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Trackstar Racing | Info | Results | 2020 | Saturday 24 October

Latest Results

  • Saturday 18th May

    Saturday 18th May

    BriSCA F1: 1 Tom Harris. BriSCA F2: 47 Greg McKenzie

    Updated: 29 May 2024 16:38

  • Monday 6th May

    Monday 6th May

    Micro Banger: 678 Alex Ward. 1600cc Banger: 275 Joel Bond. 2L Banger: 519 Lee Middleton. Unlimited Banger: 382 Jack Foster JNR. Reliant Robins: 553 Daniel Douglas.

    Updated: 11 May 2024 13:52

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    • Saturday 20 July - 17:00
    • 2L Banger World Final & 2L Stock Cars

Latest Points

Saturday 24 October


Photos: 1 - 20 Dave Bastock, 21 - 40 Jim Harrod

Report: Keith Organ

The penultimate BriSCA F1 meeting of the season drew a great field of cars for a night of top drawer action. The weather did it’s best to hamper the action in the second half, but the drivers persevered and put on a great show in last ditch attempts to score points in the Chase Championship. The National MiniStox on the line up too, racing in the King’s Lynn Open Championship; the Youngsters didn’t disappoint either with some first rate action.

In an unusual set of circumstance, the MiniStox were offered pre-meeting practice, normally a feature of Tarmac racing. However given it was the first outing for many of the Youngsters on shale in 12 months or at all – special permission was granted. A handful of F1 newcomers then completed their mandatory 5 laps trial before the meeting kicked off properly.

F1 Stock Cars

The traditional Whites and Yellows race opened proceedings, 23 cars on track including the 1300 Stock Car World Champion Lee Pearce (231) making his shale debut and given special dispensation to race from the back as is customary for the W & Y races. Luke Dennis (192) the first casualty, clipping a marker tyre at the drop of the green flag. Ricky Wilson (502) snookered Nigel Harrhy (45) into Mark Poole (276) in to turn 1, sending Poole to the fence. Terry Hawkins (275) and Colin Goodswen (372) clashed in to turn 3, taking the pair to the concrete. Poole was in trouble again when he was sent to the fence in turn 3, courtesy of 2L Saloon racer Timmy Barnes (31). The red flags were called for when Kelvin Hassell (13) rolled over in the backstraight. Darren Clark (83) led off the restart, Ant Lee (339) second and Terry Pearce (234) in third. Mark Sargent (326) went in hard with the bumper in to turn 1 at the green flag, Wilson and Willie Skoyles (541) taking the brunt; Skoyles tripping up with Richard Dickerson (443) in the process by the pit gate. Barnes was making full use of the front bumper as you would expect moving Austin Moore (127) aside in the Roadside bend; before bumpering Harrhy wide under the scoreboard. Barnes though seemingly dropping out of gear, allowed Harrhy and Moore back by. Behind him Hawkins came under fire from Phoebe Wainman (211). The halfway stage now signalled to leader Clark, Sargent and Wilson continuing their scuffle, tripped over one another down the homestraight plating. Barnes went in with the bumper on Skoyles putting him into the spun Harrhy and Moore machines after they went round just in front. Pearce (234) was battling Jake Harrhy (345) for third spot, Harrhy going round in to a spin by the pit gate, tripped up Russell Cooper (415) who just arrived on the scene. The lap boards now presented to Clark, Lee in second just behind and Sargent now muscled his way by Pearce (234) for third. Clark though was up against the backmarkers Barnes, Pearce (231) and Harrhy (45) who were battling amongst themselves. Clark tiptop-ed around them as best as he could, Pearce (231) spinning Barnes right in front out of the last bend didn’t phase him, Clark just held on for the win, Lee right on his back bumper in second and Sargent a few car seconds behind in third. Clark unfortunately didn’t pass post race checks and was removed from the result, promoting Pearce (234) to third.

Heat 2 for the F1’s was led off by Ant Lee (339) with 23 cars ok track. Mat Newson (16) not lasting long before retiring to the infield almost immediately. The bumpers went in amongst the top drivers, a big shove in to turn 3; Mark Woodhull (335) at the front of a train of Tom Harris (1), Craig Finnikin (55) and Frankie Wainman JNR (515); Woodhull collecting the fence; the Superstar trio battled out across the next lap trading numbers. Further ahead and Mick Sworder (150) was making good progress on his Season debut, putting Luke Dennis (192) up the wall in turn 3. In to turn 1 and Wainman went in with the bumper on Harris, Finnikin latching on the back, Harris went around into a full spin, Wainman unsettled got sent sideways, but held it facing the right direction. Ricky Wilson (502) had now taken over the lead, Lee behind in second and Jake Harrhy (345) third. Paul Hines (259) made his move on Sworder into turn 1, striking the 150 machine; Sworder though shut the door and kept Hines at bay. The lap boards now presented to Wilson; Michael Scriven (12) and Joshua Smith (191) battled for fourth. A couple of laps battling and Scriven got the better of Smith and quickly moved by Harrhy for third; as Hines moved by Sworder for seventh. The chequered flag fell for Wilson taking the win, Lee second and Scriven third.

Jason Cull (524) led the pack off for Heat 3, 31 cars on track. Colin Goodswen (372) the first casualty going round into a spin before reaching the flag; the field taking quick avoiding action. Mal Brown (34) and Mark Woodhull (335) going around simultaneously in turn 2. A lap later and Mick Sworder (150) went in with the bumper on Sam Makim (93) snookering him into Michael Scriven (12) and Kyle Gray (124) the trio of blue graders pile up together, the rest of the field joining them. They scramble for position and traction down the back straight, Paul Hines (259) gained well only o suffer the front bumper of Tom Harris (1) in to turn 3; whilst further behind Frankie Wainman (515) and Craig Finnikin (55) bundle in the side of Geoff Nickolls (215), all three momentarily hooking up. Sworder bundled the top three -Terry Pearce (234), Mark Sargent (326) and Willie Skoyles (541) in to turn 1, Pearce collecting the fence, whilst Sargent and Sworder lock bumpers and collect a marker tyre out of turn 2.  Pearce held on to the lead, Skoyles now second, Harris third and Charlie Sworder (5) now fourth, the top four all together. Momentarily at least, as Harris put Pearce and Skoyles to the fence in turn 1 to take the lead, Sworder followed in to second and Skoyles recovering for third; the halfway stage signalled. Scriven and Makim got out of shape down the homestraight and Makim was met in the side by Nicholls; who in turn was unsettled, catching out Sworder (5) who took a trip to the marker tyre and Nicholls getting sent sideways hard in to the fence by the Speedway gate. The lap boards ticked by, Harris clear up front, but further back Sworder (150) was battling Finnikin and Wainman for the lower places. Mat Newson (16) went in with a last bend assault on Skoyles, the two locals drag racing to the line, Newson just getting the better of Skoyles for second.

Darren Clark (83) led off 26 cars for the Final, the rain worsening, making the track surface very slippery. Terry Hawkins (275) was taken round in the first bend by Kyle Gray (124) as Nigel Harrhy (45) spun himself the next bend, catching out Charlie Sworder (5) in the process. Timmy Barnes (31) tripped up with Russell Cooper (415) down the homestraight, Barnes getting caught by the passing field in the process; Paul Prest (491), Joe Nicholls (242) and Craig Finnikin (55) coming worst off. Mick Sworder (150) went in with the bumper on Frankie Wainman (515) in to turn 3, Wainman survived as Sworder got swamped in traffic; Ant Lee (339) your leader. Harrhy went around in to a spin once again on the roadside bend as Mal Brown (34) did the same under the big screen. The halfway stage now signalled. Michael Scriven (12) went around  in turn 3 catching out Ricky Wilson (502) and Gray, the spinning 124 machine tripping up Wainman; Tom Harris (1) narrowly avoiding went in to third, Wainman was then spun by Willie Skoyles (541) out of the bend as he attempted to recover. Lee was surrounded by backmarkers who were making life difficult for the white grader. Lee unfortunately getting the wheels out in to the wetter shale on the outside and lost traction allowing Mark Sargent (326) to close in and take over. Yellow flags called for around the raceway; Sargent your leader on the restart, Lee second and Frankie Wainman JNR JNR (555) third; Lee was swarmed by the field on the restart and went to the marker tyres in turn 1; promoting the 555 car to second and Tom Harris (1) to third. Wainman went in with the bumper, putting Sargent to the fence in turn 3, Harris in to second and 515 in third, Sargent took a dive at Wainman in turn 3, the pair hooking up by the pit gate coming to rest in a heap in the marker tyres. Frankie JJ then took the last lap board with Harris closing in, the World Champion went in with a last bend dive spinning out 555 just as the red flags were called for flames under the 326 machine. The restart saw 555 time the start perfectly, leaving Harris struggling to find a gear, 515 got around Harris to take second. Harris went in with a dive into the last bend half spinning the 515 machine leaving Harris scrambling for traction; Wainman JNR JNR took a great win, Wainman JNR in second and Mal Brown (34) coming home third.

A very wet track for the Grand National, but nonetheless 20 warriors returned, Frankie Wainman JNR JNR (555) taking the lap handicap following his final win, Keith Pearce (58) the pole sitter. A chaotic first corner saw the treacherous conditions catch out the field, Pearce and Richard Dickerson (443) went to the fence hard, Michael Scriven (12) and Mal Brown (34) spinners in the first bend melee. Luke Dennis (192) went to the marker tyres in to turn 3, he was then caught by the passing pack. Frankie Wainman (515) suffering similar fate when passing Terry Hawkins (275) and Nigel Harrhy (45) down the homestraight, with three abreast, left Wainman with no where to go in to turn 1. Back up front Mark Sargent (326) your leader a number of car lengths clear of second place Tom Harris (1), Sargent using the bumper to good effect on the backmarkers, waved yellows however, were needed. Sargent the leader on the restart, Harris second and Joshua Smith (191) third. Sargent though went wide in to the first turn, gifting the lead to the World Champion; not to be beaten, Sargent went in with the bumper on Harris in to turn 3, putting him out to the plating. Sargent again made an unforced error in to turn 3 a lap later, putting himself out wide allowing Wainman (515) through. Not to be beaten again, Sargent went in with the bumper in to turn 1 on Wainman, taking him all the way to the fence under the big screen. Harris now your leader, took the halfway stage flag, Scriven upto second and Sargent recovering for third. Wainman once again in trouble in turn 3, caught up with a handful of drivers struggling for traction. Scriven though was catching Harris, but Wainman rejoined the track just in front of him, unsettling the 12 car and allowing the World Champion to pull clear. Harris, Scriven and Brown your top three at the lap boards. Sargent came up against a slow moving Wainman down the backstraight; Sargent once again taking Wainman to the fence in turn 3. Harris took the win, Scriven coming home second and Brown third. Wainman getting some retribution taking Sargent to the fence on the roadside this time to finish the race. Wainman (555) taking a very credible fourth place from the lap handicap in very difficult conditions.


National MiniStox

24 cars took to the track in Heat 1, Jordan Wright (222) led them off whilst behind him Ellie Squire (92) and Ollie Armstrong (212) tripped up one another, coming to rest in the plating. The race settling down in to a steady rhythm early on. Lily Finnikin (55) your early leader, Toby Partridge (223) second and Jake Wilson (925) third, but he was coming under fire from Thomas Andrew (345). Henry Robson (67) went for a spin under the big screen. Charley Tomblin (290) was making good progress up the field and reeled in the top three, picking off third and second one by one through the lap boards, before setting off after Finnikin. Not enough time for Tomblin to get too close, Finnikin held on for the win, Tomblin second and Thomas Rogers (277) third.

Lily Finnikin led off heat 2, 18 cars on track. Finikin though was quickly overhauled by Ellie Squire (92). Further back and Jack Witts (1) was moving rapidly, quickly getting by his fellow star graders after a handful of laps. Finn Hunter-Johnson (120) was spun around in the backstraight by Henry Robson (67) just before Thomas Rogers (277) put the bumper in on Liam Waterfall (291), taking him, Charley Tomblin (290) and Thomas Andrew (345) to the fence under the big screen. The rain starting to fall heavily, catching out the youngsters who struggled to make the corner; collecting the fence in the process. Squire and Finnikin getting caught out in the pile up; Tilly Partridge (233) taking over the lead; whilst Witts and Tomblin battled for second place, Witts sending the Tomblin machine out towards the pile up in turn 1, allowing Witts to break clear and set off after Partridge; who was now being presented the lap boards. Partridge (233) though mastering the slippery conditions, went on to take a clear win, Witts second and Jake Woodhull (335) third.

Lily Finnikin (55) started in pole position once again, joined by 19 cars on track for heat 3. The blue graders were quick to battle one another, Finn Hunter-Johnson (120) in particular swapped bumpers  with Evan Bullock (10) in the early stages. Jack Witts (1) was quickly on the scene and scythed his way through, splitting up the squabbling blue grade. Witts went in with the bumper on Fred Hunter-Johnson (20) in to turn 1 as Hunter-Johnson (120) offer the same to Liam Waterfall (291) they were joined by Luke Syrett-Barsby (27) and Tom Earl (77) to battle for the minor places. The three lap boards were out, Tilly Partridge (223) your leader with a rapidly closing Witts in second place; who barged his way by Partridge to take over the running. Witts taking the win, Partridge second and Jordan Wright (222) in third.

The King’s Lynn Open Championship was the feature final race for the MiniStox, graded order, closed grid, led off by Tilly Partridge (233), 25 cars on track. Caiden Morrison (85) the first casualty taken around by Jack Witts (1) under race control with the rest of the field going in with the bumper in to turn 1. A spinner in turn 3 caught the field out with a number of cars t-boning the yellow grader. The rain worsening further meant a number of cars spinning around, but upfront it was Partridge your leader, Witts second and Finn Hunter-Johnson (120) third. A few laps later though Witts departed the race very suddenly to the infield, allowing Hunter-Johnson and Charley Tomblin (290) in to second and third. Yellow flags called for. On the restart Hunter-Johnson dropped out promoting Henry Robson (67) to third before taking second almost immediately after Tomblin went wide. Partridge then went wide herself in to turn 1 gifting the lead to Robson, Tomblin coming back through for second. Robson then himself made a mistake in to turn 3 allowing Tomblin in to the lead. Robson went in with the bumper in to turn 1 to move Tomblin wide and recapture the lead. Tom Earl (77) got out of shape whilst challenging for second and was then dumped in to turn 3 by Tom Dunne (171). A lap later and Robson slipped up in turn 3 allowing Tomblin the opportunity to strike, Robson getting sent round into a spin and out of the running. Yellow flags called for once more, Tomblin your leader, Dunne second and Joelan Maynard (51) in third. Maynard quickly made his move on Dunne to take second down the backstraight and in to turn 3. The lap boards now out as the top three started to spread out and how they remained to the flag. Tomblin taking the win and the King’s Lynn Open Championship, Maynard second and Dunne third.

BriSCA F1 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th
Heat 1 (Whites and Yellows) 339 326 234 502 415 215 127 192 231 58 372 45
Heat 2 502 339 12 345 191 93 259 150 55 275 515 1
Heat 3 1 16 541 259 326 491 415 34 150 55 242 211
Final 555 515 34 150 1 275 12 192 415 124 31 NoF
Grand National 1 12 34 555 415 275 326 231 191 515 NoF
MiniStox 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 55 290 277 222 925 345 223 20 335 77
Heat 2 223 180 335 290 67 85 171 120 503 NoF
Heat 3 180 233 222 223 20 110 77 27 28 120
Final (King's Lynn Open) 290 51 171 223 345 233 911 85 335 212
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