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    • Next Meeting: Sunday 23 January - 12:00
    • Unlimited Banger Icebreaker (teams of 4)

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Trackstar Racing | News | Sunday 23rd January @ 12noon meeting preview

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  • Monday 27 December

    Monday 27 December

    Micro Bangers: 51 James Licquorice. 1300 Stock Cars: 149 Todd Payne. Junior Bangers: 817 Rhys Mills.

    Updated: 02 Jan 2022 16:33

  • Sunday 12 December

    Sunday 12 December

    Unlimited Bangers: 617 Jack Overy. 1500 Bangers 60 Daniel Croskell. Junior Bangers: 996 Jack Wright.

    Updated: 01 Jan 2022 15:39

  • Next Meetings

    • Sunday 23 January - 12:00
    • Unlimited Banger Icebreaker (teams of 4)
    • Sunday 06 February - 12:00
    • 1500cc Banger Teams Icebreaker (teams of 4)

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Sunday 23rd January @ 12noon meeting preview




Covid19 Policy

Admission - Advance tickets recommended!

Roll of honour

Booking list



Driver Handouts:





The King’s Lynn 2022 Banger racing season starts with a bang - Icebreaker XXVIII, the 28th running of the legendary team event on Sunday 23 January (12 noon).

The prestigious Unlimited Bangers British Open teams of four championship returns, a star-studded entry once again anticipated, with the Sports biggest names already expressing interest in taking part. The Icebreaker was sorely missed in 2021 due to the Pandemic, the 2020 staging returning to the glory days of the event. 2022 looks to bring this back - the biggest, best and hardest hitting teams – you do not want to miss this.

Races will see pile ups, cars roll over, big wrecks - you name it as Europe's most entertaining form of motorsport will deliver more crashes and overtaking on one lap than an F1 Grand Prix will deliver all race! The day ends with the famous Destruction Derby where there can only be one winner - and that will be the last car which can move under its own power after obliterating the opposition!

Non stop entertainment for all the family - an event not to be missed.

There are 151 Unlimited Bangers (41 teams) booked in to race.

The pit gate will open for competitors at 9am, the gates for ticket holders will open at 10am. If purchased advance tickets, please have your e-ticket confirmation ready, either on your phone or printed. The drivers entrance gate is for competitors only, there is no pedestrian access at this gate.

The arena boasts great viewing all around (plenty of under cover viewing too!), FREE on site and overflow parking, disabled viewing, licensed bars, ample food outlets and other great facilities.

A small amount of food and drink can be brought with you into the stadium; alcohol, glass and coolboxes are not permitted. Thank you.

Covid19 update: Following Government announcement in relation to Covid19 protocols, we have received guidance from our local authorities. Please be advised that face coverings are now required in indoor communal areas i.e. the toilet areas of the stadium. Bar and catering areas face coverings are recommended. If you would prefer to wear a mask, please do so. Thank you for your co-operation.

We hope your enjoy your afternoon with Trackstar at King's Lynn.





To be added in due course


Covid19 Process

Covid19 update: Following the Government announcement in relation to Covid19 protocols, we have received guidance from our local authorities. Please be advised that face coverings are now required in indoor communal areas i.e. the toilet areas of the stadium.

Bar and catering areas face coverings are recommended. If you would prefer to wear a mask, please do so.

Thank you for your co-operation.




Big savings on advance tickets - and recommended! Available now until Saturday 22nd January @ 1pm.

£19 Adults

£17 OAP

£7 Junior 12-15 yr old

11 and Under free! - only when booked in advance

Family 2 adults & upto 3 Juniors £49



On the day tickets, available from 10am Sunday 23rd at the Box Office:

£22 Adults

£20 OAP

£9 Junior 12-15 yr old

£5 11 and Under

Under 5s free

Family 2 adults & upto 3 Juniors £57




Roll of honour

Unlimited Icebreaker

Year Venue 1st 2nd 3rd
1994 Swaffham United Steam Team Valley Services
1995 Swaffham Green Team Steam Team Norwich Mafia
1996 Swaffham Steam Team 'A' Metal Wreckers Steam Team 'B'
1997 Swaffham Suicide Squad 'A' Green Team Steam Team
1998 Swaffham Luton Banger Club 'A' Fen Tigers Steam Team
1999 Swaffham Bad Boys Steam Team Bedford & District
2000 Swaffham Team Black Steam Team Team Blitz!
2001 Swaffham Team Blitz! Steam Team Damage Inc 'A'
2002 King's Lynn Team Blitz! Steam Team Ant Hill Mob 'A'
2003 King's Lynn Ant Hill Mob 'B' Bears Steam Team
2004 King's Lynn Steam Team Ant Hill Mob Hitmen 'B'
2005 King's Lynn Steam Team Dover Boys All Stars
2006 King's Lynn All Stars Steam Team 'B' Steam Team 'A'
2007 King's Lynn Team V Ant Hill Mob Bears
2008 King's Lynn Team V 'A' All Stars 'A' Stinkbridge 'A'
2009 King's Lynn Ant Hill Mob Steam Team 'B' All Stars 'B'
2010 King's Lynn Team Extreme 'B' Team Extreme 'A' Bears 'A'
2011 King's Lynn Team 22 Damage Inc 'A' Team Handsome
2012 King's Lynn Team 22 Norfolk 'n' Good Damage Inc
2013 King's Lynn Team Black 'A' Norfolk 'n' Good Damage Inc
2014 King's Lynn 17 Eggs Team Grey & Black 'A' Riff Raff
2015 King's Lynn Team Bash Team Grey & Black 'A' Team Ninja 'A'
2016 King's Lynn VS Massive Team Bash Team 22
2017 King's Lynn Team 22 Team Black 'A' Damage Inc
2018 King's Lynn Team Extreme 'A' Dover Boys VS Massive
2019 King's Lynn Team Extreme 'B' Team Black 'B' Team Black 'A'
2020 King's Lynn Team Extreme 'A' Outsiders Team Black 'A'

Unlimited Icebreaker Entertainers' League

Year Venue 1st 2nd 3rd
2012 King's Lynn Damage Inc The Hogs Mad Hatters 'A'
2013 King's Lynn Team Black 'A' Mr Men Team Black 'B'
2014 King's Lynn Predators 'A' Bears 'A' Bears 'B'
2015 King's Lynn Mad Hatters Bears 'A' Wild Boyz 'B'
2016 King's Lynn Gypsy Crew 'A' Shunters 'A' Team Sowter
2017 King's Lynn Bears 'B' Shunters 'A' Shunters 'B'
2018 King's Lynn Team Sowter/Filmer Predators Bears 'A'
2019 King's Lynn Boston Warlords 'B' TMT 'C' Shunters 'A'
2020 King's Lynn Predators 'A' Team Stinkbridge 'A' Shunters 'A'




Booking list

Unlimited Bangers Icebreaker


100        Callum White





Barton Boys A   

9             Tom Jordan

169        James Rushton

179        Shaun Rushton

195        Reece marsh


Barton Boys B   

269        Tom Morris

211        Jamie Pole

281        Aaron Pole

183        Mitch Banton


Barton Boys C   

213        Mark Watkins

279        David Rushton

466        Dalton Steele

704        Connor Siddells



252        Steve Bugler

262        Rob Bugler

333        Charlie Randall

440        Mac Mills


Boys in Green A

99           Shady Gough

299        Tommy Callaghan

560        Steve Barker

828        Jordan Sharpe


Boys in Green B

43           Nicky Bishop

73           Dean Cruckshanks

146        Davey O Connor

195        David Forrest



113        Lee Waller

410        Jake Calvert

526        Jak Denkiewicz

600        Conry Robinson


Dover Boys        

51           James Licquorice

116        Nat Cohn

188        John Reeves

673        Darren Fendley



349        Lewis Price

542        Craig Oliver

549        Phil Smith

589        Simon Smith


Grey and Black 

82           Tom Foster

180        Mark Foster

382        Jack Foster

843        Mason Foster


Gypsy Crew       

87           Justin Kappert

273        Kevin McClagish

411        Daniel Pegg

753        Billy Cunningham


Junkyard Blobs 

222        Colin Riddell

229        Sean Riddell

230        Scott Patterson

252        Gareth Griffiths


Mad Hatters      

85           James Ellis

161        Billy Smith

390        David Gibson

611        Joe Geeves


Matts Mafia A   

97           Russ Lawton

297        Brad Lawton

397        Darren Linton

705        Anthony Heath


Matts Mafia B   

7             Cade Bond

110        Garrie Mirza

112        Daz Prestage

291        Seanie Bell


Matts Mafia C   

78           Lee Macey

321        Andy Newton

357        Jason Barrow

624        Liam Hide

Matts Mafia D   

2             Jack Hodges

752        James Dillon JNR

882        Nathan Grant

920        Terry Church


Matts Mafia E   

83           Julian Grant

386        Daniel Petters

800        Jacob Rushton

816        Jack Weeks


Matt's Mafia F  

116        Robert Heirons

456        Terry Hawes

862        Reece Eglington

911        Toby "Legohead" Wilson


Matt's Mafia G  

161        Bradley Heath

999        Dale Linton




Predators A       

87           Damien Matthews

178        Kieran Bowman

307        Martin Kent

519        Lee Middleton


Predators B       

191        Kieran Greenway

246        Aston Burt

278        Shaun Brokenshire

279        Brad Bowman


Scrapyard Screamers      

224        James Burrows

224        Graham Gamble

551        Brett Jackson

950        Scott Gamble



506        Danny Mitchell

577        Alfie Lee




Team Bad Boys A            

141        Mark Freeman

271        Ashlun Woods

479        Joel Allen

721        Dan Clarke


Team Bad Boys B            

315        Adam Smith

367        Darryl Scandrett

556        Matthew Tillow

881        Shane Brown


Team Black A    

103        Jack Deacon

215        Leonard Dunn

356        Harry Overy

555        Harry Gelsthorpe


Team Black B    

217        Sid Madgwick

399        Jonny Atkins

400        Lee Kingsnorth

570        Jordan Cummings


Team Black C    

3             Mitchell Finney

84           Tom Harris

209        Tom Waller



Team Black D    

67           Rickie Beasley

455        Rickie Finney

617        Jack Overy



Team D.W.Lakey.O!       

114        Liam Lake

239        Steve Carter

341        Andrew Jones

838        Jamie Peters


Team Extreme A              

327        Micky Maskell

362        Jonny James

388        Steve McGrath

627        Terry Coke


Team Exreme B

171        Tommy West

181        Grant Doe

182        Reece Tingle

349        Michael Allard


Team Loner       

378        Joy Roberts

873        Kyle Roberts




Team Mates      

165        Ben Randall

707        Jack Lilley

830        Lee White



Team V

32           Connor Byram

266        Al Roskell

310        John Nicholson

366        Nathan Wren


The Levellers     

477        Jack Speirs

591        Marc Blower

710        Cameron McBain




259        Dan Poole

592        Mark Marchant

623        Ricky Hutton

741        Charlie Daniels


Useless Stunts   

21           Jason Colbert

282        Bobby Daniels

291        Jason Giddings

313        John Cullingford


Wrecking Crew 

107        Taylor Pratchett

201        Phil Milner

318        Oliver Marshall

669        Cal Curtis




To be added in due course





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img1From the pure adrenaline and Unlimited Power of the F1 Stock Cars to the destruction and crazy antics of the Bangers - you can see it all at the Norfolk Arena! With up to fifty cars in every race, action is guaranteed and here at the Norfolk Arena we encourage “full contact” where spinning and hitting other cars is all part of the racing!

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