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Trackstar Racing | Info | Results | 2018 | Sunday 30 December

Latest Results

  • Monday 1st April

    Monday 1st April

    4X4 Banger: 339 Jack Garrod. Micro Banger: 28 Mac Bell. Siamese Banger Final: 174 Dave Osborn/ 560 Andrew Milner. Reliant Robins: 553 Daniel Douglas. 1300cc Stock Cars: 673 John Moat.

    Updated: 11 Apr 2024 21:11

  • Saturday 30th March

    Saturday 30th March

    Unlimted Bangers: 209 Tom Waller. Saloon Stock Cars: 341 Austen Freestone. Junior Bangers: 08 Taylor Morton

    Updated: 31 Mar 2024 14:59

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    • Saturday 18 May - 5pm
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Latest Points

Sunday 30 December



1300cc Stock Cars - Andy Crayford @ Crayford Media.

Micro Bangers and Junior Bangers - Damien Widdows


Keith Organ


Micro Bangers

Heat 1 field 18 cars; Scott Elden (313) led them off from pole; James Licquorice (51) bunched them up at the start, creating misfortune behind as Aaron Colbert (121) spun out Mark Simpson (136) in to turn 3. Simpson took the opportunity to go for a head on whilst facing the wrong way; Liam Neve (384) the unlucky victim; waved yellows called for at this point. Michael Carter (329) led off the restart with Elden in second place behind and Tony Pallett (566) in third. Jack Giddings (591) followed in Danny Brind (341) in to turn 1; prompting further yellow flags. Carter once again led them off, with Lee White (830) now upto second and Pallett still there for third. White quickly put himself in to the lead as Pallett went in with the bumper on Carter to take second. Callum White (100) had turned his fiesta around in turn 2, and lined up Carter; Lewis Judd (908) steamed in on the back of Carter. James Licquorice (51) went to line up Judd, but quickly pulled on the anchor as the red flags were called; the race declared at this point; White awarded the win, Pallett in second and Ben Green (634) in third.

Heat 2 saw a bigger grid of 28 cars on track; Joe Bull (115) the man in pole position; but he quickly dropped back at the green flag as the pack swamped the front row. Jack Lane  (213) caught a marker tyre in to turn 1, he was run into by team mate Fabien Leathers Ashley (808); BriSCA F1 racer Aaron Cozens (76) went in on the back of Ashley as Cozens team mate Ade Wright (517) went on the nose of Lane; Dan Douglas (553) took round Donny Mann (135) in turn 1. Bull took around Jack Licquorice (511) in turn 3, Dave Morris (295) went in on the back of Bull. Marcus Skeels (321) and Douglas were sent to a spin the homestraight; whilst back in turn 3 Alex Exton (13) went in with a head on with the stranded Licqourice machine; Jon Bailey (247) wasting no opportunity then dived in on the back of Exton; seeking revenge for the attack on his team mate.  Cameron Hubbard (624) was leant in to a marker tyre by Ross Theobald (14) in the homestraight as Theobalds team mate Taylor Sowter (388) turned it round in turn 3; going in on the nose of Callum Taylor (855); Kieran Tweed (323) then took around Billy Page (88) in turn 3. Theobald dumped Taylor in the side of Sowter; which then held up the leader who was next on the scene; Lyndon Stark (88). Page now had turned it round in turn 3 and he lined up Tweed for a head on; before lining up Alistair Oxby (974) soon after for a t-bone. Nathan Sheapley (199) followed in Taylor in to turn 3; as the lap boards were presented to Stark. Stark ticked off the laps and went on to take the chequered flag ahead of Matt Tillow (556) in second and Martin Wesby (837) in third.

Ex World Champion Darren Fendley (673) led off the 25 car field for heat 3. Gary Beecham (579) followed in Jordan Street (552) in to turn 3. Daniel Fisher (16) picked up Daniel Clarke (647) and duly followed him in to turn 1; as Beecham picked up the Gladiator of Dylan Goodman (93) and also followed him in to the plating of turn 1; Reece Crane (904) then steamed in on the back of Beecham. Nick Ashbridge (248) destroyed Oliver Marshall (318) in turn 3 as Jamie Blything (248) was dumped in to the marker tyres on the homestraight. Cal Curtis (669) had turned it round in turn 1, but he was t-boned by Crane. Aaron Challis (664) turned it round for Sam Coote (155), just clipping him but Challis came off worse when he got caught by Clarke. Aaron Mann’s (143) car then expired in a cloud of steam in the homestraight; creating a tremendous smoke screen. Simon Ward (683) attacked Nick Houghton (293) in turn 3, Houghton left ailing, he was attacked by Tom Smith (108); Smith then kept hold of Houghton and followed him in to turn 1; whilst Blything offered the same treatment to Clarke in to turn 3. Fendley took the win, ahead of Jordan Godfrey (144) in second and Ward in third.

Heat 4 lined up with Toby Dean (298) in pole position ahead of 40 cars; naturally with that many cars on track; chaos ensued; a wheel had come loose and prompted the red flags. On the restart Taylor Sowter (388) turned it round and was met head on with Ryan Bartrum (691); whilst Josh Stewart (334) sent Cameron Hubbard (624) spinning down the fence on the homestraight. Liam Stark (887) attacked Alistair Oxby (974) in to turn 1, sending Oxby in to a spin. Ross Theobald (14) was left broadside in the entrance to turn 1 and he was collected by Dave Morris (295) as Alex Exton (13) was attacked by Callum Lacey (412) in the backstraight. Callum White (100) went in on Morris in turn 1; just before Jack Licquorice (511) did the same on the front end of Morris. Andrew Horry (582) clashed with Hubbard in the backstraight, Horry left broadside nose to the fence; he was collected by Billy Page (88) and Daniel Douglas (553). Micky Clarke (147) went head on with the stranded Licquorice machine in turn 3, Jack Giddings (591) annihilating the back of Clarke. A waved yellow caution called for Horry in turn 3. Ben Green (634) led the restart off. Ryan Sutcliffe (664) caught Theobald head on in turn 2, Theobald recovered, but he was set about by Callum Taylor (855) in the homestraight; but Taylor came off worse when the pack bunched around him and he was sent into the dead cars on the outside of turn 1. The laps wound down and Green took the chequered flag; Stark took second and Donny Mann (135) finishing in third.

Liam Neve (384) led off heat 5 with 24 cars on track. Neve’s time up front was short lived when him and James Licquorice (51) ploughed in to the marker tyres in to turn 3. In turn 1 Sam Coote (155) took around Aaron Mann (143), whilst Lee White (830) offered the same to Darren Fendley (673). Daniel Fisher (16) went in on the back of Mann whilst he recovered. Reece Crane (904) went in on the back of Dylan Goodman (93) in turn 3, Crane then got spun out by Coote. In turn 1, Darren Fendley (673) copped a head on from the Gladiators in the form of Cal Curtis (669); Fendley in turn got jacked from behind by Oliver Marshall (318). Marshall then went after Crane in turn 3. Into the final stages and the race settled; Tony Pallett (566) took the win ahead of team mate Lee White (830) in second and Simon Ward (683) in third.

Over 40 cars for the Micro final; Kieron Challis (666) led them off and of course with so many cars on track; absolute chaos followed; with cars going everywhere and a pile up forming in turn 3. The race settled down; James Licquorice (51) had looked to go on opposite in to turn 1, but Team Dicko had other ideas and promptly set about Licquorice from all angles; Callum White (100) offering some help went in on the back of them. White then continued on his way and found his next victim in the form of Donny Mann (135) in the homestraight. Nick Houghton (293) turned it round in turn 1 and got Cameron Hubbard (624) in the side; White and Ryan Suttcliffe (664) joining Houghton; went in on Hubbard. Marcus Skeels (321) took around Jamie O Hanlan (551) in the homestraight as a fire developed under the front of Sutcliffe; the red flags called for. Challis led off the restart, taking the lap boards, with backmarker Lee White (830) behind after he was spun out earlier on; more field ploughed in to the dead car pile up of turn 3. Challis took the chequered flag, ahead of Ben Green (634) who took second and Lyndon Stark (88) in third.

Straight in to the destruction derby and half a dozen cars join in off the middle; lots of hits and shoving and we were down to a handful of cars. Lewis Judd (908) and Josh Smith (547) exchanged a heavy head on in turn 3, Kieron Challis (666) going in on the back of Smith and Simon Ward (683) on the back of Challis. Tom Smith (108), Cameron Hubbard (624) and Ben Randell (165) clashed in a big heap in the back straight. Kieran tweed (323) then caught a t-bone off Randell. Nick Houghton (293) and Randell would then exchange a head on; as Fabien Leathers Ashley (808) and Hubbard did the same. Randell backed off and went in with a stronger head on with Houghton. Randell still going, then went in with a t-bone on Ashley to ensure there was no more movement, Randell declared the last car runner and the winner.



1300cc Stock Cars

Heat 1 took to the track with 28 cars; Jack Perry (101) led them off. Jamie Mitchell (737) was the first casualty with a spin out of turn 3, the field taking avoiding action; Chris Taylor (421) was taken around into a spin by Alan Lakey (466); helped along by Carl Morgan (42), collecting Mitchell. Luke Morphey (121) lunged in on Dan Booth (216) in to turn 3 taking out Carl Rowson (219) in the process. Scott Sparrow (781) went in on Ricky Ivatt (55) in to turn 1, Ivatt being sent round in to a spin and was collected by Jacob Bromley (303) in the process. Anthony Kerr (880) your early leader; whilst further back Morphey was seeing off a challenge from British Champion Paul Ford (388) and Booth. World and European Champion George Morphey (29) retired at this point as Jack Lower (142) muscled his way by Kerr for the lead; but Kerr was being challenged once more by Jason Clow (217). Clow duly bumpered Kerr wide into turn 1. A couple more laps and we were at the lap boards and Clow was right on the tail of Lower. Ford snookered Jeoffrey Bell (92) in to Natasha Wales (444) in turn 1; in to turn 3 and Bell was taken around by Wales, which hampered the charging Lower/ Clow combo as they approached the last lap. Clow went in with the bumper in to turn 1; Clow got the better drive off the turn and pulled in to the lead, Lower wasn’t able to make a last bend lunge connect; Clow took the chequered flag; his first win in the formula. Further behind uncharacteristically of Booth fighting for the minor places, muscled his way by Lakey and Morphey before passing the flag.

Heat 2 returned 24 cars on track, Anthony Kerr (880) led them off. Polly Reade (285) was the first casualty in turn 3; which caught out the field, Scott Sparrow (781) and Natasha Wales (444) running into Reade; whilst further back Paul Ford (388), Dan Booth (216) and Tom Keep (367) were left fighting for the same piece of track; Keep clipping the marker tyres. Sparrow was in further trouble when he was taken round by Ricky Ivatt (55) in turn 3. Carl Rowson (219) was spun out of contention by Carl Morgan (42) in the backstraight. Carl Taylor (102)’s car expired in a cloud of smoke in turn 3, which prompted the red flags due to a small fire under the bonnet. Robert Spinks (760) led off the restart ahead of Connor Sheldrake (535) in second and Jack Lower (142) in third. A charge on the restart saw a train of cars pushing in to turn 3, Barty Keteringham (209) and Ivatt at the front, collecting the fence as a result. Luke Morphey (121) lunged in on Booth in to turn 3, whilst Kerr was leant in to the marker tyres on the homestraight. Booth returned the compliment on Morphey in to turn 3, Todd Payne (149) caught up in the process collected the plating. The last lap board was out for Spinks; as Ivatt retired to the middle. Sheldrake went in with the bumper in the last bend, but Spinks held on to the win; Sheldrake in second and Lower in third.

20 cars grid for the final Barty Keteringham (209) in pole position; the green flag dropped and the bumpers went in; particularly amongst the top drivers trying to break free. Ricky Ivatt (55) took a trip to the fence in turn 1 with Keteringham; as Carl Rowson (219), Chris Taylor (421) and Natasha Wales (444) did the same in turn 3. Jack Lower (142) your leader, Conor Sheldrake (535) in second and Robert Spinks (760) In third. Charlie Morphey (92) was in trouble in the backstraight and was sent sideways down the straight by the bunched pack, helped along by Carl Morgan (42) and Paul Ford (388); the yellow flags called for. Lower led the field off, Sheldrake in second and Spinks in third. The bumpers went back on the green flag, Ivatt and George Morphey (29) coming off worse facing the wrong direction in turn 3. Wales came under attack from the bumper of Rowson in turn 3, as Todd Payne (149) collected a marker tyre in turn 1. Sean Cooper (512) was out of shape down the homestraight courtesy of Ford before Dan Booth (216) sent Jason Clow (217) in to the turn 3 plating to take third. Clow was in further trouble as he dropped back when Taylor came up against him, Clow sent to a spin to the middle. The lap boards now presented to Lower who held a few car lengths lead over Sheldrake in second. Roswon dived in on Sparrow in to turn 3 as the last lap commenced. Lower took the win, a quick charging Booth hot on the tail of Sheldrake; but not close enough to make contact, Sheldrake finishing second and Booth third.



Junior Bangers

The first race up was for the white graders; with 15 cars on track Ben Saunders (317) led them off from pole. Mitchell Banton (183) take Rob Dillon (833) and Saunders to the fence at the start; with the rest of the field ploughing in; getting caught out with the slippery surface. Alfie Tomlinson (888) and Jack Maddox (5) went for a spin in the backstraight courtesy of Banton; Thomas Waters (366) took up the running of the race. 322 went in with an attack on Lee Reynolds (117) in turn 1, but the 322 machine was spun out courtesy of the pack. 322 was in further trouble soon after when Ralph Fitton (168) put the bumper in sending 322 to the turn 3 fence, before Dillon offered the same treatment. The lap boards were soon out for Waters who was holding down a commanding lead; duly went on to take the win in his debut meeting. 

Heat 1 saw a field of 24 cars on track with Josh Mackey (7) leading them off. Callum Self (667) was the first casualty missing the start dropped back. Louie Cottrill (999) collided with Lewis Ivatt (77) in to turn 1; Cottrill bouncing up the Ivatt machine. Carnage followed in the backstraight; cars scattering everywhere: Tom Storr (56), Danny Elbourn (304), Harry Gelsthorpe (555), Lennie Murkin (608) Harvey Wenn (633) and Jacob Rushton (800) all involved. Bradley Green (449) your leader as Mackey took Self into a spin in the homestraight. Ralph Fitton (168) and Howe Reade (352) clashed in to turn 1; the stranded Fitton machine getting run into by Rushton and Mitchell Banton (183). Ivatt then sent Banton to the fence in turn 3. Green was slowed by backmarkers including Elbourn who went in with an attack; Green ending in the stranded cars in turn 1; which Elbourn collects too and is then jacked by Thomas Waters (366). Jack Maddox (5) was clear of second place; Mackey and took the win; before Sam Bennett (340) went into a spin collecting the marker tyres in turn 1.  

Heat 2 and 26 cars were on track; Ben Saunders (317) led them off; the large number of white graders bunched up resulting in 5 of them ending in a pile in turn 3; including; Jack Maddox (5), Sam Bennett (340), Howe Read (352), Bradley Green (449) and  Callum Self (667); whilst Josh Mackey (7) avoided the collision and took the lead; further back Danny Elbourn (304) and Harry Gelsthorpe (555) battle. Lewis Ivatt (77) put the bumper in on Green into turn 1, snookering him into Harry Ayles (452). Green went one further in turn 3, taking Ayles out with a spin, shortly before Saunders offered the same to Harley McCarthy (131). Elbourn took out Aiden Storr (854) in the backstraight. Whilst Reade was left stranded in the entrance to the back straight, he was collected by Ivatt as the lap boards were presented. Mackey holding a clear lead. Ralph Fitton (168) attacked Harry Cobb (229) in to turn 1; Joey Holmes (90) offering the same bumper treatment to Elbourn. Saunders and Jacob Rushton (800) clashed in turn 2; as Mackey planted Rushton the next bend. Mackey taking the win, Lee Reynolds (117) was second; ahead of Cobb in third.

23 cars on track for the Final; Lee Reynolds (117) led the field round on pole. Danny Elbourn (304) went quick on the attack; lunging in on Lennie Murkin (608); whilst Lewis Ivatt (77) was in trouble in turn 1; he was soon swamped by the whites coming round to lap him. Harry Ayles (452) went for a spin in turn 2. Elbourn went in with the bumper on Ralph Fitton (168) in to turn 1, who returned the compliment the next bend. The lap boards were soon out for Harry Cobb (229); who bumpered backmarker Finlay Damon (08) in to turn 1. In to the last bend and there was a real last bend battle ; it was that close you could have covered them all with a blanket; those fighting for a place and with backmarkers it made it entertaining with Murkin, Elbourn, Bradley Green (449) and Mitchell Banton (183) all there; Cobb took the win ahead of the squabble; Banton finished second and Green in third.


Well that's it for 2018 and what a cracking last day of action we had; roll on 2019 at the Unlimited Icebreaker - 20th January!




Micro Teams Points

Team Mates A - 52pts

Team Bash - 51pts

Team Bilge - 42pts

Allsorts A - 39pts

Team Skint - 39pts

Yob Mob A - 25pts

Blacks All Stars - 12pts

Warlords A - 11pts

Team Mates C - 10pts

Team Mates B - 9pts

Bilge Seniors - 8pts

Blue & Black - 8pts

Team Pic and Mix - 7pts

Aftermath A - 6pts

Team Sowter - 5pts

The Jokers - 5pts 

Warlords B - 5pts 

Team Havoc - 4pts

Gladiators - 3pts

Allsorts B - 1pt


Micro Teams Entertainer Points

Aftermath B - 40pts

Team Dicko C - 30pts

Team Sowter - 25pts

Gladiators - 20pts

Yob Mob A - 20pts

Blue & Black - 15pts

Dream Team - 15pts

Team Dicko A - 15pts

Team Dicko B - 15pts

Team Mates C - 15pts

Team No Hope - 15pts

Team TPR - 15pts

Aftermath A - 5pts

Allsorts A - 5pts

Team Bilge - 5pts

Warlords B - 5pts

Micro Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 830 566 634 334 313 412 11 908 591 51
Heat 2 88 LS 556 887 582 199 553 974 551 NoF
Heat 3 673 144 683 666 13 248 NA 324 155 NoF
Heat 4 634 887 135 551 321 14 533 121 NoF
Heat 5 566 830 683 155 666 143 324 318 NoF
Final 666 634 88 LS 683 143 155 830 116 248 321
Destruction Derby 165
1300cc Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 217 142 760 880 535 781 149 216 121 466
Heat 2 760 535 142 217 92 121 216 149 781 367
Final 142 535 216 121 421 388 219 781 149 512
Junior Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Whites 366 117 340 5 833 888 449 168 667 NoF
Heat 1 5 7 90 229 888 77 452 183 449 608
Heat 2 7 117 229 366 5 304 90 77 131 555
Final 229 183 449 90 7 999 317 131 117 800
  • 1300STOCKS Kings Lynn 301218 (13)
  • 1300STOCKS Kings Lynn 301218 (22)
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  • 1300STOCKS Kings Lynn 301218 (26)
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  • 1300STOCKS Kings Lynn 301218 (56)
  • 1300STOCKS Kings Lynn 301218 (59)
  • 1300STOCKS Kings Lynn 301218 (70)
  • 1300STOCKS Kings Lynn 301218 (78)
  • 1300STOCKS Kings Lynn 301218 (84)
  • 1300STOCKS Kings Lynn 301218 (87)
  • 1300STOCKS Kings Lynn 301218 (91)
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