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    • Saturday 23 October - 17:00
    • F1 Stock Cars Shootout rd 6, MiniStox British Championship & 1300 Stock Cars W&Y Only
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888 Lloyd Stark

The following interview was conducted by Matt Black and appeared in the King's Lynn prgramme on 15 March


888 Lloyd Stark


Tonight see's the first meeting back in 2014 for the bangers and there are a host of drivers we will be hoping to interview as the season unravels. Tonight we start with a driver who has made inroads since he and his brothers have come over from Skegness, and that is 888 Lloyd Stark.

MB: What are the teams aims for 2014? 
LS: Hopefully we will be in a position in April to get all of us out on track for a one of meeting and that includes brother Jorji and our dad Shaun.  We will also look at trying to race at as many tracks as possible and as often as we can, so we will see how that goes. 

MB: Sum up your Icebreakers for us? 
LS: Probably not as good as we usually do. Things just didn't go our way and luck didn't fall right for us but sometimes that happens. 

MB: Will we see more of you in rear wheel drive this year? 
LS: Definitely. Lyndon and I will be out there for all the unlimited meetings. I have another Lexus ready to go.  We will also be looking to do the 2 litre rear wheel drive meeting again, but as of yet we haven't got anything for the Pre 70 meetings. 

MB: You also have younger brother Jorji moving into National Bangers soon. Is that something the team is looking forward too? 
LS: Very much so. We were going to give him a few meetings in the rookies, but we thought sod it we will throw him straight in at the deep end as we think he could be a bit of a lunatic anyway!!!  We will all be out there with him to look after anyway. 

MB: I'm sure it will make it even harder to get cars ready for meetings now? 
LS: With all of us racing it will be six, so yes it will get harder for sure, but we will just keep going and try to get cars turned around as quick as we can!! 

MB: Are you looking at any new rivalries for the year ahead? 
LS: No I don't think so. We will just go out there for a good rod and a good race, but if the crash is right and it's there, then I will have to take it.  We like both anyway, it just has to fall right. 

MB: Who would you say puts the most work in down the yard? 
LS: Definitely me! I would say I do ninety-five percent of the work and the rest of them put the five percent in between them. I'm the yard manager!!! I can also say that if there wasn't any Ipads and Iphones then we would have hundreds of bangers built to choose from. 

MB: If one thing could happen for you on track this year what would it be and why? 
LS: I'd probably say a DD win as I have never had one. I have had a few runner up spots but never a win, and I would like to win one. Also it would be nice to win a championship title. I would like to win the 1500cc National Championship - that would be my preference!! 

MB: Most memorable moment of your career so far? 
LS: My first ever figure of eight race when I went and won it - that was good because on the same day I got an entertainer award and Vicky got two wins in the Lady Bangers which was a great day for both of us.  I would also have to say my DD in the Granada in the 2 litre rear wheel drive and the huge caging I gave to 216 at the 1500 national meeting at the back end of last year - they were also good moments for me!

MB: Who do you think the best driver and wrecker is in the team? 
LS: I would say 601 Bling Chris Medler is the best wrecker and my brother 886 Lewis is the best driver. 

MB: One last question, what do you enjoy more…racing yourself or watching girlfriend Vicki Hopkin race? 
LS: Definitely me racing, I get mad with her when she races!!! 

Well I would like to thank Lloyd for his time and wish him the best of luck for the 2014 season.


Matt Black


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