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  • Saturday 30 December

    Saturday 30 December

    Micro Banger Teams: Points Winner Team Bash, Entertaining Team Shunters, F2 WY Final Winner 277 Billy Banwell, Meeting Final 124 Ollie Skeels, Junior Banger Final Louis Barker

    Updated: 03 Jan 2018 23:20

  • Saturday 28 October

    Saturday 28 October

    Unlimited Banger 25 & Under Champ of GB & King of the Fens: 209 Tom Waller, Reliant Robins 03 Scott Russell & 1300 Stock Cars 473 Dean Moat (25 & Under Champ of GB 241 Beau Southgate)

    Updated: 06 Nov 2017 22:08

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Latest Points

Sunday 22 January

 Report: Mark Paulsom

Pics: Damien Widdows & Alex Catley


Dave Vincent’s Team 22 claimed the Unlimited Icebreaker title for a record-equalling third time at the Adrian Flux Arena on Sunday (22 January). Vincent and 321 Andrew Newton scored heavily throughout the afternoon, with backup supplied by 128 Andrew Shipp and 597 Andy Ashman. It was enough to beat an all-star Team Black ‘A’ outfit and a competitive showing from Damage Inc into second and third on the day. In the afternoon’s Entertainers’ League, the two Shunters outfits were just pipped to the title by the Bears ‘B’ team after a terrific display of wrecking.


Unlimited Bangers

The 87-car turnout, split across 25 teams, featured plenty of material although much of it had already been used elsewhere. Topping the bill was 274 Tom Grantham’s (Bears ‘C’) lush Nissan 300C, while also noteworthy were the three TX4 London Taxis fielded by the Shunters ‘B’ and a full team of smartly painted Jaguar XJs from Wild Boyz ‘A’ which earned them the best presented team award. Sadly, Wild Boyz captain 43 Nicky Bishop was unable to race after being taken ill in the pits prior to the meeting – our best wishes go to him for a speedy recovery.

The opening heats were split three ways and, with a few late arrivals having not got through scrutineering – despite the start being put back by half an hour – were a little thin on the ground. A heavy overnight frost also made track conditions difficult initially but the action steadily built with heat three proving to be a cracker after two quieter races.

This was the first Icebreaker run under new rules which allowing turning round on the bends, something particularly suited to team racing. Heat three featured all sorts of action on the scoreboard bend after 675 Ian Fendley (Team Bash) was followed in by the pack, triggering mayhem. There were head-ons between 209 Tom Waller (Team Weevils) and 211 Dennis Vorkink (Team Bonos ‘A’), and 388 Steve McGrath (Team Weevils) and 664 Ryan Sutcliffe (Gypsy Crew ‘A’) after the last-named had T-boned 32 Alan Wombwell’s TX4. Waller/McGrath’s team-mate 327 Micky Maskell was named the race entertainer after the efforts of 266 Callum Hall (Bears ‘B’) and 514 Charlie Taylor (Shunters ‘A’) in the earlier heats had given their teams an early lead in the Entertainers’ League.

With all that carnage, only four cars made the finish in heat three, headed by 67 Rickie Beasley with his Team Black ‘A’ team-mate 25 Joel Parsons just behind. That left the team three points behind Team 22, for whom Vincent had won the opener, and one ahead of Team Bonos ‘B’ who provided the heat two victor in the shape of 769 Ben Englestone.

A break for track work preceded heats four and five where the two-way split made for 34 cars apiece. Damage Inc guest 382 Jack Foster Jr dominated the first, with team-mate 821 Ryan Preston making it a successful race for the orange cars by claiming the entertainers’ award. Shunters ‘B’ driver 174 Curtis Rathbone took it in the next  after playing a major role in the bend four wrecking train – where Hall was also on a mission again – that developed. The race itself again proved to be something of a survival of the fittest, with 160 Shayn Winsor of defending champions VS Massive taking the flag. Crucially though, Vincent was second and Newton third which gave Team 22 an 11-point advantage over Team Black ‘A’ going into the final. In the Entertainers’ League, it was looking pretty good for the Shunters, with their ‘B’ team holding a 10-point lead over the ‘A’ team at the top of the standings.

Over 40 cars returned for the final where red flags were required after 235 Danny Williams’ (Bears ‘D’) Mk2 Granada estate took a pasting. Team Sowter’s 288 Carl Sowter led at the time from Newton who soon took up the running on the restart. He went on to take the win from Vincent, which was more than enough to clinch the Icebreaker XXIV title for the purple team. Winsor’s third place lifted the VS Massive to joint fourth in the final standings, as Beasley ensured Team Black ‘A’ would at least finish second with fourth place in the race, and 548 Alex Utting’s eighth meant Damage Inc just edged third overall.

Another stonking performance from Hall was rewarded with a second entertainers’ award of the day which was enough to give the Bears ‘B’ team the Entertainer Team title.


Junior Bangers

There were an impressive 31 youngsters in action in what was the final round of their 2016 National Points Championship after the formula had to be removed from the Christmas fixture. 997 Wayne Cottrill III was seeking to overturn a 21-point deficit to the retired 364 Bradley Lee in order to retain his silver roof, and he duly did so with a heat and final double.

It was a good day for the Cottrills as 999 Louie won the white-top whirlwind opener which was a destructive race. That set the tone for the rest of the meeting as the elder Cottrill won heat one proper after a large pile-up led to a near track blockage. 328 Ben Nichols took advantage of a couple of stoppages and a slightly dubious restart to claim heat two, before ‘Cotty’ clinched the points title with a win in the final from visiting duo 90 Joey Holmes Jr and 246 Jake Wilson.


Icebreaker Final Standings

Team 22                             72

Team Black A                    41

Damage Inc                       32

Team Black B                    30

VS Massive                         30

Team Skint                         21

Team Bonos B                   20

Mad Hatters                      13

Team Bash                         10

Team Sowter / Filmer     10

Shunters A                         8

Team Blue & Black          8

Wild Boyz A                       8

Bears A                               7

Team Bonos A                   6

Bears B                               4



Icebreaker Entertainer Points

Bears B                               50

Shunters A                         45

Shunters B                         30

Damage Inc                       25

Bears C                               15

Team Bonos A                   15

Team Bonos B                   15

Team Weevils                   15

Wild Boyz A                       15

Mad Hatters                      10

Bears A                               5

Gypsy Crew A                    5

Gypsy Crew B                    5

Team 22                             5

Team Bash                         5

Team Black A                    5

Team Blue & Black          5

Wild Boyz B                       5


Unlimited Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 22 88 382 321 (AN) 318 128 601 321 (KF)
Heat 2 769 11 222 521 103 288 513 514 nof
Heat 3 67 25 146 116 nof
Heat 4 382 11 551 257 611 288 821 601 548 513
Heat 5 160 22 321 (AN) 617 768 67 188 579 nof
Final 321 (AN) 22 160 67 103 88 321 548 318 nof
Best Presented Wild Boyz A
DD 321 (KF) & 266
Merit Awards 74 32 132 211 274 44
Junior Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
White Top Race 999 458 75 334 76 854 783 02 nof
Heat 1 997 487 619 246 450 993 229 608 715 999
Heat 2 328 02 619 77 90 487 715 458 854 744
Final 997 90 246 619 608 999 744 77 7 854
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