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Trackstar Racing | News | Pre75 Bangers - 4th July

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  • Saturday 19 June

    Saturday 19 June

    2L Bangers: 87 Damien Matthews. 1500 Bangers: 757 Callum Gill. Micro Bangers:661 Shaun Smith. Junior Bangers: 74 Mikey Whitehall

    Updated: 23 Jun 2021 13:45

  • Saturday 12 June

    Saturday 12 June

    1300 Stock Cars: 23 Lee Pearce. 2L Saloons: 349 Michael Allard. Heritage F2: 9 Aaron Cozens

    Updated: 17 Jun 2021 20:14

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Latest Points

Pre75 Bangers - 4th July

King’s Lynn Pre ’75 in 2021 – 4th July

(please note the date change)


Following the excellent support received for the pre ’75 meeting last year, Trackstar are pleased to confirm that the fixture has been retained for 2021 as many of you will have already seen.  The core details of the car specifications and meeting format remain the same as last year, but with the following changes made (which have been edited in the detailed information below):


·        In the unders class, the engine swap rule is broadened to allow any age-related engine with no more than two valves per cylinder to be used as long as it is not larger than the maximum engine originally available in the model-range.  2 Litre pinto engines remain outlawed from use in certain larger cars eligible for the unders class

·        Because of changes to the ORCi National Unlimited Banger rules concerning minimum car sizes for season 2021, certain cars allowed to be used in the overs class last year using 2 litre pinto engines or larger are now restricted to the unders class only with suitable engines fitted

·        As much as we love the iconic Mk1 Granada, they were streets ahead of most of the rest of the overs class last year, so we are removing them this year to hopefully encourage more participation from slower and heavier cars.  It’s a case of if you don’t try it, you won’t know what happens


Meeting Details


The meeting will have two classes on the day being under and over 2 Litre.  The unders class will be further sub-divided into smaller and larger cars which will remain separate for the heats as a minimum.  Heats will be run to nudge and spin rules with the Finals, All Comers (cars permitting) & Destruction Derbies then becoming full contact.



In the unders class:

·        Original engines always OK

·        Engine swaps are permitted and may use any age-related engine of no more than two valves per cylinder - check with the promotion to be certain that the engine you plan to use is considered to be from a suitable era

·        Certain larger cars in the list below will not be allowed to use the 2 litre pinto engine

·        In all circumstances, a replacement engine must not have a larger capacity than originally fitted to the model-range of car being raced

·        Original 2200cc engines will be allowed in Austin Princess (Wedge), Austin / Morris 2200 (or Wolseley equivalents) and Rover P6


In the overs class:

·        Original engines always OK

·        Engine swaps are permitted but no multi-valve engines.  We expect that most people will use a Ford Pinto or Cologne V6 (or Essex V6!) but other age-related options are allowed – check with the promotion to be certain that the engine you plan to use is considered to be from a suitable era.  Note that the Quad-cam Cosworth version of the V6 is not permitted

·        The engine you use must still be no larger than the original


The Cars

And now the important bit – some ideas of what can be used at this meeting.  Firstly, all cars should be built to National Banger rules (taking into consideration the restrictions on engines above).  The table below is not an exhaustive list of anything and everything you can use at this meeting but is a good guide to what cars fit into which class for the more commonly encountered models.  We are actively seeking to encourage some smaller cars than we used to see at King’s Lynn classic car meetings and in support of this, some of the largest cars that have been allowed in unders meetings at Trackstar in the past have migrated to the overs class.




Austin:  1100, 1300, 1800, Allegro, Cambridge, Maxi, Princess (Wedge)

BMW:  1502, 1602, 2002, E21 3-series, E12 5-series

Datsun: 140J/160J (710 series), 160B/180B (610 series),

Ford:  Capri (Mk1-2 only), Corsair, Cortina (Mk1-3), Escort (Mk1-2)

Hillman:  Avenger, Hunter, Minx, Super Minx

Humber:  Sceptre

MG:  Magnette (all)

Morris:  1800, Marina, MO, Oxford

Peugeot:  404

Riley:  4/68, 4/72

Rover:  P6**

Saab:  99

Sunbeam:  Rapier

Triumph:  1500, 2000**, Dolomite, Stag

Vauxhall:  Cavalier Mk1, Firenza, Magnum, Victor (FA-FD), Victor FE**, Viva (HA-HC),

Volvo:  144**, 145**

Wolseley:  1500, 15/60, 16/60, 18/85




Austin:  3 Litre, FX4 Taxi, Princess (A110/A125/A135), Princess 3 Litre, Princess 4 Litre R, Westminster

Daimler:  DS420, Majestic Major

Datsun:  240C/260C/280C (330 series or earlier)

Ford:  Zephyr, Zodiac

Humber:  Hawk, Pullman, Super Snipe

Jaguar:  420, 420G, Mk1-2, Mk7-10, S-type, XJ Series 1-2 (incl. Coupe), XJ-S (Series 1-2)

Mercedes:  W110, W114, W115, W123

Rolls Royce:  Silver Cloud, Silver Shadow

Rover:  P4, P5

Toyota:  Crown (S100 series or earlier)

Vauxhall:  Cresta

Volvo:  144, 145, 164, 244, 245 (see note below)

Wolseley:  6/99, 6/110


Cars marked ** in the unders class will only be allowed to race in the unders if using an engine other than the 2 litre pinto.  Due to changes to minimum car sizes for Unlimited Bangers in the 2021 rules, most of these cars also cannot run in the overs class this year.  We understand that this may mean that some drivers without access to any engine other than a 2 litre pinto may choose to race elsewhere at a meeting with different rules applying.


Volvo note: Only genuine 1970s Volvo 244 and 245 are permitted to race at this meeting in the overs class.  The meeting is not open to Volvo 240, 260, 264, etc from the ‘80s and ‘90s.


Anybody wishing to check any cars not on this list (highly recommended) can use the usual Trackstar numbers and email addresses available on our website.  We will add cars that are accepted to race at the meeting to the online versions of this list on a regular basis although if something very rare comes up then we may keep this under wraps!!


Meeting Format


Unders:  Heats will be run to nudge and spin rules with no heavy hitting.  Cars in the unders will be split into two groups with smaller cars on original engines in one group and larger cars in the second group which will include 2 litre Fords.  Each group will have heat races of their own but we expect that the Final and Destruction Derby will then be merged as one race for all unders (unless car numbers permit otherwise).


Overs: We expect that the overs class will have three all-in races and Destruction Derby.  Heats will be nudge and spin and the Final and Destruction Derby will be full National rules.


Enquiries and Bookings

We are open for enquiries about car eligibility, engines, etc, etc immediately and will remain so until the day of the meeting.  Bookings for the meeting will be available from 15 June 2021 although we do not expect to be turning down applications to race unless the response is larger than the King’s Lynn pits can cope with, noting that some Coronavirus restrictions may continue to apply for the remainder of the year and potentially beyond. 

Bookings are now open - please message Paul Butler on 07939 580652 to book in


About Us

img1From the pure adrenaline and Unlimited Power of the F1 Stock Cars to the destruction and crazy antics of the Bangers - you can see it all at the Norfolk Arena! With up to fifty cars in every race, action is guaranteed and here at the Norfolk Arena we encourage “full contact” where spinning and hitting other cars is all part of the racing!

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