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  • Monday 6th May

    Monday 6th May

    Micro Banger: 678 Alex Ward. 1600cc Banger: 275 Joel Bond. 2L Banger: 519 Lee Middleton. Unlimited Banger: 382 Jack Foster JNR. Reliant Robins: 553 Daniel Douglas.

    Updated: 11 May 2024 13:52

  • Sunday 21st April

    Sunday 21st April

    1600cc Bangers: 311 Gary Lown. Junior Bangers: 515 Reagan Flatters. 1300cc Stock Cars: 167 Jimmy Morris. 2L Saloons: 129 Will Morphey

    Updated: 24 Apr 2024 14:35

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    • Big Van Bangers (3.5tonne limit), Micro Bangers, Classic Cars R Us Junior Bangers & Unlimited Lady Bangers
    • Saturday 08 June - 17:00
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Saturday 16 March


Photos:  1 - 5 On The Oval , 6 - 31 Damien Widdows 

Report: Keith Organ


The Domestic meetings can very often match the big meetings for action and this meeting was no different. Over 150 cars in the pits and lots of action on track that is often the norm at King’s Lynn; a “domestic” meeting that was anything but “domestic”.


2 Litre Bangers

Heat 1 for the 2 Litre Bangers was led off by Tommy Callaghan (299); almost 40 cars on track. Into the backstraight and a number of cars trip over one another, which also resulted in Damien Matthews (87) left facing the wrong way, Cieran Harmer (101) copped a shot off of Stu Carman (841); who in turn was run into by Wes Freestone (340) and Karl Corsby (175); as Jack Maryon (212) took a shot off of Tom McKee (217). In turn 1, Callum Mckee (210); clashed with the 320 car; who in turn was blitzed by Kyle Stevenson (60). Stevenson was anhiliated by Lee Middleton (519); as Mac Bell (28) went in too. Bell then took a shot off Kieran Bowman (178), as Taylor Sowter (388) went in on the nose of 320. The field continuing to plough in to the turn; the gaps to manoeuvre getting narrower, piles of cars on the outside and inside of the bend; the yellow flags were called.  Back in to the action and Simon West (50) entered turn 1 wrong and caught one of the dead cars, blocking the track; James Chapman (842) no where to go, ploughed in to West, Bowman going in on Chapman; with Callaghan too going in clearling a path. Jason Smy (138) dropped James Licquorice (51) down the order; sending the 51 machine in to a spin in the homestraight; whilst Dean Cruickshanks (73) was clear in the lead to take the lap boards. West was now on opposite in turn 1; taking out Lee White (830) with a t-bone; catching out Maryon and Smy in the process too, Licquorice steaming in to clear a path. West quickly getting himself back in to position pointing in the wrong direction, went after Ashley Garrod (337), catching him with a t-bone. Cruickshanks taking the win, ahead of Smy in second and Licquorice in third.

Tommy Callaghan (299) led off heat 2; 27 cars return which was a great effort following the destructive opening race. Martin Baxter (469) was an early casualty with a spin in turn 1; he was in turn collected by the passing pack. A number of the field tripped over one another in the backstraight including Ryan Leeks (11), Victor Bilkey (518), Dominic Ambrose (785) and James Chapman (842). Lee Macey (78) was attacked in the homestraight by Lee Horwood (441); whilst up front, Jason Smy (138) moved ahead of Callaghan for the lead, but this was short lived as Smy was taken around in the homestraight. Horwood was further in amongst the action; picking up Adrian Court (136) and Cieran Harmer (101) in to turn 1 and following the pair in to the plating. James Licqourice (51) was now challenging for the lead and swiped Callaghan wide to take over the running; Callum White (100 also in close contention just behind. Lee Middleton (519) turned it round in turn 3 and nobbled Simon West (50) on the nose, this caught out Jack Maryon (212) which in turn took out the leader Licquorice who was passing at the time as the lap boards were presented; putting Callaghan back in first position and the win. Kieran Bowman (178) taking second, Smy just holding on to third following a last bend attack from Callum White (100). West was attacked in turn 3 by Taylor Sowter (388); West was then jacked further by John Reeves (188). White, Callaghan, Maryon and Mickey Knights (619) all tripping up over another on the run down lap in the homestraight; just before the red flags.

As the rain now set in; 17 cars returned for the 2 Litre Banger final which was also a Wild Card event for the 2 Litre Banger World Final in June; Victor Bilkey (518) led them off from pole; a big push in to the first bend sent cars flying every direction letting Callum White (100) take over the lead. A pile up in the back straight soon developed involving Kieran Fry (321), Wes Freestone (340) and Mickey North (619). Kieran Bowman (178) wasted no chance and piled in too and Callum White (100) stormed in on Bowman, Taylor Sowter (388) joined in too going in on White. Ashley Garrod (337) now the leader heading into the second half. Fry attacked Nick Wakeham (317); whilst White went in on Fry; Harry Overy (356) clobbered White whilst the 100 car recovered. North had turned it round for Garrod in turn 3, but misses; Garrod dropping back to Sowter who took over to take the win. 

Straight into the Destruction derby; North goes in for a big head on with White; who in turn copped a shot off of Bowman. Lee Horwood (441) then offered the same treatment to Bowman. Kenny Gabriel (720) lined up Horwood for a head on; Bowman stormed in on the back of Gabriel; with White doing the same to Horwood.  Bowman and Freestone clashed in an almighty head on in the backstraight. Bowman then killed off the White car in turn 1; before heading after the 720 Gabriel Mondeo; a few shots from Bowman and Gabriel’s car expired; leaving 178 last car running.  

388 Taylor Sowter winning the 2 Litre Bangers World Final Wild Card & 178 Kieran Bowman, 441 Lee Horwood and 720 Kenny Gabriel taking the Entertainer Wild Cards

1500cc Bangers

Over 50 cars in the pits for the 1500cc class and the first race specifically for the white graders; Gary Shaw (164) led off the 23 car field. Troy Cobbett (12) was quick to run in Lee Barnes (41) and Jack Rookard (910) into turn 3 at the drop of the green; whilst in to turn 1; Mike Turner (291) was followed in by Liam Halls (800); a number of cars sent spinning around the circuit in unison; Tim Rees (799) catching the worst after being sent to the fence by Bo Harding (13); just as a caution period called for. Jordan Sharpe (828) led off the restart; Steve Parish (403) was taken around in the first turn 1 whilst Cobbett was dumped in the abandoned cars in the same bend. Paul Lovick (26), Ben Cox (9) and Russ Lown (847) ended in a pile up together in turn 1; whilst Barnes had now turned his car round in the first bend. Barnes went after Olly Scott (339) duly t-boning The Team Bilge driver. Sharpe held on to the lead through the lap boards to take the chequered flag ahead of Gary Shaw (164) in second and Lovick in third.

Heat 2 for the 1500 Bangers; Nicky Bishop (43) led off the 37 car field; Nathan Webb (315) run in Kieran Gray (123) in to the turn 3 fence, which caught out a number of other cars in the process as more cars thundered in to the pile up prompting a red flag and complete restart. At the drop of the green flag Olly Scott (339) was flicked out to the fence by Webb in to turn 1; soon after Jack Rookard (910) was taken around by Ben Cruncher (9) in to turn 1, the pair coming to rest up against the plating. Steve Parish (403) spun out Bishop out of the lead to take over the running; then a lap later offering the same to back marker Scott. Lee White (830) attacked Craig Gray (370) in to the first turn, snookering 370 in to Shaun Clarke (319); some jostling in to the backstraight saw Gray ending in a spin. The lap boards were presented to Parish with Ben Mynott (352) and Callum Gill (757) in hot pursuit; further down the order, Clarke was taken around in a spin by Nathan Tupper (350) in to the homestraight. Cameron Hubbard (624) attacked Parish, tackling the back of the 403 machine, letting Gill by to take over the running and racing off to take the chequered flag, Parish holding second; although only just whilst being pushed over the line by Mynott.

34 cars for Heat 3 which was led off by Ben Randell (165). Aaron Mann (143) took round Shaun Clarke (319) at the drop of the green and was in turn collected by some of the passing pack; tripping up Ben Mynott (352), Matt Tillow (556) and Kieran Greenway (191) amongst others; the field was sent scattering to avoid; the field continuing to plough in to the stranded Clarke machine; Cameron Hubbard (624) catching a wheel and momentarily looking as if he would roll over in the commotion. Kieran Bowman (178) was left without drive at the end of the homestraight in turn 3; Nathan Young (790) blitzing the back of Bowman. Greenway blitzed the back of Liam Halls (800) in the backstraight as Mick Turner (291) was taken around the backstraight before catching t-bone from Nathan Webb (315); Greenway reaping revenge for Turner, offered the same treatment to Webb. Davey Cox (119) run in Greenway into turn 3; just as Matthew Jode (420) was nobbled by members of Team STB. A caution period was called for. Tim Rees (799) led off the restart. Tony Pallett (566) latched on to the back of Lyndon Stark (88) who in turn was on the back of Andy Battle (898); all followed in to the turn 3 fencing; the trio was then run into by Chris Hornbrook (65) and Nicky Young (791). Mann was obliterated in turn 2 at this point, first a shot off Clarke who had turned it round for him, quickly followed by Jode; whilst Troy Cobbett (12) went in on Jode. Stark had turned round in turn 3 and met head on with Pallett.  Turner was taken around by Randell in turn 3, who was then collected by Jamie Blything (248); Turner quickly got it back going again and went on opposite, seeking out Rees in turn 3; the pair having an almighty head on. A caution period called for once more; the result declared under red and chequered; Russell Gill (77) taking the win, Jordan Sharpe (828) in second and Randell in third.

The National Championship Wild Card Final took the track with the light rain getting heavier; 27 cars ready for battle; the track slippery and tricky. Paul Lovick (26) the early race leader. Ben Cox (9) run in James Armstrong (845) in to turn 1; Cox was then nobbled by Lee Barnes (41) who was then in turn attacked by Ryan Preston (821). Nathan Young (790) was on opposite and went for Preston in turn 4; just missing. Preston taking exception to this attempt, spun it around and went after Young as Barnes spun around Chris Hornbrook (65) in turn 4. Young was once again back on opposite and Preston stormed in; snapping off his own car in the process; Jordan Sharpe (828) wading in on the back of Preston. Sharpe as he got back going, came under attack from Gary Shaw (164); who took him to the fence in to turn 1. Shaw was then blitzed in turn by Nicky Bishop (43) and Hornbrook in turn 1. Steve Parish (403) over cooked it in to turn 1 and caught Shaw head on; Barnes needed no invitation and went in on the back of Parish. Lovick who had been leading the race; retired in a plume of smoke, just as he was to take the last lap board. The rain now hammering it down; Jamie Blything (248) slammed in to the plating backwards in turn 1; getting caught out in the conditions. A check of the charts and it was Ben Mynott (352) who took over from Lovick, Mynott taking the chequered flag, Russell Gill (77) claimed second and Callum Gill (757) in third.

Straight into the Destruction Derby, a number of heavy exchanges; Davey Cox (119) going in on Chris Hornbrook (65) and Lee White (830) blitzing Steve Parish (403) of note at the start. White slammed in to Lee Barnes (41) before the remaining cars ended in a pile by the pit gate; Taylor Sowter (388), Ben Randell (165), White, Hornbook and Cox. Some toing, froing and exchanging of hits; Cox was the last car running and awarded the win.  

352 Ben Mynott taking the 1500cc Bangers National Championship Wild Card & 41 Lee Barnes, 119 Davey Cox and 830 Lee White picking up the Entertainer Wild Cards

1300 Stock Cars

Jack Wilkins (690) led off the 22 car Whites and yellows final; the bumpers as expected went in and the sound of clashing metal filled the arena. Wilkins the early pace setter, with Stephen Murphy (561) settling in to second and Ben Englestone (769) in third. Chris Taylor (421) was spun out in to the infield marker tyres by Robert Spinks (760) into turn 1. In turn 3; Carl Morgan (42) was spun around by Anthony Kerr (880); who in turn was taken around by Jamie Fitzakerley (44). Murphy was now challenging Wilkins for the lead, going in with the bumper in to turn 1, but this was short lived as Englestone joined the battle and muscled his way by the leading white graders in to turn 3. Further back and there was a 6 car battle raging including Luke Leedell (191), Jason Clow (217) and Beau Southgate (241): the bumpers going in and trading places. Back up front though, Englestone took the win; just ahead of Wilkins taking second and Jack Lower (142) who had moved up in to third.

33 cars for 1300 Stock Cars Heat 1, Stephen Murphy (561) led them off in pole position.  Mark Newman (164) and Danny Elbourn (504) were the first casualties in the back straight; whilst Michael Clarke (147) and Anthony Kerr (880) crashed out in to the marker tyres in the same stretch.  The 1300s thundered around the arena with battles developing all throughout the line up. Lauren Overy (317) getting sent sideways in to the fence by the pit gate, whilst a number of cars crashed in to turn 3 including previous meeting final winner, Jack Lower (142). In to turn 1 and Robert Spinks (760) sent Jason Clow (217) sideways towards the plating; as Jamie Fitzakerley (44) also collected the plating in turn 1 too. Clow was in further trouble soon after; getting turned around in the homestraight by Dan Booth (216); who in turn was fighting off the front bumpers of Todd Payne (149), Chris Taylor (421) and Kevin Shinn (400). Murphy was your leader and pulling out a sizeable gap; helped when back marker Jake Stringer-Adams (40) and Clarke pulled across the track to retire, hampering Fitzakerley and slowing down Elbourn; just before the lap boards were presented; whilst Jacob Bromley (303) was taken around in the homestraight by Carl Morgan (42). Further down the order Martin Taylor was coming under fire from Shinn as Murphy was coming round to lap them. Murphy though held on to the lead despite coming under attack from a back marker in the last bend as Morgan was overhauled by Booth for tenth spot in the last turn.

Heat 2 was led off by Jake Stringer-Adams (40) with 30 cars back on track. The white grade tripped over one another down the homestraight at the green flag, Danny Elbourn (504) in particular was rattled and collected down the straight in to turn 1. Further white grade mishaps when Polly Reade (285) was sent into a spin in turn 3; before Dan Moore (681) was taken round in turn 2 by Ricky Ivatt (55); Jack Wilkins (690) the early pace setter in first. Beau Southgate (241) was coming under fire from Martin Taylor (422) in turn 3, shortly before Natasha Wales (444) took Michael Clarke (147) in to a spin in the backstraight, which tripped up Lauren Overy (317) in to a half spin towards the plating and leaving Wales with no where to go, run in to the side of Overy. Taylor making more liberal use of the bumper stormed in on the back of Carl Morgan (42) in to turn 3. Kevin Shinn (400) offering the same to Jason Clow (217) in to turn 1; with 444 for company, Shinn and Wales were left in a pile against the fence. Ivatt was feeling the force of the 422 bumper and he too was taken around in to a spin in to turn 1. Clarke retired to the infield missing the front outside wheel; as Jacob Bromley (303) put away Morgan to the fence in turn 1; the yellow flags called for. Wilkins led off the restart; which duly saw the bumpers go in as the laps wound down. Wilkins taking the flag ahead of Paul Sparrow (682) in second and Ben Englestone (769) in third; snatching bronze in the last bend after an assault on Jack Lower (142). 

Jake Stringer-Adams (40), once again led them off for the Feature final of the day, ahead of the 24 car field as a misty rain started to fall. The damp shale catching out many drivers who were taken wide in to the bends. Dan Moore (681) took around Paul Sparrow (682) in the homestraight; a lap later Danny Elbourn (504) was offered the same treatment by Callum Anderson (131). Jacob Bromley’s (303) race was ended when Jason Clow (217) shunted the 303 machine to the fence in turn 1; collected the stranded Jordan Godfrey (144) car in the process. Connor Sheldrake (535) nearly suffering the same fate when he was bumpered wide by Jack Lower (142), as Polly Reade (285) taken round shortly after in turn 1 by Bromley.  Lower, Sheldrake, Kevin Shinn (400) and Martin Taylor (422) were engaged in a battle further down the order; some great bumperwork being exchanged; allowing Dan Booth (216) to catch up and join in. Stringer-Adams had held down the lead for much of the race; only to be overhauled by Ben Englestone (769) as the lap boards were presented. Englestone had a clear run to the chequered flag; Anderson taking second and Moore in third. The squabbling quartet of Lower, Taylor, Shinn and Booth rumbled right to the end; Lower getting the better of them, coming home in 6th spot.


Junior Bangers

14 cars grid for the Junior Bangers Whites and Yellow Final; Robbie Dillon (833) led the field off at the green flag; into the first bend and Eron Denney (159) tripped up Emily Taylor (409); taking Taylor into a spin, which in turn caught out Reece Davis (644); who collected the turn 1 plating as Alfie Tomlinson (888) took Tiff Unwin (70) in to a spin too; the yellow flags called for. Dillon led off the restart, Sam Bennett (340) in second and Tomlinson in third. Bennett went in with the bumper in to the first bend and promptly took over the lead; Harry Cobb (229) offering the same to Lee Reynolds (117) as did Taylor on Aiden Storr (854) into turn 1. A bit later and Reynolds was in further trouble after being attacked by Codie Reeves (188) into turn 1 and collected the abandoned Davis machine. Bennett now holding a growing lead over Dillon in second and Tomlinson in third. Kacey Crane (902) went clattering in to the turn 1 fence and the stranded Reynolds car. The lap boards now presented to Bennett; he was against backmarkers; going in with the bumper on Reeves who in turn latched on to Denney into turn 1; Denney went in to a spin which resulted in the car digging in and flipping over into a roll; coming to rest in the abandoned Unwin machine; prompting the red and chequered flags.

23 cars for Heat 1; Lewis Saunders (349) led the field around; Ben Kaleta (702) and Eron Denney (159) clashed at the drop of the green; holding the pair up; Kaleta was then collected by Finlay Damon (08). In to turn 1; Alfie Alderton (351), Keaton Ivins (842) and Jack Maddox (5) clashed in to a pile against the plating, with Harvey Webb (622) for company too. The leader Saunders tripped up with Alfie Tomlinson (888) in to turn 3; letting Sam Bennett (340) to close in. Tiff Unwin (70) came to a halt in the middle of the homestraight, sending the pack scattering either side; the yellow flags were called for. Bennett was your leader on the restart; but at the green flag Tomlinson bundled back marker Emily Taylor (409) in to Bennett and in to the fence, letting the 888 machine through in to the lead. The mid pack remained bunch up for a short while until Louie Cottrill (999) went in with the bumper on Harry Cobb (229); snookering him into the Tomlinson machine, Codie Reeves (188) latching on the back pushing, Tomlinson went round in to a spin, slowing Cobb, Reeves and Tomlinson, letting Cottrill and Joey Holmes (90) through to set off after the leader Damon. A mistake from Damon gave Holmes a chance to attack with the bumper; sending the 08 machine out wide in to turn 3. Into the last bend and Cottrill looked to be lining up Holmes for a last bend assault; but Holmes pulled up the anchor and snuck up the inside of a parked car; Cottrill going wide allowing Holmes to drive to the chequered flag ahead; Cottrill finished second and Cobb next in third.

21 cars on track to battle heat 2; led off by Eron Denney (159). Reece Davis (644) the first casualty with a spin at the green as Alfie Alderton (351) clattered the plating in turn 3. Bradley Green (449) went in with the bumper on Keaton Ivins (842) in to turn 1, Alfie Tomlinson (88) your leader. Codie Reeves (188) shunted Finlay Damon (08) in to turn 1; whilst Ben Kaleta (702) was left stranded in turn 1; he was collected by Reeves after Louie Cottrill (999) shunted 188 out wide; whilst Sam Bennett (340) moved by Tomlinson to take over the lead. Harry Cobb (229), Joey Holmes (90) and Jack Maddox (5) were enjoying a battle mid field, joined by Robbie Dillon (833), who went in with the bumper on Holmes and Maddox in to turn 1. Holmes in no mood for messing, lunged in on Tomlinson into turn 3; to take second. Holmes set off after Bennett who was being held up by backmarker Reeves; Holmes going in with an attack into turn 3 just as the lap boards were now out. Bennett spun out Reeves in to turn 1, Reeves collected the marker tyres was sent into a pirouette; the field taking avoiding action, Maddox missing Reeves but put himself in to the abandoned Kaleta machine. Bennett spun himself in to turn 1; helped round when clipping a marker tyre, with no where to go Cottrill collected Bennett. Holmes left clear, took the win ahead of Cottrill in second and Cobb in third. Holmes though docked two places for a jumped start; promoted Cottrill in to second and Cobb to second.

The final for the Junior Bangers drew out 16 cars; led off by Robbie Dillon (833), but it was Sam Bennett (340) who burst into the lead, whilst at the other end of the grid, the reds and superstars squabbled who would catch the break. Bennett not able to pull any gap in the lead had Dillon and Alfie Tomlinson (888) in close contention behind; Tomlinson quickly getting the better of Dillon to take second, set off after Bennett; Bennett though crashed out in to the turn 3 plating, handing  the lead over to Tomlinson and promoting Finlay Damon (08) upto third. Joey Holmes (90) was trying to make up for lost time and was on a charge; bumpered Keaton Ivans (842) aside in to turn 3 to take 7th spot at around the half way stage. The 833 machine lost momentum coming out of turn 3 at this point, dropping him down the order; Damon taking second and promoting Harvey Webb (622) upto third. Harry Cobb (229) was coming under attack from Louie Cottrill (999) and Holmes; but the hard charging superstars made quick work and charged around the outside superbly of Cobb to take fourth and fifth in turn 3. The lap boards now presented to Tomlinson who was pulling out a great lead over Damon in second, back in third a great battle developed with Webb, Cottrill and Holmes, the 90 machine getting the better of the other pair down the backstraight, leaving Webb and Cottrill to squabble; Cottrill going in with the bumper into turn 1 to claim fourth. Bobby Alderton (353) became stranded on the exit of turn 4; providing an obstacle to negotiate; Bennett was  unable to avoid slammed in to the back of Alderton; just as the chequered flag dropped for Tomlinson, taking a fine win; Damon claiming second and Holmes coming home third.


1500cc Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 (White grade) 828 164 26 598 910 403 87 NoF
Heat 2 757 403 352 566 119 830 898 350 337 88
Heat 3 77 828 165 821 119 757 352 624 26 791
Final 352 77 757 830 666 119 175 337 NoF
Destruction Derby 119
2 Litre Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 73 138 51 100 212 NoF
Heat 2 299 178 138 100 441 388 356 321 188 87
Final 388 337 441 100 178 NoF
Destruction Derby 178
1300 Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
White and Yellow Final 769 690 142 561 681 880 535 682 241 55
Heat 1 561 682 731 131 769 690 142 55 317 216
Heat 2 690 682 769 142 421 504 422 216 303 131
Final 769 131 681 731 55 142 400 422 216 421
Junior Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
White and Yellow Final 340 833 888 622 229 409 188 702 854 NoF
Heat 1 90 999 229 5 608 188 888 555 131 622
Heat 2 999 229 90 833 340 608 131 555 622 842
Final 888 08 90 999 622 229 608 842 555 833
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