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    Saturday 6th July

    F1 Stock Cars: 1 Tom Harris. Unlimited Bangers: 750 Rhys Parrin. F2 Stock Cars: 136 Kyle Taylor

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    Saturday 22nd June

    2L Bangers: 314 Luke Rawlings. 1300cc Stock Cars: 303 Jacob Bromley. 2L Saloons: 214 Tom Yould

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Saturday 29 September

Photos: Darren Garwell
Words: Keith Organ

A night of all banger action at the Adrian Flux King’s Lynn Anrea and it didn’t disappoint. The Micro UK final the big race on the card; but with 170 cars across all formulas this “domestic” was never going to be “domestic”.

Micro Bangers

42 cars for the last chance heat; Nathan Tomlinson (609) from pole. Early action saw Jackson Whitehead (330), Scott Elden (313) and Nick Ashbridge (249) amongst others trip over one another and form a pile up in the backstraight; whilst Tony Fidoe (949) and Wayne Howat (734) do the same in the homestraight. Whitehead runs in Darren Fendley (673) in to turn one; Dave Martin (308) offered the same courtesy from Whitehead in to turn 3. The waved yellows called for. Tomlinson your leader on the restart. Whitehead continued to be thick among the action taking on Dave Allen (364) in turn 2. The Metro of Fidoe was run in by Darrenn Mouser (949); the rest of the field getting caught up too piling in in turn 3; including Andrew Milner (560) who took in Glenn Brookes (18). Leader Tomlinson bundles in on Jamie O Hanlan (551); whilst Ricky Garrod (99) turned it round and went after Kevin Constance (98). Kyle Stevenson (60) destroys the Gladiator Fiesta of Oliver Marshall (318); Milner sought out revenge for his team mate and went in on Stevenson with a head on. Stevenson then turned it round for Michael Carter (329) getting him head on; before going back in on Marshall for good measure. Stevenson still on opposite went for Garrod; but back up front it was Tomlinson charging to a dominate lead up front.

The main event of the night; the Micro UK Final saw a field of 45 cars on track, subject to an Incarace draw; a randomly selected number of cars from the inside and outside were sent to the back; leaving James Licquorice (51) on pole position. So many cars on track lots was going on at the green flag, several spinners throughout the order; including Jack Maryon (212) who spun and backed up to Karl Corsby (175) to the plating running him down the fence with Jamie Blything (248) for company too. Defending UK champion Ben Randell’s (165) race was cut short when he run into the parked car of Cameron Hubbard (624) in turn 3, Randell was then run into as he was left with nowhere to go; Alex Utting (548) the early leader. Corsby was blitzed in the back straight by Jackson Whitehead (330); who was then done by Licqourice; yellow flags were then called for. Utting led off the restart, but he was quickly over hauled by Tony Pallett (566), who took full advantage of Utting getting caught out by a back marker skirmish in the back straight; the restart was short lived when Danny Jenkins (461) rolled over in turn 1; prompting the red flags; the top five on the restart: 566 548 69 634 247. Further back Callum Lacey (412) tried to run in Blything in to turn 1, Blything held it to avoid the follow in, but was sent to a spin on the exit of the bend. The lap boards now out for Pallett; pulling out a clear lead over Ben Mynott (352) in second and Kieran Bowman (178) third. Into the last bend though Ben Cox (9) tripped up Scott Elden (313) and this caught out Ben Mynott (352) who went run straight in to them, this allowed Bowman through to second, Mynott recovered for third.

The first Allcomers had a field of 35 cars with Toby Dean (298) and Olly Scott (339) getting taken round at the start which saw the passing field clobber them. Dean was in further trouble with Shaun Smith (661) and Nick Ashbridge (249) who were all bundled in to the turn 1 fence. 146 goes in on Jonathan Ashbridge (248); Nick (249) in further trouble tripping up with Josh Green (834) in the backstraight. Lewis Judd (908) attacked Ashbridge (248); whilst James Licquorice (51) went in on Glenn Brooke (18) with 360 and 339 too in the homestraight. Waved yellows called for. 861 50 375 the top three on the restart; Craig Allen (181) attacks 212 in turn 3; whilst Brad Bartrum (69) and Alex Hensby (375) trip over a packed car in the backstraight. James Chapman (842) came under attack in turn; as Bartrum came under fire from Jamie o Hanlan (551) in turn 3. Lewis Judd (908) went in on O Hanlan; whilst Maryon turned round for 360 in turn 2; the passing pack piling in too. Maryon then went after Darrenn Mouser (199) and not done there; he went after Joey Reynolds (760). Licquorice goes in on the back of 360. Judd took round Ashbridge in turn 2; as Maryon once again on opposite got 146 on the nose. 

Allcomers 2 drew out 50 cars; Ashley Steward (175) starting pole position. Alan Jackson (234) had collided with one of Team Bilge in turn 3 and was left stranded nose to the fence; Kyle Stevenson (60) didn’t waste the invitation and steamed in on Jackson; absolutely annihilating the Micra, red flags were called for. On the restart Glenn Brookes (18) was taken round to a spin in turn 3 as was James Licquorice (51). Jon Bailey (247) run in to Ben Green (634) in turn 1; as Ben Mynott (352) was sent to a spin with a number of cars bunching in the turn. Dave Allen (364) was then destroyed by Chris Hornbrook (65); who was then blitzed by Kieran Bowman (178). Bowman quickly backed out; Licquorice lined up Bowman but it was Hornbrook who took the full force of the shot as Bowman quickly escaped. A number of cars tripped over in turn 1 and along with the stranded cars, a track blockage began to form. Stevenson stormed in on Morgen McCarthy (13) who was trying to negotiate the pile up; Stevenson was blitzed by Cameron Hubbard (624). Hubbard then took a shot off Jamie Blything (248), Bowman steaming in on Blything and Licquorice doing the same on Bowman; the pile up claiming more victims all the time as some drivers turned it round and attacked on the other side. Nathan Thomlinson (609) taking round Joey Reynolds (760) in to the pile up, Thomlinson collected Jack Licquorice (511). Thomlinson a lap later attacked Licquorice (51) and Dave Lewis (37) in to turn 1. Lewis Judd (908) though was the one to take the win after steering clear of trouble, Lewis finished second and Reynolds in third.

Such was the destructive night, only 17 cars managed to return for the last Allcomers. Aaron Mann (143) starting on pole; Andrew Milner (560) an early casualty; being taking into a spin in the back straight; whilst Alex Utting (548) and Joey Reynolds (760) attacked Ollie Skeels (321) in the homestraight, Utting ending a spin in turn 1 courtesy of Reynolds. James Licquorice (51) was getting attacked by Mackenzie Whitehead (331) down the homestraight. The lap boards were out as Licquorice was under attack one more, this time from 146. Kieran Bowman (178) had turned it round and tried to line up a number of cars, but before he had the chance to land a hit, Whitehead had also turned it round and stormed in on the back of Bowman in turn 3. Reynolds though took the win, Kieran Challis (666) finished second and 146 third.

Straight into the destruction derby and James Licquorice (51) turned it round for Nick Ashbridge (248) in turn 3, with Andrew Horry (582) going in on Licquorice; Ben Green (634) going in for good measure too.  Licquorice took a big head on from Jamie O Hanlan (551); Ashbridge gets some good speed up and goes in on Green. Ashbridge and Ollie Skeels (321) exchanged a head on before Green piles in on Ashbridge. Ashbridge last car running, destroys Skeels one more time before being awarded the win to round out another solid session for the micros.  


Junior Bangers

21 cars on track for the first heat; Codie Reeves (188) led the field off from pole position; but she was quickly under threat from Callum Self (667) who was challenging in the early laps. Lee Reynolds (117) and Howe Reade (352) collide in turn 2; waved yellows were called for. Reeves the leader on the restart; but Joey Holmes (90) wasn’t far behind and he was made rapid progress at the green flag. Aiden Storr (854) attacks Ben Nicholls (328) in to turn 1; before doing the same to Lennie Murkin (608), Blake Platts (450) there for company too putting the bumper in on Murkin. The trio continued to battle; but this came to a sudden hault when Murkin and Storr clashed with the help of Platts; Storr’s car dug in to the shale and rolled over; waved yellows called for once more. Former World Champion Harley McCarthy (131) now your leader, Reeves in second and Harry Gelsthorpe (555) in third; at the green Holmes was quickly on the attack again, going in on 188 and 555 into turn 1; the pack bunching behind; Holmes picked his space perfectly and went through in to second; Reeves coming off worse dropped back down the order; Reeves tried to fight back attacking Louie Cottrill (999) in to turn 1, Cottrill then putting the bumper in on Nichols the next bend. The lap boards now presented as Lewis Ivatt (77), Platts and Reeves clashed in the home straight; Platts taking a trip to the marker tyres. Holmes was right with McCarthy and he duly attacked the 131 machine in the homestraight sending McCarthy spinning out of the lead. Holmes took the win, Nichols finishing second and Cottrill third. Gelsthorpe putting Cottrill out wide in to turn 1 in to the into the abandoned 854 car before the red flags to signal the end.

20 cars for heat 2; Lee Reynolds (117) your early race leader; Finlay Damon (08) sent to an early spin in turn 1; whilst Harry Cobb (229) took out Callum Self (667) in turn 1. A big collection of drivers started to bunch mid pack; whilst back up front Harley McCarthy (131) challenged for the lead just as the lap boards were presented. Codie Reeves (188), Harry Gelsthorpe (555), Joey Holmes (90) and Ben Nichols (328) continued their battle further back to the flag; but back up front McCarthy took the lead and eventually the win ahead of Reynolds who held second; with Holmes finishing third.

The final of the day had a field of 19 cars with Maisie Armstrong (68) starting from pole position, but she was quickly overhauled for the lead and tripped over Callum Self (667) in turn 2; Codie Reeves (188) took over the lead from Thomas Needs (54) and Louie Cottrill (999).  Joey Holmes (90) battled with Lewis Ivatt (77) further back; Ivatt and Harry Gelsthorpe (555) tripped up with Howe Reade (352) in the homestraight. Another steady race and it was time for the lap boards; Danny Elbourn (304) had got himself in to the lead, but was being attacked by Cottrill looking to reclaim first spot. Needs and Blake Platts (450) bashed wheels in to turn 1 which saw the 54 car lose control and hit the fence. A hard charging Holmes took round Reeves in the backstraight to take third; Platts taking Ben Nichols (328) around in the backstraight too; snatching fourth. Elbourn went on to take the win, Cottrill finishing second and Holmes in third.


Lady bangers.

The only outing of 2018 for the lady bangers at King’s Lynn racing in Unlimited bangers saw 18 cars grid for heat 1. Marie Mayes (730) led the field off from pole. Laura Quadling (419) took around Tracie Ward (543) in the Mk2 Granada; lots of other spinners as the ladies adjusted to rear wheel drive; whilst Liz Dicken (145) and Jemma White (219) collided in the homestraight.  Jane Filmer (884)  spun around and was caught by Dee Maskell (327) with a head on; Emma Mullins (100) trips over them in the process down the home straight. Stacey Reeves (288) went in on the MK2 Granada of Morgen McCarthy (13) in the homestraight; whilst Charlotte Ward (10) gets a hit off Alice Sullivan (88). Tiff Collins (818) took around Maskell in the homestraight, Maskell in further trouble this time with Sarah Lacey (70) in the backstraight courtesy of Quadling. The leaders Reeves and Mayes were jostling for position; neck and neck down the homestraight, but with nowhere to go the pair run in to the stranded Filmer (884) machine. Collins goes in gently across back of Mayes to clear a route through; whilst Ellie Filmer (885) took Becki Wright (266) in to a spin; Wright then collected Reeves in the homestraight whilst re-joining. Collins, Danielle Ellis (3) and Reeves your top three as the lap boards were presented; however Ellis shortly retired after, the car seemingly in trouble. Collins trips over Ward in turn 3; letting Reeves take over the lead. Reeves went in on the back of Dicken with the bumper in to turn 1; Dicken in further trouble tripping up over the stranded Filmer (884) and Mayes (730) pile up in the homestraight; Collins once again tasked with clearing a pathway went in over the back of the Dicken P5; Reeves taking the win ahead of Collins in second and Quadling in third; rounding out an entertaining first race for the Ladies bangers. 

Heat 2 for the ladies and 15 cars returned; Danielle Ellis (3) on pole this time. A couple of damaged machines from heat 1 meant they had to load up for the night, but an extra car in the form of a Rover P4 for Jade Hardbord (95). Jemma White (219) took around Diane Flinders (622) in the Volvo estate; whilst Morgan McCarthy (13) and Tiff Collins (818) go in to a spin in turn 3. Stacey Reeves (288) fenced herself in turn 1 which knocked the steering out; forcing retirement. Flinders and McCarthy were once again in a spin in turn 1, this time with Tracie Ward (543) for company. McCarthy was then blitzed in the backstraight by Ellie Filmer (885); waved yellows were called for a separate incident, the top three on the restart: Ellis, Emma Mullins (100) and Laura Quadling (419) in third.  Filmer and Dee Maskell (327) battled out further back as Quadling muscled her Volvo in to the lead, but the race quickly bought back under caution for a fire under the McCarthy Granada requiring the red flags. Quadling, Ellis and Mullins now the top three; but similarly to heat 1, Ellis quickly retired. White spun around Collins just before the lap boards and Quadling spun backmarker Flinders around, Filmer much like her brothers wasting no opportunity and drove straight in the back of Flinders. The laps ticked by and Mullins reeled in Quadling, trying for a last bender, but she didn’t quite get there; Mullins was then spun around by backmarker Sarah Lacey (70) before reaching the chequered flag; Quadling taking the win, White in second and Maskell third.

13 cars for the ladies final; on a freshly watered track, attracted some early race spinners; Ellie Filmer (885) however avoided such problems and took up the lead early on. Jane Filmer (884) went after Tiff Collins (818) in turn 1, before attacking Emma Mullins (100) a lap later. Jade Hardbord (95), Gemma White (219) and Mullins clash in the backstraight. Sarah Lacey (70) spun around Alice Sullivan (88) to the homestraight fence. The lap boards were soon out for Filmer (885) who was driving a great race and staying out of trouble; albeit for a brief moment in a collision with Lacey. Stacey Reeves (288) maintained second a few car lengths back. Dee Maskell (327) spun out Lacey in turn 1; Hardbord having no where to go collided with Lacey. Reeves had closed the gap down on Filmer and was within striking distance in to the last bend, duly striking the back of the Filmer jag, but 885 held on, taking the win, Reeves taking second and Laura Quadling (419) third.


1500cc Bangers

Morgen McCarthy (13) led the field off from pole in a busy night for the youngster; racing all three adult banger classes; 35 cars lining up behind her on track. The opening laps were chaotic with cars going everywhere. Jack Giddings (591) was taken around by David Gibson (390) in turn 1; Jonny Atkin (399) then went in on Giddings, before Chris Medler (601) did the same. Dave Osbourne (174) and Karl Corsby (175) trip over one another in the backstraight. Lee White (830) took around Aaron Colbert (121) in the homestraight; whilst Osbourne had now turned the car around on opposite in turn 1; catching Nathan Webb (315) in the side. Osbourne still on opposite lined up Liam Halls (800) for a head on; chaotic scenes followed with a big pile up in the backstraight involving most of field; Gibson taking a big shot off Louis Brook (652); the chequered flag falling for White who took the win ahead of Tony Pallett (566) in second and McCarthy in third.

21 cars for heat 2 which was red flag early when Nathan Webb (315) received a big shot in turn 3. The red flags were soon called for again when Morgen McCarthy (13) collided with the Nathan Tupper (350) car. On the restart David Gibson (390) attacked Brad Bartram (69) in to turn 3; who caught the pile up in the process; Gibson in amongst the action Paul Lovick (26). Lee White (830) followed in Bartram in to turn 3, but remained on the back of him and the pair came to a rest in the marker tyres in turn 1; Russell Gill (77) catching them in the process. Jonny Atkin (399) your leader remained there to the chequered flag; Ben Whitehall (379) attacking Chris Medler (601) rounded out heat 2. White finished second and Gibson in third.

13 cars returned for the final; Jack Giddings (591) on pole; the field bunching up at the start. Russell Gill (77), Andy Battle (898) and Tony Pallett (566) battle for the lead exchanging places and bumpers. Eventually Pallett took over the lead; with Battle and Gill behind battling for second; Nathan Tupper (350) attacked Danny Clarke (747) in to turn 1 in the closing stages, but back up front Pallett stormed to victory, with Battle finishing second and Gill in third.  

Straight in to the Destruction derby and Lee White (830) went in on Alex Eaton (13) in the backstraight; whilst Russell Gill (77) lined up Danny Clarke (747) for a big head on in turn 2. Gill and White then meet for a head on too; White backing off took the win.  


Micro Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Last Chance 609 155 119 757 761 199 (KC) 234 313 9 551
UK Final 566 178 352 37 36 556 69 155 666 248
Allcomers 1 37 247 (JB) 321 175 (AS) 760 908 NoF
Allcomers 2 908 37 760 666 619 321 143 NoF
Allcomers 3 760 666 146 143 337 321 548 634 51 248 (JB)
Destruction Derby 248 (NA)
1500cc Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 830 566 13 (MM) 652 390 399 147 NoF
Heat 2 399 830 390 566 898 77 350 379 601 NoF
Final 566 898 77 350 379 175 416 NoF
Destruction Derby 830
Lady Unlimited Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 288 818 419 885 10 70 145 NoF
Heat 2 419 219 327 885 818 884 NoF
Final 885 288 419 3 327 884 95 NoF
Junior Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 90 328 999 555 715 77 304 188 229 667
Heat 2 131 117 90 328 555 304 450 188 54 622
Final 304 999 90 450 188 199 555 854 670 77
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