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Trackstar Racing | Info | Results | 2019 | Saturday 17 August

Latest Results

  • Monday 1st April

    Monday 1st April

    4X4 Banger: 339 Jack Garrod. Micro Banger: 28 Mac Bell. Siamese Banger Final: 174 Dave Osborn/ 560 Andrew Milner. Reliant Robins: 553 Daniel Douglas. 1300cc Stock Cars: 673 John Moat.

    Updated: 11 Apr 2024 21:11

  • Saturday 30th March

    Saturday 30th March

    Unlimted Bangers: 209 Tom Waller. Saloon Stock Cars: 341 Austen Freestone. Junior Bangers: 08 Taylor Morton

    Updated: 31 Mar 2024 14:59

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    • Saturday 18 May - 5pm
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Latest Points

Saturday 17 August


Photos:  1 - 22 Major Gilbert, 23 - 35 Jim Harrod, 36 - 64 - Damien Widdows, 65 - 70 Jim Harrod

Report: Keith Organ


Another fine evening of Stock Car and Banger action at the Adrian Flux Arena, 1300 Stock Cars, Junior Bangers and Old Skool action with all Granada and Volvo Bangers. A quality night with some impressive efforts with car preparation and pit work.


Granada/ Volvo Bangers

Heat 1 for the Bangers was specifically for the Mk1 or Mk2 Granadas; Micky Galloway (590) led them off, including a couple of limo versions; 29 cars on track. Spinners and cars in all directions at the start as you would expect. Darren Teak (170) was left stranded in turn 3 up against the fence, he in turn was blitzed by Dean Cruickshanks (73). A lap later and Cruickshanks was now left stranded at the end of the straight, this time Steve McGrath (388) obliged and annihilated the very smart 73 Estate. The bumpers and spinners continued. Callum Reed (632) run in Neil Naismith (880) in turn 1, Naismith then run in the back of the stranded Brett Jackson (551) in turn 3. The lap boards now presented to the leader Martin French (267); as a couple of cars trip over one another in the homestraight; the leaders picking their way through ok, French took the win, Dave Vincent (22) finishing in second and Callum Gill (757) third.

Heat 2 for the Bangers; and open to both makes out together. Micky Galloway (590) once again led the field off; 38 cars on track. Cars spinning and pile ups forming around the oval; Bradley Hunt (775) one of those who ended in a spin in the homestraight, he was caught on the nose by Galloway, which in turn snapped off the Hunt Mk3 Granada and also leaving it exposed in the process; Jack Filmer (883) storming in on Hunt. Whilst on the backstraight numerous cars were left stranded including the hearse of Carl Sewell (467) who was now significantly splintered; Jamie Batchelor (135) and Julian Grant (83) going in for good measure. Red flags called for. Galloway led them off on the restart, Laura Quadling (419) and Dan Weeks (583) lined up behind. The field charged off on the restart, with Ashlun Woods (271) getting run into the turn 1 fence by Ben Englestone (769). Whilst Erik Weering (385) was out of shape down the homestraight and collected the marker tyres in turn 1, Sean Rowell (277) with nowhere to go, run in to Weering. Quadling your leader, but she was coming under pressure from Englestone; muscling his way by in turn 3. Aaron Keoghan (959) was mixing it with Phil Milner (201) and Phil Smith (549) in the backstraight. A heart in the mouth moment for Englestone when Milner run him into turn 1, Englestone survived though and held on to take the win.

Heat 3 grid another field of 39 cars, led off by Jack Deacon (103). It was quick into the action with Dennis Vorkink (211) taking in Adam Rowell (276) to the turn 1 plating, with a number of cars also coming to rest in the fence, including Jordan Sharpe (828) and Lloyd Stark (888); Stark in particular getting battered when Dave Sullivan (22) bundled in a handful of cars to the pile. Carl Sowter (288) then run in Shaun Smith (661) into the Stark Granada, Smith left stranded was then blown up by Ben Smith (433). Shane Fry (831) was then blitzed up the other end in turn 3, whilst Marc Gilbert (57) was then met head on by Callum Roberts (396) who turned it round in turn 2. Steve McGrath (388) your leader as the lap boards were out duly went on to take the win, Dean Jarvis (229) second and Dave Cox (119) third.

Heat 4; Micky Galloway (590) led them off again, at the front of a 30 car field. James Brierley (14) was taken in to the tyres at the drop of the green with Polly Reade (185) for company, Darren Teal (170) – who turned some great pit work to pull out his car for more action – parked himself in the back of Reade’s Volvo. The field bundling in snapped Teal off again, with the majority of the track now blocked; some pushing and shoving a path cleared. In turn 1, Jack Giddings (591) bravely turned it round and went in for a stonking head on with Will Thorpe (132), Giddings snapping off his Mk3 Granada; Jack Filmer (883) then went in on the back end of Thorpe. Chris Malkin (47) then copped a shot off of Filmer in turn 1, blitzing the 47 Volvo. Giddings now left exposed was blitzed by Phil Milner (201); yellow flags now called. Tom Farren (757) led the restart off; a big push at the drop of the green saw Callum White (100) going in on Julian Grant (83) and Taylor Sowter (388) pushing White, running him into to turn 3. Faren pulling clear in the lead, as Phil Smith (549) and Lee White (830) battled behind for second place as the lap boards came out. Lee Macey (78) was caught up with Milner on the exit of turn 2, Grant stormed in on Macey, blitzing the Granada Estate, Sowter then went in on Grant. Licquorice went in on the nose of Milner, blocking the track; White went in on Licquorice. Smith parked it on the back of White, Billy Page (88) went in on Smith and White (100) stormed in on Page. A path cleared those left running forced their way through; Farren took the win, White (830) second and Smith third.

Heat 5 on track, led off by Jack Deacon (103), 28 cars on track including Carl Sewell (467) who did well to repair his already splintered hearse. Sewell not fairing too long after he was picked up by Michael Carter (329) and dumped in the plating at turn 1; Tom Waller (209) then waded in for good measure; Waller backed off and Dennis Vorkink (211) then stormed in, obliterating the hearse. Mark Foster (180) then went in on Vorkink. Matty High (222) and Micky Knight (619) collided in turn 1, Knight left open for a shot off of Waller who stormed in with a solid blitzing, Waller was then offered the same from Foster. Jack Deacon (103) your leader, but came to an abrupt stop after going in with an attack on backmarker Dan Weeks (583) in turn 3; whilst Kieran Fry (321) went in on the nose of Waller; Vorkink collecting Fry in the process. Rickie Beasley (67) then also went in on Fry; before Steve McGrath (388) stormed in on the 321 car too. Red flags called for and the race declared. Callum Gill (757) awarded the win, Deacon recovering for second and Kyle Overy (17) finishing third.

The Final of the night grid with 39 cars, led off by Polly Reade (185). Cars bundled in at the drop of the green, some not making it as far as the green, including Ross Winsor (960) who caught Phil Milner (201) head on, Winsor was then blitzed by Phil Smith (549). Nicky Young (791) was sent in to a spin in the homestraight and met head on by Rickie Finney (455), Lee Clarke (247) then went in on the back of Young just as Julian Grant (83) was taken round in to a spin by Carl Sowter (288), Grant was then in turn battered by the passing pack. Young had been left broadside across the homestraight, he was then attacked across the back by Finney. Marc Gilbert (57) went in on the back of Chris Malkin (47) in to turn 1, as Smith went in on Gilbert, Malkin sent to a spin as Gilbert went to the plating, Taylor Sowter (388) arrive soon after and bundled in on Malkin. Callum White (100) got run in to the fence in turn 3 by Dean Jarvis (229), he was then caught by Reade who went in, Damien Matthews (87) went in the back of Reade. Finney turned it round in turn 3, meeting Nathan Young (790) on the nose with a monstrous head on. Daniel Lathan (326) turned it round also and went in on Phil Milner (201) in turn 3. Jack Deacon (103) your leader at this stage as the lapboards came out. Clarke now turning it round, stormed in on the back of Young (790) as Smith did the same stormed in on Lathan, annihilating the Mk2 Granada. Deacon took the win, Dave Vincent (22) coming home second and Callum Gill (757) in third.

Into the Destruction Derby, a number of cars joining off of the middle. Callum White (100) and Kyle  Overy (17) share a solid head on in turn 3, Ben Smith (433) went in on the back of Overy, Damien Matthews (87) went in on Smith, Taylor Sowter (388) doing the same to Matthews. Kieran Bowman (178) was blown up by Mark Foster (180), whilst Marc Gilbert (57) went in on Overy. Aaron Keoghan (959) and James Brierley (14) collided, allowing Gilbert to storm in on #14 and Dean Jarvis (229) to go in on Gilbert. White went head on with Brett Jackson (551), snapping off Jacksons MK3 Granada, Keoghan went in on Jackson and Jarvis on the back of Keoghan. Dan Weeks (583) then went in on the back of Keoghan, Steve McGrath (388) went in on Weekes, Foster stormed in on McGrath, Sean Rowell (277) on McGrath and Jarvis on Rowell. Sowter then launched in on White. In the back straight, Jarvis floored it and dived in on the back of Phil Smith (549).  Jarvis then went in on the back of Gilbert in turn 3, allowing Smith retribution to offer the same; Sowter also bundling in on the back.  Sowter and Jarvis would then meet head on back in turn 3. Jarvis remarkably still going in his Mk3 Granada, went back after Smith, going in on the back in the backstraight. Jarvis backed off and went back in on Smith a number of times with some minor hits, before backing off a lot further for one big finale, the 229 machine dived in on the back of Smith; 229 last car running declared the winner.


1300 Stock Cars

First up was the whites and yellow grade race; 18 cars on track led off by Polly Reade (285). A crunch in to the first bend catching out the white graders, Wally Walden (276) and Carl Sewell (467) coming off worst; Sewell in particular got battered pillar to post after left broadside across the entrance to the backstraight. A hard charging Martin Taylor (422) bundled in a group in to turn 3 hard whilst, Jack Wilkins (690) was taken in to a spin in the homestraight. Taylor had sloltted himself in to third position and wanting to progress further bundled Ben Airey (428) out wide in to turn 1 to take try to second; Airey getting spun to the infield marker tyres for his troubles. Walden now battling back took around Conor Sheldrake (535) and set about Natasha Wales (444). The lap boards soon out for Reade who had a quick Taylor bearing down on her. Taylor indeed went in with the bumper into turn 1, sending Reade wide to take over the running. Reade now too far back to return the compliment, Taylor taking the win, Reade second and Walden coming home third.

Heat 2 for the 1300 Stock Cars was once again led off by Polly Reade (285), 27 cars on track for this one; the Arena filling with the sound of crunching metal at the drop of the green. Tom Alsop (537) and Paul Aylward (46) ended in a heap in the middle, with Robert Spinks (760) joining them for company. Further back the red graders were making good head way, scything their way through the field using the bumper to good effect, back up front though Ben Airey (428) was your leader, Wally Walden (276) in second. The lap boards now out. Alan Lakey (466) was sent out to the plating backwards in turn 1, as Lauren Overy (317) was fending off the bumper of Paul Sparrow (682), who in turn was under pressure from Jack Lower (142), Jack Wilkins (690) and Lee Pearce (23). Airey taking the win, ahead of Walden in second and Todd Payne (149) third.

Heat 3 was led off by Natasha Wales (444), 28 cars on track. The wet track and lots of pushing caught out most of the grid, ploughing the fence in to turn 1. The waved yellows called for, prompting a complete restart; led off by Wales once again. The bumpers once again going in throughout the order on the restart. Kevin Shinn (400) copping one of the biggest shots, sent to the fence in turn 1 by Robert Spinks (760) and Lee Pearce (23). Banger star Brett Jackson (551) now your leader; whilst Spinks and Paul Aylward (46) came under fire from Jack Lower (142) and Jacob Bromley (303). Alyward in trouble a lap later when he was spun out to the fence. Wally Walden (276) was spun around by Ben Airey (428) in turn 3, as was James Bruce (858) who was collected by the passing field. The lap boards now out as Connor Sheldrake (535) took over the lead from Jackson, Sheldrake went on to take the win, Jackson second and Martin Taylor (422) finishing third.

National Banger Star Brett Jackson (551) led the field off for the feature final, 22 cars on track. The bumpers going in at the drop of the green throughout the order. Robert Spinks (760), John Klyn (61) and Beau Southgate (241) casualties in the early stages. The bumpers continuing to go in, the yellow flag called for. Jackson led off the restart, Natasha Wales (444) behind in second and Martin Taylor (422) in third. Chris Taylor (421) and Lauren Overy (317) were taken around in to spins in the homestraight simultaneously, which caught out most of the second half of the grid; who bundled in. Overy left broadside across the track, prompted the yellow flags. Jackson once again led them off, Taylor (422) in second and Todd Payne (149) in third. The field bunched up mid pack at the drop of the green which caught out Jack Wilkins (690), who was sent into a spin in the homestraight; Jacob Bromley (303) slamming into Wilkins in the process. Jackson in front, Payne just behind in second and Lee Pearce (23) now upto third; a few car lengths behind. Jordan Godfrey (144) was punted out to the fence in turn 1 by Paul Aylward (46) at this point as Jack Lower (142) battled with Kevin Shinn (400) and Bromley; Alyward joining in too for good measure. Payne had now muscled his way past Jackson to take over the lead, but Jackson made sure Payne didn’t get too far away. Shinn and Lower continued to battle hard with Alyward, Shinn was taken around to a spin in turn 3. At the lap boards, Payne and Jackson were still charging fast in first and second; with Pearce coming under fire from Connor Sheldrake (535); with Paul Sparrow (682) not far behind him. In to the last lap and Sparrow moved Sheldrake aside to take fifth. Payne took the win, Jackson second and Pearce in third. 


Juniors Bangers

Heat 1 grid with 21 cars led off by Ryan Knibb (399) in pole, but he quickly dropped back at the green flag. A small pile up developed in turn 3 involving Reece Crane (902), Reece Davis (644), Robbie Dillon (833) and Knibbs. Sam Markham (374) now your leader, but he was coming under attack from  Harvey Latkowski (310) and Maisie Armstrong (68), Markham eventually spun, saw Latkowski take over the running. Further back Blake Platts (450) and Harry Cobb (229) were battling for position whist Harley McCarthy (131) and Lennie Murkin (608) were doing the same. Lawkowski ended up stranded in the fence, letting Armstrong take over the lead, with Finlay Damon (08) following in second, Armstrong holding on to the lead in the closing stages and at the chequered flag, Platts attempted a last bender on Cobb, but to no avail, whilst Joey Holmes (90) had muscled his way by McCarthy for third.

Heat 2 saw another full grid of Juniors take to the track. Harvey Latkowski led them off from pole, the freshly watered track catching a few out with a pile up in turn 1; Jacob Rushton (800) and Maisie Armstrong (68) involved. Lawkowski leads Ryan Knibbs (399) in second and Lee Reynolds (117) in third. Futher back Harley McCarthy (131), Joey Holmes (90) and Lennie Murkin (608) battled for position, McCarthy losing out though with a spin in turn 1, Riley Marsh (701) also caught up. Kaecey Crane (902) and Keaton Ivins (842) clashed with stranded Rushton machine in turn 2. The lap boards soon out, Latkowski your leader, Harvey Webb (622) second and Reynolds third; which is how it finished at the chequered flag, Holmes went in with a last bend attack ford third, but was to no avail and had to settled for fourth.  

The Junior Final drew out another good field of over 20 cars. Harvey Latkowski (310) the first casualty was taken around in to a spin in turn 1. The race quickly settling into a good rhythm, Harvey Webb (622) your leader. Maisie Armstrong (68) was next in trouble, when she was sent in to a spin in turn 3 by Harry Cobb (229), Cobb and Joey Holmes (90) getting caught up in this collected the plating. Cobb needing to retire with damage at this point; Kacey Crane (902) tripping over the Cobb machine in the homestraight in the process. Riley Marsh (701) and Reece Davis (644) also coming together in turn 2. Keaton Ivins (842) had now caught up to Webb and was mounting a challenge for the lead as the lap boards were presented. A struggling Marsh with front end damage, collided with Latkowski, tripping up the 310 machine. Webb took the chequered flag, Ivins crossing the line second and Lennie Murkin (608) third. Webb however was docked two places, Ivins awarded the win. 



Granada/ Volvo Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 (Mk1/Mk2 Granadas) 267 22 757 288 88 590 960 326 632 388
Heat 2 769 419 271 185 790 549 201 83 277 NoF
Heat 3 388 SM 229 119 247 326 51 77 211 267 321
Heat 4 757 830 549 88 388 791 590 NoF
Heat 5 757 CG 103 17 119 288 790 165 NoF
Final 103 22 DV 757 CG 288 632 119 433 388 17 NoF
Destruction Derby 229
1300 Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
W & Y Graders 422 285 276 444 466 42 241 40 690 535
Heat 2 428 276 149 61 285 422 317 682 142 23
Heat 3 535 551 422 241 23 400 444 142 317 537
Final 149 551 23 682 535 303 142 241 537 46
Junior Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 68 08 90 131 608 5 229 450 555 117
Heat 2 310 622 117 90 5 608 450 229 842 199
Final 842 608 622 131 450 5 399 199 117 800
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