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Trackstar Racing | News | Saturday 30th July @ 5pm meeting preview

Latest Results

  • Saturday 13th August

    Saturday 13th August

    Micro Bangers UK Final: 312 Brad White. Junior Bangers: 74 Mikey Whitehall. National Ministox: 277 Thomas Rogers. V8 Stock Cars: 1 Steve Thompson

    Updated: 19 Aug 2022 13:50

  • Saturday 6th August

    Saturday 6th August

    Pre80 Bangers: Unders: 678 Alex Ward, Middle Class: 553 Luke Webb, Overs: 246 Aston Burt. 1300 Stock Cars: 167 Jimmy Morris.

    Updated: 19 Aug 2022 12:21

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    • Saturday 20 August - 17:00
    • F2 Stock Cars, 2L Stock Cars & 1300 Stock Cars European
    • Monday 29 August - 13:00
    • BIG VAN BANGERS CRASH FOR CANCER, Reliant Robin World of Shale & 1500 Bangers
    • Saturday 03 September - 17:00
    • F2 Stock Car World Final plus 2L Stock Car ORC Qualifying
    • Sunday 04 September - 13:00
    • 2L Stock Car ORC Championship & F2 Stock Cars

Latest Points

  • Junior Bangers White and Yellow

    Junior Bangers White and Yellow

    #10 Harry Andrews leads the way in the 2022 Junior Banger White & Yellow Points.

  • Junior Bangers

    Junior Bangers

    #291 Liam Waterfall leads the way in the 2022 Junior Banger National Points Championship

  • Banger (White & Yellow)

    Banger (White & Yellow)

    #107 Taylor Pratchett leads the way in the 2022 White & Yellow National Banger White & Yellow Championship

  • Banger National Points

    Banger National Points

    #830 Lee White leads the way in the 2022 National Banger National Points Championship

  • Banger Entertainer

    Banger Entertainer

    # 107 Taylor Pratchett leads the way in the 2022 National Banger Entertainer League which has been updated

Saturday 30th July @ 5pm meeting preview




Admission - Advance tickets recommended!

Roll of honour

Booking list



Driver Handouts:

2L Banger Driver Handout

2L Saloon Driver Handout

Lady Banger Driver Handout




This Saturday…it's World Final time! The 34th staging of the Trackstar World Final, one of the oldest titles in the Sport and once again, in 2022 -contested in 2L Bangers, this is going to be brutal if recent 2L Banger appearances are anything to go by, a good grid of cars anticipated. Lots of cars, lots of action, the 2L Bangers rarely disappoint and they’re travelling far and wide for this one. Qualifiers, seeded drivers and wild cards that might upset the applecart… this is going to be good. Also lining up are the all action, hard hitting 2L Saloons they do rarely disappoint, the fence will rattle and sparks will fly! Completing the line up are the Lady Unlimited Bangers; they have been great entertainment so far this year.... a great Saturday night fixture not to be missed!

Non stop entertainment for all the family - an event not to be missed.

There are 97 2Litre Bangers, 28 2Litre Saloon Stock Cars and 17 Lady Unlimited Bangers booked to race

Drivers if you are booked in and can no longer race, please let us know asap. Drivers wanting to book themselves, may do so by messaging Paul Butler on 07939 580652 please. Lady Bangers please click >>here<< to book in. Drivers turning up without a booking will not be allowed to race.

The pit gate will open for competitors at 2pm, the gates for ticket holders will open at 3pm. If purchased advance tickets, please have your e-ticket confirmation ready, either on your phone or printed. The drivers entrance gate is for competitors only, there is no pedestrian access at this gate.

The arena boasts great viewing all around (plenty of under cover viewing too!), FREE on site and overflow parking, disabled viewing, licensed bars, ample food outlets and other great facilities.

A small amount of food and drink can be brought with you into the stadium; alcohol, glass and coolboxes are not permitted. Thank you.

We hope your enjoy your afternoon with Trackstar at King's Lynn.




By Caged! - Bryson Walker

Saturday marks the 34th running of the Trackstar World Final, the 16th staging since its change to the 2Litre class back in 2006.

We currently have over 100 drivers booked in for what is set to be a great battle for the gold roof. 830 Lee White is back to defend his title and he really has been the man to beat at the Adrian Flux Arena this year. He sits at the top of the Trackstar points by a sizeable margin having taken four race wins from the back of the field so far this season in what has been another impressive season from the ToM man.

Among the top contenders is previous winner & veteran racer 119 Davey ‘Cruncher’ Cox. He is the most coveted driver in the event’s history with three World title victories, but he’ll have to go through the last chance races to get on the main grid.

The main race features the crème de la creme in terms of front wheel drive specialists. Trackstar Points Champion 337 Ashley Garrod is no stranger to title races, being an ex-PRI World Champion, and should certainly not be overlooked. The last meeting here at the Adrian Flux Arena did see Ashley and his Dover Boys comrades cross paths with 57 Max Stott, another of Saturday's qualifiers. ‘Stotty’ is a very quick driver and secured the National Saloon Stock Cars World Championship here on the Norfolk shaleway back in 2018, and he has a long list of accolades to boot in both bangers and saloons, another not to overlook. 743 Jake Bond was victorious in the PRI World Championship back in September last year and has been a welcomed visitor here already this year. Being West-Country based, Bondy isn’t the most familiar with shale but was one of the most improved drivers of last year and could mount a challenge. 178 Kieran Bowman is more renowned for his crashing capabilities, and don’t get me wrong, if he is not among the positions then fully expect him to start throwing the bumper in, however, he has proved on several occasions that he can mix it among the front runners as he proved when he took a strong Bandit Memorial win last year. 69 Brad Bartram booked his spot on the grid by winning the final last time out in what was his first 2L appearance. Brad is having the time of his life in bangers at the moment seeing him rise through the grades. A sure bet for one to watch and a contender for most improved, and could make this season even better by sweeping the gold roof. 549 Phil Smith stands a very strong chance to take his first gold roof. The Gladiator man is joined by another four members of the team, and he has the ability to win on his own accord, we’ve seen previously how effective the team can be when it comes to helping one of their own take a title home.

Looking along the qualifiers there are many more drivers that could certainly win the gold, but there are also plenty that are still to qualify and also those in the main race that will be mixing it up fairly. We mentioned several Gladiators are on the grid, and that includes Entertainers League leader 107 Taylor Pratchett who will likely be looking to gain more points tonight. Another team with strong numbers on the grid are The Outsiders, with 50 Simon West, 73 Dean Cruickshanks and 99 Shaydy Gough, all of whom are hard hitters and would be happy to upset the apple cart. 51 James Licquorice is usually keen for a crash, and with a new found rivalry with the Bartrams, may be looking to ensure 69 Brado is nowhere in contention. 279 Brad Bowman is sometimes overshadowed by his brother, but he always delivers a top display on track and could provide valuable should Kieran find his way near the front.

552 Karl Douglas is very much overdue a big title in the 2 Litres. The ex-Cream Team man is one of the fastest and most consistent performers in the class and is always there abouts, but is yet to add a significant title win to his CV. 309 Michael Lane is another experienced driver among the last chance hopefuls. He was the first ever 1600 World Champion at Ipswich, and will be looking to take a big National Banger win too. Several Scrapyard Screamers are booked in for the last chance races. 299 Dale Locker came so close to take the 2L World at Northampton earlier in the year and will be gunning to get on the grid. 595 Drew Burdett was a race winner the last time the 2L Bangers appeared here; he’ll be hoping to replicate that with a last chance win.

Don’t panic, there’ll be plenty of drivers competing that won’t be worried about booking their spot on the grid. 100 Callum White, 23 Sonny Parsons, 828 Jordan Sharpe, 707 Jack Lilley, 160 Jamie Warr are just some of the drivers to look out for when it comes to putting a show on.

The 2L Saloons join us for a shale outing, a busy time for the class, but around 30 of them booked in for action. They rarely disappoint; expect the bumpers to be going in and the fence to rattle all night! Michael Allard (349) returns to show off the British, National Points, English and ORCi Championship roof, there’s not going to be much space left on that roof! Barry Russell (600) makes the trip down from North of the Border, he too sporting a multi championship winning roof, he struggled for form lately here, but will be hoping to turn that around. A whole host of top drivers joining us, some tough competition throughout the grades -it’s going to be another great session from the 2L Saloons! Good luck to our marshall Freddie Stephenson (180) who gets out on track and looking to raise money to for a charity close to his family.

The 2 Litre Bangers are supported by the Unlimited Lady Bangers in an additional fixture for them. 100 Emma Mullins took a heat and final win last time out and sees her leading the Gold Roof qualifying points. 477 Amy Steele is showing her experience, currently heading the National Points after a couple of top meetings in her Mk1 Granada Coupe. 469 Emily Taylor and 12 Kelly Skinner are set to appear, both are also race winners here and will be looking to replicate that success. You can never rule out 313 Shannon Woods and 57 Sophie Tillow either, they more or less come as a pair and are both in the running for what is a close points table.

We are sure their will be plenty of thrills and spills, and with a bumper field of 2L Bangers, it’s almost impossible to try and predict who will be crowned World Champion. Good luck to them all!





Save money with advance tickets, available on our website until 10am Saturday.

Adult - £18

OAP - £16

12 - 15 year old - £6

Kids up to 11 - FREE - Only available when purchased in advance

Family Ticket (2 adults and up to 3 12 - 15 year olds) - £45


On the day tickets, available from 3pm Saturday at the Box Office:

Adults - £20

OAP - £18

Junior 12-15 yr old - £8

11 and Under - £5

Under 5s free

Family 2 adults & upto 3 Juniors £50



Roll of honour

World Championship

Year Venue 1st 2nd 3rd
1987 Skegness 888 Paul Gurton 161 Dickie Raymond 777 Kim Holland
1988 Skegness 49 Tim Horne 508 Mike Wiseman 136 Paul Newson
1989 Skegness 160 Shayn Winsor 040 John Ashton 49 Tim Horne
1990 Skegness 545 Mo Brown 318 Terry Chapman 141 Paul Corker
1991 Skegness 159 Andy Dunmore 133 John Snare 26 Robin "Bugsie" Newson
1992 Skegness 63 Rob Klyn 355 Reuben Waterfield 18 Andrew Rookard
1993 Skegness 307 Reuban Cunningham 66 Dave Ivatt 789 Bill Ashton
1994 Swaffham 63 Rob Klyn 732 Paul Picton 119 Davey Cox
1995 Swaffham 119 Davey Cox 66 Dave Ivatt 997 Wayne Cottrill
1996 Swaffham 447 Chris Rowe 88 Alan Read 541 Luke Parfitt
1997 Swaffham 997 Wayne Cottrill 323 Richard Dewes 197 Marcus Goldsmith
1998 Swaffham 5 Dave Eccles 33 Gary Madgwick 160 Shayn Winsor
1999 Swaffham 617 Jack Overy 88 Alan Read 63 Rob Klyn
2000 Swaffham 536 Annette Nicholls 209 Andy Brough 57 Stu Cummings
2001 King's Lynn 617 Jack Overy 88 Alan Read 162 Brett Ellacott
2002 King's Lynn 811 Pete Winter 536 Annette Nicholls 364 Sean Winchester
2003 King's Lynn 617 Jack Overy 998 Wayne Cottrill Jr 789 Rob Taylor
2004 King's Lynn 97 Dave Allen 617 Jack Overy 22 Dave Vincent
2005 not held
2006 King's Lynn 119 Davey Cox 801 Jack Foster 112 Tracey Goodhall
2007 King's Lynn 730 Deane Mayes 85 James Ellis 741 Luke Parfitt
2008 King's Lynn 361 Chris Walden 741 Luke Parfitt 125 Lee Overy
2009 King's Lynn 515 Gareth Flatters 128 Mark Atkins 160 Shayn Winsor
2010 King's Lynn 119 Davey Cox 673 Darren Fendley 425 Martin Stopher
2011 King's Lynn 190 Steve Bailey 67 Mark Whittaker 572 Paul Scully
2012 King's Lynn 399 Jonny Atkin 730 Deane Mayes 597 Andy Ashman
2013 King's Lynn 328 Daniel Lathan 17 Kyle Overy 331 Jason Jackson
2014 King's Lynn 390 David Gibson 188 John Reeves 247 Lee Clarke
2015 King's Lynn 673 Darren Fendley 247 Lee Clarke 570 Jordan Cumming
2016 King's Lynn 82 Tom Foster 247 Lee Clarke 599 Matt Butcher
2017 King's Lynn 247 Lee Clarke 326 Shane Lynn 209 Tom Waller
2018 King's Lynn 247 Lee Clarke 830 Lee White 570 Jordan Cumming
2019 King's Lynn 570 Jordan Cumming 549 Phil Smith 188 John Reeves
2020 not held
2021 King's Lynn 830 Lee White 210 Callum McKee 337 Ashley Garrod


Booking list

2L Banger

World Champion - Gold Roof

830 Lee “Stretch” White – Saffron Walden

Sponsored by B J Motor Spares & C W Fabrications


PRI World Champion - Gold Roof

743 Jake Bond - Bridgwater


National Points Champion - Silver Roof

337 Ashley Garrod - Swaffham


Superstar - Red Roof & Flashing Lights

57 Max Stott - Wisbech

69 Brad “Brado” Bartram – Wisbech

382 Jack Foster - Worksop

549 Phil Smith - Colchester


Star Grade - Red Roof

340 Wes Freestone – King’s Lynn

348 Sonny Sherwood - London

542 Craig Oliver - Chelmsford

552 Karl Douglas - London

817 Kurt Jacobs - Ipswich


A Grade - Blue Roof

36 Ricky Lewis - Lakenheath

60 Kyle “Shakey” Stevenson - Dinnington

123 Kieran Gray - Wisbech

178 Kieran “Slim” Bowman – King’s Lynn

Sponsored by The Tyre Bay & Service Centre 01553 771630

188 John “Victor” Reeves - Folkestone

317 Callum Jacobs - Ipswich

741 Charlie Daniels - London


B Grade - Yellow Roof

2 Ash Reynolds - Sheffield

2 Jack Hodges - Dawlish

4 Michael “Mikey”  Croft - Rotherham

12 Troy Cobbett – Walsingham

Sponsored by William Hewitt Porsche Specialist & Panda Performance UK

23 Sonny Parsons – Spalding

Sponsored by John Halifax & Sons Haulage & Storage, Wisbech Breakers & Ellis Factory

28 Mackenzie “Mac” Bell – Dunmow

Sponsored by Carmaggeddon Salvage Ltd

76 Ryan Scott - Larkhall

100 Callum White – Peterborough

Sponsored by Wisbech Breakers - 01945 580380 & Jobie Cobb Signs

119 Davey Cox – Thetford

Sponsored by Davey Cox Car Repairs

132 Archie “Cullum Jnr” Cullum – Walsall

180 Mark Foster - Workshop

210 Callum McKee - Doncaster

248 Jamie Blything - Norwich

299 Dale Locker - Birmingham

307 Martin “Pretty Boy” Kent – Bury St Edmunds

Sponsored by MK Autos, A1 Commercials & Tilley's Tiling

317 Bradley Cushion - Kettering

355 Aaron Dark - Plymouth

396 Callum “Ginner” Woods - Heanor

466 Dalton Steele – Carnforth

Sponsored by R.E. Buildings & Mark Wren Construction

506 Danny Mitchell - London

519 Lee “Knuckles” Middleton – Luton

Sponsored by Core Heat - Heating Specialists

604 Ross Cooper – King’s Lynn

662 Jamie Harding - London

687 Mark “Crossy” Cross – Bedworth

Sponsored by MC & Sons Gearbox Specialist & Siesta Sunbeds, Coventry

732 Chris Cullum - Birmingham

910 Jack Rookard – Stowmarket

Sponsored by Steve Lumley Road Planing Ltd, Stoke Ash Plant & T&L Car Collections


C Grade - White Roof

9 Ben “Coxy” Cox – Thetford

Sponsored by Davey Cox Car Repairs

32 Connor Byram - Morecambe

50 Aiden Gamble - Tipton

50 Simon West - Sheffield

51 James Licquorice – Wisbech

Sponsored by LCP Construction

61 Dan Reid - London

73 Dean “Crucko” Cruickshanks - Dinnington

78 Lee “Mad Mace” Macey - Sittingbourne

93 Dylan “Dilly Dally” Goodman – Chelmsford

Sponsored by PFP Ford Spares, Colchester & FCJ

101 Cieran Harmer – Peterborough

Sponsored by Wisbech Breakers - 01945 580380 & Jobie Cobb Signs

107 Taylor Pratchett - Colchester

129 Joe Skutela - Hertfordshire

161 Charlie Hutson - London

170 Darren Teal - Northampton

171 Andy Frost – King’s Lynn

191 Kieran “Corey” Greenway – Stansted

Sponsored by MSK Vehicle Services

199 Shady Gough - Sheffield

201 Phil “Turkish” Milner - Ipswich

214 Shane “Sparky” Rawlins – Burntwood

Sponsored by Rawlins & Sons Automotive & T.A.G. Metals

220 Troy Cooper - Salisbury

245 William Bush - Carnforth

268 Damien “Damo” Bush - Carnforth

270 Mark Hutton - London

296 Thomas “Wingnut” Jennings - Burntwood

314 Luke Rawlins - Burntwood

318 Oliver “Olive” Marshall – Sudbury

Sponsored by PFP Ford Spares & GK Argent Tractor Spares

356 Sam “Sambo” Hildon – West Winch

Sponsored by West Winch Horse Livery

359 Lee Moatt – Bury St Edmunds

363 Matty Hembrow - Basildon

366 Nathan Wren – Carnforth

Sponsored by Mark Wren Contracting & Lunar Refrigeration

403 Daniel “DJ” Jordan - Barking

448 Alfie Crittenden - Faversham

459 Todd “Toddy” Archer – Brandon

Sponsored by J Brooks & Sons, AMC Scrap Car Collection & J H Commercial Vehicle Services

558 Donald Stewart – Long Stratton

Sponsored by Stratton Auto Services

583 Shamus Wyer - Lancaster

594 Mason “Little Legs” Burdett – Dunstable

Sponsored by A1 Wokingham Car Spares, A Star Building & Landscaping & MA Performance

595 Drew “Drew Boy” Burdett – Dunstable

Sponsored by A Star Building & Landscaping Ltd, Harris Coachworks & Bedfordshire Recovery Services

603 Jon Cooper – King’s Lynn

Sponsored by JLC Services Ltd

610 Devon “Tyrone” Usher – Walsall

Sponsored by Chase Metal Recycling

669 Cal “Heli” Curtis – Beccles

Sponsored by PFP Ford Spares

699 Aaron Nelson - Braintree

720 Kenny Joe Gabriel - Bristol

732 Mac Free - Ipswich

755 Tom Kavanagh - Dinnington

801 Freddie “Freddo” Jeffries – Witham

Sponsored by FCJ Transport & PFP

808 Fabian “Fablaa!” Leathers-Ashley – Lakenheath

Sponsored by Anglian Auto Works

813 Troy “Sexpot Jnr” Goodwin – Catherington

Sponsored by SGU Solutions Ltd, GTG Mechanical & PR & Sons Truck Bodies

828 Jordan “Sharpey” Sharpe – Scunthorpe

Sponsored by Riverside Tyres (Hull) - 01482 221607

830 Jay Sharpe - Scunthorpe

859 Terry “The Wizard” Archer – Mildenhall

Sponsored by Town & Country Cars & C&L Motertech

908 David Brown - Bridgewater

910 Jake Croft – Barrow in Furness


2L Stock Cars

World Champion - Gold Roof

131 Timmy Barnes - Dereham


National Points, British & ORC Champion - Silver & Black & White Checks

349 Michael Allard - Great Yarmouth


European & UK Champion - Red & Yellow Checks and Union Jack

600 Barry Russell - Brechin


Star Grade - Red Roof

120 Luke Dorling - Diss

126 Harry Barnes - Dereham

389 Ryan Santry - Diss

399 Cole Atkins - Haverhill

570 Simon Venni Spalding

730 Deane Mayes - Diss


A Grade - Blue Roof

238 Alfie Aldous – Diss

319 Richard Regan - Warnford

341 Austen Freestone

350 Tommy Parrin - Wisbech


B Grade - Yellow Roof

40 Jake Stringer - Sheffield

214 Tom Yould - Spalding

328 Michael Boswell – Shipston on Stour

329 Kegan Sampson - King's Lynn

333 Dan Weavers - Norwich

370 Rowan Venni Spalding


C Grade - White Roof

13 Rob Heanes - Spalding

48 Brad Dyer - Banbury

180 Freddie Stephenson - Littleport

232 Gavin Anderson - Peterborough

351 Lewis Byron - Braintree

515 Ashley Gretton - Ibstock

591 Luke Dilks - Derby

737 Jamie Mitchell – Bedford

769 Ben Englestone - Norwich



Unlimited Lady Bangers

Star Grade - Red Roof

477 Amy Steele - Fakenham


A Grade - Blue Roof

57 Sophie Tillow – Norwich

67 Charlotte Whittaker - March

100 Emma Mullins – Willenhall

127 Helen Linsdell – Wisbech


B Grade – Yellow Roof

28 Chloe Bricknell – Bicester

257 Anna Piggott - Wells Next to the Sea

313 Shannon Woods – Stamford

469 Emily Taylor – Great Yarmouth


C Grade - White Roof

12 Kelly Skinner - Ware

95 Jade Harbord - Brandon

217 Sarah Taylor – Mendlesham

232 Samantha While - Willenhall

279 Kate Calver - Spalding

626 Kayleigh Sanders – Fakenham

883 Keisha Davey - Boston

917 Melissa Jacobs - Ipswich



1.      2L Banger Shale World Championship Last Chance 1

2.      2L Banger Shale World Championship Last Chance 2

3.      Unlimited Lady Bangers Heat 1

4.      2L Stock Car Heat 1

5.      The 2022 2L Banger World Championship Final

6.      2L Banger All Comers 1

7.      Unlimited Lady Bangers Heat 2

8.      2L Stock Car Heat 2

9.      2L Banger All Comers 2

10.   Unlimited Lady Bangers Final

11.   2L Stock Car Final

12.   2L Banger All Comers 3 into Destruction Derby






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