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Trackstar Racing | Info | Results | 2014 | Saturday 30th August 2014

Latest Results

  • Saturday 14 May

    Saturday 14 May

    Bluebirds/Cavaliers/Carinas: 549 Phil Smith. Almera/Sunny Bangers: 112 Brad Wright. 1300 Stock Cars: 244 Ed Selby. Unlimited Lady Bangers: 469 Emily Taylor

    Updated: 18 May 2022 15:48

  • Monday 2 May

    Monday 2 May

    2L Bangers: 699 Aaron Nelson. 1500 Bangers 227 Gavin Taylor. 2L Saloons 730 Deane Mayes. Reliant Robins 385 Roy Gedge

    Updated: 18 May 2022 16:48

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Latest Points

  • Lady Bangers (Gold Roof)

    Lady Bangers (Gold Roof)

    # 57 Sophie Tillow leads the way in qualifying for the Unlimited Lady Banger Gold Roof Championship

  • Lady Bangers (White & Yellow)

    Lady Bangers (White & Yellow)

    # 313 Shannon Woods leads the 2022 Unlimited Lady Banger White & Yellow points

  • Lady Bangers

    Lady Bangers

    # 313 Shannon Woods currently leads the 2022 Unlimited Lady Banger National Points Championship.

  • Banger (White & Yellow)

    Banger (White & Yellow)

    #107 Taylor Pratchett leads the way in the 2022 White & Yellow National Banger White & Yellow Championship

  • Banger National Points

    Banger National Points

    #608 Lennie Murkin leads the way in the 2022 National Banger National Points Championship

Saturday 30th August 2014

Saloon Stock Car superstar 499 David Aldous claimed a record fourth World Championship success at the Norfolk Arena, King’s Lynn on Saturday night, 30 August. Aldous drove a sublime race in front of a big crowd to take the win from local men 641 Willie Skoyles Jr and 428 Lee Sampson. Also in action were the 1300cc Stock Cars, where European Champion 344 Ross Fisher took the meeting final, and all-Jaguar Bangers, with 100 Callum White taking the main race.

Saloon Stock Cars

An excellent turnout of 76 Saloons were in the pits. With 29 already having secured their places on the grid for the big race, the remaining 47 were split between two last-chance qualifiers, with four places up for grabs from each. Each lined up in World Ranking points order, with 24 in the first and 23 in the second.

The first LCQ was led away from pole position by the man who won the World Final the last time it was staged at King’s Lynn, 360 Carl Waterfield. He was quickly passed by another top local driver, 149 Jamie Sampson, while 218 Jacob Downey moved past 26 Tommy Barnes for third. That pair and 420 Ivan Street begun a good scrap over the last two qualifying spots, as Waterfield reassumed the lead on lap two. 176 Murray Jones then joined the battle for third, briefly heading it and then spinning Street from contention before he himself retired and Barnes and Downey returned to the all-important qualifying positions.

With Waterfield and Sampson long gone, the battle for third and fourth continued to rage. The man making the most progress, from the very back row of the grid, was 591 Aaron Morris. He worked his way past top-six runners 161 Billy Smith and Street and was starting to catch fourth-placed Downey. When Downey tangled with the backmarking 417 Fred Powell, the former 1300cc World Champion needed no second opportunity and seized his chance to make his Saloon World Final debut, grabbing fourth and bringing it home behind Waterfield, Sampson and Barnes. Downey would rue his bad luck in fifth, with Smith sixth and 442 Simon Berry, 131 Timmy Barnes, Street and 460 Cliff Friend completing the top 10.

Second row starter 511 Craig Barnett moved straight ahead of the pole-sitting 186 Todd Jones at the start of the second LCQ, before 698 Danny Colliver charged past both, followed by 214 Tom Yould. From the second half of the grid, 304 Martyn Parker was also on the move and quickly broke into the top four, ahead of Jones. The Surrey man then tangled with sixth-placed 130 Joe Gladden, both dropping from contention, along with 512 Darren Barnett.

Out front, Craig Barnett tried to hook out Yould, but it didn’t come off and the Spalding driver instead found a way past Colliver into the lead. Those three, along with Parker, had by now built a big gap over the chasing pack and it looked to be a case of avoiding trouble and bringing their cars home. But they reckoned without the now-lapped Darren Barnett. Appearing to want to help his brother, he charged inside the leading pair, allowing his brother through and delaying Yould, but not fatally so. But crucially, with just a couple of laps to go, he managed to spin Colliver out, dropping him out of the top four. 23 Lee Pearce was the main beneficiary, coming home fourth behind Craig Barnett, Parker and Yould, with 391 Jake Banwell the first to miss out and Colliver a disappointed sixth. The top ten was completed by 538 Jake Swann, an early spinner, 607 Steve Honeyman, 128 Craig Banwell and 512 Darren Barnett.

And so, on to the big race itself. After the top six qualifiers each entered the arena to their own music, they were joined by the remaining gladiators on parade. The grid formed up, as shown below, behind the MG Magnette stock car of the legendary 6 Horry Barnes who then delivered his own version of the most famous words in stock car racing: “Gentlemen, are you listening? Start your engines!” In an electric atmosphere, the first of two rolling laps was led by Barnes who then peeled off to let the fireworks commence.








641 Willie Skoyles Jr



618 Stuart Shevill Jr


499 David Aldous



401 Steve Webster


156 Darren Goudy



402 Shaun Webster


153 Ryan Wright



75 Ross Houston


730 Deane Mayes



428 Lee Sampson


306 Daniel Parker



661 Graeme Shevill


56 George Boult Jr



18 Jamie Clayton


677 Eddie Darby



219 Luke Grief


620 Aaryn Triggs



85 Kyle Irvine


711 Anthony McIvor



811 Kieran McIvor


6 Simon Welton



158 Shane Davies


600 Barry Russell



220 Casey Englestone


199 Phil Powell



670 Ross Watters


349 Michael Allard



570 Simon Venni


303 Frank Loeff



360 Carl Waterfield


511 Craig Barnett



149 Jamie Sampson


304 Martyn Parker



26 Tommy Barnes


214 Tom Yould



591 Aaron Morris


23 Lee Pearce




From pole position, 641 Willie Skoyles Jr made a good start to lead away, while grid-three man 499 David Aldous moved straight into second and 401 Steve Webster edged into third. As the inevitable pile-up formed further back, it looked the front few rows had, perhaps surprisingly, negotiated the first turns, but then Webster was turned hard into the back straight fence. He managed to gather it together, but 156 Darren Goudy had gone by into third, while 402 Shaun Webster squeezed past 618 Stuart Shevill Jr into fifth.

Aldous swept into the lead at the end of the first lap, while former double World Champion 677 Eddie Darby spun 349 Michael Allard right in front of the leaders, who somehow avoided the trouble. Skoyles managed to fight back and return to the head of the field at the start of lap three, but it wasn’t for long as Aldous came back past before the end of the lap.

Goudy was removed from third which allowed a charging 158 Shane Davies to take up the position from Steve Webster, as Shevill slipped further back behind first 428 Lee Sampson and then both 730 Deane Mayes and Waterfield who was making rapid progress.

Out front, Aldous was beginning to build a gap, as he skilfully negotiated the backmarker traffic, while Skoyles was also comfortably clear of Davies. Surprisingly, there had been no yellow flags yet, but there could have been after the third bend green marker tyre was whacked onto the track, close to the racing line. Steve Webster used it to his advantage to move into third, while Sampson also passed the momentarily Davies in the incident. As most appeared relatively untroubled by the marker tyre, the race continued unabated, by now without both Shevill brothers. 661 Graeme, borrowing 116 Diggy Smith’s car, saw his engine blow up, shortly after 618 Stuart had also retired.

Waterfield, who had passed Sampson and Davies and was up to fourth, had his hopes of a repeat of 2009 ended when he was spun by the lapped 18 Jamie Clayton, as all the while the front two were pulling further clear. With three laps to go, Aldous had built an advantage of about a quarter of a lap, but now had the out-of-contention 6 Simon Welton on his tail, looking pacy and racy. ‘Welly’ could have caused trouble but didn’t and so Aldous eased to a universally popular victory, from Skoyles, runner-up for the second year running. Behind them, there was still drama, as Steve Webster was slow out of the final bend, and Sampson stole the last podium place on the line. Former Banger Racing stars Davies and Mayes would have been delighted with fifth and sixth, as would Mayes’s fellow World Final debutant 220 Casey Englestone in seventh. Craig Barnett, 219 Luke Grief and Jamie Sampson rounded out the top ten.

A delighted Aldous was modest in victory; “I don’t know how I did that, to be honest with you. Everything just came together. Backmarkers and things were a bit of an issue but we’ve been working on the car solid for two weeks – she was absolutely brilliant. Fantastic race; people want to see hard, fast stock car racing – and that’s what they got.”



499 David Aldous


641 Willie Skoyles Jr


428 Lee Sampson


401 Steve Webster


158 Shane Davies


730 Deane Mayes


220 Casey Englestone


511 Craig Barnett


219 Luke Grief


149 Jamie Sampson

The meeting consolation raised a big field of 39 cars and was led from start to finish by 84 Carl Boswell. Morris had again looked fast but was spun out of second by 144 Daniel Bullock. That allowed Welton and Allard into second and third and after a good battle they crossed the line in that order. “I’ve always loved it here,” said Boswell, “just an amazing track.”

Thirty-seven qualifiers returned for the World Masters race which Bullock led until he spun and Billy Smith took over. With nearly 30 blue, red and champion graded drivers, there was a lot of carnage further back, and after a caution period for debris on the track, Smith led away from Darren Barnett, Morris and Bullock. Smith rode the fence to hold on out front but the new World Champion Aldous then took him in hard. Despite sustaining hefty rear-end damage, Smith rode it out but was now being shown the technical disqualification flag. He ignored it and was then spun by Aldous, sparking the young livewire’s desire for retaliation. He blasted Aldous into the fence, but ended taking the brunt of it himself, picking up a leg injury and requiring another caution period. There had already been plenty of other hard-hitting action, including Englestone firing Jake Banwell hard into the wall twice.

Darren Barnett assumed the lead with the demise of Smith and led the restart from his lapped brother, Colliver, Welton and Timmy Barnes. The leader raced into a clear lead as Colliver spun, which he would hold from Welton, Timmy Barnes and Goudy until a red-and-chequered finish. That was required after Colliver and Craig Barnett had a big coming together which saw the latter end on his roof, with the former perched on top. That in turn meant that Skoyles and Boswell completed the top six, despite the latter having just fired the former into the fence.

A 39-car allcomers race rounded out the night’s action, and unsurprisingly saw a lot of big hits flying in, particularly in the early laps. When things had settled down a bit, it was Darren Barnett who led, but the action was still going on behind. 777 Alan Ainslie did a wall of death routine, while Colliver absolutely blasted 631 Peter Low, as part of their ongoing feud, leaving the Scot with a lot of damage. Amazingly, Colliver was still running second when the resulting yellow flags came out, accompanied by rain. That led to many spinners once the race got going again, as Colliver assumed the lead and went on to win from Darren Barnett and Goudy.

1300cc Stock Cars

An excellent of entry of 38 1300s were in attendance, including the new World Champion 171 Adam O’Dell and several other visitors.

In a two-thirds heat format, the first was dominated by white-graded local man 794 Chris Brown, winning from the new European Champion 344 Ross Fisher and 444 Natasha Street, making her first appearance at the track in a 1300 following her debut at Coventry, after she prevailed in a good battle with the returning 276 Stephen Walden.

Another white graded winner came in the form of 316 Danny McCluskey in heat two, after he passed long-time leader 412 Jordan Gay when the latter half-spun with three laps to go. Street this time came second from 747 Liam Hard. O’Dell had been making good progress but got caught up with Hard's battle with Brown and dropped to seventh at the flag.

A white grade hat trick of heat wins was completed by 590 Chris Morley, on his first appearance in eight years. He held off a rapidly closing 340 Wes Freestone who emerged in front of good battle for the remaining places, third eventually going to 731 Barry Wade.

The final raised 30 cars and saw Street lead the early stages before dropping back. Hard moved in front but Fisher and 167 Jimmy Morris were making excellent progress from the back. Fisher dived inside Hard to take the lead, while Morris followed him through with two and a half laps to go. A premature halt was called after 447 Richard Hampshire accidentally belted head on at terrific pace into the spun 400 Kevin Shinn, on his 1300 debut. The top three had remained unchanged, with 07 Ady Moden, O’Dell and 702 Allen Cooper completing the top six.

Jaguar Bangers

A good field of 26 Jags were in action, with top motor being the Mk10 of 396 Karl Turner. The biggest action of heat one saw 617 Jack Overy obliterated by 100 Callum White, who was then blasted by 700 Gareth Cushion, after a coming together with 998 Wayne Cottrill Jr had put Overy in the marker tyres. That earned White and Cushion entertainers awards, while out front, 128 Andy Shipp dominated to win from 348 Sonny Sherwood and 517 Sid Cooper. Shipp said afterwards: “These things handle quite well and I just make the most of it if I can.” White’s reaction was: “That’s what we come racing for, to have a good old crash – especially someone I’ve idolised since I was a kid.”

Heat two was a little quiet in terms of heavy action but 316 James Cushion managed to spin both 90 Adrian Harboard and then Shipp from the lead. On the latter occasion he got pinned into the fence, allowing 920 James Medley to move in front. But 382 Jack Foster Jr and Cottrill were on a charge, and came through to take first and second, Cotty prevailing after a good scrap between the pair.

The final was led by 878 Luke Rowland in his very smart XJS before White hit the front, and there he stayed. Rowland then had a good battle with Shipp, who spun him out with just over a lap to go. Shipp was then overtaken for second on the final bend by 97 Dave Allen, making his last appearance in Bangers before a proposed move to BriSCA F1 Stock Cars.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Last Chance 1 360 149 26 591 218 161 442 131 420 460
Last Chance 2 511 304 214 23 391 698 538 607 128 512
World Final 499 641 428 401 158 730 220 511 219 149
Consolation 84 6 349 22 591 130 75 144 442 811
World Masters 512 6 131 156 641 84 18 570 428 420
All Comers 698 512 156 349 149 158 570 128 144 18
All Jaguar Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 128 348 517 338 90 382 97 920 43 878
Heat 2 998 382 160 338 878 348 311 303 128 920
Final 100 97 128 382 43 998 160 878 348 920
Destruction Derby 396
Entertainer Awards 100 700 396 100
1300 Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 794 344 444 276 447 171 409 82 731 780
Heat 2 316 444 747 385 794 409 171 447 23 371
Heat 3 590 340 731 747 702 7 473 377 276 324
Final 344 167 747 7 171 702 409 23 653 673
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