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Trackstar Racing | Info | Results | 2018 | Saturday 19 May

Latest Results

  • Monday 1st April

    Monday 1st April

    4X4 Banger: 339 Jack Garrod. Micro Banger: 28 Mac Bell. Siamese Banger Final: 174 Dave Osborn/ 560 Andrew Milner. Reliant Robins: 553 Daniel Douglas. 1300cc Stock Cars: 673 John Moat.

    Updated: 11 Apr 2024 21:11

  • Saturday 30th March

    Saturday 30th March

    Unlimted Bangers: 209 Tom Waller. Saloon Stock Cars: 341 Austen Freestone. Junior Bangers: 08 Taylor Morton

    Updated: 31 Mar 2024 14:59

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Latest Points

Saturday 19 May

Photos: Dave Bastock  

Words: Keith Organ

Once again a full evening of hard hitting Stock Car action was on the cards; including the 1300 Stock Car European Championship; the annual visit of the V8 Stock Cars and the F1 Stock Cars racing their last meeting for 3 months before the World Championship Semi Final in August.

F1 Stock Cars

The F1 programme began in traditional style with the Whites and Yellows event. With 4 Dutch drivers in attendance too, the offer to join on track as a thank you for their efforts with extra track time, in amongst the cars was also the refurbished Ritchie Ahern (18) machine looking resplendent in traditional Ahern colours. 22 cars took to the track with Bill Fenwick (57) starting on pole position. At the drop of the green flag, Aaron Cozens (76) shot in to the lead; whilst the charge to the first bend saw Richard Woods (268) half spin and collect a marker tyre in turn 1. Paul Spooner (104) was a spinner on turn 3 just as John Wright (348) and Karl Roberts (313) collided in the exit to turn 4, coming to rest against the fence. Jack France (216) and Kelvin Hassell (13) then got better acquainted and hooked up in turn 2. Fenwick and  Wayne Marshall (483) battled it out for a number of laps before being joined by Joe Booth (446). Booth broke free of the squabbling white graders, but was soon under attack from Ahern who tried to snooker Colin Nairn (280) into Booth. Cozens was in a clear lead as the laps wound down; but backmarker Robert Plant (364) lunged in on the leader; unsettling the 76 car off line. Marshall collected a marker tyre as Geoff Nicholls (215) and Fenwick collided in turn 4, the 57 machine sent in to a spin. Booth closed in on Cozens as the laps ticked by, the 446 car within striking distance in to the last bend; Booth connected with Cozens side rail, but Booth was unable to make it stick and resulted in a spin for Booth; Cozens holding on for the win.  

Bill Fenwick (57) took up pole position ahead of 21 other cars which also included former F2 star driver Bryn Tootell (232). Fenwick spun in the corner and was then collected by Tootell; a train of F1 Stock Cars hurtling in to the first corner taking swift avoiding action; James Morris (463) was another early casualty with a spin who was in turn collected by a handful of cars. Mark Adkins (24) the early leader. Nigel Harrhy (45) went for a spin also and he was then crashed in to by Frankie Wainman JNR JNR (555). Bobby Griffin (166) then lunged in on Luke Dennis (192) and Phoebe Wainman (211) in to turn 1. The halfway stage was signalled as the yellow flags were called for; Mark Tesselaar (H40) the leader on the restart. William Zwerver (H295) quick on the attack to Geoff Nicholls (215) in to turn 1 as Billy Johnson (169) offered the same to Harrhy. Austen Moore (127), Mark Gray (224) and Morris all collided in to the turn 3 fence just as the lap boards were presented; another set of waved yellows required for Morris across the track. Tesselaar (H40) still the leader at this point with Nicholls second and Mat Newson (16) third. Newson quickly moved up to second with 555 also moving Nicholls aside in to turn 3. Newson was quickly in to the lead moving by H40, Wainman also seized the opportunity and took third. Nicholls and Johnson collided up against the turn 3 fencing at the end of the race, not able to finish.  

18 cars came out for heat 2; slightly down due to a few cars unable to return from the whites and yellows race. Aaron Cozens (76) starting on pole, but too much right foot saw the 76 machine in an early spin before passing the green flag. Neil Scriven (11) collected a marker tyre in the homestraight whilst Tom Harris (84) charged through on Danny Wainman (212) in to turn 1. Mick Rogers (244) and John Wright (348) clashed in turn 1. As Harris continued to make quick progress moving by Joe Booth (446), Colin Nairn (280) the early leader, but he run in to the stranded Wright machine in turn 1, gifting the lead to Will Hunter (220), Harris in second. Halfway was now signalled and Booth moved over Paul Spooner (104) in the third turn, Spooner held on from this attack, but went wide the next bend letting Booth through. Hunter then suffered a flat outside rear tyre which gifted the lead and eventual win to Harris, a dominate drive on his return to the shale. Patrick Tersteeg (H410) lunged in on  Will Yarrow (22) and Karl Roberts (313) putting them out towards the fence.  Mark Sargent (326) was then spun out of the running by Michael Scriven (12) at the close. 

The consolation saw 21 cars return and Bill Fenwick (57) was again took up pole position. Jack France (216) and Aaron Cozens (76) collided before the green; Ritchie Ahern (18) then took Colin Nairn (280) around in turn 3. John Wright (348) and Mick Rogers (244) tripped over one another in turn 4. Bryn Tootell (232) was the next casualty and was sent to the turn 2 fence. Jack France (216) connected with a marker tyre in turn 1 just as Ahern spun around. Bobby Griffin (166) and Sam Maxin (93) collided in the backstraight whilst Cozens and Wright did the same in the turn 3 fence. Into turn 1 and the leading group Neil Scriven (11), Michael Scriven (12), William Zwerver (H295) and Russel Cooper (415) crashed in to the fence, Mark Sargent (326) now taking over the running. The waved yellows were called for the stranded Cozens car who had been joined by Tootell. Sargent led them round for the rolling lap however his outside rear tyre had let go, handing James Morris (463) the lead to take the green flag. Griffin went in on Morris to take over the lead, but shortly after his outside rear also gave up, Billy Johnson (169) and Michael Scriven (12) were now battling for the lead. The lap boards were out as the leading pair continued to fight for position, Scriven momentarily getting the upper hand before spinning out in turn 1; Scriven was then joined by Moore who also spun around. This left Johnson in the lead, who maintained a small margin over now second place Rogers, the first two remaining this way to the chequered flag, third place looked set for Tootell, however Morris made contact and snatched third place to round out a chaotic race.

The F1 Final saw 29 cars race for the Mo Jones memorial trophy, Bryn Tootell (232) on pole position. Bobby Griffin (166) was the first casualty in the middle of the blue graders with a spin; the remainder of the grid having to take avoiding action before passing the green flag; Jack France (216) didn’t fair much longer with a trip to the infield marker tyres as the pack charged in to turn 1, Mark Tesselaar (H40) got caught up with Bradley Harrison (25) in the entrance to the backstraight. Frankie Wainman (515) managed to pick his way through the first lap superbly and was already one of the front running star graders, Tom Harris (84) though, not far behind. Harris then duly moved Wainman aside, the 515 machine brushing the plating in turn 3. Ritchie Ahern (18) was next in trouble when her entered the home straight a little too sideways and was sent in to a spin 360 degrees by Paul Spooner (104); a quick boot of the right foot from Ahern and the 18 went straight back in to a spin to the middle. Will Hunter (220) got the car too sideways in to the first turn which caught out Harris who also half spun after clipping the back of the 220 machine; with the help of Mark Woodhull (335) Harris was prevented from spinning out completely. The delay though allowed the 515 machine back by as Harris dropped a handful of places down the order. Back in turn 3 and Griffin was once more in trouble when Dutchman Patrick Tersteeg (H410) hooked up on the back corner of the 166 car. Wainman was now making light work of the lower graders in front of him, Wainman clearly on a mission. Mick Rogers (244) your leader at this stage, Tootell second and Karl Roberts (313) third. At the halfway stage and Wainman puts away Tootell and Roberts out to the fence in turn 4 to go second. Joe Booth (446) seemed to be closing in on Harris further back, but Booth spun in the process. Wainman had closed in on Rogers and sent the 244 car to the fence in turn 3 and took over the running. Mat Newson (16) lunged in on Will Yarrow (22) who in turn hooked up with Tootell in turn 3; Griffin collided with a marker tyre too close by which helped create an even greater obstacle to navigate. As the laps wound down Wainman was in a strong position out in front, but further back Harris was closing in on Rogers for second and entering the last bend Rogers was sent in to the fence by Harris; the Rogers car stalling allowed James Morris (463) through for the last podium spot, 244 limping over the line for fourth. 

The Grand National saw 26 cars return, Frankie Wainman (515) taking the lap handicap as final winner, Bill Fenwick (57) once again on pole position. Mark Gray (224) was the early race casualty getting caught up with Jack France (216), just before Phoebe Wainman (211) was sent to the fence in turn 3. William Zwerver (H295) and Gray took a trip to the fence in turn 1 whilst Billy Johnson (169) and Tom Harris (84) hooked up which sent cars scattering. Wayne Marshall (483) crashed out in to turn 1 collected the H295 machine, waved yellows were called for. The restart line up saw Fenwick still up front, Joe Booth (446) second and Paul Spooner (104) third; Fenwick’s lead was cut short with a trip to the fence on the restart. The restart was short lived when Neil Scriven (11) was left stranded in the back straight which also prompted the waved yellows. Booth now the leader, ahead of Spooner and Mick Rogers (244) third. The green flag fell once more and Newson moved the 244 and 104 over, with Tom Harris (84) latching on to the back for help. Mark Sargent (326) destroyed another outside rear when he tripped over the Will Yarrow (22) machine at the halfway stage. The race settled down in to the second half with the leading top three as: 446 84 16. Further back and Bradley Harrison (25) was enjoying a battle with Nigel Harrhy (45) for the lower places. The lap boards were now out and the leader Booth was almost in trouble when the Gray (224) machine spun around in front of him. Booth was wasting no time with the back markers and launched in to Sam Makin (93) in to turn 1. Harris unhindered managed to close in on Booth enough and into the last bend launched in on 446. Booth rattled the fence, but rode the plating to the chequered flag ahead of Harris. 


1300 Stock Cars

A pre-meeting offering for the good number of white graders; saw 16 cars get track time in a white grade only race. Tom Keep (367) started on the front, but had Ricky Ivatt (55) challenging for the number 1 spot instantly. Antony Kerr (880) and Jordan Bliss (194) battled it out before being joined by Jack Wilkins (690) and Carl Morgan (42). Ian Noble (102) was then launched in to a marker tyre in turn 1. At the lap boards Kerr and Noble continued to battle; but back up front Keep held the lead over Ivatt; Ivatt went for a big hit on Keep, but unsuccessful, back markers held up Ivatt; but a last bend assault went in; Keep held on for the win and Ivatt kept second. 

A last chance race followed for 24 cars in a last ditch attempt for 13 of them to make way on to the back of the European Championship grid. Joshua Wells (111) starting on pole position, but he was quickly spun aside. Dalton Leedell (90) took over the lead momentarily, but he too was spun out, Ricky Ivatt (55) the one doing the spinning. The drivers clearly keen to get a result which saw them through with a fast and aggressive opening laps, culminating in a hard hitting train in to turn 1; the waved yellows were called for Darron Williams (56) who was left stranded on the racing line. Carl Morgan (42) led them off; Jordan Bliss (194) was spun to the fence on the green flag. Lauren Overy (317) was putting the bumper about; in particular on Chris Taylor (421). Morgan, Luke Leedell (191) and Ivatt were enjoying a battle for the lead; the trio were then joined by the first race winner Tom Keep (367) and Dean Moat (473). Ivatt then put away Leedell (191) to the fence; before the 55 machine was spun out himself. Morgan was took around by Todd Payne (149); this left Moat, Leedell (191) and Megan Pethwick (228) to battle for the podium places. Keep in the  lead with a small margin over the squabbling trio behind. The lap boards were shown as Overy made progress up the field; passing Pethwick to take third place as Leedell dropped down the order before the flag. 

The European Championship grid 34 cars; 21 seeded through from individual promotions and then 13 from the last chance race. Jamie Blackman (415) and Ian Beaumont (713) on the front row. Into the first corner and the expected bunching was followed by most of the grid rattling around the plating for much of the opening laps. Beaumont got the break and was the early race leader and held that position for a few laps before being caught across the back corner by Kevin Shinn (400) with George Morphey (29) also pushing. Beaumont dropped back following a half spin, allowing Luke Jackson (450) up in to third. The first two pulling out a small gap whilst the remainder of the top ten fought for position   Shinn was moved wide by Morphey entering turn 3, allowing the 29 machine in to the lead. Shinn returned the compliment in to the next bend, taking a dive at the 29 machine. Side by side in to the back straight the 400 machine took the lead in to turn 3. Morphey took another dive at Shinn in to the next bend, but just missing Morphey dropped back a few car lengths on Shinn., but Morphey and Beaumont were quickly back with Shinn and muscled him aside. Charlie Morphey (92) collected a parked car in turn 3, prompting waved yellows. The leaders on the restart: 29 713 400 129 124 450 23. Defending European Champion Lee Pearce (23) moved Jackson aside in turn 1. The top four tripped over one another. In to turn 1 saw big push for the leading quartet and the same again in to turn 3. Cars sent everywhere with Shinn and Jackson coming off worst. Luke Leedell (191)  who had benefited from the previous carnage was moved wide by Pearce, collecting the turn 1 fence. A big collision in home straight; saw cars once again sent scattering; waved yellows needed for debris on track; the top five on the restart 29 23 191 124 51. Beaumont who had dropped back further then moved aside Dan Booth (216) and Charlie Morphey (92) on the restart as Paul Ford (388) was then spun to the infield marker tyres. Pearce was coming under fire from Leedell down the homestraight; side by side in to the first turn, Pearce let through Leedell to allow him to cut back to the inside to take back second. This slowed down the 23 and 191 machines, allowing Tommy Alyward (51) to close in; who then stormed in to the back of Leedell in to turn 3; and then again In turn 1; this time with Andrew Mathieson (124) also on the back of Alyward. Alyward got the break from the battling foursome and pulled out a few car lengths for second. Pearce not looking to give up then launched in on Leedell in turn 3, spinning out the 191 machine delayed Pearce too, allowing Booth through to third. The minor places were then under the spotlight with a group of 7 cars all battling for the places including Pearce, Morphey (92), Tom Keep (367), Karl Morris (390), Lauren Overy (317), Derek Russell (246) and Dean Moat (473). The bumpers flying in as the lap boards signalled there wasn’t much more to go. It was George Morphey (29) who took the win in comfortable style, spinning Paul Ford (388) across the line for good measure, followed by Alyward in second and Booth in third.

The first Allcomers race grid with 36 cars  James Bruce (858) the man on pole. Craig Hefferman (852) took a trip to the fence early on as Tom Keep (367) went for a spin in turn 3. Matthew Roberts (275) spun around in turn 1 taking Megan Pethwick (228) and Bradley Quincee (81) with him to the fence. Waved yellows were called for. Jack Wilkins (690) led them off on the restart. Joshua Wells (111) was piled in on turn 1 and was then collected by 148. A second spell of waved yellows were called.  On the restart Will Morphey (129) went in on Dan Moore (681) in to turn 1, Moore sent round in to a spin as a result. Karl Morris (390) launched an attack on Chris Taylor (421); whilst Charlie Deane (125) was being hassled by Charlie Morphey (92). Jack Wilkins (690) went in on 390, as Taylor was put in to the parked Jordan Bliss (194) machine parked in the back straight. Luke Leedell (191) collected the 421 machine and spun as a result just as Dan Booth (216) piled in on 23 67 388 hard into turn 1. Luke Jackson (450) caught the back end of the stranded Taylor car hard, and in doing so was sent into a spin; he was then then collected by Paul Ford (388). Will Morphey (129) taking the chequered flag ahead of Dean Moat (473) in second and Derek Russell (246) in third.

Allcomers 2 and 23 cars for the last 1300 race of the day; Jack Wilkins (690) led them off from pole position. The red grade declared war on each other and launched in on one another. Paul Ford (388) retired in a cloud of steam as Megan Pethwick (228) took a trip to the turn 1 fence. Will Morphey (129) and Lauren Overy (317) clashed in the backstraight fence and the red grade continued to fight amongst themselves at the back. Overy was then sent in to a spin in the home straight whilst back up front Stuart Williams (65) and Wilkins battled for the lead  Chris Taylor (421) and Todd Payne (149) quickly closed in whilst the two white graders squabbled; Payne muscling his way by into the lead. Wilkins tried to retaliate and lunged in, unsuccessful in turn 1, before trying again in to the next bend. At the lap boards Payne was holding on to the lead; whilst further back former leader Wilkins was spun around by Dan Booth (216), Ricky Ivatt (55) also clashing with Wilkins to the fence. Payne took the win, Charlie Morphey (92) came home second and Taylor third. Taylor coming to rest in the turn 1 fence in a heap with  23 and 473 after the chequered flag.


 V8 Stock Cars

27 cars were on track for heat 1; Amy Jagger (525) starting on pole; with newcomers Barry Wright (266) and Marcus Brooks (365) starting at the back. Sophie Maynard (154) was the first casualty and retired straight to the middle, as Guy Jolly (222) went for a spin whilst World Champion Adam Joyce (1) clouted the fence unaided in turn 3. Rob Scriven (117) and Karl Hawkins (175) also a spinner in turn 1. Olly Spencer (498) and Kevin Stuchbury (131) tripped over each other in the back straight; as Darren Cottrill (575) got it too sideways and was the next to spin out. The V8's struggling for grip on the freshly watered track, the road tyres used not getting proper traction. Catherine Harris (8) was your early race leader ahead of George Riley (17) in second and James Billows (402) in third. Further back Ashley Pursey (173) and Wright created a pile up in turn 1.  Stuchbury lunged in on Michael Boswell (328) and Olly Spencer (498) in turn 3; the trio battled it out before being joined by Craig Smith (187). The lap boards were out as Smith took around Boswell in turn 1. Harris still your leader, Riley in second, Jon Brown (288) now up to third. Brown quickly moved by Riley before setting off after Harris. Harris was put out wide in turn 3 with just only a few laps left. Joyce, Smith and Paul Prest (491) enjoyed a tussle to the line, but it was Brown who took the flag after a very determined drive.

27 cars returned for heat 2, Amy Jagger (525) once again starting pole position. Jamie Huckfield (420) the first casualty with a spin. George Riley (17) was up the fence in turn 1 squeezed up when he locked up with Guy Jolly (222) and Olly Spencer (498). The waved yellows were called for to allow the paramedic team to attend to an off track incident Catherine Harris (8) the leader, Craig Thompson (490) second and James Billows (402) third. At the drop of the green, Jon Brown (288) planted several cars out wide; just before Luke Maw (409) did the same to Paul Prest (491). At the exit of turn 4 saw Matt Barnard (69) and Jagger clash; with no sign of the cars being able to move, waved yellows were called once more. Thompson the leader, Jon Brown in second (288) and Prest in third. Just before the lap boards Spencer was spun out in the home straight. As Luke Maw (409) was making rapid inroads on the leader behind second place from Brown. Thompson went out at this point gifting the lead to Maw. Steve Thompson (485) went for a last bender on Brown; unfortunately Thompson couldn’t make it stick and spun around in the middle of the bend, he was then duly was met head-on by Billows. Maw taking the win, Brown held on for second and Adam Joyce (1) coming in to third. 

The V8 Final saw 24 cars on track, racing for the John Cottrill memorial trophy. Catherine Harris (8) in pole position. Steve Thompson (485) was a spinner before the green flag; Ashley Pursey (173) the next to spin coming in to the back straight. Michael Boswell (328) hooked up with Darren Cottrill (575) in the back straight, the pair struggling to separate and ending Darren’s hopes of winning his Dads memorial trophy. A big bootful on the loud pedal and they separate, but well down the order. Jon Brown (288) was next to crash out as he locked up Jake Harrhy (345). Adam Joyce (1) put Luke Maw (409) out wide. 409 trying to repay the favour; whilst George Riley (17) and Rob Scriven (117) slow each other up. Craig Thompson (490) leads with Harris in second. Thompson (485) put Pursey away in to turn 3 just as halfway was signalled. Jagger went out into a spin; whilst Joyce was keen to make progress and put away Harrhy. Maw and Joyce were in close quarters, the pair evenly matched at this point. Cottrill went out once more almost tripping up a handful of cars in the process. Into the final laps and Maw caught Joyce and was right on his bumper; Maw struck Joyce in to turn 1, but Maw carried too much speed and spun out. Pursey collected a marker tyre sending cars scattering across the track; with Harrhy and Barnard coming to a rest in the turn 3 plating. Thompson taking the win and the Cottrill memorial trophy; Joyce second and Scriven taking third position.


F1 Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
W & Y 76 H410 18 H447 215 446 H295 244 280 24
Heat 1 16 555 H40 25 192 224 24 H447 13 45
Heat 2 84 446 515 104 335 H410 212 22 220 313
Consolation 169 244 463 415 12 18 216 232 211 127
Final 515 84 463 244 16 555 104 335 211 H40
Grand National 446 84 16 335 515 244 H410 22 555 H40
1300 Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
White Graders 367 55 690 90 56 42 125 65 162 111
Last Chance 367 473 317 228 421 191 241 149 81 246
European Championship 29 51 216 124 23 246 317 450 367 400
Allcomers 1 129 473 246 241 92 216 183 690 23 67
Allcomers 2 149 92 421 473 23 246 65 129 390 51
V8 Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 288 17 485 8 131 498 69 1 491 187
Heat 2 409 288 1 491 131 298 187 175 17 154
Final 490 1 117 131 491 8 298 498 17 187
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