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    • 2L Banger Teams War of the Worlds, Junior Bangers & 1300 Stock Cars

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Trackstar Racing | News | Monday 2nd May @ 1pm meeting preview

Latest Results

  • Saturday 21 May

    Saturday 21 May

    F1 Stock Cars: 1 Tom Harris. Saloon Stock Cars: 730 Deane Mayes. Ministox: 732 Brooke Kitson.

    Updated: 27 May 2022 18:54

  • Saturday 14 May

    Saturday 14 May

    Bluebirds/Cavaliers/Carinas: 549 Phil Smith. Almera/Sunny Bangers: 112 Brad Wright. 1300 Stock Cars: 244 Ed Selby. Unlimited Lady Bangers: 469 Emily Taylor

    Updated: 23 May 2022 18:23

  • Next Meetings

    • Saturday 28 May - 17:00
    • 2L Banger War of the Worlds, Junior Bangers & 1300 Stock Cars
    • Friday 03 June - 17:00
    • Vandemonium – Big Van Bangers, 1300 Stock Cars, Micro Bangers & F2 Stock Cars (W&Y only)
    • Saturday 11 June - 17:00
    • Unlimited Bangers, 1500 EA Teams & Junior Bangers
    • Saturday 18 June - 17:00
    • F2 Stock Cars People's Trophy, 2L Stock Cars & 1300 Stock Cars

Latest Points

  • Lady Bangers (Gold Roof)

    Lady Bangers (Gold Roof)

    # 57 Sophie Tillow leads the way in qualifying for the Unlimited Lady Banger Gold Roof Championship

  • Lady Bangers (White & Yellow)

    Lady Bangers (White & Yellow)

    # 313 Shannon Woods leads the 2022 Unlimited Lady Banger White & Yellow points

  • Lady Bangers

    Lady Bangers

    # 313 Shannon Woods currently leads the 2022 Unlimited Lady Banger National Points Championship.

  • Banger (White & Yellow)

    Banger (White & Yellow)

    #107 Taylor Pratchett leads the way in the 2022 White & Yellow National Banger White & Yellow Championship

  • Banger National Points

    Banger National Points

    #608 Lennie Murkin leads the way in the 2022 National Banger National Points Championship

Monday 2nd May @ 1pm meeting preview




Admission - Advance tickets recommended!

Traffic Disruption

Booking list



Driver Handouts:

National Banger Drivers

2L Saloon Drivers

Reliant Robin Drivers





Live motorised thrills and spills take place at the Adrian Flux Arena in King's Lynn on May Day Monday 2 May (1pm) with another big family fun event taking place. Bank Holiday Banger and Stock Car Action! The Savage 2L Bangers World Qualifying Round, the fast and furious 1500cc Bangers, the ever entertaining Reliant Robins and the all action 2L Saloon Stock Cars on the line up.

Races will see pile ups, cars roll over, big wrecks - you name it as Europe's most entertaining form of motorsport will deliver more crashes and overtaking on one lap than an F1 Grand Prix will deliver all race! The day ends with the famous Destruction Derby where there can only be one winner - and that will be the last car which can move under its own power after obliterating the opposition!

Non stop entertainment for all the family - an event not to be missed.

There are 55 1500cc Bangers, 37 2L Bangers, 28 2L Saloon Stock Cars and 20 Reliant Robins booked to race.

Drivers if you are booked in and can no longer race, please let us know asap. Drivers wanting to book themselves, may do so by messaging Paul Butler on 07939 580652 please! Drivers turning up without a booking will not be allowed to race.

The pit gate will open for competitors at 10am, the gates for ticket holders will open at 11am. If purchased advance tickets, please have your e-ticket confirmation ready, either on your phone or printed. The drivers entrance gate is for competitors only, there is no pedestrian access at this gate.

The arena boasts great viewing all around (plenty of under cover viewing too!), FREE on site and overflow parking, disabled viewing, licensed bars, ample food outlets and other great facilities.

A small amount of food and drink can be brought with you into the stadium; alcohol, glass and coolboxes are not permitted. Thank you.

We hope your enjoy your afternoon with Trackstar at King's Lynn.






Live motorised thrills and spills take place at the Adrian Flux Arena in King's Lynn on May Day Monday 2 May (1pm) with another big family fun event taking place.

What’s in store on Monday then?

National Banger Racing - Not one but two classes of full contact Bangers are in action with the fast and furious 1500cc Bangers and the savage 2L Bangers. The racing often resembles a 70mph traffic jam - with drivers trying to win by whatever means they can! The afternoon ends with not one but two of the famous Destruction Derbies where the winner is the last car which can move after destroying the opposition. Some of the biggest and best banger drivers are heading to King’s Lynn.

In the 1500cc Bangers, mid-50’s currently scheduled for battle; long distance travellers Dan Croskell (60) and running mate Gavin Taylor (227) make the long haul down from Cumbria to be with us, Croskell has really made his mark on the 1500cc Banger scene since taking the National Championship here in December. Brad Bartram (69) gets up graded to red following his recent good results, it will be interesting to see how he get’s on. He will be joined near the back by Micro Banger UK champion Ricky Garrod (99) he’ll be there or thereabouts in the results. Tony Pallett (566) is another driver who will likely feature well and dropping to blue grade, he could take some stopping.

Taylor Pratchett (107) is at the top in the Entertainers league and set to battle it out & looking for more points, he leads defending Entertainer Champion Kieran Bowman (178), Bowman is certainly one of the top drivers in the sport and will be looking to be in amongst it on Monday. Glen Woodward (197) and Max Bull (205) have rejuvenated the Wild Boyz team and have been in good form in previous outings, ones to watch – they love a crash! Ben Waddingham (257) on the line up to, similarly has been in crashing form on previous outings, Phil Jackson (550) doesn’t need any encouragement either to get involved!

The 2Litre Bangers are the second class of Bangers on the billing, over 40 of them currently booked and they sure do love to get stuck in. World Champion Lee White (830) tops the line up and will be looking for a good day ahead of defending that crown here at the end of July. John Reeves (188) is another strong pilot in the 2L Bangers and likely to be in amongst the places on Monday.

Mac Bell (28) and Aaron Nelson (699) were in good form when they tried their hand at the Siamese Bangers on Easter Monday, but racing on their own today, the number 28 driver and the 699 pilot can wreck or race as the mood takes them. Bell is in fourth place in the Entertainers league and might be looking to improve on that. Lee Middleton (519) is another that is a strong contender in the 2Litre’s; he will race and he will wreck if needed, what mood will take him on Monday. Jon (603) and Ross (604) Cooper could be ones to watch in the 2L Bangers; likewise Kenny Gabriel (720) and Troy Goodwin (813) are certainly one’s to watch too! Lots of cars, lot’s of action and we’re sure we’re in for a good day of Banger racing.

All action Stock Car Racing are also on the line up - Europe's most exciting Stock Car formula is in action - the 2L Stock Cars. This form of full contact racing is not for the feint hearted and pile ups, crashes and roll overs are all part of the race spectacle which unfolds in front of your very eyes! A lot of the top drivers are scheduled for action too. 

World Champion Timmy Barnes (131) will be on track, his no nonsense driving style won’t see him taking any prisoners! Winner of pretty much all the other majors Michael Allard (349) is also on track, he is quick and knows how to use the bumper; certainly one to keep an eye on coming up from the back of the grid. Barry Russell (600) is one you don’t want to discount, making the long haul from Scotland once again, but knows this place like the back of his hand now; a top challenger certainly.

Wesley Starmer (525) has had a great start to the year and moves up the grades, as does Aaron Totham (561) both starting towards the back now, it will be interesting to see how that form continues. Charlie Barnes (6) picked up a win here last time and could take some catching, similarly Keagan Sampson (329) and Connor Peckham (99) are getting up to speed too and may spring a surprise!

Reliant Robin Racing - Getting a four wheeled car around an oval track in the chaos of one of our races is difficult - imagine how difficult it is balancing it in a 3 wheeled Reliant Robin. It is not easy and some drivers spend more time on their roof than on their wheels - You can just see Del Boy - "You plonkers!" Daniel Douglas (553) the top man in the formula, but it was Roy Gedge (385) Who was victorious last time here in the meeting final, Tommy Tatham (197) also picking up two wins. With a couple of Reliant Robin newbies too, we might just be seeing a few rollovers!

John Cook (843) swaps his regular 4-wheeled 1500cc Bangers for 3 wheels today, good luck to him. Chip Howland (196) was in a good place for a win last time out here, but crashed out one lap from the end, he will be looking to put that right on Monday. Lee Barnard (490) a stalwart of the Robins, leads the National Points for them and will be back hoping for another good day on Monday.




Save money with advance tickets, available on our website until 4:30pm Sunday. 

Adult - £18

OAP - £16

12 - 15 year old - £6

Kids up to 11 - FREE - Only available when purchased in advance

Family Ticket (2 adults and up to 3 12 - 15 year olds) - £45


On the day tickets, available from 11am Monday at the Box Office:

Adults - £20

OAP - £18

Junior 12-15 yr old - £8

11 and Under - £5

Under 5s free

Family 2 adults & upto 3 Juniors £50




Traffic Disruption

Traffic disruption this weekend -Trackstar would like to remind visitors to the Stadium of traffic disruptions due over the weekend along some major access roads.

The A17 at Sutton Bridge will see disruption and long delays could be expected during the day. Those using this route are advised to leave extra time for their journey.

Please spread the word


Booking list

1500cc Bangers

2L Banger World Champion – Gold Rood

830 Lee White – Saffron Waldon


National Champion - Gold Stripes

60 Daniel Croskell - Kendal


UK Champion - Union Jack

99 Ricky “Skiprat” Garrod - Thetford


Star Grade - Red Roof

69 Brad “Brado” Bartram - Wisbech


A Grade - Blue Roof

248 Jamie Blything - Norwich

311 Garry Lown - Norwich

331 Mackenzie “Mate” Whitehead – Barnsley

Sponsored by Stairfoot MOT Centre, Barnsley Towbar Centre & Royston Auto Components

479 Joel “Jooble” Allen - Wisbech

566 Tony “Zippy” Pallett - Thetford

624 Cameron “Camo” Hubbard - Attleborough

Sponsored by John Kemp 4x4 Norwich

691 Ryan “Ryno” Bartram – Wisbech

Sponsored by Tranz Tech & The Snack Bar, Wisbech


B Grade - Yellow Roof

7 Daniel Bitson – King’s Lynn

12 Troy Cobbett – Walsingham

Sponsored by William Hewitt Porsche Specialist & Panda Performance UK

26 Paul “Skiddy” Lovick – Fakenham

Sponsored by MWR Custom Fabrications

231 Alex Smith – Walsingham

Sponsored by Pandaperformance_UK & KB Race Photos

551 Brett Jackson - Peterborough

556 Matt Tillow – Norwich

Sponsored by David Yarham Salvage & Crowson Motors & Reliable Rentals

621 Jamie “Big Jim” Barrett – Upper Sheringham

717 Lewis “Lewie” Ivatt – Spalding

Sponsored by L&D Private Hire

792 Steve “Stevie G” Greenhalgh – Cleethorpes

910 Jack Rookard – Stowmarket

Sponsored by Steve Lumley Road Planing Ltd, Beck Row Dismantlers & S B Car Collections


C Grade - White Roof

10 Chris Wick – Walsingham

41 Kevin Freestone – King’s Lynn

50 Simon West

91 Shaun Coupland – South Witham

110 Brett “The Judge” Judge – Peterborough

Sponsored by RJ Commercials, E&H Grab Hire & 100 Fabs

190 Ben Germany – Chesterfield

195 Billy Giddings - Peterborough

197 Glen “Microchip” Woodward – Sheffield

Sponsored by Dan Johnson Grab Hire, Dave Johnson Vehicle Sales & JDW Services

205 Max “Bully Jnr” NB Overland, JDW Services & Scan Tech CommercialsBull - Retford

222 Brad Cook - Retford

227 Gavin Taylor - Keswick

249 Mitchell Bailey - Doncaster

257 Ben Waddingham – Scunthorpe

275 Joel Bond - Diss

288 Chris Ford - London

297 Paul “The Rat” Chapman - Faversham

315 Nathan “Webby” Webb - Rickenhall

330 Jackson “Dude” Whitehead – Barnsley

Sponsored by Stairfoot MOT Centre, Straford Fabrications & JDW Services

356 Sam “Sambo” Hildon – King’s Lynn

Sponsored by West Winch Horse Livery

398 Andy Chapman – Ashford

399 Brendan Kavanagh

420 Matthew “Fuggers” Jode – Thetford

Sponsored by Carbrooke Cars & Commercials (Car Sales) - 01953 881407 & Freedom Recovery & Towing - 07799 121101

443 Steve Ashman – Ely

Sponsored by Pit Stop Auto Factors, Mildenhall,

495 Aston “Tyrone” Gibbons - Wisbech

511 Gavin “Gavsta” Wing – Newark

Sponsored by ERA Electrical, Danish Invader & Morcot Tyres

550 Phil Jackson – Peterborough

666 Kieran Challis - Lakenheath

707 Jack Lilley - Haverhill

712 Alex Hudson - Dereham

743 Kavan Barton - Spalding

781 Tyrone Howe - Luton

800 Liam Halls - Stowmarket

830 Jay Sharpe - Scunthorpe

922 Rob Baker - Ely


2L Bangers

2L Banger World Champion – Gold Rood

830 Lee White – Saffron Waldon


National Points Champion - Silver Roof

337 Ashley Garrod - Swaffham


Star Grade - Red Roof

188 John “Victor” Reeves - Folkestone

552 Karl Douglas - London


A Grade - Blue Roof

60 Kyle “Shakey” Stevenson - Sheffield


B Grade - Yellow Roof

17 Billy Taylor - Coventry

28 Mackenzie “Mac” Bell – Dunmow

Sponsored by Carmaggeddon Salvage Ltd

51 James Licquorice – Wisbech

Sponsored by LCP Construction

178 Kieran “Slim” Bowman – King’s Lynn

Sponsored by The Tyre Bay & Service Centre 01553 771630

210 Callum McKee - Doncaster

339 Olly Scott – Brookville

396 Callum “Ginner” Woods - Heanor

519 Lee “Knuckles” Middleton

Sponsored by Core Heat – Heating Specialists

604 Ross Cooper – King’s Lynn

687 Mark “Crossy” Cross – Bedworth

Sponsored by MC & Sons Gearbox Specialist & Siesta Sunbeds, Coventry

910 Jack Rookard – Stowmarket

Sponsored by Steve Lumley Road Planing Ltd, Beck Row Dismantlers & S B Car Collections


C Grade - White Roof

32 Connor Byram - Morecambe

73 Dean “Crucko” Cruickshanks – Sheffield

93 Dylan Goodman - Colchester

107 Taylor Pratchett - Colchester

199 Shady Gough - Sheffield

214 Shane Rawlings- Burntwood

279 Bradley Bowman – King’s Lynn

Sponsored by The Tyre Bay & Service Centre 01553 771630

296 Thomas Jennings – Sutton Coldfield

314 Luke Rawlings – Burntwood

318 Oliver Marshall - Sudbury

349 Ryan Wheeler – Dereham

403 Daniel Jordan

414 Conner Anslow - Birmingham

456 Terry “Mad Tezza” Hawes – Swindon

669 Cal “Heli” Curtis – Beccles

Sponsored by PFP Ford Spares

696 Jamie Webster

699 Aaron Nelson – Braintree

707 Jack Lilley - Haverhill

808 Fabian Leathers “Fablaa!” Ashley – Lakenheath

Sponsored by Anglian Auto Works

828 Jordan “Sharpey” Sharpe – Scunthorpe

Sponsored by Riverside Tyres (Hull) - 01482 221607

911 Toby Wilson - Swindon


2L Stock Cars

World Champion - Gold Roof

131 Timmy Barnes - Dereham


National Points, British & ORC Champion - Silver & Black & White Checks

349 Michael Allard - Great Yarmouth


Star Grade - Red Roof

26 Tommy Barnes - Dereham

120 Luke Dorling - Diss

126 Harry Barnes - Dereham

389 Ryan Santry - Diss

525 Wes Starmer - Spalding

561 Aaron Totham - Tiptree

570 Simon Venni - Spalding

600 Barry Russell - Brechin

730 Deane Mayes - Diss


A Grade - Blue Roof

328 Michael Boswell – Shipston on Stour

350 Tommy Parrin - Wisbech

370 Rowan Venni – Spalding

399 Cole Atkins – Diss

573 Marty Lake - Norwich


B Grade - Yellow Roof

6 Charlie Barnes – Dereham

52 Stuart Tointon – Boston

99 Connor Peckham - Wisbech

184 Elizabeth Crowden – Newark

250 Sam Parrin -Wisbech

312 Neil Payne – Norwich

329 Kegan Sampson - King's Lynn


C Grade - White Roof

16 Jamie Cox - Sheffield

103 Alfie Makins – Marham

192 Rob Heanes – Spalding

232 Gavin Anderson – Peterborough

238 Alfie Aldous - Diss

413 Carl Somner - Henfield


Reliant Robins 

World & National Points Champion - Gold & Silver Roof

553 Daniel “The Champ” Douglas - Dagenham


Star Grade - Red Roof

197 Tommy “Tommy Boy” Tatham - Dagenham

385 Roy Gedge – Wisbech

Sponsored by JC Signs & E&H Grab Services


A Grade - Blue Roof

96 Ian “Whillywhiz” Robins – Little Staughton

229 Steve “Stevo” Futter - Thetford

576 Colin “Porkey” Aldred - Dereham


B Grade - Yellow Roof

9 Ant Cherry – Scunthorpe

99 Dale Russell

143 Sam Begley

419 Laura Quadling

490 Lee “Barney” Barnard – Dereham

554 Chalkie Douglas - Boston


C Grade - White Roof

106 Oliver Betts - Wisbech

196 Chip Howland – Thetford

Sponsored by Futter Fabrications, RNS Autocentre & Gamble Plant & Skip Hire

244 Mark Curtis - Kettering

291 Stiff Haddon – Kettering

Sponsored by Atlantic Plumbing and Heating Supplies, Burton Latimer

339 Harry Atkins – Sudbury

354 Darren Bewers

835 Jamie Hughes - Scunthorpe

843 John “Cookie” Cook – King’s Lynn







1.  1500cc Banger Heat 1

2.      Reliant Robin Heat 1

3.      2L Stock Car Heat 1

4.      2L Banger Heat 1

5.      1500cc Banger Heat 2

6.      Reliant Robin Heat 2

7.      2L Stock Car Heat 2

8.      2L Banger Heat 2

9.      1500cc Banger Heat 3

10.   Reliant Robin Final

11.   2L Stock Car Final

12.   2L Banger Final & Destruction Derby

13.   1500cc Banger Final & Destruction Derby






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img1From the pure adrenaline and Unlimited Power of the F1 Stock Cars to the destruction and crazy antics of the Bangers - you can see it all at the Norfolk Arena! With up to fifty cars in every race, action is guaranteed and here at the Norfolk Arena we encourage “full contact” where spinning and hitting other cars is all part of the racing!

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