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  • Monday 6th May

    Monday 6th May

    Micro Banger: 678 Alex Ward. 1600cc Banger: 275 Joel Bond. 2L Banger: 519 Lee Middleton. Unlimited Banger: 382 Jack Foster JNR. Reliant Robins: 553 Daniel Douglas.

    Updated: 11 May 2024 13:52

  • Sunday 21st April

    Sunday 21st April

    1600cc Bangers: 311 Gary Lown. Junior Bangers: 515 Reagan Flatters. 1300cc Stock Cars: 167 Jimmy Morris. 2L Saloons: 129 Will Morphey

    Updated: 24 Apr 2024 14:35

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Saturday 08 August


Photos: 1 - 11 Matt Bull, 12 - 22 Damien Widdows, 23 - 33 Jim Harrod, 34 - 44 Major Gilbert

Report: Keith Organ


Our second meeting post lockdown and it was another big meeting – with the highly anticipated, lockdown delayed, Pre75 Bangers featuring Overs and Unders cars & a late addition of 2L Bangers. A fantastic night of all banger action with a tremendous array of cars; some superb presentation too and as you would expect a lot of hard work needed to get these beasts ready for another chance at glory.

Pre75 Bangers Overs

2L Banger World Champion Callum Gill (757) led the bigger cars off in his ultra smart Spedeworth World Final Mk1 Granada from a few years ago, 35 cars on track. At the green, John Millen (917) was taken around at the end of the homestraight in his Westy by Lewis Jefcoate (108), Millen was then collected in turn by Neil Peter (414) and Martin Kent (307). Peters, Jefcoate and Lee Macey (78) not getting much further as all spun around on the exit of turn 2. Sean Gallagher (112), Marc Blower (591) and Tommy West (171) all got better acquainted in the home straight; until Garry Webb (622) arrived in his DS420 limo to take around West in turn 1. Kieran Bowman (178) and Al Roskell (266) went around in turn 3; sending the field in to avoiding action. Kieran Greenaway (191) took Callum Read (32) around in to a spin in the homestraight, almost tripping up Scott Saunders (346) in the process; the rest of the field taking avoiding action once again. Shayn Winsor (160) and Nicky Young (791) collided in the homestraight, leaving the P4 of Young across the track, Lewis Tingle (281) catching the back of the 791 machine; as Martin French (267) took around Ross Coleman (476). The lap boards out for Gill. Brett Jackson (551) and Gallagher were taken around by Ross Winsor (960) in the homestraight. Gill taking a comfortable win, Reynolds finishing second and Winsor (960) in third.

Heat 2 lined up with Shayn Winsor (160) on pole; 29 cars on track, but Nicky Young (791) pulling off left 28 for battle. Lewis Tingle (281), James Guppy (349) and Callum Reed (32) spinners in the opening lap. Winsor, Taylor Sowter (388) and Kieran Greenway (191) your early leaders as the race settled in to a quick rhythm. Brett Jackson (551) took around Mark Millen (814) out of turn 4, collecting Tommy West (171) in the process.  The lap boards soon presented to Winsor; as Martin French (267) spun himself in turn 4, Garry Webb (622) and Harry Gelsthorp (555) needing to take quick avoiding action; Gelsthorp getting attacked by Jamie Millen (243) in the process. Sean Gallagher (112) spun around Carl Sowter (288) in the homestraight; as Winsor was presented with the last lap board. Webb latching on to the back of Wayne Charles (715) down the homestraight, the rest of the field pushing Webb too, the Cresta of Charles was taken straight to the fence; Webb backed off across the track getting caught by Tingle in the process. Winsor taking a flag to flag win, Sowter (388) in second and Greenway coming home third.

The Feature final for the Overs drew out a field of 21 cars, led off by Lee Mace (78); the first of the full contact races for the big cars. Straight from the off James Guppy (349) was flicked around in the home straight by Al Roskell (266) who in turn had Tom Filmer (884) on the back of him, who had Martin French (267) on the back of him; the train slammed in to turn 1 plating, snapping off the Mk10 Jag of Filmer and leaving French in a precarious position, indeed it wasn’t too long before the Rolls Royce of Kieran Greenway (191) stormed in, destroying French’s AMC Rambler. Tommy West (171) went in with the bumper on Lewis Jefcoate (108), snookering the Mk1 Granada in to Marc Blower (591), Blower going round in to a spin, backing Jefcoate in to the plating; Nicky Young (791) obliging, stormed in on the back of Jefcoate. Up the other end in turn 3; Martin Kent (307) blitzed Wayne Charles (715) in the Cresta. A caution period called for. On the restart Macey led them off, as Carl Sowter (288) parked himself in the back of the 1971 Galaxy of Brett Jackson (551).  Jefcoate in trouble once more, was taken in to a spin by Taylor Sowter (388) in turn 2. Macey was taken out of the lead when Jackson backed him into the plating, the DS420 Hearse of Harry Gelsthorpe ploughing in on the back of Macey, Shayn Winsor (160) now your leaders and Sowter (388) second. Macey went in on the back of Jackson as Carl Sowter (288) stormed in on the back of Gelsthorpe. Winsor was sent in to a spin by Sowter (388) who now took over the lead at the lap boards. West went in on the nose of Macey in to the backstraight, Ross Winsor (960) went in on West. Blower also now attacking the back of Jackson. Sowter took the win, Winsor second and Sean Gallagher (112) third.

Just 9 cars survived for the Allcomers event, led off by Martin Kent (307). The Hearse of Harry Gelsthorop (555) was limping down the backstraight and was met by Kent and Jamie Millen (243) on the back of him. Tommy West (171) had been your leader but he retired to middle gifting the lead to Callum Gill (757). Kent lined up the stranded Hearse and blitzed it properly this time. Gill went on to take the win, Taylor Sowter (388) second and Ross Winsor (96) in third.

With only one taker for the Destruction Derby, it was declared void.


Pre75 Bangers Unders

Nudge and spin races to for the half of the night for the pre cars; the Unders split into two halves smaller cars on original engines in one half and larger cars in the second group. Heat 1 was for the bigger of the smaller cars 22 cars on track, Lee Saunders (349) led them off in his Triumph 2000; Dan Offord (738) the first casualty; whilst Paul Bowen (557) and Dan Ambrose (785) tripped over one another before the green flag, knocking Bowen’s steering out and also catching out Michael Carter (329) in the process. The Capri of Matt Tillow (556) also in trouble in turn 1, who was collected by Josh Gooch (625). Alex Utting (548) in the Mk3 Cortina leading the way had to carefully navigate Carter spinning out Lloyd Stark (888) in turn 1; as the ex-Spedeworth World Champion Terry Coke (627) offered the same to Rover P6 of James Licquorice (51) in the home straight. The lap boards out for Utting, whilst further back second place Rob Browning (887) tripped up with Cameron Hubbard (624); allowing third place Shaun Rushton (179) to close for an attack on Browning in to turn 1, but the 887 Triumph held off the assault. John Nicolson (310) collected a marker tyre; knocking the front corner out, Nicholson ended up in the fence. A lap later and Rushton attempted another tackle into turn 1, but Browning held it once more and managed to pull a bigger gap. Coke in amongst it once more, took around Colin Aldred (576) in the home straight. Utting took the win, Browning in second and Tom Hannah (800) piping Rushton to third; after tripping up with Aldred.

Heat 2 and it was the turn for the smaller Unders. Ben Randell (165) sitting in pole, 23 cars on track; unfortunately Alan Reed (88) not making the rolling lap was pushed to the middle. Reece Eglington (862) in a Vauxhall Chevette the first spinner in the home straight. Lee White (335), Matthew Jode (420) and Randell also spinners around the raceway in the first lap. Joey Holmes (90) was coming under attack from Aiden Storr (854), Holmes coming to a stop in turn 3. Dave Sullivan (22) dispatched of Bobby Daniels (282) and Greg Brunt (42) in to the backstraight. Dan Wright (113) your leader in the MG Magnette, whilst the Vauxhall Victor of Daniels was in further trouble down the homestraight after coming under attack from Will Longford (27) in the Hillman Superminx; Daniels up on two wheels after collecting the plating. The lap boards now out for Wright. Brunt was taken around in to a spin in turn 3 by Jode; Brunt clipping the stranded Holmes in the process. Wright took the win, ahead of the A55 of Sullivan about a half lap back and Wayne Charles (715) just behind him finishing third in the Austin Princess Wedge.  

Heat 3 for the Unders was led off by Josh Gooch (625); 16 cars on track for this one. Terry Coke (627) straight in with the bumper on Jamie Murrell (823) in to turn 1, whilst Shaun Rushton (179) took around Cameron Hubbard (624). Coke finally getting Murrell in the next bend, taking the 823 Triumph around in to a spin; as Rushton went in with the bumper on James Licquorice (51). Lee Saunders (349) took John Nicholson (310) around in to spin in turn 3, the Saunders Triumph also whacking the plating with some force. Rushton took around Coke in to a spin underneath the big screen; as Tom Hannah (800) offered the same to Licquorice in turn 4. Richard Sparks (247) was putting the leader Gooch under pressure at this point in an attempt to take control of the race. Spedeworth Veteran Mark Thomas (25) was in trouble shortly after, collecting the plating with Murrell out of turn 4, the 25 Triumph retiring to the middle, taking Hubbard with him. The leading duo now were under pressure from heat 1 winner Alex Utting (548) who went in with the bumper on Sparks in turn 3; Sparks held on, now took over the race, demoting Gooch to second. Gooch though came under pressure from Utting in to turn 1, and the Saab of Gooch was decisively moved aside. Utting once again going in with the bumper on Sparks in to turn 3; but to no avail once more. Utting got the inside line down in to turn 1; but allowed Sparks the cut back, meaning Sparks could just get the nose of his Triumph on the back corner of Utting’s Cortina, to take him round in to a spin in the backstraight. The lap boards now presented as Rushton locked on the back of Gooch in to turn 1, and bumpered him to the plating; promoting Rushton to second. Sparks taking the win, Rushton second and Gooch in third. Licquorice spinning out Hubbard at the chequered flag for minor places.

Heat 4 and the second heat for the smaller Under machines. Ben Smith (433) starting pole position in front of 17 cars on track. Neil Dodsworth (116) in the 1957 Standard 8 the first spinner, collected on the nose by Will Longford (27). Alan Reed (88) got it going for this one, and bundled in to turn 1, taking Mark Doughty (306), Gareth Griffiths (252) out wide and Longford in to a spin. Griffiths spun to the fence in turn 3, whilst Ryan Hawes (621), Lee White (335) and Aiden Storr (854) all collided in the same bend. Smith got himself all out of shape in to turn 1, losing the lead to Doughty in the process. Dave Sullivan (22) was another to get himself out of control down the homestraight, he was in turn collected by James Burrows (224) in the process. Lee Reynolds (117) went in on Wayne Charles (715) in turn 1; whilst back up front Reed was coming under fire from Storr for third. The lap boards now out for Doughty. Hawes went in with the bumper further back in to turn 1, but up in turn 3, Dodsworth and Burrows hooked up and Matthew Jode (420) found himself facing the wrong way, Longford also taken around by Bobby Daniels (282). Dodsworth and Jode reversing to the middle, Jode catching Dodsworth on the nose with a hefty shunt. Doughty took the win, Smith second and Reed third.

All in for the final, both sets of Unders classes racing together for the first time and the first full contact race of the day, James Eaton (10) led the field off, 26 cars on track. Shelby Charnley (665) and Shaun Rushton (179) tripped over one another in the homestraight, Alex Utting (548) catching Charnley on the nose in the process too as Dan Offord (738) went around into a spin in the homestraight; the field taking avoiding action, Utting and Ben Smith (433) sent to the middle as Ben Randell (165) ploughed in on the back of Dave Sullivan (22). Charnley was then jacked by Eaton, whilst John Nicholson (310) knocked out the front left corner on the stricken Offord machine, Matthew Jode (420) went in the back of Nicholson. Gareth Griffiths (252) taking Will Longford (27) in to the back of Nicholson also. James Licquorice (51) your leader, Colin Aldred (576) now second as Eaton retired to the middle and third place Terry Coke (627) was having bother with Jode, allowing Jamie Murrell (823) by into the bronze spot and Tom Hannah (800) for fourth. Josh Gooch (625) floored it down the homestraight to attack Cameron Hubbard (624) in to turn 1, the Saab of Gooch coming off worse, collecting the stranded Maxi of Nicholson in the process. Aldred now the leader, with Richard Sparks (247) in second and Murrell third, as Licquorice now found himself well down the order. Hannah took around Coke in the entrance to the homestraight as Aiden Storr (854) found a marker tyre out of turn 4. The Aldred Triumph now visibly starting to slow, as he was presented the lap boards; this allowed Sparks to close in quickly and duly dived under the ailing Aldred to take over the lead. Aldred now at some what walking pace down the homestraight was picked up by Smith in 433 and planted in to the marker tyres in to turn 1. Licquorice decided to rejoin at this point and he too was offered the same courtesy, picked up by Rushton and dumped in to turn 1 collecting the parked Aldred motor. Sparks went on to take the win, celebrating by dumping Coke to the turn 1 marker tyres much like Aldred had been, Murrell finishing second and Hawes in third.

The Unders Allcomers up next, straight in to a Destruction Derby. James Licquorice (51) led them off, 18 cars ready for battle. The field bunched up at the green, with Licquorice taken round to a spin, letting John Nicolson (310) clear off in to the lead; whilst the field bundled in to the pile up around Licquorice. Lee Reynolds (117) was spun around and then found James Eaton (10) in his boot in turn 1 as Reece Eglington (862) was flicked around by Shaun Rushton (179). Final winner Richard Sparks (247) punted Ben Smith (433) out wide in to turn 1; shortly before Will Longford (27) was spun around by Josh Gooch (625) in the same piece of track. Jordan Storr (221) your leader, Sparks second and Rob Browning (887) third. Matthew Jode (420) parked him and Longford in the fence out of turn 2, waiting a shot off of someone. A lap later and Gooch obliged steaming in on the back of Jode’s Humber Spectre. Murrell jacked the back of Gooch and Smith going in on the back of Murrell. Smith though surviving, managed to back off before someone could join, leaving Murrell back at the end of the train. The lap boards now out for the leader Sparks who found a way by Storr; Sparks went on to take the win, Storr second and Alex Utting (548) coming home third.

Straight in to the Destruction Derby and a handful retire and some more join off the middle. Lee Reynolds (117) joined the back of the train in turn 2, going in on the back of Murrell. Shelby Charnley (665) in her first National Banger outing also joining, going in on the back of Reynolds. Underneath race control and Cameron Hubbard (624) went in the back of Dan Offord (738), Offord then obliging went in on the back of Charnley. James Eaton (10) blitzed Offord, getting some air time for the Austin. Hubbard now attacking the Standard 12 of James Burrows (224), whilst Dan Wright (113) stormed in on the back of Eaton, the jacking train now 9 cars long. Final and Allcomers winner Richard Sparks (247) not letting off stormed in on the back of Wright, in a cloud smoke and dust. Sparks backed out and was met with a t-bone off of Hubbard. Hubbard set back off after Burrows; attacking him under Race Control once more. Hubbard stormed in across the back wheels of Sparks in the backstraight. Neil Dodsworth (116) got it going and planted his 1957 Standard 8 in to the boot of Offord for good measure. Sparks once again getting clobbered by Hubbard. Hubbard jacked up the back of Burrows out of turn 3 a couple of times, before the pair became tangled ending in a heap along the homestraight fence. The pair meeting for a solid head on in turn 1. Burrows still able to run but without drive, declared the winner.


2L Bangers

A late addition to the programme, but the 2L Bangers turned out in great numbers to support the Pre75 meeting. 31 cars on track for race 1, Micky Knight (619) led them off; the whites bundled in to the first bend, mostly all going out wide to the plating; Joel Allen (479) coming off worst, sent pirouetting down the back straight. The white graders continuing to make life difficult for one another, Knight found himself broadside coming out of turn 2, being pushed by Callum White (100) and Dalton Steel (466), whilst in the same group, Callum McKee (210) clipped a wheel of Codie Reeves (488), McKee sent air born, rolling over in the backstraight. The red flags called for. Freddie Gorst (381) led them off on the restart. White latched on to the back of Chris Horton (227) and tried to spin him out for much of the first lap, hooking out The Predator in the backstraight using abandoned cars to his advantage. White then was being attacked by Steele trying to offer the same courtesy. Knight was followed in hard to turn 3 by Steele, the 619 Mondeo severely snapping in the process, Kieran Bowman (178) went in on the back of Steele. Gorst was way out in front but tangled with Ryan Sutclffe (664) in the homestraight, Gorst ripping out the front leg was left stranded, White obliged with the obligatory blitz, sending Gorst in to a rollover. Red flags called for.  Simon Smith (589) led off the restart, but it was Phil Smith (549) who quickly took over, Jack Licquorice (51) tried to go in with the bumper, to no avail. The lap boards soon out; as Smith (549) started to pull away. Liquorice was dumped to the infield marker tyres whilst Smith (589) went on the defensive coming under fire from Ashley Garrod (337); forcing the PRI World Champion out wide in turn 3. It was a Gladiator 1-2 though with Garrod unable to find away around, settled for third.

Heat 2 for the 2L Bangers was led off by Callum White (100), 25 cars on track. Phil Milner (201) was taken around by Codie Reeves (488) in turn 1, as Nat Cohn (116) clipped a tyre, spinning himself out; getting knocked by Simon Smith (589) in the process. Bill Crittenden (449) was attacked by Chris Shipp (128) in to turn 1, taking him round in to a spin just before Ashley Garrod (337) followed Jack Maryon (212) all the way in to the plating in turn 1. Down the homestraight and Kieran Gray (123), Sye Sherman (327) and James Licquorice (51) tripped over one another, Gray and Sherman clipping the tyres and spinning out in to turn 1. White attacked Crittenden in turn 1 as Joel Allen (479) was dumped in to a spin in the backstraight. Sutcliffe took around Maryon in to a spin in turn 4, Maryon then caught with a t-bone off of Gray and a shot across the back wheels from Kieran Bowman (178). Reeves took in Sutcliffe in to turn 3, whilst Crittenden took around Chris Horton (227) in the homestraight. Licquorice stormed in on the nose of Sutcliffe, Callum McKee (210), went in on Licquorice and White thundered in on McKee, White then copping a shot off Crittenden for good measure. The lap boards presented, Reeves your leader as Horton blitzed Licquorice in turn 3. White had now turned it round and with Horton collecting Maryon, Reeves found the track blocked and with nowhere to go, she was stuck and then annihilated by Bowman; with much of the passing field piling in for good measure, a chaotic finish to the second heat. Reeves just meters away from getting her first National Banger win, but the race went to Phil Smith (549), Gray finishing second and Garrod third.

The Final for the 2Litres saw 19 surviving cars from the damaging earlier races out for battle; Callum White (100) leading them off. Taylor Pratchett (107) found himself getting taken towards the plating at the drop of the green courtesy of Dalton Steele (466) and Sye Sherman (327); Pratchett sent to a spin as was Joel Allen (479) in the homestraight by Phil Milner (201). Sherman left limping in to turn 3, was blitzed by Wes Freestone (340). Callum White (100) your early leader as the race settled down. A couple of spinners around the raceway, Jack Rookard (910) having a hard time was sent around a few times, it was a steady race to the lap boards. White your leader in a battered Mondeo, which was probably going better than at the start of the day! Phil Smith (549) a few car lengths behind in second and Kieran Bowman (178) behind him in third. Smith closed right in over the remaining laps, but couldn’t quite connect in the last bend despite having a go, it was White who took the win, Smith second and Bowman third.

Straight in to the Destruction Derby and Taylor Pratchett (107) was met with a head on from Wes Freestone (340). Freestone back running found Joel Allen (479) in his boot, with Dalton Steele (466) on the back of Allen, the trio forming a nice running train. Callum White (100) nearly joining the back but was knobbled by Phil Milner (201). The train disbanding in the backstraight with more of the field piling in. Freestone turned it round and went in on the back of Bowman who had been left stranded at the end of the backstraight. Freestone and Chris Horton (227) met head on in the backstraight; White going in on the back of Freestone. Steele met Dylan Goodman (93) for a big head on in the entrance to the backstraight. The pair limped off and lurched forward for another head on a couple of times. White then went in on the back of Goodman who met Callum McKee (210) on the nose. McKee and White backing off and meeting for their head on. Steele got it back running and went in on the nose of McKee. No further movement Steele declared the winner.



Pre75 Overs Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 757 760 960 388 171 191 346 78 884 267
Heat 2 160 388 191 760 757 78 414 266 960 32
Final 388 160 112 960 243 171 NoF
Allcomers 757 388 960 112 NoF
Destruction Derby Void
Pre75 Unders Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 548 887 800 179 247 25 221 627 823 624
Heat 2 113 22 715 252 854 100 420 224 165 282
Heat 3 247 179 625 800 548 221 51 624 NoF
Heat 4 306 433 88 715 621 252 854 117 224 862
Final 247 823 621 887 221 433 854 NoF
Allcomers 247 221 548 887 310 557 NoF
Destruction Derby 224
2L Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 549 589 337 128 116 340 338 123 122 51
Heat 2 549 123 337 338 589 340 128 910 178 122
Final 100 549 178 589 449 122 128 338 340 910
Destruction Derby 466
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