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Trackstar Racing | Info | Results | 2019 | Saturday 28 September

Latest Results

  • Saturday 18th May

    Saturday 18th May

    BriSCA F1: 1 Tom Harris. BriSCA F2: 47 Greg McKenzie

    Updated: 29 May 2024 16:38

  • Monday 6th May

    Monday 6th May

    Micro Banger: 678 Alex Ward. 1600cc Banger: 275 Joel Bond. 2L Banger: 519 Lee Middleton. Unlimited Banger: 382 Jack Foster JNR. Reliant Robins: 553 Daniel Douglas.

    Updated: 11 May 2024 13:52

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Latest Points

Saturday 28 September


Photos: 1- 2 Major Gilbert, 3 - 10 Damien Widdows, 11 - 14 Major Gilbert, 15 - 28 Jim Harrod, 29 - 33 Major Gilbert

Report: Keith Organ


Another Saturday night of racing at the Adrian Flux Arena, where the pits was full and first-rate action on track.

Micro Bangers

The Last chance race for the Micro Bangers saw a field of 42 cars on track; including Tony Fidoe (949) racing his customary Metro; Daniel Gant (173) taking the lead at the drop of the green flag; Callum Anderson (322) piled Danny Everett (617), Kieran Cook (641) and Red Nelson (347) to the plating in turn 1; Shady Gough (99) also there too had Liam Jaggard (557) go in on the back of him; as others from the field piled in too; which continued down in to turn 3, proving a chaotic opening lap. Ashley Steward (75) followed in Ben Lay (175) in to turn 1; Marcus Skeels (321) and Nelson catching them in the process. Adam Storr (851) and Gavin Oakes (78) clashed in to the first bend, whilst more cars piled in to the dead cars littering the turn; Jamie Cox (16) piled in on Storr as he tried to get back going again. Ryan Leeks (11) jacked Lay on the exit of turn 3, which was also becoming congested with dead cars. Jaggard turned it round in the exit of turn 2 and went in on the nose of Olly Scott (339). The lap boards now out Aston Gibbons (495) the leader; Ryan Sutcliffe (664) now turned round in turn 2; went for Cox, which in turn took out Mackenzie Whitehead (331) and Aaron Colbert (121) in the process too. Sutcliffe backing off and then set his sights on Skeels; who also copped a head on. Craig Allen (181) then turned it round and went in on the back of Jack Giddings (591) in turn 2, whilst Sutcliffe copped a head on off of Kean Jeffries (27). Dave Lewis (37) Micra snapped when he took a head on from Giddings. Gibbons took the chequered flag and celebrated by parking himself in the back of Giddings Fiesta, with Allen offering the same to Gibbons as Colbert run in Skeels to the turn 1 plating. Gibbons securing a last chance place with the win, Dan Biston (7) finishing second and Whitehead in third.

The UK Open was led off by Fabian Leathers-Ashley (808) with 40 cars on track; a number of cars spinning out in the first lap push; Callum Gill (757) your leader at the end of the opening lap. Kean Jeffries (27) had Callum Lacey (412) parked in the back of him down the homestraight, which then prompted Dylan Goodman (93) to seek revenge for his team mate and blitzed the back of Lacey. Goodman was then followed in to turn 3, snapping his Fiesta; the yellow flags called for around the circuit. Gill led off the restart, Ben Mynott (352) in second and Brett Jackson (551) third. Jack Lilley (707) spun out Jackson Whitehead (330) in to turn 1, parking the pair against the fence, whilst Ryan Sutcliffe (664) turned it round for a head on with Jon Bailey (247) in turn 1 too, James Licquorice (51) blitzed Sutcliffe. Leathers-Ashley got better acquainted with Jeffries of the Gladiators in the homestraight, Donny Mann (135) went in on the back of Jeffries, with Aston Gibbons (495) attacking Mann. Mynott launched Lilley into turn 3, trying snooker him in to the leader Gill, just catching the World Champion, allowed Mynott to close, leaving Lilley parked in the dead cars in the bend. The top four now all together; Mynott, Gill, Jackson and Lee White (830) just behind. As Phil Milner (201) went on opposite in turn 3 searching out Aaron Colbert (121). Within a space of a lap White had moved by Jackson in to third and then in to turn 1 muscled his way by Gill and Mynott to take the lead in to the backstraight; the lap boards out for White a lap later. Chris Hornbrook (65) stormed in on Jeffries in turn 3, Terry Garrod (338) went in on Hornbrook.  Milner still on opposite went in on Garrod. White took the chequered flag, Gill finishing second and Mynott third. Lacey turned it round in turn 1 for Hornbrook, getting him head on, Licquorice obliging went in on the back of Hornbrook and in turn 1, Jackson (551) turned round and stormed in the back of Milner to round out the UK Open Final.

Allcomers 1after the opening damaging races drew out a field of 18 cars; Craig Allen (181) starting from pole position. A number of spinners at the drop of the green including, Kenny Gray (67), Gavin Oakes (78) and Kieran Cook (641); Adam Storr (851) getting some air time off the Cook spinner, almost rolling over. The field pile in to the spinners down the homestraight. Allen your leader but he was demoted after being punted wide by Jamie Cox (16) in to turn 1 at the start of the second lap. Brad Bartrum (69) went in on Ashley Steward (75) in to turn 1, a wheel came loose prompting for a caution period. Cox led them off on the restart. A few laps later and Allen followed in Cox in to turn 1, Shady Gough (99) took over the lead, but was battling Kris Clifford (199) and Daniel Gant (173) to keep ahead. Clifford followed in Oakes in to turn 1, as Gough pulled clear up front. Cook lunged in on the stranded Oakes KA. Clifford went in with a lunge on Jamie Blything (248) in to turn 1 on the last lap, but unable to shift him, Blything finished second behind Gough, Brendan Kavanagh (399) spun out Clifford on the last bend to snatch third.

Allcomers 2 was led off by Jackson Whitehead (330), 37 cars on track. At the drop of the green Shady Gough (99) took Jack Lilley (707) to the fence in turn 3; the field piled in as the mass of white graders tripped over one another in the homestraight. A lap later and many more of the field piled in to the pile up of turn 3, prompting the yellow flags. Whitehead your leader on the restart with long distance Dutch Visitor Foppe Minnema (48) just behind in second. Cal Curtis (669) turned it round in turn 3 and met Berend Pars (253) head on, Pars was then jacked by Dalton Smith (662) and Kyle Cook (49). Minnema then dived in on the nose of Curtis; Pars backed up and then also went in on Curtis; Liam Jaggard (557) turned round and went in on Pars; Minnema then doing the same going in on Jaggard. Cook was back on the scene and also went in on Pars; James Licquorice (51) then blitzed Cook. Callum Gill (757) made a move with the bumper on leader Whitehead in turn 3, to take over the lead, Lee White (830) tucked in behind followed in to second. Liquorice parked himself in one of the Team Bilge cars in turn 3, Craig Allen (181) went through the back of the 51 machine. Gill spun around a backmarker in turn 1, White with no where to run collected allowing Gill to pull clear. Reece Crane (904) turned it round in turn 3 and went after Jackson Whitehead (330), Allen then went in on the back of Crane. The top three altogether in the last lap, Jamie Blything (248) went in with a last bend assault on the leader, but Gill held on for the win, Blything second and White recovered for third.

Jamie Blything (248) led off Allcomers 3, 26 cars on track. Shaun Smith (661) had been spun around in turn 3, he was then met on the nose by Callum McKee (210); Mckee was blitzed and left stranded in turn 3 with Ben Lay (175) for company, as Shady Gough (99) turned it round in turn 1 and met Blything with a head on; Jack Giddings (591) piled in on the back of Blything. Callum Anderson (332) was next to turn round in turn 3 and went after Ben Green (634) with a big head on. Green got back going and then turned it round too, storming in the back of Anderson. Kean Jeffries (27) and Daniel Gant (173) collided with the stranded Alastair Oxby (974) car in the homestraight, coming to rest on the centre concrete. Foppe Minnema (48) now also on opposite in turn 3, went in on the back of Gough. Minnema, not done on opposite, went in on the back of Anderson. A caution period called for. Brett Jackson (551) led the restart away, Lee White (830) second and Mackenzie Whitehead (331) lined up third. White went in with the bumper on the restart, but this was to no avail and allowed Callum Gill (757) to close in and take second. Into the last bend and Gill couldn’t find a way by Jackson who took the win, Gill second and White shoved Ben Mynott (352) aside to take third.

Into the Destruction Derby and as usual, some retire and some emerge for the last car running event, but the running was short lived, Ashley Steward (75) was caught with a t-bone in the homestraight by Phil Milner (201), sending Steward in to a roll over; naturally prompting a stoppage. Back under the green flag conditions; Ben Green (634) was dumped in to one of the limping Gladiator cars in turn 3 by Adam Storr (851). Storr then went in on the back of Kieran Cook (641) in turn 1; Dalton Smith (662) then lined up Cook for a head on. Storr’s car expiring of it’s own accord, Smith was last car running and declared the winner.


Junior Bangers

Heat 1 grid with 20 cars on track; including Lee Reynolds (117) taking to the track in Micra Limo; celebrating his last meeting in the Juniors with something different to race; Casey Church (920) starting on pole position. Church’s time in front was short lived, going round in to a spin, whilst Reynolds took Reece Davies (644) around in turn 1; the mid pack started to bunch together. Davis and Alfie Nottingham (707) colliding in turn 3. Reynolds your leader, but he was coming under attack from Jack Maddox (5), Maddox going in with the bumper in an attempt to shift the Limo wide, not to no avail. Lennie Murkin (608) though had more success and came through in the closing stages with a late charge, muscling his way by Reynolds to take the over the running and then eventually the win, Reynolds held on for second and Louie Cottrill (999) came through for third.

Heat 2 for the Junior Bangers was led off by Reece Davies (644); ahead of 20 cars on track. Abbie Anscombe (94) went in with the bumper on Luke Holdsworth (585) in to turn 1. Whilst Finlay Damon (08) ripped out the front wheel in the backstraight. The pack bunched together, just avoiding Holdsworth, who had been tripped up just before; Casey Church (920) leads the way. Riley Marsh (701) spun around in turn, Davies with nowhere to go run into him. The yellow flags called for; Church the leader on the restart, Reynolds second and Anscombe third. Church’s time up front was short lived, collecting a parked car on the restart; Reynolds took over the running; Lennie Murkin (608) is challenging for the lead. Joey Holmes (90), Harry Cobb (229) and Bradley Green (449) all trip over one another and collide in turn 3 with parked car. The lap boards now presented as Murkin took over the running, and Louie Cottrill (999) using the bumper on Anscombe in to turn 1 to take third. Murkin crossed the line first, but was docked four places, Reynolds awarded the win, Cottrill third and Jack Maddox (5) third.

Reece Davies (644) led off the 17 car final, Harvey Webb (622), Keaton Ivins (842) and Lennie Murkin (608) the first casualties in turn 3 before reaching the green flag; whilst Lee Reynolds (117) went in with the bumper on Davies to take over the running. Maisie Armstrong (68) and Abbie Anscombe (94) collided on the exit of turn 3, Anscombe coming off worst, slamming the plating and coming to rest. Joey Holmes (90) and Harry Cobb (229) had been quick to make an impression on the leaders and joined Jack Maddox (5) and Bradley Green (449) in a battle for second; as they closed in on Reynolds. Into turn 1, Holmes muscled his way by the leading Micra Limo of Reynolds, Cobb and Green not far behind. The lap boards out a lap later as Alfie Nottingham (707) was left stranded in the backstraight; the drivers managing to avoid however. Holmes get ahead to take the win, Cobb second and Green in third; with Reynolds in the Limo holding on to fourth in his last ever Juniors race.


Lady Bangers

Heat 1 for the Lady Bangers attracted a field of 12 cars. Kayleigh Sanders (626), in her immaculate Mk2 Granada limo and her first time on shale, was flying and setting the early pace, using the car to good effect too, piling in on Mikaela Teal (850) in turn 3; whilst creating a pile up. Bekah Everett (627) was now your leader. Caroline Garner (74) tried to take in Shannon Hooper (348) in turn 1. Helen Linsdell (127) attacked Danielle Ellis (3) in turn 1; Linsdell involved once again running in Teal in to turn 3. Laura Quadling (419) now your leader; whilst further back Chantelle Ruff (273) run in Hooper in to the turn 1 fence; Linsdell joining in. Garner went in on Hooper, with Ruff going in too for good measure.  Quadling taking the win, Garner finishing second and Sanders third.

Heat 2; all the ladies back out for more action. Bekah Everett (627) led the field away; Mikaela Teal (850) was run in to a marker tyre in turn 1 by Charlotte Ward (10). Tracy Ward (543) was left broadside across the bend in turn 3; Everett waded in. Everett was then left stuck in turn 1 and this time was on the receiving end as Chantelle Ruff (273) went in. Helen Linsdell (127) spun out Shannon Hooper (348) in the first bend. Everett without any forward motion decide to use reverse instead and tried to back out in front of the field, Ward (543) obliged and piled in, as did Hooper too. Laura Quadling (419) made it two from two and took the win, Charlotte Whittaker (67) finishing second and Ward (10) in third.

The Final was led off by Danielle Ellis (3); with 12 cars on track. Helen Linsdell (127) smashed in to the fence exiting turn 3 and was run in to by Bekah Everett (627), who was in turn collected by Charlotte Whittaker (67). Shannon Holder (348) giving Linsdell a battering, running in the back of her as she tried to rejoin the action; Kayleigh Sanders (626) not wanting to be left out, run in on the back of Linsdell too. Linsdell copping another shot off Chantelle Ruff (273) this time and then Holder once more. Sanders, Mikaele Teal (850) and Everett ended in a heap in turn 1, but up front Ellis was your leader as the lap boards were presented.



The Junior Stoxkarts were up first, and most were struggling to get upto speed in the slippy conditions. Most drivers were out of position before the green flag as they struggled following the deluge before the meeting, the race itself filled with mostly spins. The result not declared due to the number of drivers out of position at the start.

The Senior Stoxkarts took to the track next with 30 Karts on track and much like the Juniors, struggling early doors. The race settling down and a racing line appearing in to the second half, Alastair Needham (16), Bradley Cooper (468), Blue Whittaker (199) and Marc Lawson (816) all enjoying a good battle. Joe Higgins (229) also attacking Kelvin Limb (257 in to the closing stages. Alex Butcher (21) kept his cool and picked his way through to the take the win. 

Heat 2 for the Junior Stoxkarts was a much better race, as the youngsters managed to get some good speed up. Aidan Grindey (355) had a strong race but couldn’t manage to get up close to the leader and eventual winner Brad Lawson (816) who took the win ahead of a hard charging Chester Love (260) who finished second.

The Seniors returned 30 Karts for heat 2; on a much drier track. Max Cawthorn (556) was an early spinner, as a big pile up developed in turn 3 which prompted a waved yellow period. Alastair Needham (16) led them off; bumpers went in through out the order as the Karts put on a great race. Quickly in to the lap boards; Matthew Lloyd (8) was your leader; whilst behind him Alex Butcher (21), Danny Nunn (01) and Andrew Duddy (4) bunched up and battled for position, closing in to challenge for the lead as the laps ticked off. Lloyd though, managed to stay ahead and survived for the win; Butcher second and Duddy went in on Nunn with the bumper the last bend to take third. 

The Juniors final was another great race that saw the bumpers exchanged throughout the order, a couple of yellow flags broke up the first half of the race. Jack Atkinson (359) and Callum Johnson (25) enjoyed a tussle for the lead following one of those yellow flags as the bumpers were used to full effect once more, particularly from Chester Love (260) who moved Johnson aside to take second. Further back there was a tremendous battle for the lower places involving a big group of drivers including; Finn Robinson (2), Oliver Wadsworth (319), Josh Johnson (22), Brad Lawson (816), Conner Benstead (59) and Freddie Holden (38). Back up front the leader Atkinson got the exit of turn 4 wrong and went round into a spin on his own, but this tripped up Love and Johnson who had nowhere to go. Thomas Andrew (345) then took over the lead; with Mason Wadsworth (19) in second and Aidan Grindey (355) now third. Wadsworth went in with the bumper on Andrew in turn 3, just as the yellow flags were put out once more for the stranded Johnson car. Andrew led the restart, Wadsworth second and Grindey third; a big push from the Juniors in the first bend at the green saw Tom Bennett (413), Atkinson and Robinson parked up in the turn 1 fence. Grindey moved into second in the commotion and in to turn 3 muscled his way by Andrew to take over the lead, the lap boards now presented. The Wadsworths, Love and Benstead now battled further back for the lower places. Lawson went in with a last bend lunge on Andrew in second, but the 345 Kart held on for second behind Grindey and Lawson settling for third.

The Seniors final was led off by Reece Lawson (818), 30 Karts on track. Chris Butcher (27) the first retirement. Alastair Needham (16) your early leader. Danny Nunn (1) was charging hard making use of the bumper further down the order. Yellow flags called for a Kart stranded in the backstraight. Needham led them off, Dave Grindey (355) in second; the field bunched up for the green and large number of Karts fought for the same piece of track, Max Cawthorn (556) came off worst, sent to a spin in to the first turn, he was then in turn collected by Steven Roberts (610) and one other, Adrian Roche (73) and Graham Wheat (35) having to take avoiding action collided against the fence; the trio still parked in the middle of the turn, the yellow flags called for. Needham once again the leader on the restart was quickly overhauled by Andrew Duddy (4) but he was in turn being pushed by the train of Karts lined up behind him; Duddy survived to hold the lead, Matthew Lloyd (8) now second and Carl Nunn (295) now third. A lap later and Lloyd now challenged for the lead, bumpering Duddy wide in turn 3; but upon exit of the bend Lloyd and Duddy hooked up and Lloyd ended up broadside with the number 4 in the side of him, Duddy was then run into by Alex Butcher (21). Needham went in with the bumper on Brad Cooper (468), spinning Cooper in the process, the pair went to the fence in turn 3. Nunn (1) the leader entering the lap boards, but he was soon overhauled by Nunn (295) out of turn 4; #295 taking the win, ahead of #1 and Kelvin Limb (257) coming home third.



Micro Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Last Chance 495 7 331 11 517 321 121 27 NoF
UK Open 830 757 352 551 178 69 248 338 323 331
Allcomers 1 99 248 399 591 199 181 36 75 175 NoF
Allcomes 2 757 248 830 662 7 11 634 331 78 NoF
Allcomers 3 551 757 830 331 352 77 178 11 662 634
Destruction Derby 662
Lady Unlimited Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 419 74 626 67 3 273 348 NoF
Heat 2 419 67 10 127 3 100 626 348 NoF
Final 3 273 10 74 67 626 348 850 NoF
Junior Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 608 117 999 842 68 5 399 555 131 94
Heat 2 117 999 5 842 608 94 131 90 622 555
Final 90 229 449 117 5 555 842 622 68 585
Junior Stoxkarts 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 *N/A
Heat 2 816 260 355 413 345 44 369 22 169 59
Final 355 345 816 260 319 44 19 59 369 22
Stoxkarts 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 21 468 199 816 16 1 380 229 265 257
Heat 2 8 21 4 1 750 16 265 35 468 357
Final 265 1 257 380 816 304 355 810 229 750

* Junior Stoxkarts Heat 1 result not declared, all drivers awarded average points. 

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