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Trackstar Racing | Info | Results | 2018 | Monday 28 May

Latest Results

  • Saturday 18th May

    Saturday 18th May

    BriSCA F1: 1 Tom Harris. BriSCA F2: 47 Greg McKenzie

    Updated: 29 May 2024 16:38

  • Monday 6th May

    Monday 6th May

    Micro Banger: 678 Alex Ward. 1600cc Banger: 275 Joel Bond. 2L Banger: 519 Lee Middleton. Unlimited Banger: 382 Jack Foster JNR. Reliant Robins: 553 Daniel Douglas.

    Updated: 11 May 2024 13:52

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Latest Points

Monday 28 May

Pictures from the infield: Holly Nash

Words: Keith Organ

Bank Holiday 28th May drew an excellent crowd to the Adrian Flux, King’s Lynn arena; the terraces were packed and the crowd of largely newcomers were treated to an excellent day of entertainment from the Big Van Bangers, Micro Bangers, 2 litre non Mondeo bangers and, making a very rare Bank Holiday appearance, the 2 litre Stock Cars.  A special mention to Trackstar Points leader Lee White (830) who took up the tough challenge of racing in all three of the banger classes.

2 litre Stock Cars

The 2 litre saloons kicked off proceedings with an event for the whites and yellows; 14 cars on track with Jack Rust (172) taking up pole position. Simon Venni (570) allowed special dispensation to run at the back to run in a new engine. Shane Emerson (888) was an early casualty with a spin in the backstraight, Stuart Tointon (52) also getting caught up and clobbered. Matthew Fuller (270) lunged in on Wesley Starmer (525) and Jacob Roff (99) in to turn 3 early on. Starmer retaliated in to the next bend, causing Fuller to spin out of contention. Tyler Bloomfield (502) the early leader ahead of Rust and Barry Russell (600), but Bloomfields lead was short lived and after he spun in turn 2, passing cars needing to avoiding action, Roff was next to spin in to the second bend. Rust now leading ahead of Russell, who was rapidly closing in. At the lap boards Russell was now your leader and duly took the win after moving by Rust, who then started to drop back. 

New European Champion Diggy Smith (116) was sent around on a lap of honour prior to the Heat 2 coming out on track; which saw 25 cars on track. Robert Heanes (192) pole sitter led them off. Tommy Barnes (26) was quickly sent to a spin as Matthew Fuller (270), Barry Russell (600) and Heanes also spun early doors. Wesley Starmer (525), Thomas Alsop (537) and Thomas Parrin (350) take a trip the fence in turn 1 whilst Ryan Santry (389) put away Simon Venni (570) and Willie Skoyles JNR (641) collecting some parked cars in the process. Skoyles was then in further trouble when Daniel Parker (306) spun him to the fence on the home straight. Lewis Gallie (182) and Cole Atkins (399) clashed in the backstraight, the 399 machine getting some air time off the plating.  Smith and Parker were battling it out whilst Starmer saw off Alsop with a spin. Carl Waterfield (360) slammed Alsop and Shane Emerson (888) to the fence. Stuart Tointon (52) was another spinner, this time he was met head on by Skoyles. Jack Rust (172) the leader. Venni got took around in the back straight with the motoring cars sent scattering to avoid. The lap boards were out for the leading trio: 600 26 360. Unfortunately this wouldn’t be two from two for Russell and he was taken around by backmarker Jacob Roff (99), leaving Barnes in the lead. Further back Santry and Smith were battling with Parker, the battling group ending in a pile up against the fence. Barnes taking the win, ahead of Michael Allard (349) in second and Waterfield in third.   

Heat 2 drew 25 cars out on track with Jack Rust (172) the man to lead them off. The red grade quickly set about one another, slamming the plating. Matthew Fuller (270) took a spin in the backstraight; whilst Cole Atkin (399) was a spinner in turn 3 and was crashed into by Lee Sampson (428). Tyler Bloomfield (502) was then spun to the tyres in turn 3 as Simon Venni (570) went in on Jamie Sampson (149), Jacob Roff (99) and Lewis Gallie (182) in turn 3. Shane Emerson (888) leads. Venni was continuing his battle with Sampson and Gaillie, once again launching in to them. Tommy Parrin (350) attacked Wesley Starmer (525) in turn 3, before Thomas Alsop (537) was then taken around by Parrin. Gallie was once again in trouble with Max Stott (157) this time both spinning in the backstraight, Stott getting some air time off the fence. Jacob Downey (218) then launched in to Deane Mayes (730) and Cark Waterfield (360) in to turn 3. Shortly after, Mayes was then spun to the middle. At the lap boards the top three were: 888 525 570. Whilst further back the trio of 157 26 600 were enjoying an end of race battle; going in on each other each turn; Parker joining the battle in to the last bend. Downey also striking a last bender on Atkins to take fourth. 

25 cars for the final race, Jack Rust (172) once again taking up pole position. The wet track catching out a number of spinners: 182 270 360 641, all getting caught up. Barry Russell (600) took out Robert Heanes (192) who whilst he spun around took out Rust in turn 3. Rust recovered only to crash in to the marker tyres on homestraight. Further back the red graders were struggling to make an impression on those in front. Jamie Sampson (149) snookered in Dean Mayes (730) and Jacob Downey (218) to the fence in turn 1; a squabble in the back straight then saw Diggy Smith (116) and Downey trip up and spin out. Rust was next in to a spin and caught with a t-bone from Wesley Starmer (525) mid spin. Shane Emerson (888) and Lewis Gallie (182) took a trip to the fence in turn 1; just as Tommy Barnes (26) went for a spin at the opposite end. Sampson was still putting the bumper about and was now battling with Daniel Parker (306) and Lee Sampson (428), Mayes caught up the battling trio and duly joined in. Up front and Russell led the field, building a nice advantage over second placed Emerson and Ryan Santry (389) third. Simon Venni (570) momentarily hooked up with Smith; the pair then went to the fence. Into the closing stages Downey took around Thomas Alsop (537) in turn 3; but no one was going to stop Russell who went on to take a dominate drive; which saw him nearly lapping 8th and 9th place, on their tails as they crossed the line.  


2 litre Non Mondeo Bangers

The 2 litre banger class gave the chance for drivers to use up cars in stock without worrying about racing against a Mondeo. 18 cars arriving in the pits, slightly less than anticipated, but the drivers put on a great show with some different cars utilised; a Lancia Dedra for Andrew Shipp (128) the pick of the bunch; and it was great to see Paul Bowen (557) making a rare appearance on track. Simon Eglen (418) taking pole position for the first race. Craig Gray (370) spun himself around early on, Chris Shipp (170) then spun around Ben Mynott (352) in turn 3 an early casualty. Tom Smith (108) turned it round in turn 3 and meets Nathan Webb (315) head on. Jonathan Ashbridge (249) the race leader; whilst further back 557 175 116 319 170 all were battling it out. Jordan Sharpe (828) was spun out by Shipp to the fence in turn 3; leaving Ship to battle with Nat Cohn (116) and Lee White (830). Karl Corsby (175) was your leader and eventual win of a steady heat 1 event as the final stages settled down.  

17 cars returned for heat 2; Jordan Sharpe (828) starting pole. 557 runs in Sam Eglen (418), Nick Ashbridge (248) and Jonathan Ashbridge (249) to the turn 1 fence at the green flag.  Lee White (830) then runs in the 248 machine a lap later in to the dead 418 car. Reds flags called for. Sharpe your leader on the restart. Nathan Webb (315) took in the Carl Gray (370) car in to turn 3, Webb was then blitzed by the passing pack. Nat Cohn (116) followed in Ashbridge (249) in turn 1, prompting the red flags again.  828 leads once more on the green flag, but Shaun Clarke (319) soon took over shortly after, Andy Battle (898) followed in to second. The lead was soon under a challenge again as Battle moved Clarke to take the lead. Chris Shipp (170) turned it round and met Lee White (830) on the nose in turn 1. White not taking to kindly to this then turned it around in search of Shipp; the 830 car going in on the back of Shipp. Matt Armstrong (512) then went in on White. White kept it going and lunged in on Shipp once more, driving through the 170 machine. Just as White caught Shipp Andrew Shipp (128) arrived on the scene and drove straight at White, snapping off the Lancia in the process. Clarke went after Armstrong at this point going in on the back of the 512 machine to round out an excellent heat 2. Battle taking the win. 

After the damaging heat 2, just the 10 cars made it back out for the Final, with a further 2 waiting on the middle for the Demolition Derby. Jordan Sharpe (828) led the field off. Paul Bowen (557) was the first in trouble when he taken round in to a spin by Nathan Webb (315). Webb then setting off after the lead moving by Sharpe. Nat Cohn (116) then went in on Sharpe in to turn 1. The race settled down and Karl Corsby (175) had caught up to Webb and the duo battled for the lead; Corsby taking over the running just before the lap boards and staying in front to the chequered flag. Lee White (830) who had repaired the damage from heat 2, then moved in to second at the closing stages. Straight into the DD and 5 cars for the Destruction derby; which turned out to be short and sweet; a few minor hits before all kicked off with Webb meeting Matt Armstrong (512) head on in turn 1; Nick Ashbridge (248) blitzed Webb; Sharpe then annihilated Ashbridge before Bowen steamed in on Sharpe. Bowen backing off; the last car running taking the DD.


Micro Bangers

The mirco bangers were a last minute addition to the billing after drivers requested additional meetings; 30 cars assembled. Matt Tillow (556) starting on pole position. Olly Scott (339) was the first to be taken to the fence, getting run in to turn 1 by Andy Jones (430); Lee White (830) then took in Ben Mynott (352) the opposite bend. Jones was continuing causing problems for others when he took Mark Ginders (256) round. A small melee developed out of turn 1 which caught out Ryan Sutcliffe (664), who tripped up and was left stranded on the back straight. Aaron Mann (143) rattled in Jon Bailey (247) in turn 3; before Mann then did the same to Liam Stark (887) shortly after. Mitchell Finney (3) followed in Luke Nieuwenburg (93) in to turn 1, catching the parked car of 430. James Licquorice (51) then blitzed Karl Corsby (175) towards the end; the 830 machine then stormed in on Licquorice to round out the opening Micro race. 

Heat 2 took the track with 22 cars; Jack Licquorice (511) pole. Jon Cullen (416) the early spinner, as James Licquorice (51) and Daniel Newman (5) clash in turn 1. Ryan Sutcliffe (664) goes in on 51; Jack Maryon (212) then blitzed Sutcliffe. Few more of the passing pack collect Maryon and Mitchell Finney (3). Jamie Blything (248) takes around Daniel Gant (173) in the backstraight. Newman goes after Maryon in turn 3, whilst back up front Ryley Freestone (342) leads; but, a slow Olly Scott (339) holds up the leader as Paul Sweet (452) goes in on the 342 machine; Freestone catching the fence backstraight in the process. Sweet goes in on Scott to avoid being slowed up; Sweet taking the win. 

20 cars for the final and this time Jon Bailey (247) started pole position. Bradley Thomlinson (619) took in James Licquorice (51) in turn 1. Thomlinson clearly on a mission then goes in on Kieran Challis (666). Jack Maryon (212) went in on Thomlinson, taking him round to the middle just as Licquorice attacked Olly Scott (339). Kieran Gray (123) went round into a spin slowing Lee White (830). Your leader at this point as the laps wound down was Jamie Blything (248), but a slow Scott held up Blything letting Ryley Freestone (342) in to the lead. Donny Mann (135) took around Matt Tillow (556) in turn 3. Mann wasn’t done there and went after Thomlinson who was also attacked by Dave Lewis (37). Meanwhile Blything had got back into the lead, demoting Freestone back to second, which is how it finished at the flag. Straight in to the Destruction derby and Freestone went in Jon Cullen (416). Thomlinson and Licquorice battled it out. Freestone the aggressor so far launched in on David Newman (5). Newman spun around and was met with an accidental t-bone from Licquorice. Thomlinson and Licquorice were still going in on each other, culminating in Licquorice turning around and met 416 head on. Red flags needed and the DD declared void. 


Van Bangers

The first of two meetings this year for the Van bangers drew out 14 vans and it set the tone brilliantly for the Crash for Cancer meeting on August Bank Holiday.

Simon Royal (86) led the field around for the start of this one. Kieran Bowman (178) was spun around; whilst Matt Alder (884) was also taken around, Chris Medler (601) seizing his opportunity went in on Alder. Medler then came under attack from John Reeves (188) taking round the 601 machine. Bowman without having great speed going forwards in his bus, stuck it in reverse getting Jonny Atkin (399), Alder then went in on the back of Atkin. Bowman and Atkin now locked together. Medler blitzed the 178 machine splintering the bus and freeing Atkin. David Gibson (390) not wishing to be left out, then also went in on Bowman. Lee White (830) blitzed Chris Shipp (170) as Bowman did the same to Medler. Russell Gill (77) launched himself in to the back of Bowman, whilst Shipp attacked Alder. The red flags called for Gill. Lee Ivatt (77) declared the winner.  

Heat 2 saw a slight drop to 11 vans. Ben Green (634) the van off pole. Lee Ivatt (77) took round Sam Evans (386) in turn 1. Chris Medler (601) taking the opportunity, and drove in on 386. Lee White (830) continued his battle with Chris Shipp (170) from race 1. Kieran Bowman (178) then parked his bus across track; White the first to go in. Ivatt took around Evans and White in the backstraight, whilst Bowman caught the side of Medler. Medler went after Evans next, rattling 396 in to the fence. Ivatt lunged in on Shipp as the pair squabbled, White drove straight at Shipp. Medler was then again under fire from Bowman, as Evans took around Ivatt. Bowman and Ivatt then squabbled for a while, before White took on Shipp once again, with David Gibson (390) joining for good measure. The 386 van then took a dive on Gibson to round out another entertaining race for the Big vans. John Reeves (188) keeping his nose clean took the win.

Final grid with 9 vans taking to the track for the last time, Lee Ivatt (77) shot into the lead. A slow moving Chris Medler (601) was then piled into by Jonny Atkin (399) as he was spun out by Simon Royal (86), David Gibson (390) lined up by Royal, but the 86 van managed to manoeuvre out of the way in time. Medler parked himself across the track in turn 1; Chris Shipp (170) went into the side of him whilst Russell Gill (77) went in on the back Shipp. Royal and Shipp collided in the entrance of the backstraight and formed a track blockage with Gill also parked up too, Sam Evans (386) taking avoiding action, parked up near by. Gibson picked out Gill from the blockage and drove straight at the back of him. John Reeves (188) deciding Evans was the best option and rammed in the side of him, with Anton Martin (95) going across the front wheel of Royal. Atkin then also going after the 86 van, t-boning the side; the van starting to fall apart. Gibson decided to then block the entrance to the back straight and made sure he got Reeves (188) in the process. Gill went in on the struggling Medler van, steam now pouring out the front. Shipp then deciding to stick it in reverse went in on Gibson who was left stranded after the previous confrontation. Atkin now circulating getting some laps under his belt went in hard on Evans down the backstraight. Medler had turned in round and searched out the van of 170; who had been tussling with Atkin in turn 1; Medler t-boning the side of Shipp. Ivatt had done enough though and picked his way through the majority of the carnage and collected the chequered flag for the final victory; with no other vans circulating and doing laps, Ivatt was declared the only finisher of the final and it was straight into the destruction derby.

The ailing; limping mess of what was left of Kieran Bowmans (178) bus joining in. Martin (95) has decided to go after the van of Medler, but this then drew the attention of the other Mad Hatters, with Gibson and Ivatt piling in on the 95 machine. Shipp also then drew more attention of the mad hatters after he went after Gibson in the backstraight, Ivatt once again went piling in. Ivatt was then driven through by the Bowman bus which had built up some speed at this point; debris flying off at impact. Bowman still carrying some speed down in to the entrance of turn 3, Bowman blitzed Evans. Medler went in on Shipp head on at this point, Medler backed off and went down the backstraight, meeting Evans across the back corner; bits now hanging off the Evans van as Reeves attacked too; before Reeves went through the side of Gibson. Gill met the back end of end of Gibson who was then in turn run in to by Bowman. The vans starting to lose pace evidently whilst it seemed the Mad Hatters van had expired. Martin, Reeves, Shipp, Bowman, Gill and Evans now left running. As the action moved to the home straight, Shipp and Evans tussled whilst the others piled in; Bowmans van now appearing to have gave up too. Gill has turned it round in turn 1 and met Reeves with a big T-bone. Evans and Shipp headed to the back straight where they met reversing into each other as Martin waded in with a big head on to Evans. Evans and Martin went off in opposite directions and met down in turn 4 where Evans caught the 95 van with a t-bone, swinging the van round on two wheels, looking like it would almost topple over. Gill went in on Shipp and Evans with a shot down in to the same bend. Martin turned it round in search of Evans and the pair collided in the home straight; the Evans van looking severely splintered now. Bowman was waving for someone to go in; Shipp obliged and reversed up to the battered Bowman bus; Bowman rolling up the track and directed the bus side on across the home straight. Shipp backed off and took off round the track, clearly in an attempt to build up some speed; leaving Martin, Evans and Gill to it in turn 4. Shipp built up a good enough pace and lined up Bowman; resulting in a savage T-bone which splintered it perfectly. Martin now out, Gill and Evans continued to try to batter each other in the home straight, continually reversing into one another. Shipp once again went off to circulate the track. Shipp duly came round once more and lined up the remains of Bowman, destroying the bus further; Evans backing in to Bowman for good measure. Shipp backed off, but unable to get any further momentum, the 170 van expired leaving it to Gill and Evans. The pair pulled away from each about the length of three quarters of the straight and reversed back up to one another, meeting in big way. The pair then turned it round to face each other and met for a couple of head ons. The 386 van now expired in a cloud of steam, Gill going in again for good measure. Gill the last one running declared the winner to round and an excellent day for all formulas, in particular the big vans. 

2 Litre Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
W & Y 600 389 172 192 350 888 525 425 502 99
Heat 1 26 349 360 218 172 149 600 399 99 157
Heat 2 888 525 570 26 306 600 172 428 218 399
Final 600 888 570 389 149 730 306 428 349 182
2L Non Mondeo Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 175 830 898 170 352 828 128 319 315 557
Heat 2 898 319 830 828 175 512 128 370 NoF
Final 175 830 315 898 370 116 828 370 557 NoF
Destruction Derby 557
Big Van Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 77 Ivatt 86 830 188 390 95 386 601 178 NoF
Heat 2 188 95 390 77 Ivatt 386 170 NoF
Final 77 Ivatt NoF
Destruction Derby 77 Gill
Mirco Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 342 248 51 666 123 212 830 247 165 93
Heat 2 452 830 556 247 322 248 36 566 666 93
Final 248 342 452 36 322 212 37 123 247 566
Destruction Derby Void
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