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  • Monday 6th May

    Monday 6th May

    Micro Banger: 678 Alex Ward. 1600cc Banger: 275 Joel Bond. 2L Banger: 519 Lee Middleton. Unlimited Banger: 382 Jack Foster JNR. Reliant Robins: 553 Daniel Douglas.

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  • Sunday 21st April

    Sunday 21st April

    1600cc Bangers: 311 Gary Lown. Junior Bangers: 515 Reagan Flatters. 1300cc Stock Cars: 167 Jimmy Morris. 2L Saloons: 129 Will Morphey

    Updated: 24 Apr 2024 14:35

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Saturday 5th October 2013

Report by Mark Paulson

Will Longford and Daniel Holmes were crowned Kings of the Fens at the Norfolk Arena, King’s Lynn on Saturday night, 5 October. Both the Unlimited and 2-Litre (non-Mondeo) Bangers were contesting their annual autumn title race, while the 25-and-under Championship of Great Britain was also on offer, won by Lee Clarke. The 2-Litre Saloon Stock Cars were also on the bill, with David Aldous once again proving to be the man to beat.

Unlimited Bangers

Well over 50 Unlimited Bangers present in the pits meant a full format meeting. Top car was the extremely well presented Ford Granada Mk2 limo of 811 Pete Winter. There were unlimited debuts for 182 Ashley Watkinson and 757 Callum Gill, the latter in a super-smart Lexus.

Heat one was for those drivers aged 25 or under and thus doubled up as the young drivers’ annual Championship of Great Britain. Just under half the cars lined up in graded order but using a closed-up grid. 27 Will Longford (Jaguar) raced into a clear early lead as reigning champion 382 Jack Foster Jr spun himself out and 514 Charlie Taylor blitzed 8 James Jackson. 925 Aaron Preece, in a huge Lincoln Town Car limo butted heads with the spun 739 Jason Moore as 382 ‘Chubby’, having given up on his title defence, put in 724 Jordan Race, before walloping him again next time around. Out front, Longford was being hunted down by the very pacy 247 Lee Clarke. The latter eventually moved ahead with three laps to go and held on to add the British Under-25 title to his World of Shale won at the same track just weeks earlier. Longford was second, well clear of 572 Paul Scully , last year’s runner-up, in third.

The remainder of the entry, nearly 30 cars, were in heat two. 791 Nicky Young, in yet another smart Omega, moved ahead of the leading 82 David Norris just as the latter was put very hard into the pit gate by 43 Nicky Bishop. 791 ‘Spud’ stayed in front to win from 21 Jason Colbert and 269 Dean French.

Around 25 cars returned for the consolation, where three of the Wild Boyz team and Watkinson all piled in hard on the exit of bend four early on. 27 Jake Fowler spent the rest of the race trying to remove himself from the rear of Watkinson’s Volvo.  The pace of the race slowed as most cars left running were hobbled, 533 Richard Coe taking the flag from Gladiators team-mate 206 Phil Milner and 313 John Cullingford.

The qualifiers-only King of the Fens race raised 28 cars and saw Longford repeat his earlier blistering start as he raced away, pulling out a big gap. This time he was able to build a large enough lead to maintain it throughout as he went on take his first title. 268 Bradley French was second throughout, while further back, Clark once again looked the fastest in the field. With a normal graded-order start he had to come from a little bit further back this time though, and without any stoppages was only able to make it as far third by the flag. He still appeared happy with that though, celebrating by blasting 185 Polly Reade’s parked-up Volvo on the run-down lap.

A similar field returned for an all comers race, with Coe this time building a lead at the front. 851 Adam Storr’s well-used limo took over before slowing, allowing 280 Simon Goodale, 86 Alec Savage and Scully to pass. Savage fought his way ahead and took the flag but was found to be a lap down, handing the win to Scully from Goodale and Foster.

2-Litre Bangers

A decent-sized entry of 35 non-Mondeo 2-Litre Bangers meant the races were all-in and so the title race was contested first. After a complete restart, Doncaster’s 312 Brad White hit the spun 888 Lloyd Stark on the nose before he had a good battle with 26 Daniel Holmes at the head of the field. White however slowed with a lap to go, allowing 26 ‘Hacker’ to win easily, with White holding on to second and 511 Jack Licquorice third. Further back, 392 Sam Baines put 412 Callum Lacey heavily away, in an all-Bluebird match-up. It left the latter’s car in a very sorry state and he provided much amusement by dragging out for the next race, only to think better of it and pull out, saving it for the DD.

The remaining two all comers races were both won by the outgoing KotF champion, Kettering’s 396 Graham Hyla. The action kicked off in the first when 90 Simon Chapman was spun by the pack on the back straight and blitzed over the rear wheel by 83 Bobby Wilmer. It continued with a big wrecking train on bend four involving one of the Cruickshanks brothers, 557 Paul Bowen, 119 Davey Cox, Baines and 376 Jason Farthing. A fire on board Cox’s machine led to red flags, after which just nine survivors were left. Hyla pulled away to take the win, surviving a late scare with the backmarking 13 Nigel Burcham in the process. White was again second, from 280 Simon Goodale.

The second all comers saw 338 Terry Garrod’s Focus administer a big head-on to nemesis 566 Tony Pallett’s Calibra, before White delivered an absolutely massive blitzing to the former. 370 Craig Gray, Lloyd Stark, White and 313 Scott Elden all went in hard by the pit gate, as Hyla once again eased to the win, this time from 88 Lyndon Stark and Goodale again third.

2-Litre Saloon Stock Cars

Another big turnout of 38 stox and another masterclass from track champion-elect 499 David Aldous as he added another pair of wins to his hat trick last time out. That doesn’t tell the full story though.

As is cutomary, events kicked off with a race for the lower grades. 591 Aaron Morris spun 404 Rovert Bulldeath from the race lead on the last bend but that wasn’t the last of the action. 130 Joe Gladden went in with a huge, kamikaze lunge at Morris and pulled it off, taking the win and leaving his victim in third with a burning carb for his troubles. 220 Casey Englestone sneaked through for second in the melee.

The first heat proper saw action all over, with 304 Martyn Parker an early spinner in his brand new car. The spun 356 Anthony Filby attempted to reverse across the track to safety but didn’t pcik a big enough gap and was clobbered very hard by Englestone, leading to waved yellow flags. They were well-timed, as a heavy marker tyre had just been whacked on to the racing line elsewhere on the track. 23 Lee Pearce led the field away but Gladden pushed him aside to take up the running. Meanwhile 499 David Aldous had been making good progress from near the back. He moved ahead with one lap to go, but Gladden fought back. He moved inside on bend two and then slowed the 499-car on the back straight, allowing the lapped 349 Michael Allard to nip inside. Aldous lifted off to cut back inside but Gladden was gone, securing an impressive win and denying Aldous what would have been his fourth consecutive victory at the track.

A caution period for 317 Dwayne Powell with three laps to go in heat two left his race-leading father 417 Fred facing an onslaught on the restart. Surprisingly, Aldous, well-placed in around seventh, was caught out and spun, while a huge crash on bend two left 156 Darren Goudy on his side against the fence. An early conclusion was called and so Fred held on for the win, from Pearce and 730 Deane Mayes.

An all-action start to the final resulted in former World Champion 360 Carl Waterfield facing the traffic on the home straight and an early caution called. Fred Powell once again led the restart before Pearce moved ahead. But Aldous was picking the field off by ease and soon took over out front. From there he showed a clean pair of heels to everyone, his blistering pace eventually giving a margin of victory of just over half a lap. 128 Craig Banwell was comfortable in second, while Peace held on for third.

Aldous once again carved through the field in the all comers race. He had a good battle with Waterfield, revelling in his blue grade starting slot, before moving clear for another comfortable win with Waterfield second and Pearce third.

Unlimited Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
25 & Under Champ of GB 247 27 (WL) 572 390 757 86 851 268 10 382
Heat 2 791 21 269 119 22 (DV) 266 (AR) 280 597 22 (MH) 185
Consolation 533 206 313 601 160 11 (SM) 266 (CH) nof
King of the Fens 27 (WL) 268 247 280 86 22 (MH) 382 269 22 (DV) 119
All Comers 572 280 382 119 22 (DV) 86 206 11 (RL) 757 514
DD 382
Entertainer Awards 514 43 52 791 10 206 27 513 43 52
2L Banger Non Mondeo 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
King of the Fens 26 312 511 119 88 338 7 212 566 557
All Comers 1 396 312 280 212 22 338 888 13 nof
All Comers 2 396 88 280 212 22 7 13 400 376 nof
DD 392
Entertainer Awards 392 90 566 557 119 392 312 313
2L Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
White & Yellows 130 220 591 22 417 404 192 912 391 638
Heat 1 130 499 570 23 156 128 511 152 402 404
Heat 2 417 23 730 641 158 116 402 912 306 220
Final 499 128 23 156 306 570 304 641 130 6
All Comers 499 360 23 420 730 570 220 6 306 304

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