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  • Monday 6th May

    Monday 6th May

    Micro Banger: 678 Alex Ward. 1600cc Banger: 275 Joel Bond. 2L Banger: 519 Lee Middleton. Unlimited Banger: 382 Jack Foster JNR. Reliant Robins: 553 Daniel Douglas.

    Updated: 11 May 2024 13:52

  • Sunday 21st April

    Sunday 21st April

    1600cc Bangers: 311 Gary Lown. Junior Bangers: 515 Reagan Flatters. 1300cc Stock Cars: 167 Jimmy Morris. 2L Saloons: 129 Will Morphey

    Updated: 24 Apr 2024 14:35

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Latest Points

Sunday 19 January


Photos: 1 - 6 Major Gilbert, 7 - 26 Matt Bull, 27 Major Gilbert, 28 Jim Harrod, 29 - 30 Major Gilbert, 31 - 44 Damien Widdows, 45 - 52 Jim Harrod

Report: Mark Paulson


Team Extreme wrote themselves into the record books with a fine display that clinched a third successive Unlimited Icebreaker title at the Adrian Flux Arena, King’s Lynn, on Sunday. In perfect Icebreaker conditions, a massive field of nearly 140 cars provided thrilling action all afternoon as local favourites the Predators claimed the day’s Entertainers’ League. 

Among the huge entry was plenty of material, much of it used but with a good number of fresh machines too. Two teams in particular impressed with their ‘tin’: Team Sowter/Filmer ‘A’ had #883 Jack Filmer’s post-war Chevrolet, a station wagon for #388 Taylor Sowter and a late-model Ford Mustang for #884 Tom Filmer; the Warlords included a hearse for #52 Steve Deane, London taxis for #579 Gary Beecham (FX4) and #854 Aiden Storr (TX1) and an AMC Pacer for #851 Adam Storr across their two squads. Also TX1-mounted was #721 Daniel Clarke (Tex’s Tornadoes), while #132 Robert James (Shunters ‘C’) was another in a hearse and there were big Yanks for #54 Martin Lawton (Gladiators ‘A’), #178 Kieran Bowman (Predators ‘A’), #349 James Guppy (Team Guppy) and Team Mates’ #165 Ben Randell.

The teams were split four ways for the first round of heats. While heat one raised the lowest count of the day, it set the tone for the afternoon with some terrific action. Topping the lot was the destruction of Deane’s hearse. After #182 Reece Tingle (Stinkbridge ‘C’) had given it a nibble, Predators duo #87 Damien Matthews and #222 Matty High joined in, and then #757 Callum Gill (Team Extreme ‘A’) went full bore into the back of it, parking his smart machine well inside before reversing out. That opened the way for #51 Simon Heilds (Stinkbridge ‘C’) to splinter it further, with the pink machine rolling in the process, bringing out red flags. The restarted race was quieter with Irish visitor #811 Kieran McIvor (Predators ‘B’) leading way until clipped by #103 Jack Deacon (Team Black ‘A’) on the final lap. That allowed Deacon’s team-mate #217 Sid Madgwick to get on terms and demote McIvor on the final bend. #356 Harry Overy ensured Team Black got off to a strong start with third on this, the first Icebreaker run to new rules of only the top three scoring points. McIvor blasted Deacon in revenge on the run-down lap but it was Gill, Tingle and Heilds who took the race entertainer awards for their earlier efforts. 

Star man in heat two was Bowman, who blasted #513 Sean Harvey’s Yank and, when he eventually managed to break free from the wreck, continued his wrecking spree. Stinkbridge ‘B’ pairing #3 Mitchell Finney and #04 Mikey Crofts also earned race entertainer awards as Team Mates’ #830 Lee White was fortunate to be awarded the win when red flags saved his blushes after a spin. The Dover Boys’ #673 Darren Fendley and #327 Mick Maskell Jr (Team Extreme ‘B’) followed him home.

Stinkbridge ‘A’ racer #299 Tommy Callaghan earned a race entertainer award in heat three for taking on the Jag of #201 Phil Milner (Gladiators ‘A’) head on after the latter turned around and attacked him the previous lap. The big Lincoln Town Car limo of Lawton was also in the action, blasting Jack Filmer when the latter got caught on Turn 4, but it was Filmer who earned the race entertainer award, much to his bemusement. Out front, Outsiders pairing #614 Chris Hide and #632 Callum Reed sandwiched #288 Carl Sowter to earn themselves a big score. 

A slightly quieter heat four closed the opening round of heats and brought a race entertainer award for Daniel Clarke as #73 Dean Cruickshanks (Crucko’s Crew) took the win from #549 Phil Smith (Gladiators ‘B’) and #100 Callum White (Team Sowter/Filmer ‘B’).

Bowman began the action in heat five by attacking #388 Stevo McGrath (Team Extreme ‘B’) which opened up the latter for a big shot from the well-used Caddy of #514 Charlie Taylor (Shunters ‘A’), earning Taylor an entertainer award. Bowman was also involved in a wrecking train featuring #887 Robert Browning (TMT ‘A’) and #203 Tony Nash (Shunters ‘A’) after Browning had given Nash’s team-mate #768 Danny McSweeney a head on. #801 Mason Foster (Grey & Black ‘B’) claimed the win from Taylor and the winner’s team-mate #82 Tom Foster. 

#349 James Guppy turned around in heat six for a head on with #01 Kyle Shires (Stinkbridge ‘A’), as both claimed race entertainer awards, along with the latter’s team-mate #455 Ricki Finney. #10 Ben Collins (Shunters ‘B’) raced to the win, with Carl Sowter again second and #591 Mark Blower (Predators ‘B’) third.

Heat seven, the last of the second round, was highlighted by some big hits on the home straight. #8 James Jackson (Tex’s Tornadoes) had his Mk3 Granada blown up by hits from #02 Ash Reynolds (Stinkbridge ‘D’) and #604 Ross Cooper (Sowter/Filmer ‘B’). That earned Cooper a race entertainer award, together with #444 Charlie Jackson (Sowter/Filmer ‘B’), who also piled into the wreckage, and #382 Jack Foster Jr (Grey & Black ‘A’), who attacked #419 Laura Quadling (Sowter/Filmer ‘B’) on opposite. Team Extreme ‘A’ captain #362 Johnny James took the win in his Toyota Supra, with team-mate Gill in second ensuring a big score for the squad that put them on the on top of the table at the halfway stage. 

Overall scores after two rounds of heats: 1st Team Extreme ‘A’, 25pts; =2nd Grey & Black ‘B’, Outsiders, Team Black ‘A’ and Team Sowter/Filmer ‘A’, 20pts.

Entertainers’ League scores after two rounds of heats: 1st Team Stinkbridge ‘A’, 45pts; 2nd Shunters ‘B’, 40pts; =3rd Gladiators ‘A’, Team Stinkbridge ‘C’, 35pts; =5thShunters ‘A’, Team Stinkbridge ‘B’, 30pts.

Despite the heavy wrecking so far, splitting the field two ways for the third rounds of heats ensured more mid-30s grids and plenty more action. Mainline Munchers’ #696 Jamie Webster earned heat eight’s race entertainer award as the Outsiders’ #284 James Head boosted his team’s overall chances with a win from #399 Jonny Atkin (Team Black ‘A’) after team-mate #217 Sid Madgwick had sacrificed second to take on the Predators. 

Star of heat nine was the Predators’ #246 Aston Burt, who had impressed all afternoon, as he used his Jag to blitz the Shunters’ Harvey and later blast the latter’s team-mate McSweeney. That came after McSweeney had joined team-mate Nash’s attacks on Callum White, who had earlier done Charlie Taylor head on. Race entertainer awards for Burt and McSweeney put their teams in very strong positions in the Entertainers’ League going into the final. The race win went to #440 Pete McVay (Wild Boyz ‘B’).

It was all to play for in both contests going into the meeting final, held after an interval to ensure as big a field as possible. But Team Extreme had other ideas as veteran campaigner #627 Terry Coke and local star Gill swept to a 1-2, ensuring the ‘A’ team success. It was an unprecedented third successive win in the sport’s biggest team event for the green-and-white squad with Devon roots. The Outsiders had already done enough to clinch second overall, while perennial challengers Team Black completed the trophy placings with their ‘A’ team. 

Thanks to the efforts of Bowman and Burt, local favourites the Predators overcame the handicap of being a man short to edge a very tight contest in the day’s Entertainers’ League with the A-string team topping the chart by the narrowest of margins, just denying what would have been a fairytale return for Team Stinkbridge’s ‘A’ team. Regular top entertainers the Shunters ‘A’ had to settle for third but, in doing so, denied Team Sowter/Filmer a place on the rostrum in what had been one of the best Icebreakers for many years, packed with quality and quantity.

We do it all again on 2 February when the 1500cc Icebreaker takes place with another capacity entry.


Icebreaker Championship Points
Team Extreme A 60pts
The Outsiders 35pts
Team Black A 30pts
Grey and Black B 25pts
Gladiators B 20pts
Team Filmer/Sowter A 20pts
Team Mates A 20pts
Cruckos Crew 15pts
Predators B 15pts
Shunters C 15pts
Wild Boyz B/ Irish 15pts
Dover Boyz 10pts
Shunters A 10pts
Team Black B 10pts
Team Carter 5pts
Team Extreme B 5pts
Team Filmer/Sowter B 5pts


Icebreaker Entertainer League
Predators A 55pts
Team Stinkbridge A 50pts
Shunters A 45pts
Team Filmer/Sowter B 40pts
Team Stinkbridge C 40pts
Gladiators A 35pts
Team Stinkbridge B 35pts
Mainline Munchers 30pts
Team Extreme A 30pts
Team Filmer/Sowter A 30pts
Blooz Boyz A 25pts
Dover Boyz 20pts
Team Extreme B 20pts
Grey and Black A 15pts
Tex's Tornadoe's 15pts
Team Mates A 10pts
Black & Silver 5pts
Blooz Boyz C 5pts
Gladiators B 5pts
Predators B 5pts
Shunters B 5pts
Team Black B 5pts
Team Guppy 5pts
Team Mates B 5pts
The Jokers 5pts
TMT A 5pts
TMT B 5pts
Wild Boyz B / Irish 5pts


Unlimited Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 217 811 356 280 399 506 222 NoF
Heat 2 830 673 327 887 556 155 04 171 82 200
Heat 3 614 288 632 726 284 54 732 662 201 NoF
Heat 4 73 549 100 331 589 606 329 215 419 328
Heat 5 801 514 82 327 673 155 262 217 200 399
Heat 6 10 288 591 726 787 284 NoF
Heat 7 362 757 331 215 627 549 204 73 882 382
Heat 8 284 399 82 624 625 200 787 288 NoF
Heat 9 440 589 830 209 757 362 604 NoF
Final 627 757 215 NoF
Destruction Derby 882
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  • 190120-359
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