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Latest Results

  • Saturday 24 July

    Saturday 24 July

    2L Bangers: 830 Lee White. 2L Stock Cars: 26 Tommy Barnes. Junior Bangers: 701 Riley Marsh

    Updated: 01 Aug 2021 22:07

  • Saturday 10 July

    Saturday 10 July

    Unlimited Bangers: 617 Jack Overy. 1300 Stock Cars 436 Matt Arnold

    Updated: 17 Jul 2021 12:50

  • Next Meetings

    • Saturday 07 August - 17:30
    • Pre 90 Unlimited Bangers, Pre 94 Micro Bangers (No K11 Micra) & 1500 Bangers
    • Friday 13 August - 19:00
    • Micro Bangers & 1300 Stock Cars
    • Saturday 21 August - 17:00
    • F1 Stock Cars & F2 Stock Car World of Shale
    • Monday 30 August - 13:00
    • Big Van Bangers Crash for Cancer, 1300 Stock Cars & Reliant Robin World of Shale

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Pre '90 Unlimited Bangers

King’s Lynn Unlimited Pre 90


The next National Banger meeting at Trackstar Racing with a special theme to it runs on Saturday 7th August when the Adrian Flux Arena at King’s Lynn will be host to Pre ’90 Unlimited National Bangers.

Unlike some of the other themed meetings to run this year, the Unlimited Pre ’90 has a more universal appeal.  With engine restrictions designed not to be difficult to comply with and the age of the car being the only factor to worry about, pretty much any Unlimited driver who wants to take part should be able to find something suitable to race.


The Engines

Anything that complies with current ORCi Unlimited rules may be used, regardless of age.  So as long as it isn’t larger than the original engine range available in the car you are racing, then drivers are welcome to use their 2.3 Duratecs.

The Cars

Once again, the rule is very simple.  Anything that complies to the ORCi Unlimited minimum car size and driven wheel rules and was available to buy for a 1989 model-year or earlier can be raced.  Yanks are just as welcome as cars sold in the UK market (or anywhere else in the World for that matter).  The table below is not intended to be an exhaustive list of eligible cars.  Instead, this just deals with the most common queries likely to come up.  Any drivers with a car that they are not certain of the age of should contact the Trackstar office for assistance.



Too New




Ford Granada

Jaguar XJ6 series

Jaguar XJ-s / XJS

Lexus LS

Mercedes C Class

Mercedes E Class

Mercedes S Class

Toyota Supra

Vauxhall / Opel



Series 1-3 and XJ40

XJ-s (pre facelift)

LS400 (XF10 first gen)

190E W201 models

W123 / W124 (and earlier)

W116 / W126 (and earlier)



240 / 740 / 940 series

Scorpio (Frogeye)

X300 / X308 series and later

XJS (facelift)

LS400 (XF20 second gen) / LS430

W202 and later

W210 and later

W140 and later

A80 (first Fast & Furious film!)


Later models are AWD / FWD

Special Notes and Advice

Note that the estate version of the Mk3 Granada was not made until 1992, but will be allowed to race at this meeting.

For Mercedes E-Class models, the easiest way to tell if your car is eligible to race is by the model name.  If the model has an E-prefix (e.g. E240, E280, E420, etc) then it is a W210 or later model.  Model names with the letters at the end will be W124 or earlier.

With Mercedes S-Class models, it is more difficult because the W140 range still used model identifiers with the letters at the end.  Please contact the promotion for assistance with these if you are unsure.


Driver bookings will open Monday 26th July at 9am; drivers should message Paul on 07939 580652 if you’d like to race. Thank you.





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