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Trackstar Racing | Info | Results | 2019 | Sunday 03 February

Latest Results

  • Monday 1st April

    Monday 1st April

    4X4 Banger: 339 Jack Garrod. Micro Banger: 28 Mac Bell. Siamese Banger Final: 174 Dave Osborn/ 560 Andrew Milner. Reliant Robins: 553 Daniel Douglas. 1300cc Stock Cars: 673 John Moat.

    Updated: 11 Apr 2024 21:11

  • Saturday 30th March

    Saturday 30th March

    Unlimted Bangers: 209 Tom Waller. Saloon Stock Cars: 341 Austen Freestone. Junior Bangers: 08 Taylor Morton

    Updated: 31 Mar 2024 14:59

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Latest Points

Sunday 03 February



Photos 1 - 14: Matthew Bull, photos 15 - 23: Damien Widdows, photos 24 - 34: Andy Crayford, Crayford Media


Keith Organ


The 1500cc icebreaker; delivered a first rate meeting that has become the usual standard of this hugely under-rated event. Around 130 cars in the pits; slightly down on expectations; but a hard hitting meeting from start to finish on a Sunny Winter afternoon; with all the drivers putting on a great show. 

21 cars took to the track for Heat 1; Alan Jackson (234) for The Demons in pole position led the field off; although this was momentary as he was sent fencewards at the drop of the green; he was joined shortly after by fellow Demon Gary Shaw (164) who was followed in by Pieter Venema (451) from the Allsorts “A” team.  Stu Davies (622) from the Predators “A” bumpered Lewis Winter (812) from the Wild Boyz “A” wide in to turn 1 collecting the fence. Foppe Minnema (48) of the Allsorts team – travelling all the way from the Netherlands; racing what many considered car of the meeting; a 1970 Opel Rekord, was followed in hard in to turn1 by Ben Mynott (352) from the Beacon Bandits. Shortly after, Robert Betts (219) from the Predators followed in Alex Hensby (375) from the Allsorts in to turn 1. Lee Macey (78) from the Wild Boyz rattled in the Predator of Kieran Bowman (178) in to turn 1; before Macey was sent skating along the fence sideways in to turn 3 by Shaw. Betts was taken around in turn 1 by Jackson; Betts left it facing the wrong way and sought a head on turn 1; Sean Mullins (353) the victim; fellow Demon Ashley Law (18) also turned around and went in on Betts as retribution; whilst Davies went in on Law with a head on. Red and chequered flag; James Licqourice was declared the winner, Mullins second and Tim Rees (799) of STB “A” in third.

Heat 2 of the day, a bigger field of 31 cars lined up; Blacks Allstars member Craig Allen (181) lined up pole at the front; he was quickly swamped by three members of Team Jeff; with Callum Gould (215) taking the honours of spinning him out in the homestraight; a pile up began to form in the entrance to the backstraight claiming a large proportion of the field; Lee Barnes (41) from The Crew was attacked by Davey Cox (119) of the Blacks Allstars team; Dan Petters (386) from STB “B” steamed in on the back of Cox before Allen returned the compliment for the attack on his team mate; as more continued to fight their way through the pile up. Richard Reitsma (126) of the Allsorts team was followed in to turn 1 by Allen, Reitsma’s team mate Jack Maryon (212) close behind tried an attack on Allen, but just missing. Petters went in on the back of Ben Cox (9) in the pile up; whilst Gould offered the same to Petters. Shane Tilley (405) from Team Reem copped a head on from Allen whilst he was facing the wrong way; just before the red flags were called for and the race declared. Maryon awarded the winner, Mike Turner (291) in second and Bradley Bowman (279) in third.

Heat 3 was led off by Nicky Denman (322) racing with the superbly turned out Forceshift team; 35 cars on track to do battle. Olly Scott (339) from Team Bilge was the first casualty and was dumped in to turn 1 by Taylor Sowter (388) whilst a number of cars were sent in all directions in the backstraight. Andrew Markham (306) of Team Dicko turned around Lloyd Stark (888) in turn 1; Jouke Kas (153) went in for a head on with Stark and Russ Lown (847) went in on the back of Kas. Phil Jackson (550) from the Boyo Boys went the opposite way t-boning the side of Stark. A lap later and Jackson was still on opposite, this time Denman the unlucky victim; Lyndon Stark (88) getting a shot on the back of Denman as he reversed out. Jorji Stark (868) got turn 1 wrong and put himself in a parked car just as a bunch of cars, including Liam Gelsthorpe (666) and Karl Corsby (175), clattered in to the bend collecting the 868 car in the process. Jackson was still facing the wrong way; Jack Foster (382) who steamed in on the nose of Jackson; Denman also taking the opportunity T-boned the stricken Jackson car. Lewis Judd (908) was left sticking out of the pile up and copped a shot off of Foster in turn 1; Stark (868) blitzed the back of Alex Exton (13) in turn 3; spinning Exton around in the process and he was caught head on by Sowter. A lap later and Stark (868) went through the back of Exton once more, obliterating the 13 machine. The leader Tony Pallett (566) came under fire from Stark (88), but one attack was all Stark could manage and Pallett escaped. Stark (868) stormed in for a head on with the stranded Exton; whilst Lee White (830) picked up Stark (88) and followed him in to turn 1, collecting the dead cars in the process. Gelsthorpe got big shot off Sowter at the end in turn 3 as Pallett took the win ahead of White in second and Sid Cooper (517) third.

Heat 4 and Sean Riddell (229) of The Sesh Pistols led the field off from pole position; 30 cars on track ready for action. Ben Gibson (391) from Mad Hatters “A” attacked Brett Judge (110) from the Northern Monkeys in to turn 1. Team Extremes Russell Gill (77) followed in Riddells team mate Scott Paterson (230) in turn 3; as Riddell did the same to Jimmy Craig (414) from Team Extreme. Gill blitzed Jamie Blything (248) of BBC Looney Tunes; whilst Nathan Knowles (461) from Team Blue & Black took around the Gladiator of Dave Osbourne (174) on the exit of turn 3. Kyle Gill (68) tackled Riddell; whilst Andrew Milner (560) and Osbourne turned around in turn 3. Sam Baines (392) duly obliged and went in on Milner head on as Osbourne got Gill. Craig Featherstone (777) got David Gibson (390) on the nose; as Milner still on opposite lined up Paul Murray (283) for a head on; Phil Smith (549) piled in the back of Murray. Smith was then picked up by Ben Randell (165); who followed in the 549 machine in to turn 1. At the lap boards, Lee Kingsnorth (400) was your leader; as Liam Cooley (919) took around Gibson (391) in turn 1; Cooley finished the race by jacking Smith in turn 3. Kingsnorth took the win, Beau Southgate (241) took second and Randell third.

Heat 5 drew a field of 19 cars; Lennon Phillips (440) led them off; Nick Wakeman (317) got walloped in turn 3; whilst Robert Betts (219) was spun around by Jack Maryon (212) in the homestraight and Joe Chamberlain (410) took round Alistair Carter (146) in the backstraight. Kieran Greenway (191) followed in Liam Halls (800) in turn 1 at the same time Alex Hensby (375) had gone on opposite; meeting Halls with a head on; Craig Allen (181) then steamed in on the back of Hensby; whilst Shane Tilley (405) blitzed Halls. Callum Gould (215) turned round for Tilley; whilst Greenway did the same for Gould; Ashley Durrant (383) added to the pile up and went in on Halls. Mark Tonks (302) run in Jack Maryon (212 in turn 1; Jack Licquorice (51) sought retribution and attacked Tonks; whilst Maryon did the same to Durrant in the home straight. Maryon copped a big head on with Allen in the back straight; Licquourice standing up for his team mate thundered in on the nose of Allen; waved yellows were called for and the race declared; Dan Wright (113) awarded the win, Ben Mynott (352) coming home second and Matthew Jode (420) third.  

26 cars returned for Heat 6. Aurimas Moss (313) led the field off from pole position. Gary Shaw (164) tripped up in turn 1 and was pummelled by the passing pack; whilst Kieran Bowman (178) attacked the Demon of Alan Jackson (234). Sid Cooper (517) was followed in by Matt Tillow (566); whilst Jordan Storr (221) blitzed the stranded Bowman machine in the backstraight.  Taylor Sowter (388) followed in Aaron Mann (143) in turn 1; Sean Mullins (353) doing the same to Joe Geeves (611) in to turn 3. Sowter then run in Kieran Challis (666) in turn 1 a lap later. Storr annihilated the Jackson machine in turn 1; Stu Davies (622) blitzed Storr with Dean Cruickshanks (73) diving in on Davies. Team Stark and Team Mates looked to reignite their feud; Liam Stark (887) going after Karl Corsby (175) on opposite in turn 3; Shaun Clarke (319) collided with Stark (88); 887 turning it round for 319. Nathan Young (790) took the win, Lloyd Stark (888) in second and Ethan Cutts (216) coming home third.  

Heat 7 and 25 cars took to the track; Sean Riddell (229) led them off; Tim Rees (799) attacks Sam Baines (392); David Gibson (390) seeking retribution; thundered in Rees in to turn 3. Cameron Hubbard (624) went in on Andrew Milner (560); then Connor Osbourne (174) attacked Hubbard. A lap later and Jordan Sharpe (828) followed in Osbourne in turn 1. Milner got mullered in turn 1; a solid head on from Craig Featherstone (777); who in turn was blitzed by Lee Kingsnorth (400); the yellow flags called for. Tillow led off the restart; Lee Macey (78) spun Jonny Atkin (399) in turn 2 whilst Ben Randell (165) attacks Sean Riddell (229) in turn 3. Tillow was coming under fire from David Gibson (390) for the lead but just holding on to the number 1 spot. Jordan Sharpe (828) took around Riddell in turn 1; whilst Gibson finally got the better of Tillow with a spin in the backstraight. Riddell in further trouble as he was spun by Gibson as Will Morphey (129) was now on opposite and went steaming in on the front of Riddell. Randell run in Beau Southgate (241) in turn 1; whilst Riddell was jacked by Sharpe. Lewis Winter (812) was now on opposite too in turn 3 and went for Jack Rookard (910). Jimmy Craig (414) stormed in head on with Riddell, snapping off the 229 machine. Winter and Sharpe went after Gibson and Jonny Atkin (399) in turn 3; but it was Winter who copped a t-bone from Atkin; whilst Tillow went in on the back of Craig in turn 2. Phil Smith (549) had kept clear of the trouble and took the win; Rees finished second and Randell in third.

Heat 8 drew a field of 25 cars; former World Champion Davey Cox (119) led them off.  Lee White (830) quickly made light work of Matthew Jode (420) and punted him wide in to turn 1; White further making head way and attacked Liam Stark (887) in to turn 3; red flags were called for a wheel off of the Pieter Venema (451) machine. On the restart; White went after Jack Giddings (591); whilst Lloyd Stark (888) got turn 3 wrong and collected the standard Jode car. Aston Leathers-Ashley (297) went for a huge head on with Kieran Greenway (191) in turn 3; prompting red flags. Cox led the restart; Giddings quickly went in with an attack on Nathan Young (790) in turn 1; whilst Mike Turner (291) offered the same to Stark (887) in the homestraight. Ethan Cutts (216) went after Stark (887) on opposite; as Callum Gould (215) did the same to Mike Turner (291); Mick Lown (849) went in on the back of Turner. Giddings had also turned his car around and lined up Jack Foster (382) for a head on in turn 2. Aaron Nelson (699) stormed in on the back of Foster. Gould jacked the back of Turner in the backstraight which caught out Tony Pallett (566); Foster had turned it round and went for Giddings, White going in on the front Giddings too in the process. White took the chequered flag, ahead of Cox in second and Stark (888) in third.

Just 13 cars for the final Heat; the damaging earlier races taking it’s toll; Berend Pars (253) leading the field from pole position; Matt Tillow (556) quickly set about Jonathan Ashbridge (249) taking him round in turn 3. Lee Barnes (41) spun Ben Randell (165) in turn 1; as Ashbridge went around again.  Dan Wright (113) picked up Nathan Knowles (461) and rattled him in to turn 3. The race settled and the lap boards were presented to Chris Barton (752); whilst Randell tackled Nathan Tupper (350) in turn 1; Jack Rookard (910) went in on Ashbridge in turn 3, as Barnes spun around Phil Smith (549) in the homestraight; Barton went on to take the win; whilst Ashbridge was in further trouble coming under attack from Taylor Sowter (388).

Icebreaker Final time and 35 cars returned for the last race of the night, Russell Gill (77) led them off from pole; Damien Matthews (87) the first casualty; James Licquorice (51) taking him round in turn 1; shortly before Taylor Sowter (388) did the same to Ben Mynott (352) at the opposite end. Jouke Kas (153) was blitzed by Jack Rookard (910) in turn 3; in turn 1 Ben Gibson (391) put in a hard follow in on Pieter Venema (451) prompting red flags. Gill led off the restart and quickly got his foot down leaving Kieron Challis (666) trailing in second. Bradley Bowman (279) turned it round in turn 3 and went after Sowter; catching him with a head on as Stu Davies (622) arrived to go in the back of Sowter; Rookard offering the same to Davies. Kieran Bowman (178) had also turned it round and went after Lennon Phillips (440) on the nose. Dan Wright (113) dumped Phil Smith (549) in to the stranded Phillips machine; whilst Smith recovered he caughtout the leader Gill and took him out of contention; Ben Randell (165) with no where to go went in the back of Gill. Rookard and Challis clashed and tripped over each in the homestraight coming to rest in turn 1. Gill had turned it round in turn 3 and went after Smith; the pair squabbling and trading blows back and forth. In turn 1; Shaun Clarke (319) helped his Team Mates and turned his car around to take out The Demon of Gary Shaw (164) with a t-bone; Shaw had been running second and in close contention to the leader Lee White (830). Shortly after Bowman (279) offered the same treatment to Challis and took him out whilst on opposite with a t-bone. White took the win, ahead of Team Mate; Pallett in second and Shaw who recovered for third.

Straight in to the Destruction Derby; a number of extras had been waiting on the middle whilst other chose to retire to the middle not wishing to take part. Sam Baines (392) shared a head on with Lewis Judd (908); Ben Gibson (391) going with a t-bone on Judd. Karl Corsby (175) went in on Baines; keeping momentum going went in on Phil Smith (549); Smith got pummelled further when Brett Judge (110) attacked across the front corner and Rookard went in on the back in turn 1. Judge and Smith then met with a head on turn 3. Jonathan Ashbridge (249) attacked Rookard down the homestraight whilst Nick Ashbridge (248) blitzed the back of Judd; Alex Exton (13) dived in on the back of Ashbridge (248).  Ashbridge (248) then was treated to a head on from Rookard; Exton then launched his car on Rookard. Gibson went in on Judd; which then prompted Aaron Nelson (699) to go in on Gibson; Nelson got back going again and went back in on Gibson whilst Jack Giddings (591) went after Exton; annihilating the 13 machine. Nelson declared the winner and last car running; rounding out an excellent day for the 1500 Icebreaker.


Team Points Entertainer Points
Team Mates "A" 61pts Predators "A" 35pts
Team Mates "B" 39pts Team Jeff 30pts
The Crew 31pts Mad Hatters "B" 25pts
Team Zigga 28pts Wild Boyz "A" 25pts
Allsorts "C" 27pts Allsorts "C" 25pts
Mad Hatters "B" 25pts Team Extreme 20pts
Demons 24pts Team Reem 20pts
Allsorts "A" 19pts Beacon Bandits 15pts
Black's Allstars 17pts Black's Allstars 15pts
Team Starky 17pts Mad Hatters "A" 15pts
STB "A" 17pts Predators "B" 15pts
Allsorts "B" 16pts STB "B" 15pts
Gladiators 15pts The Crew 15pts
Team Bilge 15pts Allsorts "A" 10pts
The Outsiders 14pts Boro Boys "A" 10pts
Wild Boyz "A" 14pts Demons 10pts
BBC Looney Tunes 13pts Gladiators 10pts
Mad Mob 12pts Team Mates "B" 10pts
Team Extreme 12pts Allsorts "B" 5pts
Beacon Bandits 9pts Mad Mob 5pts
Team Reem 9pts Team Mates "A" 5pts
Predators "B" 8pts Team Starky 5pts
Team Blue and Black "A" 7pts Team Zigga 5pts
Team Jeff 7pts The Outsiders 5pts
Team Crewesaders 5pts The Sesh Pistols 5pts



1500cc Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 51 353 799 78 NoF
Heat 2 212 291 279 800 NoF
Heat 3 566 830 517 666 KC 382 611 388 NoF
Heat 4 400 241 165 919 910 NoF
Heat 5 113 352 420 51 41 30 317 NoF
Heat 6 790 888 216 382 388 353 NoF
Heat 7 549 799 165 78 556 NoF
Heat 8 830 119 888 352 216 NoF
Heat 9 752 388 556 41 113 241 165 549 350 249
Final 830 566 164 666 KC 241 165 NoF
Destruction Derby 699
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  • 030219-280
  • 030219-288
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  • 030219-316
  • 030219-327
  • 030219-420
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