featherstone Paid
59 Keith Pearce Paid

 - This raffle is being run by Trackstar Racing and not endorsed by the charity or any Social Media company.  


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img1From the pure adrenaline and Unlimited Power of the F1 Stock Cars to the destruction and crazy antics of the Bangers - you can see it all at the Norfolk Arena! With up to fifty cars in every race, action is guaranteed and here at the Norfolk Arena we encourage “full contact” where spinning and hitting other cars is all part of the racing!

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