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  • Monday 6th May

    Monday 6th May

    Micro Banger: 678 Alex Ward. 1600cc Banger: 275 Joel Bond. 2L Banger: 519 Lee Middleton. Unlimited Banger: 382 Jack Foster JNR. Reliant Robins: 553 Daniel Douglas.

    Updated: 11 May 2024 13:52

  • Sunday 21st April

    Sunday 21st April

    1600cc Bangers: 311 Gary Lown. Junior Bangers: 515 Reagan Flatters. 1300cc Stock Cars: 167 Jimmy Morris. 2L Saloons: 129 Will Morphey

    Updated: 24 Apr 2024 14:35

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Sunday 19 August

Photos: Damien Widdows

Words: Keith Organ

After the simply brilliant night of racing the previous evening, could the Sunday session live up to the standard set? Absolutely! All out Stock Car action from the 2 Litre Stock Cars and 1300 Stock Cars racing for the Steve Newman Memorial Finals and a throw back to 90’s Banger action with Pre 90 RWD 2 Litre Bangers on the bill- split in to unders and overs classes.

2 Litre Stock Cars

The first race up for the 2 Litre Stock Cars was the white and yellow graders; Rob Heanes (192) the pole sitter. As usual; the majority of the field rattle the fence; as Mackenzie Whitehead (330) tangles with Tyler Bloomfield (502) in the back straight; both are left stranded broad side. Luke Dorling (120) Martyn Lake (573) and Kyle Picton (733) kicked off the race in a battle for position, Dorling losing out in a spin in turn 1, whilst Alan Hooker (29) was then taken around in turn 3. Heanes your leader, ahead of Ryan Santry (389) and Danny McCluskey (316). Dorling in further trouble when he was taken round by Heanes in a spin, but this held up the 192 machine letting Santry by to take over. Craig Banwell (128) launched in on Hooker, but took himself to the fencing. Heanes attacked Bloomfield in to the last bend catching out Picton in the process too, but he held on to second with Santry taking the win. 

40 cars returned for heat 2, featuring the white, blue and red grade. Ian Redden (148) was an early spinner in the homestraight whilst Barry Russell (600) went around in turn 1. The red grade resembled a train steaming into each turn, George Boult (56) coming off worst when he was slammed to a marker tyre in turn 1. Rob Heanes (192) clashes with Makenzie Whitehead (331) whilst the red grade continue to pile in. Matt Stirling (747) goes round courtesy of Kieren Bradford (27) and Anthony McIvor (711) in turn 1. The waved yellows were signalled for; Shane Emerson (888) your leader, Sid Madgwick (217) in second and Tyler Bloomfield (502) in third; further back Willie Skoyles (641) pulled off. On the restart Lee Sampson (428) launched in on Daniel Parker (306) in to turn 1; whilst Ross Graham (671) and Carl Waterfield (360) collided in turn 3; collected by both McGivors (711) (811) as they pass by. Bloomfield, Carl Boswell (84) and Barry Glen (38) then trip over each other in the homestraight to the marker tyres. Yellow flags signalled for once more. Emerson and Madgwick up front with Lewis Gallie (182) now up to third. On the restart Luke Grief (219) was spun around sending the field scattering to avoid, whilst Parker and Sampson continued to battle. Jacob Downey (218) attacked Diggy Smith (116) on to turn 1; 811 then launched Boswell sending him into a spin in the backstraight; Downey too was spun around. Hein-Durk Vellema (H321) was then taken in by Tommy Barnes (26) in turn 1. Sampson put Parker out to the fence in turn 1 before Adam Odell (171) was lunched to the turn 3 plating by Barnes, Odell getting some good air time up and around the top of the plating; the Bradford machine then went for a big roll in the homestraight. Waved yellows once again called for. Madgwick now your leader ahead of Gallie and Sampson. On the green flag Barnes once again wasn’t holding back and took Grief hard in to the turn 1 fence. As battle commenced amongst Simon Venni (570) and Deane Mayes (730). Bark Wouters (H868) and Emerson spin around in turn 3. Barnes not finished then set off after Downey, destroying the 218 machine in to turn 3. Madgwick left up front to take the win ahead of Gallie in second and Parker third.

Heat 3 for the 2 Litre Stock Cars drew back out 33 cars; yellow, blue and red graders this time, Karl Douglas (552) the pole sitter. Will Makins (248) was sent broadside and then pushed down the homestraight with Douglas; whilst Max Stott (157) went round in a spin in turn 1. Douglas recovered, but was soon in further trouble with Jason Secker (529) taking him in to the fence in turn 1; the passing field collect, half the field seemingly involved at some point, a pile up forming momentarily; including at least 9 or 10 cars. The waved yellows called for; Alan Hooker (29) led off the restart; but Hookers time up front was short lived after being sent to spin by Ryan Santry (389). Willie Skoyles (641) went in on Daniel Parker (306) as the rest of the field declared battle on one another. Bark Wouters (H868) and  Hein-Durk Vellema (H321) collide in turn 1 with Shane Emerson (888). Waved yellows needed once more; Santry the leader on the restart 389; Thomas Alsop (537) and Ian Redden (148) the top three. Diggy Smith (116) bundled several in to turn 1; Luke Dorling (120) coming off worst; spinning around. Timmy Barnes (131) then did a similar move on George Boult (56), Ian Makins (248) and Vellema in turn 1. Smith once more in amongst the action clashing with Parker on the exit to turn 1, Hooker and Kieren Bradford (27) also involved. Barnes launched in on Deane Mayes (730); whilst Skoyles muscled his way by Santry for the lead. Boult dived in on Vellema in turn 1 to round out the action. Skoyles taking the win; Santry coming home second and Parker finishing third. 

30 cars took to the track for the Steve Newman Memorial Final, Tyler Bloomfield (502), the pole man led them off. Luke Dorling (120) and Shane Emerson (888) were early causalities with a spin; Jacob Downey (218) extracted revenge from the earlier race on Tommy Barnes (26) taking him right to the fence in turn 3. Simon Venni (570) climbed the wall in turn 1, nearly rolling. The opening laps saw cars ploughing the fence all over. Carl Waterfield (360) went out to a spin, but was caught by Barry Russell (600) which helped 360 in a quick recovery. Timmy Barnes (131) attacked Downey in the homestraight; whilst Bloomfield crashed out in turn 1. Diggy Smith (116), Deane Mayes (730) and Venni battled further back, collecting the turn 1 plating; as cars continued to clash with the plating. Max Stott (157) attacked Karl Douglas (552) whilst Barnes (26) tripped over Mackenzie Whitehead (331) in the homestraight; 26 left broad side; Downey collecting the 26 machine. Yellow flags called for, Ryan Santry (389) your leader for the restart. The freshly watered track for the restart saw drivers getting caught out on the slippery surface, including Mayes who was taken round in to a spin. Wesley Starmer (525) and Willie Skolyes (641) clashed in turn 1, the 525 machine climbing up the plating and climbing up the Skoyles machine. Diggy Smith (116) snookered several cars in to turn 1, before spinning himself out of contention. Santry still holding down the lead, Lee Sampson (428) in second and Cole Atkins (399) third. Carl Boswell (84) was sent up the plating by Stott in the first turn, as Dorling and Thomas Howard (30) collide; Dorling coming off worst with a wall ride on two wheels for his efforts. Santry and Sampson clash for the lead in a big way in the homestraight letting Atkins through to the lead; waved yellows needed once more.  Atkins your leader on the restart; Sampson recovering for second and Waterfield now up to third; not many left running from the 30 starters. A real battle unfolded in the closing stages as Waterfield went in with the bumper on the restart, the leading trio quickly joined by Daniel Parker (306); Atkins was soon out of contention as he was dropped back in a squabble with Mayes and Sampson. The lap boards out and Atkins was in further trouble when Skoyles put him out to the plating in turn 1. Waterfield your leader, with Parker slowly reeling him in. Waterfield anticipating a last bend assault from Parker; slowed down holding back the 306 machine but Parker was prepared and give it some right boot to push Waterfield out wide to take the win in a drag race to the line; Waterfield coming home second and Starmer finishing third.


1300 Stock Cars

Heat 1 saw 21 cars take to the track; including only whites and yellow graders; Barty Ketteringham (209) starting pole; although he went round in to an early spin; caught head on by Sophie Unwin (70). Luke Leedell (191), Jack Lower (142) and Unwin then took a trip to the marker tyres as Jacob Bromley (303) was all out of shape in the backstraight; letting Stephen Murphy (561) to muscle his way by for the lead. Anthony Kerr (880) was then taken out wide by Bromley to claim second; before snatching back the lead. Bromley, Murphy and Kerr your leading trio as the lap boards were presented. Robert Spinks (760) was taken out wide in turn 1 by Clark Wells (711); as Murphy dropped back. Andrew Milner (560) and Jack Wilkins (690) battled for the minor places. Kerr fell foul of a last bend assault in turn 3; promoting Wells to second and Spinks to third.  

30 cars for heat 2 which was contested by the white, blue and red graders. 30 cars on track with Stephen Murphy (561) the pole sitter. The red graders declared battle on one another at the drop of the green launching in on each other; Karl Morris (390) and Euan Mathieson (125) coming off worst, tripping over each other in turn 1 with Dan Booth (216) joining too. Andrew Mathieson (124) then took round Jason Clow (217) in turn 3. Murphy still holding down the lead, ahead of Beau Southgate (241) and Ricky Ivatt (55); but Ivatt was soon overhauled by Ben Englestone (769) in turn 1. Southgate had now mounted a challenge for the lead at this point, before a fast moving Englestone, joined in. The 769 machine making light work of the white graders and soon took over. Jimmy Morris (167) dived in on Chris Taylor (421) in turn 1; as Kevin Shinn (400) took over third place; Shinn set off after second quickly taking second from Southgate at the lap boards, Shinn chased off after Englestone as the laps wound down. Shinn going in on Englestone into the last bend; spinning out 769 coming off the turn to take the win. Englestone unable to recover dropped out of the placings, promoting Southgate back to second and letting Lauren Overy (317) through in to third.  

The last heat drew back out 33 cars for the Yellow, blue and red grades. Andrew Milner (560) led them off from pole; once again the red grade engaged in a battle amongst themselves at the drop of the green. Andrew Mathison (124) was the first casualty; whilst Milner was fending off a challenge from Jack Wilkins (690).  Euan Mathieson (125), Simon Sparrow (780) and Luke Jackson (450) ended in a pile up against the fence in turn 1. The 125 car was then collected by the leader Milner. Chris Taylor (421) was spun out by Karl Morris (390) and then collected by Dan Booth (216); Taylor was again in trouble after getting taken round by Will Morphey (129). The mid field had started to bunch up which invited more bumper work from the pack and they duly obliged. The lap boards soon out for Jacob Bromley (303) who was your leader. Kevin Shinn (400), Dean Moat (473) and Jacques West 160 battled for minor places. Taylor and Morris were battling too, Morris launching Taylor in to the last bend; Taylor not able to nurse the car home didn’t finish, Morris out of the top 10. Bromley taking the win ahead of Luke Leedell (191) in second and Dan Weavers (333) in third.   

The Steve Newman Memorial Final had a big field of 35 cars; Josh Wells (111) the driver to set the pace from pole. Jamie Blackburn (415) took in Jacques West (160) in to turn 1; with many bumpers going in down the order – they all want to win this one. Jacob Bromley (303) your leader. Dave Osbourne (174) put in Robert Spinks (760) in turn 1; whilst Will Morphey (129), Brandon Mayes (730) and Dean Moat (473) collided with the turn 1 plating; Andrew Mathieson (124) doing the same the opposite end. Dan Weavers (333), Kevin Shinn (400) and Ben Englestone (769) battle; trading bumpers. Jack Lower (142) and Luke Leedell (191) collide in the home straight; at the same time as Osbourne tackling Luke Jackson (450). A fierce battle raged for minor places with a big group of drivers squabbling for position including Booth and Charlie Morphey (92) among many others; Jackson getting caught up was taken round in the homestraight. Mathieson (124) clattered the fence in turn 1, the waved yellows called for; Bromley the leader for the restart. Big hits went in on the restart; the track freshly watered, cars hammering the plating. Bromley had broken clear but the pack behind continue to squabble. Mathieson took in Englestone and Todd Payne (149) in turn 1; but Mathieson ended up a spin in the backstraight catching out Jacques West (160). Bromley romped home to the win, ahead of Paul Sparrow (682) in second and Weavers finishing third.   


2 Litre RWD Bangers - Unders

27 cars for the first heat; Karl Harding (13) sitting pole in a 6 wheel Sierra estate/ sapphire mash up limo. Tom Pavitt (220) and Doug Walker (502) collide in the backstraight; smashing in to the wall, Walker rolling over. The red flags called for quickly. Michael Carter (329) the leader for the restart. Dom Davies (261) was taken round; whilst Harding backed his limo out across the track; collecting Ryan Preston (821) in the process. Shayne Winsor (160) spun out Billy Giddings (195). Davies was sent to a spin once more courtesy of Carter. Harding lost a wheel; prompting the red and chequered flags. Carter awarded the win, Daniel Bullock (144) second and Winsor third. 

20 plus cars returned for heat 2; the Cortina of Phil Markham (127) in pole position, but he went into a spin quickly, among many others caught out on the fresh watered track. The Cortina Camper of Aaron Keoghan (959) was turned round in turn 3 and he met Dan Clarke (721) before also getting Jason Giddings (591), Clarke turned it round for Keoghan, going in on the back of 959. Douglas Walker (502) also went for Keoghan; before Matt Tillow (556) did the same, splintering the back of the 959 machine. Shaun Smith (661) took in Martin French (267), before Billy Giddings (195) turns round for Koeghan In turn 1. James Guppy (349) your leader at this point. Darren Teal (170) collided with Andy Newton (321) in turn 1. Tom Pavitt (220), also turned it round, meeting 591 head on; Clarke then also turned it round, going in on the back of Pavitt. Callum McKee (210) went in on the back of 591; Dalton Smith (662) then went after McKee, jacking the back of the Capri. Shayne Winsor (160) taking the win ahead of Guppy in second and Andy Battle (898) finishing third. 

17 cars for the final with Tom Pavitt (220) on pole; Billy Giddings (195) takes round Karl Harding (13); whilst Michael Carter (329) spun around Dean Moljourd (230) and Giddings in turn 1. Andy Newton (321) goes in on the back of Harding in the back straight before doing the same again in turn 1. Giddings jacks the Capri of Callum McKee (210). James Guppy (349) the leader. Dan Clarke (721) turned it round and went for Harding in turn 1; Pavitt also going in on Harding. McKee turned it round for Dom Davies (261) on opposite in turn 3; McKee then after Harding once more. Daniel Bullock (144) had taken over the running at this point and he went on to take the win ahead of Guppy in second and Shayne Winsor (160) in third.  

Straight in to the Destruction Derby; Ryan Preston (821) followed in Clarke in turn 1. Whilst Guppy blitzes Pavitt. Matt Tillow (556) went in on Guppy; as Ben Randell (165) blitzes McKee. Preston then destroyed Clarke in turn 1. Preston declared the winner.  


2 Litre RWD Bangers - Overs

11 cars for the overs variety 84 in pole position. Lee Vaughan (528) quickly took out James Licquorice (51) as James Unwin (71) also spun around in turn 1. Kieran Bowman (178) spun out Adam Rowell (276). Paul Bowen (557), John Reeves (188) and Lee White (830) battle. Vaughan spun around Licquorice once more as Rowell turned it round and jacked the back of the 51 machine. Vaughan spun around and was caught by Unwin, 84 also going in. Reeves took out Jak in 84 in the back backstraight; to round out a steady first race; Bowman picking up the win ahead of Lyndon Stark (88) in second and Reeves in third. 

All 11 cars returned for heat 2; Kieran Bowman (178), Lee Vaughan (528) and James Unwin (71) were early causalities spinning out. James Licquorice (51) turns round and takes Lee Vaughan (528) head on; Bowman then went in on Licquorice. Red flags called for. The top three on the restart: 84 557 88; Nick Houghton (293) took around Lyndon Stark (88) on the restart; as 557 and 84 trip over one another. John Reeves (188) taking over the running. Bowman collected the parked Vaughan machine as does Bowen in 557 ripping out a wheel. White tried a last bender on Reeves but 188 held on for the win; White having to settle for second and Houghton in third. 

6 Cars returned for the Overs final; Kieran Bowman (178) quickly turning it round and picked out John Reeves (188); letting Paul Bowen (557) in to the lead; Reeves went and did a lap before ploughing in on Bowman. Bowen was over hauled by Lyndon Stark (88) who went on to take the win; Lee White (830) coming second and Bowen finishing third.

Straight in to the Destruction Derby; Bowen went in on the back of White twice; before White spun it round and got a head on with Bowen pushing him back up to the fence in turn 1 and rolling him over.  

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2 Litre Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 W/Y 389 733 192 316 573 537 30 248 331 120
Heat 2 W/B/R 217 182 306 428 116 157 570 730 600 525
Heat 3 Y/B/R 641 389 306 570 600 730 131 248 529 428
Steve Newman Memorial Final 306 360 525 641 182 399 30 730 428 157
1300 Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 W/Y 303 711 760 682 241 42 191 560 561 55
Heat 2 W/B/R 400 241 317 561 29 33 92 167 450 129
Heat 2 Y/B/R 303 191 333 317 142 129 92 160 400 690
Steve Newman Memorial Final 303 682 333 241 760 129 560 142 92 167
2L RWD Bangers (Unders) 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 329 144 160 673 898 127 78 556 721 220
Heat 2 160 349 898 329 321 NoF
Final 144 349 160 165 898 721 NoF
Destruction Derby 821
2L RWD Bangers (Overs) 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 178 88 188 830 293 84 51 528 NoF
Heat 2 188 830 293 88 178 NoF
Final 88 830 557 NoF
Destruction Derby 830
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