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Trackstar Racing | Info | Results | 2015 | Saturday 18 Sept 2015

Latest Results

  • Saturday 18th May

    Saturday 18th May

    BriSCA F1: 1 Tom Harris. BriSCA F2: 47 Greg McKenzie

    Updated: 29 May 2024 16:38

  • Monday 6th May

    Monday 6th May

    Micro Banger: 678 Alex Ward. 1600cc Banger: 275 Joel Bond. 2L Banger: 519 Lee Middleton. Unlimited Banger: 382 Jack Foster JNR. Reliant Robins: 553 Daniel Douglas.

    Updated: 11 May 2024 13:52

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Latest Points

Friday 18 Sept 2015

Report: Mark Paulson

Pics: Colin Casserley


BriSCA Formula One World Final weekend at the Adrian Flux Arena began with the traditional meeting for overseas F1 drivers on Friday night, 18 September, with BriSCA Formula Two Stock Cars also in action, competing for their biggest loose-surface title of the year, the World of Shale. A hard-hitting, action-packed night’s racing was served up, with Skegness veteran 871 Mark Simpson scooping the major honours.


BriSCA Formula Two

The highest turnout of cars seen anywhere this year, a massive 89, were not put off by the Friday night fixture. The figure was a record for the World of Shale meeting and included a very impressive 31 Dutch drivers, plus Manxman IOM164 Dougie Kinrade in the Rob Speak shale car and a rare appearance on shale for the new World Champion, Kelvyn Marshall, borrowing a Dave Polley car but using a George MacMillan wing and therefore racing as #1, rather than the #101 he intends to keep. 

Thirty cars were seeded to the WoS final, with the 23 that were present from the next 28 in the qualifying points to contest the last-chance qualifier which did not form part of the meeting proper. It was led away by outside front row man 19 Martin Ford as 298 Jake Walker and 589 Colin Eardley tangled on bend two. Fast-starting dangerman 226 Billy Webster quickly moved into second, then attacked Ford the lead, spinning his victim but delaying both cars in the process. That allowed 124 Ollie Skeels and 548 Martin Lowe past, with Webster recovering in third ahead of 289 James Waterfall, 139 Brian Mason and 449 Mark Dorrill.

Lowe then took up the running from Webster as Skeels slipped down the order before retiring with a blown engine while placed third just after half distance. Webster’s night also ended early shortly afterwards when he went hard into the fence on the scoreboard bend, requiring yellow flags. That allowed Ford back into second, with the leading pair enjoying a cushion of four backmarkers to the chasing pack headed by 788 Stephen Mallinson and 728 Carl Pilkington on the resumption. Lowe and Ford pulled clear to comfortably secure their places on the grid for the big race with Mallinson joining them in third. Dorrill moved up to fourth at the flag, with 768 Tom Adcroft and silver roof-  chaser 647 Chris Burgoyne completing the qualifiers. Pilkington just missed out and the lively Waterfall likewise.

Heats one and two of the main meeting featured just over 20 cars each. The first was led much of the away by H132 John Adema who pulled out a decent gap until 198 Paul Nicholson reeled him in and briefly moved ahead. 260 Anthony Winters took the lead at half distance and though Nicholson initially stayed with him and looked to challenge, he then dropped back into the clutches of H305 Ron van Wamelen. The Dutchman nipped past into second but Nicholson immediately retaliated, spinning the H305 car to retake the position. Van Wamelen managed to quickly recover with only fellow Dutchman H611 Durk Pietersma passing him before the flag.

H153 Wesley Leenhouts led either side of a caution period for H231 Danny van Spijker losing a wheel in heat two. 259 Simon Farrington then bumpered past before Leenhouts hit back, only to half spin in the process, letting Farrington clear and bringing 26 Gary Ford into play for second, with Leenhouts then losing it completely on the back straight. Ford caught and passed Farrington for the lead, but the #259 came straight back past. Ford attempted to retaliate with the bumper but the move didn’t work, freeing Farrington for the win and letting 662 Steve Wycherley past into second. Ford wasn’t done though and managed to reverse the positions once more by the flag. After an excellent race, victor Farrington said: “Very enjoyable – good to come out on top in one like that.”

The World of Shale Final was next, doubling up as heat three in the meeting, with the 36-car grid lining up as follows:


Inside                                      Row       Outside

905      Rob Mitchell                1          823      Sam Wagner

871      Mark Simpson            2          606      Andrew Palmer

H116   Barry Bauer                 3          H129   Michael Schutter

219      Chris Mitchell              4          225      Tony Blackburn

377      Daz Shaw                      5          177      Glen Scott

H47     Patrick Tersteeg        6          H335   Rick de Graff

995      Michael Lund              7          741      Luke Branston

103      Carl Issitt                       8          597      Barry Clow

H30     Toon Schut                  9          H218   Sjeng Smidt Jr

977      Dave Massey              10        295      Lee Cooke

100      George MacMillan    11        417      Allan Weston

H40     Mark Tesselaar          12        H124   Wim Peeters

968      Micky Brennan           13        49        Paul Prest

81        Mark Clayton              14        887      Neil Brigg

IOM164  Dougie Kinrade     15        H191   Fransie Burhenne

548      Martin Lowe               16        19        Martin Ford

788      Stephen Mallinson   17        449      Mark Dorrill

768      Tom Adcroft                18        647      Chris Burgoyne


There were early dramas for 968 Micky Brennan who needed last-minute assistance from his pit crew and 741 Luke Branston who was forced to retire on the rolling lap. When the green flag flew, 823 Sam Wagner shot straight into the lead, followed around the outside by 606 Andrew Palmer, while pole-sitter 905 Rob Mitchell was put into the fence along with H129 Michael Schutter. 871 Mark Simpson and 377 Daz Shaw completed the early top four.

Palmer used the bumper on Wagner but Wagner held on, only to be passed on the next bend. Then Simpson moved into second and went in with the bumper on Palmer. The slight delay allowed Wagner to pass them both, resuming the lead from Simpson, Shaw, Palmer, 225 Tony Blackburn and 219 Chris Mitchell after some fantastic opening exchanges.

Simpson then found a way through once more and was followed through by Shaw from whom he quickly managed to pull out a slight gap. Meanwhile, Palmer tangled with a backmarker and Wagner also dropped back behind Blackburn and H116 Barry Bauer who were now third and fourth. Blackburn then had his own trouble with backmarkers; he survived, but Wagner was back past.

With 887 Neil Brigg stranded facing the traffic on bend two, yellow flags were called with eight laps to go, just as Palmer suffered another spin, having recovered to sixth. Simpson headed the queue from Shaw, with the backmarking 417 Allan Weston protecting them from Wagner, then more backmarkers before Blackburn and Chris Mitchell in fourth and fifth. Sadly Blackburn was forced to pull off before the resumption with a puncture.

Simpson made an excellent restart to pull clear, while Wagner quickly cleared Dorrill and spun Shaw to return to second, with Chris Mitchell following him into third. Those positions then remained unchanged, with Simpson surviving a scare when 295 Lee Cooke spun in front of him on the last lap to take the win, before performing some ‘donuts’ to celebrate. Adcroft, H47 Patrick Tersteeg and Brennan completed the top six.

The delighted Simpson quipped: “It just proves I can win something when it’s dry!” referring to his World Championship success at the same track four years earlier. A slightly disappointed Wagner commented: “I’d rather be one step higher but it’s better than not finishing. Next time we might get first.” Mitchell was magnanimous in defeat, saying: “I don’t think Mark’s ever won [the WoS] and he tries as hard as anyone so I don’t mind being beaten by him.”



1       871   Mark Simpson

2       823   Sam Wagner

3       219   Chris Mitchell

4       768   Tom Adcroft

5       H47  Patrick Tersteeg

6       968   Micky Brennan

7       788   Stephen Mallinson

8       377   Daz Shaw

9       100   George MacMillan

10     295   Lee Cooke


The meeting consolation raised a phenomenal 44 cars and unsurprisingly featured early yellow flags. H100 Joey Slooff led until Dorrill moved ahead while Branston’s poor luck continued when he spun and was t-boned. A simultaneous incident between Schutter and 103 Carl Issitt at the other end of the track meant that yellow flags were once again called for with Sloof back in front from Leenhouts, Lowe and 49 Paul Prest. The latter then nipped through to lead but was pushed wide by Rob Mitchell, letting H124 Wim Peeters move ahead. 995 Michael Lund was next to take up the running and he stayed there until the last lap when an excellent climax eventually saw Peeters back in front to take the win after a last bend lunge, followed by Blackburn, Mitchell and Lund.

The similarly-busy 40-car final was just as action-packed. H154 Kai Lensson was the initial leader before a big pile-up on the road bend led to red flags. The next attempt didn’t last long either when Cooke tangled with H337 Dennis Tesselaar and rolled onto his side, triggering more red flags. By this stage, Nicholson led from Lensson and Gary Ford. On the restart, the leading pair eliminated each other, letting Ford through but then more tangles removed him too and Dorrill found himself ahead, with Blackburn, both Mitchells, Brennan and MacMillan taking advantage of the carnage to make rapid progress towards the front of the field. Blackburn challenged for the lead but didn’t make it through, letting MacMillan past in the process. The 2014 World Champion then spun Dorrill but was taken wide himself, letting Rob Mitchell into the lead from Brennan, Tersteeg, Blackburn, MacMillan and Wagner before a caution period was called when Pietersma lost a wheel.

After that, Rob Mitchell pulled clear for the win but the fine scrap for second continued with lots of hits going in. MacMillan, Wagner and Brennan went into the fence hard and with the Scot left stranded a red-and-chequered finish was required, Mitchell winning from Bauer, Wagner and Brennan. For Wagner, it was the fifth time in the last six King’s Lynn meetings that he had placed in the top three in the meeting final – an impressive feat.

“Proper stock car racing for you,” was how Mitchell succinctly summed up a superb race.

The meeting closed with a 36-car grand national which was again lively and was won by impressive Dutch youngster H218 Sjeng Smidt Jr from Wagner and Blackburn.


BriSCA Formula One

There were 41 overseas Formula One drivers in action the night before the World Final, made up of 38 Dutchmen and three New Zealanders. 

Heat one was led most of the way by H54 Sierd de Vries until he clipped a marker tyre and spun, handing the win to H8 Martin Verhoef from H228 Jan Roelof Wijbenga and H179 Sjaak Kentie.

De Vries’s fellow white-top H604 Stefan van Rossem led heat two until three laps from home when he collected the parked car of NZ118 Bryce Steiner. H477 Martijn Oudhuis had spun himself out of second mid-race but quickly recovered and passed H6 Pascal Spigt for the lead on the final lap when the latter clobbered a marker tyre, winning from H148 Sjeng Smidt Jr and H87 Maarten Broekman.

The top eight had qualified from each heat, leading to 23 cars contesting the consolation from which 12 would qualify. From the back of the grid came H47 Danny van Wamelen in impressive style to take the win when a red-and-chequered finish was required for a big crash on the road bend. De Vries and H29 Durk Greidanus completed the top three.

Van Wamelen doubled-up in the final when he came through to win impressively again from H345 Boy Tesselaar and de Vries. Both the latter pair had had spells in front, as had Oudhuis who spun from fourth late on. “I was waiting for my chance and the moment was there,” reported van Wamelen of his move for the lead.

From the lap handicap, van Wamelen could only rise to 10th in the action-packed 26-car grand national. That was won by Oudhuis who even managed a quick 360-degree spin on the final lap without losing the lead. De Vries and von Rossem followed him home, with Wijbenga the highest placed star grader in fourth.


F2 Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
World of Shale Last Chance 548 19 788 449 768 647 728 289 198 524
Heat 1 260 198 H611 H305 757 H25 H272 1 H512 55
Heat 2 209 89 17 912 22 821 601 247 673 318
Heat 3 (World of Shale Final)    871 823 219 768 H47 968 788 377 100 295
Consolation 124 225 905 995 H337 449 H929 H116 H799 73
Final 905 H116 823 968 55 225 198 1 H799 nof
Grand National H218 823 225 968 298 H129 1 219 H116 H337
Overseas F1 Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 H8 H228 H179 H161 H345 H36 H93 H27 H595 H104

Heat 2

H477 H148 H87 H195 H30 H6 H348 H65 H604 H21
Consolation H47 H54 H29 H646 H226 H26 H240 NZ92 H604 H155
Final H47 H345 H54 H8 H646 H348 H27 H240 H93 H65
Grand National H477 H54 H604 H228 H345 H422 H93 H348 H8 H47
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