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    Saturday 6th July

    F1 Stock Cars: 1 Tom Harris. Unlimited Bangers: 750 Rhys Parrin. F2 Stock Cars: 136 Kyle Taylor

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    Saturday 22nd June

    2L Bangers: 314 Luke Rawlings. 1300cc Stock Cars: 303 Jacob Bromley. 2L Saloons: 214 Tom Yould

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Saturday 19th April 2014

The Unlimited Bangers East Anglian Championship was staged at the Norfolk Arena, King’s Lynn on the Saturday of Easter weekend, 19 April, with a big field of cars contesting the title. Regular visitor 247 Lee Clarke continued his rich vein of form at the track by becoming the first man to retain the title, with an impressive display. Also on the bill were two Saloon Stock Car formulas, the 2-Litre and 1300cc versions. The former contested their annual 25-and-under Championship of Great Britain, which saw 306 Daniel Parker add another title to his growing collection, before veteran 499 David Aldous dominated the remainder of proceedings. It was a domestic session for the smaller stox, but an excellent turnout saw visiting British Champion 171 Adam O’Dell claim the meeting final.

Unlimited Bangers

A strong showing of 50 Unlimiteds were in the pits, exactly the same number as attended this meeting last year. They included an outpouring of Mk2 Granadas, including super-smart examples from 811 Pete Winter (Estate) and, yet again, 27 Terry King.

Heat one doubled up as the 2013 White & Yellow Grade Series Final, for qualifiers only, and so had slightly less than half the cars. The pole-sitting 182 Ashley Watkinson (Volvo 740) was immediately spun by 8 James Jackson (Scorpio Estate), allowing 514 Charlie Taylor to hit the front. But before long 791 Nicky Young (Omega Estate) and 79 Ricky Twell were setting the pace and circulated at close quarters for much of the race. Young survived a scare when a spinning 660 Paul Lambe (Supra) briefly blocked his path to lead into the last lap, where Twell lunged on bend one. He managed to spin the race leader but delayed himself in the process, allowing third generation driver 733 Kyle Picton to pass both and take the flag. Twell recovered and tried to challenge on the final bend, but couldn’t get close enough and had to settle for second, with 280 Simon Goodale third.

The second heat featured 30 cars and was led away by new Trackstar licensee 222 Matt High. There were plenty of spins and light contact, but not much in the way of big shots, save for 888 Lloyd Stark putting away northern visitor 318 Tony Citro. Mk2-mounted 768 Calvyn Girling soon hit the front and set a blistering pace to motor to victory by some margin from 160 Shayn Winsor and 399 Jonny Atkin.

In a change to the programme, the title race was next up, and being all-in, raised 38 cars, although one of the pre-race favourites, 382 Jack Foster Jr pulled off with a sick sounding engine before the rolling lap. 132 Robert James (Previa) put in 22 Dave Vincent (Mk2) just past the pit gate, while 125 Roy Preece suffered a similar fate. James was then done at the other end by 830 Lee White, who took a hard shot over the rear wheel from Young. Out front, King was leading, with Winsor chasing him down. As the pair battled, a combination of Girling and Clarke managed to spin Winsor, and King tangled with Girling as a result. That allowed Clarke to romp home for yet another title on the King’s Lynn shale. As he took the flag, Damage Inc team-mate 821 Ryan Preston followed in former team member Winter, with Clarke then also piling into the latter in celebration on his run-down lap. Local man 233 Rob Aldridge, returning from a suspension, came home second, with 597 Andy Ashman third. The race entertainer awards went to James, Preston and Aldridge.

Two allcomers races followed. The first raised just over 30 cars and saw King followed in extremely hard on the road bend by Atkin, before High piled in to finish the job by blitzing the former, earning both aggressors entertainer awards. The rest of the race was relatively quiet; Girling again piloted his Mk2 with aplomb to lead much of the way, but the wily Winsor spun him on the final bend to take the win. Girling reversed across the line for second, with Clarke third.

Just 15 returned for the final allcomers race. As Jackson was the only white grader, he raced clear. Winsor was again looking fast and soon worked his way into second, while fellow 1990s superstar Winter was in entertainment mode, spinning all he could. But he was again a target of the modern Damage Inc team; Clarke absolutely thundered him in on turn one, with Winter rolling on impact. As he did he a complete roll and came to rest on his wheels, he was able to exit without difficulty. As for King earlier, top marks for taking the shot in good grace and not making anything of it. Out front, Jackson half spun himself and Winsor moved ahead with four laps to go. He reeled off the remainder with ease, rolling back the years to when he was the man to beat on the Trackstar Banger scene. Vincent came through for second, with 99 Richie Ahern third. Clarke, fourth, of course scooped the race entertainer award to complete a profitable night.

The next outing for the Unlimiteds at the Norfolk Arena is at next month’s Big Reunion (17 May). That looks set to be a thriller.

Saloon Stock Cars

Another excellent turnout of 38 Saloons were in the pits, although Scottish visitor 661 Graeme Shevill failed to make it on track, instead busying himself with repairs from Northampton’s action the day before. No doubt that meeting also accounted for a couple of others from the 40+ booking list.

A pre-meeting race for white & yellow graded drivers featured an 18-strong field. Sixteen just 10 days earlier, and having made his debut at Coventry the previous weekend, 386 Daniel Petters impressed as he not only hit the front immediately but drove a controlled race to win by a clear half-lap from 912 Andi Newman and 214 Tom Yould.

The heats proper were split in a two-thirds format, with the first doubling-up as the 2014 25-and-under Championship of Great Britain. Starting in graded order, but bumper-to-bumper, defending champion 573 Marty Lake immediately spun his hopes away, along with 218 Jacob Downey, as a pile-up formed on bend two. Petters again led but was a spinner on lap two, letting 161 Billy Smith hit the front, from Yould, 149 Jamie Sampson, 698 Danny Colliver, and English Champion 306 Daniel Parker, already in the top five with barely two-and-a-half laps complete. Yould dropped back, replaced by 360 Carl Waterfield in the top five who remained tightly packed and had pulled an advantage over the rest. Sampson nosed inside Smith, with Parker and Waterfield quickly following through. But the lively Smith wouldn’t give up that easily – he took Waterfield in hard, delaying both in the process. The leading pair continued to battle, with Parker making the decisive move around five laps from home, after which he eased clear, to add another title to his collection. Sampson held onto second, with Waterfield beating Smith home in third and fourth.

There was another big pile-up at the start of heat two, with yellows called to assist the visiting 259 Daz Purdy. The restart was led away by 144 Daniel Bullock, but the stars had already made good progress and were lying in places five to eight. 538 Jake Swann briefly hit the front before spinning, as the yellows returned to remove debris from the track. This time 349 Michael Allard led the restart from Bullock and 116 Diggy Smith. The latter soon moved inside to take up the running, followed by 499 David Aldous a lap later. Aldous then managed to pass Smith but was left with no alternative but to administer a tough t-bone on 420 Ivan Street who suddenly appeared in his path on the home straight. Well done to Street for sitting tight and allowing the race to continue. The incident briefly let Smith return to the front but Aldous quickly rectified that. With the four laps to go, the pair caught a gaggle of squabbling backmarkers on bend four. Aldous chose the right spot and managed to punch his way through, but Smith was caught out and turned into the fence, effectively deciding the race. Aldous pulled clear for a comfortable win, with 511 Craig Barnett, making his seasonal debut, coming through for second, 428 Lee Sampson third and a recovered Smith fourth.

Heat three was led initially by 610 Trent Arthurton, but the stars again made rapid progress. Craig Barnett made it into the lead, but with Aldous second, there was an air of inevitability. He duly moved ahead and took the flag from Barnett, whose brother 512 Darren was hooked out of third by 641 Willie Skoyles Jr on the last bend. Aldous was clearly enjoying himself, and full of praise for the racing surface and the formula in general, saying: “Best stock car track in the country, it’s just an awesome place. Everyone’s buzzing. If they leave this alone, they’ve got it spot on. It’s the formula to be in.”

Not quite 30 returned for the all-in final, where Arthurton again set the early pace. There was an early caution for an incident on bend two involving last time’s final winner, 200 Casey Englestone, which eventually cleared itself. A second waved-yellow, came soon after when Jamie Sampson signalled for assistance. At this stage Arthurton remained in front, from Newman, Petters and Waterfield, as double heat winner Aldous was a spinner on the restart, seemingly ending his hopes of a hat trick. But the race wasn’t green for long as 570 Simon Venni rolled on the home straight and surprise visitor 618 Stuart Shevill Jr reversed into his upturned car.

With still only four laps complete in the final, Waterfield now led and pulled clear until the fourth caution was called after Skoyles had taken a heavy fencing from a Lee Sampson/Shevill combination and was left stranded. By now Craig Barnett had moved into second and Aldous had already recovered to third. On the restart, the reigning track champion first hooked out Barnett and then repeated the feat on Waterfield who ended up rolling, bring out the race’s fifth caution. From there, Aldous reeled off the laps to win an epic encounter and complete his hat trick in impressive style. 18 Jamie Clayton survived the carnage to home second, while Barnett completed an excellent day’s work in third.

The results mean Aldous has overhauled erstwhile leader Skoyles in the points standings, with Clayton now third, from Parker and Englestone. The Saloons now have a month off from racing at Lynn, during which time, Parker will defend his English Championship at St Day and Lee Sampson will defend his British Championship at Cowdenbeath. We wish the best of luck to them both.

1300cc Stock Cars

Somehow, the entries keep increasing in the Saloon Stock Car feeder-formula, with an impressive 36 cars in attendance for this domestic meeting, including a number of first-timers and a white graded that numbered 13 cars – a sign of strength for any formula.

A 19-strong white & yellow grade race kicked off proceedings, and with current points leader 340 Wes Freestone still yellow graded for a week or two, he was looking to make hay while the sun shone. With 818 Lewis O’Keefe leading, a caution period was called for when 324 Mark Lathan accidentally t-boned the smartly turned-out spun car of 271 Joe Cook. 960 Ross Winsor moved inside O’Keefe to take the lead, while 377 Dean Whitwell rose to second with three laps to go. He managed to pass Winsor just as Freestone relieved O’Keefe of third with a couple of laps to run, the order remaining unchanged thereafter.

O’Keefe led heat one proper almost from flag to flag to take his second win of the season. Second was initially Lathan before he dropped back, but the star graders were finding life difficult with more than 30 cars on track. World Champion 344 Ross Fisher and British Champion 171 Adam O’Dell had made best progress and were sixth and seventh with a lap to go. On that final lap, Fisher lunged at 241 Beau Southgate but only succeeded into taking himself into the fence and a big roll. Red flags came out with the race called a lap early and 553 Leon Baxter and Freestone completing the top three behind O’Keefe.

Heat two followed a similar pattern, with white graded 273 Kevin McClagish taking a flag-to-flag victory, winning by nearly half a lap from Lathan and Freestone who had a good battle with O’Keefe. “I’m just trying to get used to front-wheel drive,” said ex-Banger driver McClagish, “but I’m getting there.”

McClagish again led the final, as Freestone followed 35 Nathan Tupper in very hard, earning himself a black flag. Lathan again held second for some time before fading, while O’Dell was making rapid progress. He hit the front with two laps to go and survived McClagish’s attempted retaliation which only took himself into the wall. O’Dell held on to take the win from World of Shale Champion 409 Carlos Pears and a recovered McClagish, as the unfortunate 473 Dean Moat blew up yards from the finish line, whilst involved in a monumental scrap amongst the rest of the top six.

O’Dell showed that he is keen to retain his British Championship title, which this year will be staged at the Norfolk Arena in October. He said: “I thought I’d come and have a little play as we’ve got the British at the end of the year – see if I can defend it. It’s about going out there and enjoying it.”

Freestone stretched his lead in the points from 653 Gemma Rainer still further. It now stands at a whopping 77, with 673 John Moat, Pears and 450 Luke Jackson all with 10 of the lady racer. The 1300s return to action in our May Day Bank Holiday meeting, by which time new grades will be in effect and Freestone may find things a little tougher.

Unlimited Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
White & Yellow Final 733 79 280 27 (TK) 513 185 27 (WL) 660 514 182
Heat 2 768 160 399 247 382 22 99 830 597 338
East Anglian Final 247 233 597 160 99 791 821 128 27 (WL) 338
All Comers 1 160 768 247 525 22 99 27 (WL) 597 382 8
All Comers 2 160 22 99 247 768 8 185 382 271 nof
Destruction Derby 132
Merit Awards 27 (TK) 233 601 811
Entertainer Awards 132 233 821 222 399 247 313 318 128
2L Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
White & Yellows 396 912 214 161 538 220 144 192 610 218
25 & Under Champ of GB 306 149 360 161 570 218 538 698 610 131
Heat 2 499 511 428 116 18 618 402 730 573 144
Heat 3 499 511 641 402 349 610 698 618 18 730
Final 499 18 511 349 158 131 730 402 777 192
1300 Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
White & Yellows 377 960 340 818 780 781 241 553 747 308
Heat 1 818 553 340 747 241 171 409 673 47 653
Heat 2 273 324 340 818 171 838 47 409 350 447
Final 171 409 273 673 341 838 47 653 324 177
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