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  • Monday 6th May

    Monday 6th May

    Micro Banger: 678 Alex Ward. 1600cc Banger: 275 Joel Bond. 2L Banger: 519 Lee Middleton. Unlimited Banger: 382 Jack Foster JNR. Reliant Robins: 553 Daniel Douglas.

    Updated: 11 May 2024 13:52

  • Sunday 21st April

    Sunday 21st April

    1600cc Bangers: 311 Gary Lown. Junior Bangers: 515 Reagan Flatters. 1300cc Stock Cars: 167 Jimmy Morris. 2L Saloons: 129 Will Morphey

    Updated: 24 Apr 2024 14:35

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    • 2L Stock Car Lowman Race Engines National Championship, 1300 Stock Car British Championship & Unlimited Bangers
    • Monday 27 May - 13:00
    • Big Van Bangers (3.5tonne limit), Micro Bangers, Classic Cars R Us Junior Bangers & Unlimited Lady Bangers
    • Saturday 08 June - 17:00
    • National Banger Bilge Bonanza for Brooks & Classic Cars R Us Junior Bangers
    • Saturday 22 June - 17:00
    • 2L Bangers War of the Worlds Teams, 1300 Stock Cars, Moats Old Skool Throwback – Trackstar celebrates over 40 years of 673 John Moat behind the wheel & 2L Stock Cars incl. Ladies Race

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Sunday 02 June


Photos:  1 - Jim Harrod, 2 - 13 Kevin Wickham, 14 - 33 Damien Widdows, 34 - 40 Major Gilbert

Report: Keith Organ


Part 2 of the big weekend; featured a big line up of 2 Litre Bangers competing in the Trackstar World Final event, with the 2 Litre and 1300 Stock Cars returning from the night before and what a day of racing it was.


2 Litre Bangers

The last chance event; almost 40 cars on track, led off by Lee Macey (78). The bumpers going in as expected with a number of cars being rattled in to the fence. Alan Wombwell (32) followed in Ben Airey (428) in to turn 1; Craig Allen (181) was also run in at the same time; before Lewis Judd (908) went in on the back of Wombwell, the trio kept the foot to floor and scrambled their way round to the backstraight where Cal Curtis (669) went in on Airey; with Shady Gough (99) steaming in on Curtis. Darren Maltby (503) turned it round in turn 2; and went for a big head on with Allen. Jack Wheatley (16) went in with the bumper on Ryley Freestone (342) in to turn 1, taking Wombwell to the fence too. Gough and Curtis were still entangled and had limped round to the homestraight where they were met with Judd storming in on the back of Gough, Mark Foster (180) blitzing Judd, destroying him for good measure. The lap boards now presented; Aaron Nelson (699) your leader, but he retired to the middle gifting the lead to Harry Bradbury (508) who went on to take the win; Ash Reynolds (02) second and Josh Brierley (311) in third.

The 2 Litre Banger World Final grid lined up with over 40 cars on track made up qualifiers, seeded entrants and last chance qualifiers. The grid subject to random draw inside and outside; saw Jack Perkins (842) all the way from Cornwall lined up on pole position. At the drop of the green flag, Perkins dropped back to Jason Smy (138) and Tom Fox (322) who muscled their way by. As expected cars were sent in all directions as they all battled their way eager to make the break; in to turn 3 saw the biggest opening crunch, which saw defending champion Lee Clarke (247) taken out of the running as Wes Freestone (340) took him round in to a spin, Clarke was then pummelled and run in to by Lee Barnes (41); James Chapman (842) was run by Jack Maryon (212) with Callum White (100) also helping. Chapman was then blitzed by Lewis Price (349) for good measure. Fox your leader and pulling clear too; Jordan Cumming (570) in second and Michael Lane (309) third.  Alan Wombwell (32) then put away Harry Bradbury (508) in to turn 3 as Liam Jaggard (557) attacked Lee White (830) in the backstraight. Wombwell was turned around on the exit of turn 3; Cumming’s got caught up in the melee and dropped back behind Lane. James Licquorice (51) and Kieran Bowman (178) raced for the same piece of track and tangled whilst collecting the stricken Wombwell machine too. Brett Jackson (551) went in the back of White (830) as he retired to the middle.  Ross Cooper (604) went in on the nose of Price who was now looking to go on opposite on the exit of turn 3; Craig Oliver (542) went in on the back of Cooper and just caught Freestone in the process, ripping out the front leg just as Freestone was challenging for second spot; Fox, Lane and Cummings now the top three. Shane Lynn (326) was left stranded in turn 3 and was set upon on by Price going in for a head on whilst Dean Cruickshanks (73) blitzed the back of Lynn; with a couple more Gladiators piling in for good measure. Fox now presented three laps to go, well ahead of Lane and Cummings. Fox was coming round for the 2 laps to go board, but coming out of turn 3 he was met with a head on from Price, Maryon running in the back of Fox at the same time. Lane now your leader, with Cumming right behind him. Almost identical to the previous lap, Price sought out the leader and went in on the nose of Lane, stopping him and taking him out of contention, Mickey Croft (04) then went in with t-bone on Price, Maryon piling in the back of Lane too.  One lap to go presented to Cumming – eyes on Price to see if a similar move was coming, but Cumming picked his way through the small pile up developing in turn 3, to take the chequered flag, Phil Smith (549) coming home second and John Reeves (188) who qualified via the last chance race in third.

Allcomers 1 drew a field over 32 bangers on track, led off by Aaron Nelson (669), the green flag was short lived as in to turn 1, Jack Maryon (212) was followed by Mark Foster (180) with Riley Freestone (342) on the back pushing; the big impact saw Maryon sent up and over in to a roll, the red flags called for. A complete restart required led off by Kurt Jacobs (817). A steady opening few laps with mostly spinners until Cal Curtis (669) turned it round in turn 3 and lined up Jack Wheatley (16) for a head on; Lee Barnes (41) storming in on Wheatley for good measure. Callum White (100) went in on Wheatley with a t-bone, James Licquorice (51) also going in on Wheatley on the nose, the Wheatley Mondeo severely wrecked. A stoppage called for.  Harry Airey (292) led them off when back under racing conditions. John Cobbold (370) and Barnes got taken around in to turn 3; John Reeves (188) collecting before the field piled in. Another caution period required. Airey led them off once more. Riley Freestone (342) went in hard on the nose of Dean Cruickshank (73) in turn 3, Cruicshank getting blitzed by Liccquorice in the process too as he limped back across the track; with Freestone copping a shot too for good measure. The lap boards presented to Airey with Nelson close behind in second, Nelson quickly went in on the attack and muscled his way by for the lead as Phil Smith (549) was taken around by James Smy (138) in the homestraight. Further back and Brad Bartum (69), Jordan Cumming (570) and Andy Battle (898) were three wide coming out of turn 3, Battle coming off worst collecting the stranded Freestone machine. Callum Jacobs (317) went in on Battle with Reeves just clipping Jacobs in the process, sending the 188 machine up on to two wheels; a stoppage needed once more, the race stopped and declared at this point, Nelson awarded the win, Ash Reynolds (02) second and Airey in third.

Allcomers 2; was led off by Harry Airey (292) ahead of 25 cars on track. At the drop of the green, Stuart Carmen (841) and Robert Betts (219) tripped over on another in turn 3, whilst James Porter Chapman (842) was dumped to the fence in turn 1. Soon after Callum McKee (210), Lee Kingsnorth (400) and Phil Smith (549) crashed to the marker tyres in the homestraight. Lee Clark (247) was battling Andy Battle (898) and Billy Smith (161). Aaron Nelson (669) sent James Licquorice (51) to the fence in turn 3. Chapman went on opposite at this point and went for Mark Foster (180), Foster avoiding the crunch but slapped the plating on the exit of turn 3 as a result. The lap boards were out, presented to the leader Darren Teal (170) as Taylor Sowter (388) came under attack from Jason Smy (138) in to turn 1, Sowter doing similar to Ross Cooper (604) a lap later. Chapman then turned it round once more in turn 3 and got Mark Foster (180) with a head on, Cooper piling in on Foster for good measure. Teal took the chequered flag, Kurt Jacobs (817) taking second and Mickey Croft (04) in third.

The third and final Allcomers event grid with 16 cars on track, led off by Mickey Croft (04). Callum McKee (210) was the first in trouble, sent to the middle in a spin; the race quickly settling in to a steady rhythm. Ross Cooper (604) was picked up by Taylor Sowter (388) in to turn 1; following him in to the plating. In turn 3 Lee Middleton (519) was dumped in the fence by James Licquorice (51) and Oliver Marshall (318). Marshall losing momentum out turn 3, parked up by the fence. Middleton ploughed in to Marshall, with Cooper going in on Middleton. The lap boards presented to Croft. Lee Clarke (247) went to attack Licquorice in to turn 1; but was caught by Cal Curtis (669); who took Clarke to the fence in turn 1. Croft took the win, Ash Reynolds (2) in second and Darren Teal (170) coming home third.

Straight in to the destruction derby; Mickey Croft (04) attacked Ross Cooper (604) in to turn 1. Whilst James Licquorice (51) jacked Robert James (132). Andy Battle (898) went in on Ash Reynolds (2) in to turn 3, Licquorice also going in on Reynolds for good measure. Cooper then blitzed James in the backstraight; before going in on Reynolds in turn 3, Battle then went in on Cooper, Craig Oliver (542) steamed in on Battle and Damien Matthews (87) blitzing Oliver; Matthews and Oliver tussled down in turn 1. In turn 3; Croft went in on Oliver; Oliver collecting Battle on the frontend in the process. Lewis Price (349) went after Matthews, disposing him in to the abandoned Croft machine on the exit of turn 3. Phil Smith (549) blitzed Matthews in to turn 1 at this point; before offering the same to Battle in the homestraight and Matthews once more in turn 3. Matthews went in on Smith in turn 3, but Price got a tbone on Matthews, Oliver went in on James in the backstraight; before meeting Smith with a head on in to turn 3. Smith backed off and reversed off to give himself a run up; launched himself at the James machine with an almighty head on. Smith last car running awarded the win.


2 Litre Saloon Stock Cars

Heat 1 for the 2 Litre Saloon European Revenge day, Tyler Bloomfield (502) led the field off for the Whites and Yellows race, 16 cars on track. Luke Dawson (2) and Thomas Howard (30) sent round into a spin before reaching the green flag; whilst Robert Heanes (192), Jordan Cassie (697), Austen Freestone (341) and Danny McCluskey (316) didn’t fare much further and all tripped over one another in turn 2. The next lap and Wesley Starmer (525) was making good use of the bumper putting away Tommy Parrin (350) and Luke Jackson (450) in to the turn 1 plating. A steady run for Bloomfield saw him quickly in to the lap boards, but Ryan Santry (389) was quickly gaining ground. Further back Euan Mathieson (125) attacked Alan Hooker (29) in the homestraight before taking him round into a spin in the backstraight. Into the last bend Santry wasn’t close enough for an attack, it was a win for Bloomfield, Santry second and Starmer in third.

Before heat 2, Daniel Parker (306) now confirmed the European Champion following the post race scrutineering, took to the track for a lap of honour, the car now with Red and Yellow chequered roof as confirmation. 26 cars on track, led off by Austen Freestone (341). Luke Dorling (120) and Deane Mayes (730) was the early casualty, both with a spinner in the homestraight. William Mitchell (96) was left broadside across turn 1, which created a pile up, the star and champions piling in with nowhere to go. Yellow flags called for. Shane Emerson (888) led them off on the restart; in to turn 1 and Diggy Smith (116) piled Daniel Parker (306) in to turn 1. Soon after Smith bundled the front runners in to turn 1, Michael Allard (349), Barry Russell (600) and Lee Sampson (428) also pushing, Emerson coming off worst dropping back. In to turn 3 and Sampson went in on Allard and Venni; Venni collecting the plating and Allard getting spun out in the process. Smith your leader and Russell in close contention in second at the lap boards. In to the last bend and Max Stott (157) went in with a last bend assault on Sampson; half spinning Sampson, Barnes collected the pile too. Some toing and froing, Stott forced his way through to take third spot Barnes and Sampson tussled to the line as Mayes and Tyler Bloomfield (502) were spun out of the last bend.

Miakel Maas (H390) led off heat 3, 28 cars on track. At the drop of the green, the yellow graders pressed the self destruct button before the flag; half the field being tripped up, crashing out in to the yellow grade pile in the homestraight, Iam Elms (298) coming off worst was collected by the field, the yellow flags called for and a complete restart. Mass led them again once more. Wesley Starmer (525) and Euan Mathieson (125) were the early causalities, both sent in a spin to the middle; the field struggling for grip with a freshly watered track; clattering the plating. The race settled in to a steady rhythm, Maas your leader, but he was coming under attack from backmarker Thomas Howard (30) out of turn 2 whilst further back Michael Allard (349), Daniel Parker (306) and Diggy Smith (116) battled for position, Parker rattling turn 1 plating in the process; the jostling continued in to the homestraight the next lap, Parker sent to a spin. As the laps ticked by, the top seven closed in on one another; Marty Lake (573) your leader, Mass, Allard, Luke Dawson (2), Simon Venni (570), Diggy Smith (116) and Deane Mayes (730) battled for second. Maas fence himself in to turn 1 and came to a stop, whilst the bumpers went in on the others; Venni with nowhere to go run into Maas. Into turn 3, Smith went in with the bumper on Dawson but couldn’t take the position until in turn 1 where Smith went in harder and muscled his way in to second as Mayes took Allard to the plating at the same time as the yellow flags called for. Lake led off the restart, three laps to go ahead of Dawson, Smith, Allard and Mayes. The green flag dropped, Smith lined up the two yellow graders in front of him, as Allard went in the bumper of Smith; Lake wacked the plating, Smith using the two yellow graders as a buffer, took the lead. A lap later those behind Smith wiped themselves out, Allard, Lake, Mayes and Venni all ending in a heap in turn 1, David Vaughan (470) collected the pile, was spun out by Luke Dorling (120). Smith came back around and avoided the stranded Mayes machine, second place Dawson not so lucky went in on Mayes an pushed his way through to continue; Bradley Compton-Sage (902) and Starmer also collecting Mayes; the pair spun out. Smith took the win, Dawson second and Dorling finishing in third.

25 cars on track for the 2 Litre Saloon Stock Car final; led off by Danny McCluskey (316). At the drop of the green Luke Dorling (120) was rattled around the plating in turn 1 courtesy of Lee Sampson (428); the freshly watered track catching out drivers throughout the field, and bumpers going in all the way through the grid. Dorling was once again under attack from Sampson in to turn 1, the 120 machine taken to the plating once more. The field continuing slamming the plating to help make the best racing line. Georgie Boult (56) spun in the homestraight and slammed to the marker tyres with a Deane Mayes (730) and Ian Elms (298) caught up also; Bart Wouters (H868) also spun out down the homestraight. Simon Venni (570) was battling Cole Atkins (399) for position as they raced towards the podium places. Thomas Howard (30) launched Barry Russell (600) in to turn 1; Russell using Marty Lake (573) as a buffer in turn 1. Luke Dawson (2) your leader at this stage, with Wesley Starmer (525) in second right on his back bumper with Russell rapidly closing.; the lap boards now out. Russell went in with the bumper on Starmer in to turn 1 to take second as a tense last lap looked to be on the cards. Starmer took a trip around the plating in to turn the last lap, catching Dawson sending him to a spin, Russell taking the lead kept Starmer at bay in the last bend. Atkins sent Venni to the plating in turn 3 to take third spot to round out a great weekend for the Saloons.


1300 Stock Cars

Heat 1 was for the white and yellow grade drivers, on track with 11 cars, led off by Barty Ketteringham (209); but it was Carl Morgan (42) who got himself in the lead early on; who pulled out a quick lead whilst those behind him battled for position. Stephen Walden (276) and Scott Sparrow (781) the first casualties, spun out of contention in the back straight. Robert Spinks (760) and Ketteringham battled for second and third. The lap boards quickly presented to Morgan; with Spinks quickly closing in, but Morgan held on to first position and took went on to take the win.

Heat 2 for the 1300’s drew out a field of 21 cars, led off by Robert Spinks (760). At the drop of the green Jimmy Morris (167) went in with the bumper in to turn, most of the Superstars rattling the plating; a lap later Dan Weevers (333) took Beau Southgate (241) and Scott Sparrow (781) to the fence as Lee Pearce (23) offered the same to Jordan Godfrey (144) and Dan Moore (681) in to turn 1. Pearce continued to make progress, forcing his way up the order sending Megan Petherick (228) fencewards. Carl Morgan (42) and John Klyn (61) your leaders at this point, but whilst battling for position slowed each other up allowing the field to close in; Pearce once again putting the bumper about moving Lauren Overy (317) aside in turn 3, before shunting Weevers wide in turn 1, Pearce now up to second. Klyn was taken around in the homestraight, left broadside sending the field scattering. Pearce muscled his way by Morgan to take over the lead. A train of cars went into a turn 1, Dan Booth (216) and Martin Taylor (422) doing the pushing, saw Sparrow coming off worst collecting the fence. The lap boards presented to Pearce as Sparrow was once again sent to the fence courtesy of Booth who snookered Stephen Murphy (561) in to the 781 machine in turn 1; whilst Morris went in with the bumper on Moore in to turn 3. Pearce taking the chequered flag but was docked for jumping the start, Weevers awarded the win, Overy second and Pearce third.

Heat 3 report lost - apologies.

The Final race of the day grid with 18 cars on track, led off by Stephen Walden (276), but he was quickly spun out early on, with John Klyn (61), whilst the top graders battled amongst themselves. Walden was in further trouble whilst three-abreast with Daniel Weevers (333) and Dan Moore (681) in the homestraight, tripped over on another; Walden left facing the wrong way in to turn 1. Barty Ketteringham (209) and Klyn clashed in to turn 3, the pair left across the track, Ketteringham was collected by Martin Taylor (422); the rest of the field managed to swerve the two cars. Ketteringham went into a rollover in the backstraight, prompting a caution period. Luke Leedell (191) led off the restart, Carl Morgan (42) in second and Taylor next in line. At the drop of the green Taylor went in with the bumper in on Morgan, as Lee Pearce (23) came under fire from Jacob Bromley (303). A lap later and Bromley went in with the bumper on Taylor, sending the 422 machine out to the plating in turn 1. Taylor wasn’t done though and muscled his way back by for second place; Bromley returning the compliment as the battle for second raged on. Behind them, Lauren Overy (317) went in on Jordan Godfrey (144), slamming him to the plating in turn 1. Pearce dropped down the order, evidently with a problem, but not giving up places easy went in with the bumper on Megan Petherick (228) in turn 1. The lap boards now presented to Leedell; who was keeping ahead of Bromley in second and Jimmy Morris (167) in third; through the last stages; Bromley wasn’t able to close the gap down and unable to make a last bend attack, the win went to Leedell, Bromley second and Morris third.



2 Litre Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Last chance 508 02 311 370 04 188 542 326 292 423
World Final 570 549 188 02 519 388 51 551 292 04
Allcomers 1 699 02 292 138 191 400 570 188 549 69
Allcomers 2 170 817 04 292 209 898 247 549 138 02
Allcomers 3 04 02 170 898 549 51 400 370 604 191
Destruction Derby 549
2 Litre Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 502 389 525 148 350 125 30 450 2 316
Heat 2 116 570 428 120 131 888 96 349 730 697
Heat 3 116 2 120 600 661 350 349 450 573 570
Final 600 525 399 570 428 573 30 116 306 157
1300 Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 42 760 191 241 101 61 690 561 781 209
Heat 2 333 317 23 191 303 42 144 167 216 681
Heat 3 317 191 42 422 23 781 303 144 333 167
Final 191 303 167 731 317 422 216 142 144 23
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