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  • Monday 6th May

    Monday 6th May

    Micro Banger: 678 Alex Ward. 1600cc Banger: 275 Joel Bond. 2L Banger: 519 Lee Middleton. Unlimited Banger: 382 Jack Foster JNR. Reliant Robins: 553 Daniel Douglas.

    Updated: 11 May 2024 13:52

  • Sunday 21st April

    Sunday 21st April

    1600cc Bangers: 311 Gary Lown. Junior Bangers: 515 Reagan Flatters. 1300cc Stock Cars: 167 Jimmy Morris. 2L Saloons: 129 Will Morphey

    Updated: 24 Apr 2024 14:35

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    • Monday 27 May - 13:00
    • Big Van Bangers (3.5tonne limit), Micro Bangers, Classic Cars R Us Junior Bangers & Unlimited Lady Bangers
    • Saturday 08 June - 17:00
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    • Saturday 22 June - 17:00
    • 2L Bangers War of the Worlds Teams, 1300 Stock Cars, Moats Old Skool Throwback – Trackstar celebrates over 40 years of 673 John Moat behind the wheel & 2L Stock Cars incl. Ladies Race

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Monday 06 May

Pictures: Photos 1 - 22 Damien Widdows, Photos 23 - 44 Major Gilbert

Report:  Bangers - Bryson Walker @ Caged, Reliant Robins - Keith Organ


Monday 6th May saw the annual Bandit Memorial take place at the Adrian Flux Arena for the 2l Bangers where around 55 cars were in attendance including several team factions including strong numbers for the Predators, Aftermath, Gladiators and Shunters. The 1500 Bangers offered support on the day with around 40 in attendance. Add the crazy Reliant Robins and a Ramp Rollover Competition into the mix as well, it looked set to be a top day of action in the May sunshine.

The 1500 Bangers were out on track first for their White Top Whirlwind Heat which raised 17 cars. 306 Markham put 10 Wick into the marker tyres from the off as 87 Damo followed in 469 Ruff. 910 Rookard spun 3 Bond as he moved up the order. 214 Osborne jacked 122 Pikey. 174 Whipper took out the leading 666 Nicholas. 910 Rookard spun 624 Hubbard for the lead and he stayed their to take the chequered flag ahead of 611 Bieber and the recovered 10 Wick. 214 Connor Osborne was awarded with the race entertainer merit.

The 2l Bangers White Top Heat raised a remarkable 33 cars. 210 Cal spun 513 Shaggy early on as 87 Damo again delivered a first corner follow in - this time it was 842 Chappy on the receiving end. 16 Coxy leathered 603 Hitman and managed to quickly escape the incoming 602 Mr Moody for a revenge shot. The latter rattling 307 Pretty Boy round the armco instead. 479 Jooble jacked 557 Lil Jagz. 503 Mouldy took a large portion at the end of the back straight. 602 Mr Moody spun 541 Francis as the reds came out to check on 503 Mouldy. The restart saw the lively 602 Mr Moody turned long distance visitor 720 Kenny fencewards. 318 Olive attacked 176 Gibbo, only to cop a shot in turn from 41 Looney Lee. 602 Mr Moody buried 118 Woods. 842 Chappy gave a head on to the spun 101 Charmer. 779 Munch spun 604 Cooper and then went on to set about 41 Looney Lee. 479 Jooble followed in 306 Bell. Gladiator revenge was swift as 548 Magpie jacked 479 Jooble. 622 Stuie weighed in on 548 Magpie on to be jacked hard by 604 Cooper. The reds and chequereds came out together as 622 Stuie was in some discomfort but managed to exit under his own steam. This aided teammate 519 Knuckles who was deemed the winner ahead of 779 Munch and 210 Cal. The Entertainer Awards this time around going to 548 Magpie and 604 Cooper.

Heat 2 for the 1500 Bangers was the first of an all in format although only 34 cars made it out on track. Heat 1 winner 910 Rookard was the first to show as he spun 416 Nettles. 352 Mynott caught the spun 312 Whitey head on leaving the latter prone to a big jacking from 337 Garrod. 910 Rookard got spun out of contention by the pack and copped a head on from 666 Challis. 342 Ryley spat aside 666 Challis who had lost momentum. 611 Bieber delivered a stonking tbone to the spun 122 Pikey on the power station bend as 26 Skiddy raced to the win ahead of 624 Hubbard and 400 The Boy - entertainers this time being 337 Garrod and 611 Bieber.

The second 2l Bangers saw 32 cars make it out on track. 549 Smiffy Jnr set about 212 Little Mario from the off as 841 Carmen followed in 603 Hitman square on the entrance of the road bend. 349 Noddy tboned 603 Hitman. 191 Corey jacked 349 Noddy. 161 the Entertainer launched 898 Battle into the pile up of cars which also claimed 96 Penver. 337 Garrod clipped a parked car in the growing melee on the road bend and was duly brushed aside by 161 the Entertainer. 118 Woods jacked 51 Licquorice. 285 Mr Misery picked up 370 Cobbold with 388 Lump latching onto the former stuffing the pair of them through 603 Hitman’s wreck. 513 Shaggy removed 178 Slim. 285 Mr Misery attacked 514 Baby. A few laps passed before 100 Cock became a casualty on the road bend. 842 Carmen set about 285 Mr Misery, eventually spinning him aside. 210 Cal took the victory this time from 549 Smiffy Jnr and 830 Stretch. Given the hard hitting nature of the race, there was several entertainers awards dished out and these went to 779 Munch, 191 Corey, 399 Atkin and 285 Mr Misery.

Heat 3 for the 1500 Bangers saw 28 cars return. 3 Bond rattled in 10 Wick early on. 469 Ruff ran in 143 Mann. 791 Spud attacked 342 Ryley and then went on to continue his rampage by jacking 143 Mann. 757 Jack Jnr spun 469 Ruff. 88 FatFace went on oppo to deliver a head on to 566 Zippy Jnr. 65 Hornbrook jacked 666 Challis. 87 Damo ran 342 Ryley and 241 Beau in one move. 174 Whipper jacked 65 Hornbrook. 342 Ryley was sat waiting on oppo and met 3 Bond in a massive head on. 174 Whipper then gave a head on to 3 Bond. 26 Hacker jacked 174 Whipper. 350 Tupper jacked 26 Hacker in turn to complete the train. 910 Rookard dispatched 87 Damo to move up the order. 799 Rees took the win ahead of teammate 26 Skiddy and 400 The Boy. The entertainer awards went to 174 Whipper, 26 Hacker, 350 Tupper and 342 Ryley who were all heavily involved in the turn 2 jacking train.

31 cars made it out for the 2l Bangers Heat 3. 720 Kenny followed 306 Bell into 101 Charmer. 602 Mr Moody was swiftly returning the favour for Aftermath as he jacked 720 Kenny. 388 Lump jacked 604 Cooper. 100 Cock delivered a big shot to 388 Lump. 318 Olive jacked 100 Cock and then continued the momentum to follow him into 161 the Entertainer. 604 Cooper jacked 318 Olive. 349 Noddy attacked 604 Cooper. 514 Baby jacked 602 Mr Moody only to be blitzed in turn by a swift revenge shot from 604 Cooper. 349 Noddy ruined 604 Cooper in turn as 51 Licquorice administered a solid head on to 399 Atkin. 349 Noddy spun 123 Kezza. 41 Looney Lee set about 212 Little Mario only to cop one from 227 Horton. 548 Magpie raced to the win ahead of 549 Smiffy Jnr for a Gladiator top two with 830 Stretch rounding off the top three. The Entertainer Awards were dished out to 51 Licquorice, 388 Lump and 602 Mr Moody.

The Ramp Rollover Competition was up next in a break of format raising 8 drivers. There were some spectacular rolls throughout and some more forgettable attempts with 511 Jack Licquorice narrowly pipping 601 Bling to this year’s title by 0.2 metres; 178 Slim getting the third place.

The 1500 Final saw 22 cars return. 65 Hornbrook spat aside 350 Tupper early on. 791 Spud set about 87 Damo and then continued his charge taking out 837 Wes. 400 The Boy bested his way past 10 Wick as he moved up the order. 241 Beau then removed 10 Wick who inadvertedly took out 364 Braderz too. 799 Rees put away 143 Mann on the power station bend as 214 Osborn set about 400 The Boy as they battled for position. 400 The Boy caught up with his attacker, attempting a revenge attack on 214 Osborn who held it well. This allowed 791 Spud to take out 400 The Boy to conclude the action. 624 Cameron Hubbard raced to a strong win ahead of Gill pairing 77 Russell and 757 Callum.

The race went straight into a DD where 5 cars partook to round of the day’s events for the 1500s. 241 Beau attacked 3 Bond. 306 Markham delivered a massive head on to 241 Beau killing both cars in an instant. 87 Damo tboned 88 FatFace only to be jacked in turn by 3 Bond who continued the attack to bury the Pred man. 88 Fat Face then went on a crash-fest delivering a pair of head ons to 87 Damo and then went on to assault 3 Bond with a head on and a tbone. 87 Damo rejoined the fray and shared some head ons with 88 Fat Face once again. 88 Fat Face continued his domination by treating 87 Damo to a solid tbone before jacking him for good measures. At this point, 3 Bond fired back up as 88 Fat Face went bang allowing the former to jack 88 Fat Face. This ensured the win for 3 Bond who celebrated by doing 88 Fat Face over the rear wheel just for good measures. The Entertainer Awards went to 88 Fat Face, the second of the day for him, 241 Beau and 306 Markham - mainly for their monster head on.

The 2l Bandit Memorial raised a respectable 43 cars considering 57 started the day; 2 of the 14 missing were sat waiting on the middle for the DD to start. 87 Damo was once again the first to show as had been the case most of the afternoon as he attacked 170 Teal. 557 Lil Jagz spun 41 Looney Lee as 399 Noodle tboned the spun 212 Little Mario. All sorts revenge was swift as 51 Licquorice jacked 399 Noodles. 161 the Entertainer gave a head on to 519 Knuckles which left the former open to a jacking on opposite from 285 Mr Misery. 51 Licquorice jacked 399 Noodles to add further punishment. 602 Mr Moody attacked 132 Bobbles. 161 the Entertainer jacked 178 Slim on oppo. 479 Jooble jacked 161 the Entertainer who then received a tbone from 285 Mr Misery. By this point, 161 the Entertainer had attracted the attention of several Predators who were laying into him big time before he set alight. 41 Looney Lee jacked 178 Slim as 307 Pretty Boy attacked 479 Jooble. 602 Mr Moody jacked 513 Shaggy on oppo as the red flags came out for the fire on 161 the Entertainer’s car. The restart saw a tight chicane left from the turn 3 pile up where 307 Pretty Boy clipped one of the parked cars - 388 Lump tboned him triggering a small jacking train with 219 Tino weighing in on 388 Lump. 898 Battle went in on 219 Tino as he attempted to negotiate the chicane and found no way through. 340 Wesley spat 227 Hornton fencewards and then weighed in on 514 Baby. 132 Bobbles went for the leading 830 Stretch head on but missed and hit the marker tyre instead. 132 Bobbles eventually stopped 830 Stretch with a head on. 340 Wesley again set about 227 Horton only to be jacked by a revenge Predator shot from 219 Tino. 388 Lump jacked 219 Tino to end the action. 340 Wesley had already crossed the line for the win ahead of 898 Battle and 337 Garrod.

The DD saw plenty left running. 779 Munch laid the first blow as he attacked 514 Baby. 548 Magpie set about 830 Stretch. 210 Cal weighed in on 337 Garrod. The red flags came out to check on 219 Tino who was in some disarray but exited all ok. The restart saw 41 Looney Lee go for a reverse attack on 87 Damo. 349 Noddy jacked 191 Corey. 720 Kenny went in on 349 Noddy. 842 Chappy gave a head on to a Shunter on the power station bend. 541 Francis jacked 842 Chappy. 306 Bell tboned 842 Chappy as 87 Damo went in for a shot on 541 Francis. 318 Olive weighed in on 101 Charmer. 779 Munch gave a shot to 514 Baby. 720 Kenny attacked 101 Charmer. 349 Noddy delivered a portion to 720 Kenny. 93 Dilly Dilly jacked 720 Kenny, whose Mondeo Estate set alight with Kenny understandably abandoning ship to safety on the centre. Trackstar sensibly allowed the DD to resume with 4 Gladiators left against 41 Looney Lee who held his own sharing a solid head on with 306 Bell. The red flags came out for an unknown reason signifying the end of the day’s action handing the DD win to 306 Bell.

Overall a top day of action in all classes. The 2l Bangers really gave an impression you were watching a meeting from 3/4 years ago in the Mondeo hey day at the track which was fantastic. The 1500s, although quieter than the 2 litres, still had good moments throughout and the Robins were entertaining as ever with 100 Cock being a standout driver in them all day


Reliant Robins

Race 1 was for the White graders; 12 Robins on track; Callum White (100) was the first roller almost immediately in turn 1 prompting the yellow flags. Luke Day (441) your leader; but this was short lived with a collision with Tommy Tatham (197) in the home straight as Jordan Street (552) went in with the bumper on Alex Brindley (805). Marcus Skeels (321) your leader as the lap boards were presented; but Street took a tumble in the backstraight prompting the yellow flags. White was again in on the action colliding with Brindley in turn 1; sending the 805 Robin in to a big roll. Street bumpered Ben Oliver (185) sending him in to a tremendous roll in turn 1; Skeels took the chequered flag, Tatham second and White third.

18 Robins for heat 1; Jordan Bliss (194) leading them off; Bliss’ time up front was short lived with a spin in to turn 3; he was in turn collected by Scott Russell (03) in turn 3. Tommy Tatham (197) now your leader, Marcus Skeels (321) quickly took over second and Callum White (100) third. Lee Waddington (122) and Luke Day (441) roll in unison out of turn 3. Daniel Douglas (553) then muscled his way in to the lead. Russell rolled in the backstraight; as Douglas pulled away, Tatham second and Skeels third. Jamie O Hanlon (551) went in to a big roll in turn 1 as the lap boards were presented to Douglas. White went in with the bumper on Day; who went in to a huge roll to round out the heat.

Heat 2 drew back out a field of 19 three-wheelers; led off once again by Jordan Bliss (194). Luke Tongue (460) was the first causality, sent into a spin by Callum White (100), Tongue toppling into a roll in the process. White got in wrong in to the next bend, spinning himself & getting caught by Marcus Skeels (321). Tommy Tatham (197) your leader, Bliss in second and Jordan Street (552) in third. Daniel Douglas (553) exited turn 3 wrong and bounced along the homestraight fence, almost tripping up Roy Gedge (385) in the process. James Ellis (85) went in with the bumper on Lee Waddington (122) in to turn 1, Ellis getting caught up with Lee Barnard (490) in the process; the pair parking in the plating with Ellis perched on his side. Jamie O Hanlon (551) went on the attack of the back of Douglas in to turn 1, O Hanlon spinning in the process, helped in to a roll by Paul Douglas (554), but a roll for Street in the backstraight prompted the yellow flags. Tatham led off the restart, Ray Layton (16) in second and Skeels third. Ellis and Street were playing games with one another in the homestraight; Ellis sending Street in to a roll in to turn 1, sending fibreglass flying. On the restart it was in to the lap boards; into turn 3 and Luke Tongue (460) was left facing the wrong way in turn 1 which caught out Skeels, sending the 321 Robin in to a roll. Yellow flags were called for at this point, a 1 lap shootout required; Douglas (553) the leader, Gedge second and Layton third; but that’s how they remained to the chequered flag.

The feature final for the three-wheelers was led off by Alex Brindley (805) with 19 cars on track, Brindley’s time up front though was shortlived and he was quickly swamped by the pack at the drop of the green. Callum White (100) was straight in with the bumper in to turn 1; moving aside Jordan Bliss (194) and Luke Tongue (460) taking the pair right out to the plating and sending Tongue over in to a roll. Ray Layton (16) offered the same to Lee Barnard (490) in turn 3, toppling the 490 Robin over in too prompting a caution period. On the restart Tongue was in trouble in turn 1 with Paul Douglas (554), White lined up Tongue and t-boned the back corner; shattered fibreglass scattered. Scott Russell (03) was struggling for steering down the homestraight and attempted to retire to the middle but was caught by Marcus Skeels (321) sending the 03 Robin in to a roll; yellow flags needed once more. Tommy Tatham (197) led off the restart, Layton second and Colin Aldred (576) In third. White was waiting for the field on the exit of turn 2, reversing out in front of Tatham to take him out, before collecting Layton and Aldred too; Lee Waddington (122) also getting caught up, flipped over in to a roll, fortunately Waddington landed back on all 3, the race continued. Layton leads, Roy Gedge (385) now second and Marcus Skeels (321) just muscling Tatham out of third place. A couple of laps later and Gedge bumpered Layton wide in to turn 1 to take over the running. A steady run through the lap boards and that’s how the top three remained Gedge taking the win, ahead of Layton and Skeels.




2 Litre Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 (White Grade) 519 779 210 227 541 405 604 87 101 NoF
Heat 2 210 549 830 219 841 898 123 161 388 136
Heat 3 548 549 830 898 340 337 212 227 41 87
Bandit Memorial Final 340 898 337 87 219 388 514 41 NoF
Destruction Derby 306
1500cc Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
White Grade 910 611 10 799 512 624 214 174 3 469
Heat 1 26 (PL) 624 400 757 830 77 214 88 342 799
Heat 2 799 26 (PL) 400 77 757 910 214 364 87 NoF
Final 624 77 757 830 241 214 400 791 364 910
Destruction Derby 3
Reliant Robins 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Whites and Yellows 321 197 100 441 552
Heat 1 553 385 197 85 576 143 16 96 321 554
Heat 2 553 385 16 576 197 143 554 122 194 96
Final 385 16 321 85 143 576 197 96 551 185
Ramp Rollover 1st 2nd 3rd
511 601 178
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