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    • F2 Stock Cars, 2L Stock Cars & 1300 Stock Cars European and Steve Newman Memorial

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Trackstar Racing | News | Saturday 6th August @ 5pm meeting preview

Latest Results

  • Saturday 13th August

    Saturday 13th August

    Micro Bangers UK Final: 312 Brad White. Junior Bangers: 74 Mikey Whitehall. National Ministox: 277 Thomas Rogers. V8 Stock Cars: 1 Steve Thompson

    Updated: 19 Aug 2022 13:50

  • Saturday 6th August

    Saturday 6th August

    Pre80 Bangers: Unders: 678 Alex Ward, Middle Class: 553 Luke Webb, Overs: 246 Aston Burt. 1300 Stock Cars: 167 Jimmy Morris.

    Updated: 19 Aug 2022 12:21

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    • Saturday 20 August - 17:00
    • F2 Stock Cars, 2L Stock Cars & 1300 Stock Cars European
    • Monday 29 August - 13:00
    • BIG VAN BANGERS CRASH FOR CANCER, Reliant Robin World of Shale & 1500 Bangers
    • Saturday 03 September - 17:00
    • F2 Stock Car World Final plus 2L Stock Car ORC Qualifying
    • Sunday 04 September - 13:00
    • 2L Stock Car ORC Championship & F2 Stock Cars

Latest Points

  • Junior Bangers White and Yellow

    Junior Bangers White and Yellow

    #10 Harry Andrews leads the way in the 2022 Junior Banger White & Yellow Points.

  • Junior Bangers

    Junior Bangers

    #291 Liam Waterfall leads the way in the 2022 Junior Banger National Points Championship

  • Banger (White & Yellow)

    Banger (White & Yellow)

    #107 Taylor Pratchett leads the way in the 2022 White & Yellow National Banger White & Yellow Championship

  • Banger National Points

    Banger National Points

    #830 Lee White leads the way in the 2022 National Banger National Points Championship

  • Banger Entertainer

    Banger Entertainer

    # 107 Taylor Pratchett leads the way in the 2022 National Banger Entertainer League which has been updated

Saturday 6th August @ 5pm meeting preview




Car eligibility and rules

Aaron Keoghan 30 Year celebration

Admission - Advance tickets recommended!

Booking list



Driver Handouts:

Banger Driver Handout

1300 Stock Car Driver Handout




Coming up . . . Pre1980 Bangers, racing in three classes, Unders, a Mid class and Overs. . . classic car Banger action; cars racing will be at least 42 years old and will be going out in a blaze of glory! The drivers are putting in a considerable effort - some of these machines will look stunning! The meeting also a celebration of Aaron Keoghan’s 30 years of racing. The Team Simples racer is one of the backbone of the Sport and we can't wait to celebrate his career with him and we hope to see you there too. 1300 Stock Cars on the line up, they are awesome at King's Lynn. What a great day this is going to be!

Non stop entertainment for all the family - an event not to be missed.

There are 34 Unders, 39 Mid Class and 42 Unlimited Pre 80 Bangers, plus 28 1300 Stock Cars

Drivers if you are booked in and can no longer race, please let us know asap. Drivers wanting to book themselves, may do so by messaging Paul Butler on 07939 580652 please. Drivers turning up without a booking will not be allowed to race.

The pit gate will open for competitors at 2pm, the gates for ticket holders will open at 3pm. If purchased advance tickets, please have your e-ticket confirmation ready, either on your phone or printed. The drivers entrance gate is for competitors only, there is no pedestrian access at this gate.

The arena boasts great viewing all around (plenty of under cover viewing too!), FREE on site and overflow parking, disabled viewing, licensed bars, ample food outlets and other great facilities.

A small amount of food and drink can be brought with you into the stadium; alcohol, glass and coolboxes are not permitted. Thank you.

We hope your enjoy your afternoon with Trackstar at King's Lynn.




Who doesn’t love Classic Car Banger action! It’s our annual classic car night and with a slight tweek to traditional formats’ of Pre1975… we move the age bracket slightly to Pre1980 cars. The decision to change hasn’t been taken lightly, but the increasing scarcity of older cars means that things must move on…. Remember on Saturday, these machines are still going to be 4 decades old at least, some of them up to 70 years old!

The meeting also a celebration of Aaron Keoghan’s 30 years of Banger racing and we were proud to be asked to help Aaron celebrate. He is one of the backbone of the Sport, a great entertainer with the right attitude. Between him and Team Mates The Jokers, they will be bringing a superb line of matching machinery for the occassion.

Drivers really have gone above and beyond for this one; the pick of the bunch will be Mark Lumsden (6) and Nicky Young (791) lining up some stunning machinery, individually they are brilliant, together they will be breath taking. Laura Quadling (419) and Matthew Jode (420) will find it hard to beat their matching Rileys of last year, but they will give a go with something just as impressive. Material man Ross Coleman (476) will be on track; who knows where he keeps finding these things! Dave Sullivan (22) another pick of the bunch with a sublime DS420 limo prepared for action.

We welcome back Martin Brunson (537) too who makes a rare outing, bringing two cars for battle today aswell. Similarly Lee Saunders (349) who makes the long journey up to be with us once again. Aaron's career spans as long as Bruno and Finbaar have been racing and it will be good to see these old skool racers on track.

A strong mix of tin throughout the three classes, we're in for a real treat on Saturday.

Also on the bill will be the 1300 Stock Cars, mid/high 20's are anticipated and they have been fantastic entertainment around King’s Lynn this year. Fast, frantic and highly competitive. There’s not one driver that dominates the class and there provides some very close racing. Expect much of the same tonight with another brilliant 1300 session coming up. Carl Waterfield (600) was the meeting final winner here last time out, he may be one of the favoured runners Saturday. He will be chased hard though by Todd Payne (149) who is also a Final winner here in recent memory, as is Ed Selby (244); it might be quite the tussle between these three. Not to be outdone by Conner Sheldrake (535), he has also been notching up some consistent high finishes too. Sonny Wirght (13) and Darren Smith (83) are quick racers and from yellow may be a dark horse from some silverware. Jack Lower (142) is back following his Double Whammy Heat wins last time out. Daniel Maltby (41) off the White graders may pose a threat too; he was victorious in the Allcomers event last meeting. Riley Shinn (401) also will be a good watch off of White.



Car eligibility and Rules

Trackstar now announce that the fixture on Saturday 6th August will run to a new format for cars from 1980 and prior.  The decision to change hasn’t been taken lightly, but the increasing scarcity of older cars means that things must move on.  We are also changing the structure of the classes running at the meeting which we believe will make the fixture just as appealing as before to drivers with older or smaller cars. Cars and eligibility rules can be found here: https://www.stockcar-racing.co.uk/content/news/kings-lynn-pre-1980-bangers-sat-6th-august-2022.ashx



Aaron Keoghan 30 year celebration

The meeting also a celebration of Aaron Keoghan’s 30 years of racing and we were proud to be asked to help Aaron celebrate. The Team Simples racer is one of the backbone of the Sport, a great entertainer with the right attitude and we can't wait to celebrate his career with him. He may have cut down his racing in recent years, but Aaron is still a great entertainer on track, he was at King’s Lynn just a few weeks ago and took home a wrecked motor at the now famous Maai testimonial. Aaron loves the classic cars.. just what will him and the team be bringing with them this weekend? Whatever the way his night goes… he will do it with a smile!




Save money with advance tickets, available on our website until 10am Saturday.

Adult - £18

OAP - £16

12 - 15 year old - £6

Kids up to 11 - FREE - Only available when purchased in advance

Family Ticket (2 adults and up to 3 12 - 15 year olds) - £45


On the day tickets, available from 3pm Saturday at the Box Office:

Adults - £20

OAP - £18

Junior 12-15 yr old - £8

11 and Under - £5

Under 5s free

Family 2 adults & upto 3 Juniors £50



Booking list

Pre 80 Bangers – Unders Class

3 Scott Russell – London

10 Ben Collins - Norwich

25 Roy Preece - Leicester

93 Lewis Godfrey - Heacham

100 Emma Mullins - Willenhall

107 Taylor Pratchett – Colchester

113 Mark Sutcliffe - Mansfield

117 Lee “Rennie” Reynolds – Melton Constable

120 Lewis Campbell – London

122 James Woodley – Woodbridge

123 Stuart Woodley - Woodbridge

137 Ben “Ginner” Edginton - Doncaster

178 Kieran “Slim” Bowman – King’s Lynn

Sponsored by The Tyre Bay & Service Centre 01553 771630

183 Jack Strudwick - Thackenham

237 Gary Nash - London

265 Karl Gant – Norwich

Sponsored by Randell Recovery

306 Marc Doughty – Hemel Hempstead

309 Andy Oliver

322 Tom Fox – Lakenheath

327 Micky Maskell – Saffron Walden

329 Michael Carter – Milton Keynes

Sponsored by MC & Sons Manual Gearbox Specialist

335 Lee White - Cawston

349 Lee “Finbarr” Saunders - Canterbury

350 Ryan Yeo - London

384 John Golden - London

439 Danny Sutton – Great Yarmouth

477 Amy Steele - Fakenham

537 Martin Brunson – Great Yarmouth

557 Mike Turner – Aldershot

557 Paul Bowen – King’s Lynn

606 Liam Weedon – Milton Keynes

678 Alex Ward – King’s Lynn

783 Lee Strudwick - Thackenham

825 Luke “Cool Hand Luke” Preece – Nottingham

Sponsored by CP Property Maintenance 07590492519 & Park Garage - Mansfield Woodhouse - 01623 628165


Pre 80 Bangers – Middle Class

10 James Eaton – Clacton on Sea

15 Ryan Murphy - Atherstone

21 Jason Colbert – Crowland

Sponsored by Owen's Horse Boxes, Wisbech Breakers & Jobie Cobb Signs

22 Ant George - London

26 Paul “Skiddy” Lovick – Fakenham

Sponsored by MWR Custom Fabrications

33 Andy George - London

65 Shaun Randall – Great Yarmouth

84 Jack Ansell – East Grinstead

88 Alan “Speedy” Read - Ashdon

92 Liam Bartlett – Weymouth

127 Tom Lindgren - Storrington

128 Andy “Shippy” Shipp - Ugley

150 Lewis Richards - Weymouth

162 Brent Shaw - Waterlooville

165 Ben Randall – Great Yarmouth

Sponsored by S Randall Recovery Services

178 Kieran “Slim” Bowman – King’s Lynn

Sponsored by The Tyre Bay & Service Centre 01553 771630

188 John “Victor” Reeves - Folkestone

246 Aston “Burty” Burt – Lewes

Sponsored by The Tyre Bay

267 Martin “Frenchy” French – Coventry

Sponsored by Tag Metal & Export, Hopkins & Son & J Brook Agriculture

336 Jamie Plane – Norwich

372 Rene Reijer – The Netherlands

405 Shane “Rudey 405” Tilley – Colchester

Sponsored by Tilley's Tiling, MSK & MK Autos

419 Laura “Mossop” Quadling – Thetford

Sponsored by Carbrooke Cars & Commercials (Car Sales) - 01953 881407

420 Matthew “Fuggers” Jode – Thetford

Sponsored by Carbrooke Cars & Commercials (Car Sales) - 01953 881407 & Freedom Recovery & Towing - 07799 121101

467 Carl Sewell - Oxford

537 Martin Brunson – Great Yarmouth

553 Luke Webb - Woodstock

556 Matt Tillow – Nethergate

Sponsored by David Yarham Salvage & Crowson Motors & Reliable Rentals

557 Boab Ryan - London

557 Brent Tillow - Norwich

576 Colin Aldred - Dereham

621 Ryan “Hawesy” Hawes – Wymondham

Sponsored by Thetford Autoparts

624 Cameron “Camo” Hubbard – Attleborough

Sponosred by John Kemp 4x4 - Norwich

670 Max Eaton - Bracknell

673 Darren Fendley – King’s Lynn

Sponsored by IMF Engineering

715 Wayne Carless - Wolverhampton

721 Dan “Clarkey” Clarke - Wisbech

724 Mark Puddiphat - Huddersfield

910 Jack Rookard – Stowmarket

Sponsored by Steve Lumley Road Planing Ltd, Stoke Ash Plant & T&L Car Collections



Pre 80 Bangers – Overs Class

6 Mark Lumsden - Lochgelly

13 Malk Gilbert - Coventry

22 Dave Sullivan - Rhyl

68 Kyle Gill - Lincoln

91 Sam Bartlett - Weymouth

118 Tony Chapman - London

132 Will Thorpe - Wisbech

155 Sam Coote

177 Bobby Pidgeley

177 Phil Lambley

178 Kieran “Slim” Bowman – King’s Lynn

Sponsored by The Tyre Bay & Service Centre 01553 771630

224 James Burrows

246 Aston “Burty” Burt – Lewes

Sponsored by The Tyre Bay

276 Adam “The Joker” Rowell – Fareham

Sponsored by Pre 75 Car Spares - 07721631665 (Mike Rowell), B&A Transport Services Ltd - 07722910944 & REL BOARHUNT Recovery Specialists - 01329 282999

277 Sean “Sideshow” Rowell – Gosport

Sponsored by Mike's Recovery & Pre 75 Car Dismantlers - 07721631665

278 Aaron Palmer - Emsworth

288 Carl Sowter - Lingfield

299 Tommy Callaghan

Sponsored by Lambley Developments

321 Andy Newton - Boston

380 Trevor “Shakey” Wright – Folkestone

426 Austin Burns - Coventry

473 Mark Nicholls – Rainham

476 Ross Coleman - Murrow

528 Lee Vaughan - Southampton

597 Andy Ashman - Halstead

614 Harrison Evans - Andover

639 Tye Williams - Maidstone

673 Darren Fendley – King’s Lynn

Sponsored by IMF Engineering

704 Connor Siddalls - Swadlincote

717 Ashley Neal- Harlow

734 Mark Saunders - Wisbech

735 Rian Saunders - March

736 Liam Saunders - Wisbech

771 Michael Pidgeley - Andover

791 Nicky “Spud” Young – Wisbech

Sponsored by Wisbech Export Services

824 Ollie Millen - Chatham           

830 Lee White – Saffron Walden

834 Jan Van Osch – Holland

883 Jack “Chunk” Filmer – Lewes

Sponsored by S J Fencing

884 Tom Filmer - Lewes

924 Matt Millen - Chatham

959 Aaron “Kelloggs” Keoghan – Portsmouth

Sponsored by Pre 75 Car Dismantlers, Southampton & Rel Boarhunt Recovery, Fareham


MHVD TuningSmall

1300 Stock Cars

Star Grade - Red Roof

149 Todd Payne – Worstead

Sponsored by Trunch Garage, Kevin Fairweather Motor Engineer & S&T Embroidery

244 Ed Selby - Peterboorugh

535 Conner “Jeffron” Sheldrake – Stowmarket

Sponsored by JW Auto Repairs, South Side Motocross & 2 Hood Fab

600 Carl Waterfield - Ely


A Grade - Blue Roof

30 Terence Clarke – Morton

Sponsored by Clark Engineering, Richard Joyce Motors & JC Building and Maintainence

144 Jordan “Bungle” Godfrey – Canterbury

Sponsored by Ricks Mechanical Services, JG Transportantion Services & Affordable Automotive

167 Jimmy Morris – Morden

Sponsored by Bespoke Metalcraft

229 Caine Parnell – Spalding

Sponsored by Bright's Garage, Fleet Road, AJB Group Carpentry Contractors Ltd & RS Electrical Engineering Ltd

241 Beau Southgate – Stowmarket

Sponsored by Southside Motocross

473 Dean Moat – Wisbech

Sponsored by S Moat Fabrications & Samuel George Tattoos

537 Tom Alsop – Wisbech

Sponsored by Cathederal Automotive & Rednett Scaffolding


B Grade - Yellow Roof

13 Sonny Wright - Wisbech

83 Darren “Dazza” Smith – Norwich

Sponsored by IC Sports - Cromer. GL Cars  - Norwich & MH Vehicle Diagnostics & Tuning

142 Jack Lower – Bury St Edmunds

Sponsored by JW Auto Repairs & JPL Plumbing & Heating Services

412 Jordan “Little Raver” Gay – Sheffield

Sponosred by R Gay Building Services

690 Jack Wilkins – Sudbury

Sponsored by J Wilkins Auto Repairs


C Grade - White Roof

7 Daniel Bitson - King's Lynn

14 John “Friar Tuck” Riley – Brackley

Sponsored by Woodside Electrical & Mechanical

41 Daniel Maltby – Grantham

Sponsored by Allen's Haulage, Maltby Self Storage & Dukes Tyres

71 James Unwin

209 Barty Ketteringham

371 Matty Woolley – Tipton

Sponsored by Aston Street Motors

401 Riley Shinn – Peterborough

Sponsored by Wisbech Breakers

421 Chris Taylor - Sheffield

424 Jason Pollard

509 Richard “Dicky” Colk – Norwich

Sponsored by Dicky's Recovery & Services & Lark Roofing

584 Charlie Sime – Beck Row

Sponsored by C T Wortley & Son Ltd & Graeme Cooper Electrical Contractors and Engineers

888 Jeff “Milkman” Larke – Norwich

Sponsored by Lark Roofing Ltd & Dicky Recoverys




4pm - Grand Parade

1.            Pre 80 Banger Unders Heat 1 (Nudge & Spin)

2.            Pre 80 Banger Middle Heat 1 (Nudge & Spin)

3.            Pre 80 Banger Overs Heat 1 (Nudge & spin)

4.            Pre 80 Banger Overs Heat 2 (Nudge & Spin)

5.            1300 Stock Car Heat 1

6.            Pre 80 Banger Unders Heat 2

7.            Pre 80 Banger Middle Heat 2

8.            Pre 80 Banger Overs Heat 3

9.            1300 Stock Car Heat 2

10.         Pre 80 Banger Unders Final

11.         Pre 80 Banger Middle Final

12.         Pre 80 Banger Overs Final

13.         1300 Stock Car Final

14.         Pre 80 Banger Unders & Middle Allcomers & Destruction Derby

15.         Pre 80 Banger Overs Allcomers & Destruction Derby






About Us

img1From the pure adrenaline and Unlimited Power of the F1 Stock Cars to the destruction and crazy antics of the Bangers - you can see it all at the Norfolk Arena! With up to fifty cars in every race, action is guaranteed and here at the Norfolk Arena we encourage “full contact” where spinning and hitting other cars is all part of the racing!

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