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Saturday 23rd April 2016

Report: Mark Paulson

Pictures: Alex Catley & Damien Widdows 


Ely-based teenager 217 Sid Madgwick claimed the Two-Litre Saloon Stock Car English Championship in thrilling style at the Adrian Flux Arena, King’s Lynn, on Saturday night (23 April) with a last bend move that saw him rise from third to first within sight of the flag. Also in action were the Unlimited Bangers, contesting their East Anglian Championship, where local driver 757 Callum Gill was victorious. 

Two-Litre Saloon Stock Cars

The first major title of 2016 raised another excellent showing of 50 cars, all the more impressive considering – disappointingly – it contained not a single driver who could genuinely be termed a visitor. 158 Shane Davies was perhaps the closest to that category, since the Kent driver currently focuses on tarmac racing. Nonetheless, there were some interesting names in the entry, including 1997 champion 116 Diggy Smith, another driver making a return in the shape of 190 John Wagstaff – racing the ex-Jamie Clayton car – and a first time on shale since graduating from a very successful career in 1300cc Stock Cars for 30 Thomas Howard. 23 Lee Pearce also made a similar journey to Davies from the south-east for only his second appearance of the season, this time at the wheel of the Banwell hire car. 

The big field each drove in two of three qualifying heats to decide the first 30 places on the grid, although ultimately only 28 drivers managed a top-15 finish required to score points on the night, with eight (upped to 10) set to join them from the consolation.

Heat one was led from start to finish by 327 Clayton Mallett, surviving a half spin in backmarking traffic along the way. 998 Wayne Cottrill Jr, make his first appearance of the season with an eye-catching matt black livery on his new car, overcame 420 Ivan Street in a good battle for second and was closing in on the race leader before running out of laps. 158 Shane Davies completed the top three, just ahead of a good battle between local drivers 641 Willie Skoyles Jr and 428 Lee Sampson that came to a head on the final lap. Sampson dived inside Skoyles, only to be dumped into a parked car on the final bend by the #641, allowing 570 Simon Venni to nip inside both.

Heat two was also led by white tops all the way. This time it was 888 Shane Emerson who charged to his first win of the season after 270 Matt Fuller had a short spell in front early on. Fuller remained in second until half distance when 389 Ryan Santry pushed his way past, with 537 Tom Alsop following through. Fuller quickly removed Alsop but was then demoted by 525 Wes Starmer, 730 Deane Mayes and 6 Simon Welton. When Santry retired from second, Starmer took the position but Mayes and Welton were closing in. Emerson survive a trip round the plating in the closing laps to take the win, while Mayes was delayed by 26 Tommy Barnes. That allowed Welton to make a successful challenge on Starmer for second on the final bend, Starmer holding onto third from 128 Craig Banwell and Venni.

Emerson spun away his chance of another good result in heat three but it was to be another successful race for Mallett. 23 Lee Pearce relieved him of the lead, before Ivan Street dived inside the pair of them, but Mallett quickly fought back through and Street was spun by Pearce. Further back, Welton and Sampson were among the fancied runners to suffer spins. The leading pair of Mallett and Pearce were having their own trouble with backmarkers. They survived a tangle but it allowed 218 Jacob Downey to get on terms with them and he moved into second behind Mallett. The front two stayed the same thereafter but Pearce hit trouble with a smoking engine, allowing 84 Carl Boswell to take third, with former champion 306 Daniel Parker and Skoyles completing the top five.

Just 14 cars returned for the consolation, and that only after Diggy Smith was afforded some extra time to fix an engine issue. The repairs did not work and he quickly pulled off into retirement when the green flag flew. While most of the fancied runners had already secured their places on the English Championship grid, 499 David Aldous – whose only missing major title is the English – had not. 591 Aaron Morris was the other red top in the consolation which also featured early-season surprise package 389 Ryan Santry. Matt Fuller led the early stages until spun by 192 Robert Heanes, but Santry soon moved ahead. When Heanes and Alsop half spun, they were collected by Aldous who was deflected into a marker tyre, losing a lot of time in the process. He charged back through, however, to follow Santry and Morris – who was smoking heavily – across the line.

Two wins out of two left Mallett on pole position for the big race. No other driver had scored two good results, so heat two winner Emerson would start alongside, with Welton looking a good bet for success on the inside of row two, alongside Street. Row three featured Cottrill and Venni on a grid that was missing two qualifiers, Pearce and 628 Richard Smith.

After two rolling laps, Welton dived into the lead, but Emerson briefly moved ahead at the end of the first lap. Mallett’s chances ended when he spun on the home straight, with Daniel Parker also rotating. His father, defending champion 304 Martyn Parker fared no better when he was turned hard into the fence on bend two, along with Banwell and 682 Paul Sparrow. The remnants of their accident led to a big pile-up with yellow flags being required to clear up the wreckage and allow Mayes to receive some attention. Boswell was left with some alarming damage to the passenger side of his car, while Skoyles and Santry would also not take the restart.

Venni had moved ahead when the caution was called so led away the field from Welton, Emerson, Davies, 349 Michael Allard and Sampson. Davies quickly removed Emerson as the two Simons began to pull away, with Welton pushing Venni hard. He moved inside to take the lead, but Venni quickly fought back to take up the running once more, as Davies and Morris battled for third. Venni began to establish a lead until he was delayed by backmarkers and Welton once again pounced to move ahead. But again, it was not for long as Venni swiftly moved back in front. A big rollover for Emerson on the second bend then brought out red flags with still 11 laps remaining. The leading pair had a couple of backmarkers’ cushion back to Morris in third, with Davies, Allard and 217 Sid Madgwick completing the top six. Again Venni pulled clear and again he lost his advantage when 124 Ollie Skeels called for more yellow flags, by which time Morris had been spun by Davies, and Madgwick had taken advantage to move into third.

Once restarted, green flag conditions did not last long, as Martyn Parker spun, causing a melee that also caught out his son and Aldous. With Daniel Parker facing the traffic on the exit of bend four, yellow flags were required again, with the order at the front unchanged – Venni leading from Welton, Madgwick and Davies.

On the resumption, Welton put the bumper in and nosed inside to take the lead, while the lapped 360 Carl Waterfield joined in the battle amongst the leaders. Venni had briefly slipped to fourth but his pace was not in question and he quickly fought back into the lead, before dropping behind Welton once again. For the remaining few laps, it looked as though Venni was biding his time, content to sit behind the World Champion and set up a last bend lunge. It seemed to be going to plan, but he had reckoned without Madgwick who was rapidly closing the gap the leaders had rebuilt. Going into the final bend, Venni’s bumper went in on Welton, and Madgwick clattered into Venni in turn. The two Simons ran wide and Madgwick was able to squeeze inside and charge to the line, clinching his first major title in the process. Venni beat Welton to the flag for second, with Davies, 220 Casey Englestone and Allard completing the top six in typically spectacular race with an even more spectacular finish.


Unlimited Bangers

There were 69 Unlimited Bangers in action, allowing for a full-format meeting, with the first heat doubling up as the White & Yellow Grade Series Final. 791 Nicky Young dominated from the second row of the grid, with 222 Matty High following him home, a long way clear of third placed 280 Simon Goodale. A lively performance from 71 James Unwin included putting 512 Sean Cooper into the plating and getting involved in a wrecking train on the road bend, earning himself the race entertainer award. 

Team-mates 883 Jack Filmer and 388 Taylor Sowter were on the end of some big hits near the pit gate in heat two, initially courtesy of 390 David Gibson. Red flags were required when 768 Danny McSweeney rolled after being turned into a marker tyre, with 90 Adrian Harbord leading at the time from 887 Robert Browning and 548 Alex Utting. After the restart Harboard got caught up, allowing Browning through but 22 Dave Vincent took advantage of backmarkers to move ahead and take the win from 209 Tom Waller and Browning.

The Filmers were well involved in the action in the consolation. 883 Jack was followed in by 266 Callum Hall, while revenge came later on with a similar move by brother 884 Tom, earning himself a race entertainer award. Another went to 811 Pete Winter who led some of the way but ended the race with no steering after being turned into the fence by 960 Ross Winsor. He carried on driving around the plating though, dragging his car home in tenth as local lad 757 Callum Gill took the flag from fellow Lynn man 673 Darren Fendley and 88 Lyndon Stark.

All available cars were permitted to contest the East Anglian Championship final, with non-qualifiers having to start at the back. A big pile-up on the road bend saw lots of big hits going in, before red flags were required to retrieve a loose wheel. Browning led from 11 Ryan Leeks and Gill before another stoppage, this time for Unwin. By this time, Gill had moved ahead and he duly pulled well clear to take a comfortable win from 338 Terry Garrod and 233 Rob Aldridge. Entertainers awards went to Jack Filmer and 831 Shane Fry for their parts in the road bend action.

Only 16 cars returned for the allcomers race which was led most of the way be 174 Curtis Rathbone, before Gill came through to complete his hat trick from 455 Ricki Finney and Garrod. Action was provided by 247 Lee ‘Bro’ Clarke blitzing Hall, with 439 Danny Sutton then also piling into the back of 266 ‘Oddjob’. Upon the race’s completion, the action continued with a destruction derby, won by 273 Kevin McClagish at the wheel of team-mate 372 Barry Overland’s Ssangyong.


2L Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th
Heat 1 327 998 158 420 570 641 428 304 448 23 349 30 217 128 124
Heat 2 888 6 525 128 570 538 306 912 217 730 304 628 218 124 360
Heat 3 327 218 84 306 641 420 349 158 6 912 998 428 730 131 321
Consolation 389 591 499 537 682 858 350 800 220 192
English Championship 217 570 6 158 220 349 682 360 499 128
Unlimited Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th
Heat 1 (WY Final) 791 222 280 831 11 27 155 790 230 888 601 8
Heat 2 22 209 887 247 455 548 821 233 95 318 830 32
Consolation 757 673 88 128 338 623 313 174 439 811 960 884
East Anglian Final 757 338 623 233 128 439 313 209 11 790
All Comers 757 455 338 155 247 439 nof
Destruction Derby 273
Merit Awards 791 222 412 601 790 186
Entertainer Awards 71 884 811 132 831 883 247 266 370 256
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