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338 Terry Garrod

The following interview was conducted by Matt Black and appeared in the King's Lynn programme on 15 March

paul 6

National Points Champion 338 Terry Garrod


338 Terry Garrod had an outstanding 2013 by claiming the 1500cc National Banger title back in last December and quickly followed it up with the National Points title and ousted long time holder of the crown 22 Dave Vincent with some fine displays over the year. I caught up with Terry earlier this week to hear how he feels going into the 2014 season as a two title holder. 

MB: How does it feel going into the New Year as the National Points Champion? 
TG: If I'm being honest with you Matt it still hasn't hit me properly. I think when you race week in week out like I do then it sometimes doesn't dawn on you that you have these titles or you don't have time to think about them. I think as soon as I get the paint out though for the roofs it will hit me, although I do need to get some first as it's expensive!!  I do need a sponsor for my paint for the year and I would put anyone's name or names on the cars if they want to sponsor me!!

MB: Do you feel you can defend it? 
TG: I'll have a good go at it. It would be nice to win it again. It will be hard though as like last year when I was chasing it you have to dedicate your life to it somewhat and you have a lot less time to spend with the misses and kids. Although having said that, I have only raced once this year and that was this weekend just gone at Swaffham in the Micros. 

MB: Will you be doing all the big races away from Lynn this year? 
TG: We will be doing some of them - starting with the Supreme at Mildenhall. I was doing an interview with Michael Coventry for the supreme and I realised it was back in 2008 the last time I raced a rear wheel drive car around Mildenhall, so it's nice to get back to doing something that I used to do. I will do everything that I can do. I'm not one for reading fixtures months in advance and saying I'm going to do meetings. If time and money allows and there is a meeting on somewhere away from Lynn I want to do, then we will have a look at doing it. 

MB: Have any drivers spoke to you about your titles? 
TG: To be honest apart from family there has only been one driver and that was Dave Vincent, who came over when he had unloaded at the unders Icebreaker and shook my hand and congratulated me, and that meant a lot to me and I thought it was nice of him to do that. 

MB: Will we see you in more rear wheel drive stuff this year? 
TG: I hope so. It's the same situation it always has been for me. I haven't got endless money to spend on bangers, so we do what we can and do as many meetings as we can on a budget. Bro helped us out at Nutcracker as to how you can adapt a Mondeo engine into an Unlimited car and that helped me out no end. Then also my brother Jack and Jamie Childerhouse helped us with it, so we have a few pointers there to help us out unlimited wise, so if we have a few Mondeo engines knocking about we can try a few things out. We are getting the V6 done for the Supreme at Mildenhall and if that lasts then of course it gives us a chance to do a couple of other rear wheel drive meetings. The engine went bang on me at the Nutcracker meeting and I just got over the line to finish my three races. So we hope to be doing a few, but we will see how it goes. 

MB: It must be good for the team to have all these titles on board? 
TG: Definitely! even yesterday at Swaffham we were performing well as a team and people were saying on ovalchat that we had done well and that's nice when people say that about you as a team and it's nice to be talked about in that way.  It was great to win the Micro Team Championship at the end of last year and it was good to get a title as a team again.  Especially as we had a full team instead of the usual two of us. We had won a title before in the 2 litre team meeting - I think that was in 2011. 

MB: Your consistency at scoring points last year must have pleased you? 
TG: To be honest it was nice to have a good run of luck. I only used two Almeras last year in the 1500cc Bangers. One was finished off in a dd and it could no longer be raced and the other I finished off at unders Icebreaker and the only thing I had to change on that car was tyres. I didn't have to replace a steering arm or a shaft. Literally it was just tyres, which was quite incredible. 

MB: As I'm sure the reliability of your cars did too? 
TG: It gives you a big boost, when you have won a race and you get yourself ready to go back out there and you know you have a good car, then it puts you at ease a bit and you feel good and you just want to go back out there and win another.  I haven't got a bad word to say about any of the cars I used and raced last year apart from the Pre 70 car - hopefully that will be third time lucky this year!!  I did have a cracking year though, so I can't complain about it too much. 

MB: What other title would you like to add to your trophy cabinet this year if you could? 
TG: There are two I would like to win. There is the 2 Litre World Final which I have competed in six years in a row and I don't think I have finished one yet, so that is something that needs sorting out, even if it's just to finish one!!  The other is my granddads meeting the Ally Cox Memorial - that would mean the world to win. Obviously I would love to defend the ones I have won as well so people can't say it's just a fluke, so there is plenty to aim at for me this year. 

MB: What are your aims for 2014? 
TG: Just to enjoy it and have fun and enjoy being the National Points Champ and the National Champ. Just enjoy the year and see what unfolds. 

MB: Will we be seeing any new members this year? 
TG: No I think there all leaving!!! I think Ash has gone Aftermath, but I'm not leaving it and you will still see 9 Bruno out a few times this year. He always puts on a decent show when he gets out there.  Possibly a few appearances from 381 Liam Easter, and my brothers 99 Ricky and 389 Charlie, I like to say 340 Wes Freestone too but he has committed himself to a 1300 stock car for this year, so we will see. 

Well there we have an interesting insight into the mind of a champion and I wish Terry all the best for 2014 and I'm sure he will do his best at defending them crowns this year.

All the best

Matt Black


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