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Trackstar Racing | Info | Results | 2014 | Saturday 17th May 2014

Latest Results

  • Saturday 8th June

    Saturday 8th June

    Micro Banger: 949 Tony Fidoe. 1600cc Banger: 419 Laura Quadling. 2L Banger: 69 Brad Bartram . Junior Bangers: 609 Levi Murkin.

    Updated: 12 Jun 2024 19:40

  • Monday 27th May

    Monday 27th May

    Big Van Banger: 288 Chris Ford. Micro Banger: 869 Jamie Steele. Lady Unlimited Banger: 100 Emma Mullins. Junior Banger: 609 Levi Murkin

    Updated: 05 Jun 2024 21:15

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Latest Points

  • Banger Entertainer

    Banger Entertainer

    # 51 James Licquorice leads the 2024 National Banger Entertainer League Championship

  • Banger (White & Yellow)

    Banger (White & Yellow)

    #51 James Licquorice leads the way in the 2024 National Banger White & Yellow Championship

  • Banger National Points

    Banger National Points

    #69 Brad Barteam leads the way in the 2024 National Banger National Points Championship

  • Junior Bangers White and Yellow

    Junior Bangers White and Yellow

    #41 Archie Horwood leads the way in the Junior Banger White & Yellow Points.

  • Junior Bangers

    Junior Bangers

    #609 Levi Murkin leads the way in the 2024 Junior Banger National Points Championship

Saturday 17th May 2014

Report by Mark Paulson
Pics by Darren Garwell

A superb field of 73 pre-1985 Unlimited Bangers put on a fantastic night of action at the Norfolk Arena, King’s Lynn on Saturday night, 17 May, in the Big Reunion. Amongst them were around 15 Mk2 Granadas (including one hearse) and a whole host of other impressive motors, as listed below.

8 James Jackson – Mercedes W123 limousine
11 Ryan Leeks – Austin FX4
22 Dave Vincent – Toyota Crown
27 Will Longford – 1956 Daimler Conquest
57 Gary Beecham – Jaguar XJS
128 Andy Shipp – Datsun 280ZX
133 Karly Day – Mercedes 280SE
160 Shayn Winsor – Jaguar XJS
174 Curtis Rathbone – Volvo 740 hearse
177 Dwayne Street – Mercedes 420
210 Steve Haywood – Rover P5 (used)
220 Thomas Pavitt – Rover P5 (used)
272 Garry Murrell – Chevrolet Caprice
280 Simon Goodale – Rover P5 (used)
399 Jonny Atkin – Mercedes W114 Coupe
433 Ben Smith – Toyota Crown (used)
557 Paul Bowen – Rover SD1
579 Clive Beecham – Jaguar XJS
597 Andy Ashman – Ford Granada Mk2 hearse
768 Danny McSweeney – Ford Granada Mk2 limousine
791 Nicky Young – Daimler DS420 hearse
851 Adam Storr – Ford Granada Mk3 limousine (used)

The field was split into three for the heats, the first open to pre-1978 cars, the second to Mk2 Granadas and Volvo 240s, and third to all other cars. With a couple not ready, heat one raised 14 cars, although 272 Garry Murrell pulled off before the start. The matching Boston Warlords-liveried XJSs of 57 Gary Beecham and his father 579 Clive were a sight to behold on the front row, and duly led the field away before Beecham Jr spun. 280 Simon Goodale spun 557 Paul Bowen, as 160 Shayn Winsor showed impressive pace in his XJS to hit the front. 133 Karly Day put 220 Thomas Pavitt hard into a marker tyre, as Winsor waltzed to the win by more than half a lap from 920 James Medley (series 1 Jaguar XJ) and Bowen.

A mightily impressive field of 26 Mk2 Granadas and 240 Volvos took to the track for heat two although a fire under 89 Joe Barratt’s Vole ruled him out before the start. 812 Lewis Winter (240), the 18-year-old son of former World Champion 811 Pete Winter (240), didn’t last long on his debut, ploughing into the fence before he’d even passed the starter, and being blitzed by 266 Callum Hall (Vole). Out front, 888 Shaun Stark, in his super-smart Mk2, set the pace and led almost throughout, celebrating with a cartwheel! There was more action further back though as 313 John Cullingford (Mk2) coasted into the vacated 812-car and was then blasted by 79 Ricky Twell (240). 119 Davey Cox (240) spun out of second on the final lap, allowing 99 Richie Ahern (Mk2) to take the position, with 326 Paul Picton (Mk2) third as Grannies filled the first four places.

That left 29 starters for heat three, including Murrell and a couple of others who had missed their first opportunities to race. The main action of the race was a superb wrecking train on bend four: 411 Daniel Pegg (series 2 Jaguar XJ) was blown up by 779 Luke Allen (Volvo 940), before 196 Ben Harrison (Jaguar XJ6) and 111 Jeff Street (Volvo 740) piled in. Street backed off, allowing 210 Steve Haywood to blast Harrison, followed by 726 Kalin Dawe (series 3 Jaguar XJ), Murrell and 513 Sean Harvey (Volvo 740). The race seemed almost incidental, but was won by 377 Zak Street, from 328 Daniel Lathan (used Granada) and 830 Lee White (used Granada).

More than 20 cars returned for the consolation which was another action-packed affair, featuring an even bigger wrecking train in the same location. The early action mainly featured the Shunters, with 512 Lewis Harvey spinning on the back straight and getting blasted from side to side by the pack, before 514 Charlie Taylor spun and was done by Hall. That led to the train, with 256 Mark Ginders (Volvo 940, also in the revived Boston Warlords colours) and 19 Joe Mullarkey (Volvo 740) first piling in. Ginders escaped and returned to blast Mullarkey, with Barratt, Young, Harrison, 43 Nicky Bishop (Vole), Taylor, Hall, Ginders again(!) and Atkin joining in. Atkin’s Mercedes coupe was left well-snapped but not as much as 433 Ben Smith’s Crown, which was done head-on by McSweeney. The action had left Taylor’s motor well folded up and so the red and chequered flags came out together to allow him a safe exit. 97 Dave Allen (XJ) was in front at the time, winning from 398 Julian Watson (Mk2) and 516 Carl Gould in his Spedeworth World Final Mk2.

The qualifiers-only (including race entertainers) final raised 22 cars, after 560 Steve Barker had pulled off before the start. Ahern was spun by the pack and copped some front-end damage as Paul Picton led the early stages. Jeff Street was turned into the fence from second, allowing Lathan, 148 Ian Redden (Mk2), 321 Andrew Newton (Mk2) and Winsor through. Lathan and Redden moved in front, with the latter then taking the lead and racing to the win in his glorious sideways style, before hinting at his target for the year. “I want the World of Shale,” he said, his enjoyment of the race clearly evident: “The drivers love it round here.” Lathan and Winsor completed the top three, with White, Dave Allen and 185 Polly Reade (240) rounding out the top six. Further back, Jeff Street delivered a big jacking to Pavitt, before being blasted himself by Luke Allen.

Another field of over 20 returned for the allcomers race. Bowen began the action by blasting Cullingford, who had done well to repair and would do so again to return for the DD. ‘Paranoid’ then joined 10 Jono Glenn and Barker in a train on bend two, completed by Lathan who managed to back off and continue. 733 Kyle Picton (Mk2) had hit the front and had a healthy lead from Redden and Winsor. Redden spun out the backmarking 601 Chris Medler (240) and Read as he attempted to hunt the leader down. Picton was delayed by backmarkers himself, which brought what had appeared to be an insurmountable gap down to something which gave ‘Shorty’ a sniff of victory. He managed to make contact on the final bend, but didn’t quite have enough to spin the leader and so Picton held on to win from Redden, Winsor and Stark.

Considering the heavy action already, an impressive 12 returned for the DD and there was no messing about as all got stuck in straight away, leaving Pete Winter and Murrell to settle it.

Supporting the main event were Lady Bangers and Junior Bangers. The ladies raised 19 cars and the juniors 21. Both had a lower grade race to kick things off, before moving into standard-format meetings.

Lady Bangers

The white, yellow and blue grade ladies struggled a little on a well-watered track, with 17 Kelly Smith leading until tangling with backmarkers. That allowed 988 Holly Atter to take the win from 818 Tiff Collins, with Smith third.

A pile-up amongst the red graders in heat one saw 419 Laura Quadling go into the fence hard and 319 Jodie Grief an early retirement. Atter was a spinner this time, allowing 67 Charlotte Whittaker, in her first outing of the season, to build a big lead and race to the win. 74 Caroline Garner removed Smith from second, which the former then held until new British Champion 369 Jane Allard squeezed inside on the final lap.

Heat two was stopped after 611 Carly Spiers went heavily into the fence. Neither Garner nor Allard made the restart, which was dominated by Whittaker after she spun Collins from the lead. However, she was deemed to have jumped the start and docked from her win to third. That handed the win to 897 Abbie Smith who had just held off the fast closing-in 477 Amy Brown.

Atter, Whittaker and 79 Stacey Lightfoot dominated the final until Whittaker dropped back in the closing stages. So Atter took the win, in what she then said would be her last ever race, from Lightfoot second and 4 Steph Street third.

Junior Bangers

The latter stages of the meeting were dominated by 212 Jack Maryon. After coming fourth in the white & yellow grade race, he was third in the first heat proper and then roared to a heat and final double. 246 James Butts had won the opener by a long way, while 660 Daniel Lambe followed up third in the W&Y race with his first win in heat one proper which saw a complete restart when 324 Amy Lathan went very hard into an infield marker tyre.

Maryon had to work for his win in heat two, after 69 Brad Bartrum had used the backmarking 33 Brad Rouse to help push past the 212-machine, into the lead. But Maryon came back when Bartrum turned himself around and then dropped back further. 834 Ben Green, the winter and early-season sensation, did well to work his way through to second in his first meeting in the blue grade.

The final saw visitor 340 Will Brazier build a big lead until he was spun by the backmarking 32 Callum Henderson with three laps to go. Brazier managed to rejoin still in the lead but was then caught and spun by Maryon who went on to win from 1 Liam Gibson and points leader 364 Bradley Lee after 78 Kieran Bowman spun from second on the final lap.





Unlimited Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 160 920 557 128 27 280 791 nof
Heat 2 888 99 326 148 321 439 269 268 185 960
Heat 3 377 328 830 111 nof
Consolation 97 398 516 220 390 nof
Big Reunion Final 148 328 160 830 97 185 439 888 920 nof
All Comers 733 148 160 888 271 328 439 601 222 nof
Destruction Derby 174 328 Joint Win
Merit Awards 27 399 133 220 557 128 160 920 7991 280
Merit Awards 57 579 272 597 960 888 811 812 514 174
Merit Awards 222 313 439 726
Entertainers 79 111 196 (BH) 779 210 726 272 513 399 196 (BH)
Entertainers 433 89 43 512 791 266 514 256 111 779
Entertainers 328 557 272 811 313
Lady Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
White Yellow & Blue 988 818 17 897 419 79 661 611 147 70
Heat 1 67 369 74 897 762 79 4 85 988 17
Heat 2 897 477 67 419 4 79 147 661 529 988
Final 988 79 4 369 67 661 74 147 529 85
Junior Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
White & Yellows 246 78 660 212 324 952 nof
Heat 1 660 246 212 834 334 364 93 33 715 nof
Heat 2 212 834 32 385 78 93 1 715 nof
Final 212 1 364 69 33 834 78 340 93 32
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