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  • Saturday 6th July

    Saturday 6th July

    F1 Stock Cars: 1 Tom Harris. Unlimited Bangers: 750 Rhys Parrin. F2 Stock Cars: 136 Kyle Taylor

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  • Saturday 22nd June

    Saturday 22nd June

    2L Bangers: 314 Luke Rawlings. 1300cc Stock Cars: 303 Jacob Bromley. 2L Saloons: 214 Tom Yould

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Sunday 5 August

Photos: Damien WIddows

Words: Keith Organ

After the previous night’s mammoth Stock Car session the Sunday offering may have felt a little –“day after the Lord Mayors show” – WRONG! As with the 7th July meeting; those in attendance were treated to some first class domestic banger and stock car action.


Micro Bangers

28 cars on track for the first Micro action of the day, which was open to only white graders. Lauren Nicholls (346) on pole. Early action saw Matt Goodswin (616) take in Ben Green (634) in turn 3, as Micky Clarke (147) followed in Jack Licquorice (511) in amongst lots of cars getting sent everywhere. Jack Giddings (591) attacked Olly Scott (339); Callum Lacey (412) launched in on Mark Ginders (256) in turn 3; Gary Beecham (579) then attacked Clarke; the stranded Scott machine caught by Jack Dean (296). Ginders went in on Dean in the homestraight. James Licquorice (51) had now turned round; getting Tobe Dean (298) in a big head on, snapping off Deans Micra; Andrew Horry (582) getting caught up too in the incident too. Ginders was still in attacking mode, going after James Unwin (71) in the backstraight. Lacey clashed with Scott in turn 3, before the race came to a close with a big follow in from Aaron Colbert (121) on Oliver Marshall (318). Leo Bond (274) taking the race win.  

Heat 2 and 35 cars now on track Lauren Nicholls (346) once again in pole position. Ben Mynott (352) follows in Marcus Skeels (321) in to turn 3.  Dave Lewis (37) and Kelvin Nicholls (46) collided in turn 1, Nicholls getting sent in to a roll over; prompting the red flags. Gary Beecham (579) led them off; Mynott once again going after Skeels, taking him to the fence in turn 3. Lee White (830) collects the homestraight fence; knocking out his steering. Matt Tillow (556) taking the win in a relatively quiet race.

Over 30 cars again for heat 3. Jack Licquorice (511) this time on pole. Ben Mynott (352) launched in on Donny Mann (135) in to turn 3. A big head on with Aiden Harrold (297) and Jack Giddings (591) and a pile up forming in turn 2 prompting the waved yellows. Mynott was caught out by the stranded Will Longford (27) machine just as the yellow flags were called for. Ben Green (634) led them off on the restart; Gary Beecham (579) wasted no time in attacking Jamie Blything (248) in turn 3. A big collision in turn 2 between a number of drivers including Jack Licquorice (51) and Daniel Clarke (747) and Scott Graves (577); the red flags called for; the race was declared.

20 Cars for the final, Jack Licquorice (511) on pole; several pile in to turn 3 at the start including Aaron Colbert (121) and Alistair Oxby (974). Will Longford (27) caught a marker tyre, who was then collected by Donny Mann (135). Longford was then done in the back by Jack Licqourice (51); the field pile in to turn 3 once more; Olly Scott (339), Jon Bailey (247) and Jonathon Ashbridge (249) included. Karl Corsby (175) put out Longford to the fence as Matt Tillow (556) spun out Aaron Mann (143). Ben green (634) your leader. Lee White (830) takes in Mann (143) into turn 3; holding himself up in the process. Green was presented with the lap boards; as Licquorice (51) takes in Scott into the parked Longford car. Matt Tillow (556) then took in Oxby in to turn 1.

Straight in to the Destruction Derby and Nick Ashbridge (248) followed in Marcus Skeels (321) into James Licquorice (51) in turn 3. Lee White (830) then put a big follow in on Olly Scott (339) and Scott Graves (577) in turn 1; the KA of Scott severely snapping. Lewis Judd (908) then went head on with Skeels; as Mynott went in on Graves and Judd turn 3. Callum Lacey (412) went after Jack Licquorice (511). Graves caught Lacey head on as Mynott went in on Skeels once more, Mynott then went head on with Jonathon Ashbridge (249).  White then got the 51 machine head on before doing the same to 511.  White and Graves the last two running; White piles in on Graves in the homestraight; taking him into a follow in on the back of 51. White backed off and lunged back in on Graves one final time to be declared the winner.


2 litre Bangers

Heat 1 saw a field of 25 cars on track; Jack Maryon (212) on pole; Callum White (100) was quickly amongst the action blitzing a spun Harry Overy (356) In turn 3; Lee White (830) had collided with Rob Wheatley (126) getting stuck on the back of him in turn 3. Jack Wheatley (16) and Kieran Gray (123) pile in to the turn 1 marker tyres; Gareth Flatters (515) getting caught out in the process. Maryon was spun out by Connor Anderson (259) with Wheatley (16) also playing his part. Wheatley was then blitzed by White in turn 3. Kieran Bowman (178) your leader; but he was caught out by White retiring; Ross Cooper (604) then does Bowman across the back end. The race drawing to a close saw Wheatley (16) obliterated by the passing field; John Cobbold (370) picking up the win.  

Heat 2 returned with 20 cars. Jack Maryon (212) once again leading the field off from pole. Jordan Godfrey (144) takes round Luke Needs (53) whilst Maryon collects Dillan Goodman (93) who was left stranded across the track in turn 3; the red flags called for. Stu Carman (841) led them off on the restart with a big push in to the first bend; cars colliding with abandoned vehicles. Maryon was spun by Lee White (830) who backed him up the fence; Micky Knight (619) piled in; Callum White (100) went in on Knight; Kieran Bowman (178) steamed in on 100. Shane Lynn (326) turned It round in turn 3 and went after Phil Milner (201); but met Gareth Flatters (515). Milner not approving turned it round for Lynn and stormed in on the back; Flatters also goes in on Lynn. Bowman jacked Flatters in turn 3; Ross Cooper (604) needing no invitation stormed in on Bowman; Maryon also not needing to think twice launched in on the back of Cooper. Milner once again went after Lynn, catching him with a T-bone.

16 cars for the final after the destructive previous race; Maryon on pole again. Micky Knight (619) went after Callum White (100) going in on him turn 3. Ross Cooper (604) your leader in the early stages. White was now on opposite in turn 1 getting Connor Anderson (258); Knight went in on  Maryon in turn 1 as Stu Carman (841) jacked White. White goes after Knight in turn 1 just before the lap boards. Stu Carman (841) attacked Cooper for the lead; the engine on the Cooper machine visibly slowly dying; allowing Carman to take the win ahead of John Cobbold (370) in second and Andy Battle (898) coming home third.

Straight in to the destruction derby; Callum McKee (210) met with White with a big head on in turn 1; Cooper charged in on McKee. Aston Gibbons (495) goes in on the back of Cooper a number of times, chasing him to different parts of the track; before Gibbons becoming wise to Coopers game plan and followed Cooper in to turn 1; the pair turned it round and went in for a head on. Gibbons backing off and going back in on the nose. Now it was Coopers turn to back off and lined up Gibbons to length Gibbons not once, but twice. Cooper declared the winner.



Junior Bangers.

13 cars took the track for the whites and yellows race, Callum Self (667) starting on pole. Eron Denney (159) was an early spinner in turn 3; whilst Masie Armstrong (68) was taken round by Josh Prince (715) in the homestraight. William Cole (84) was your early leader but he was then taken around by Self, Cole getting met head-on by Thomas Needs (54) in turn 3. Jamie Wright (281) went round in turn 3; whilst Finlay Damon (08) was also in trouble. Wright then clashed with Shane Masterman (822). Self holding onto the lead as the lap wound down; Prince went in on Cieran Harmer (101) for the last bender, both clash though letting through Harry Gelsthorpe (555) into second; Prince coming home third.

Heat 1 saw 20 cars on track; Tiff Unwin (70) leading the field off; Eron Denney (159) and William Cole (84) collide and collect the fence hard in the first bend; whilst Unwin, Jamie Wright (281) and Lennie Murkin (608) collide in the backstraight. Thomas Needs (54) is your leader. Further back Masie Armstrong (68) slows; with Finlay Damon (08) unable to avoid, runs in the back; whilst Cieran Harmer (101) goes in on Wright. Harry Gelsthorpe (555) took over the running; Harmer further in amongst the action takes Damon to the fence in turn 2. Joey Holmes (90) and Blake Platts (450) were locked in battle; as Damon was spun around sending the field scattering, the waved yellows were called for. It was quick in to the lap boards on the restart; Needs and Harley McCarthy (131) spinning in the backstraight; Gelsthorpe taking the win, Josh Prince (715) in second and Platts rounding out the top three.

17 cars for heat 2; Harry Gelsthorpe (555) quickly in on the action took Harvey Webb (622) to the fence with Jamie Wright (281) a spinner in the homestraight. Lewis Ivatt (77), Joey Holmes (90), Blake Platts (450) and Lennie Murkin (608) squabbled amongst themselves, struggling to break away. Murkin took Harry Cobb (229) out wide to the fence in turn 3; whilst Aiden Storr (854) did the same to Wright in turn 1. Holmes went into a half spin in a collision with Murkin and Platts in turn 3; Callum Self (667) then took around Aiden Storr (854). Harley McCarthy (131) clashed with Cobb, Cobb getting some air time. Storr, Cobb and Finlay Damon (08) ending up in a pile in the turn 3 fence. The lap boards presented to the leader Thomas Needs (54); further back Murkin, Holmes and Platts were still locked in battle; Holmes tripping up with Storr delaying him. Louie Cottrill (999) took over the running in to closing stages, dropping Needs back to second and Self taking third.

The Final saw 15 cars return with Thomas Needs (54) your pole sitter. Eron Denney (159) an early spinner with Aiden Storr (854) grinding to a halt; he was then collected by Joey Holmes (90) and Lewis Ivatt (77). The superstar graders struggling to make an impression; Callum Self (667) your leader. Storr now got himself back going attacked an ailing Jamie Wright (281) in turn 3 and then again in the homestraight.  Louie Cottrill (999) collided with Harry Gelsthorpe (555) in turn 2, Cottrill left stuck was run in to by Ivatt. In to the closing stages Lennie Murkin (608) moved by Self to take the lead; Self tripping over Wright in turn 1 dropped him right down the order. Cieran Harmer (101) now in second and Holmes up to third. Self was in further trouble when he was planted to the plating by in turn 2 by the eventual winner Murkin.  


1300 Stock Cars

The racing for the Stock Cars kicked off with the customary White and yellow race; 17 cars on track. Jacob Bromley (303) on pole position led the field off; but he was quickly over hauled and a three way battle for the lead took hold between Callum Anderson (31), Jordan Bliss (194) and Bromley. Further back the yellow grade were also locked in battle: Natasha Street (444), Charlie Ellis (535) and Jack Lower (142) squabble for the minor places. Bliss rattled around the plating at this point unaided. The lap boards were soon out as Anthony Kerr (880) and Beau Southgate (241) were having a great race for third. The battling Ellis and Street, now joined by Robert Spinks (760) into the last bend exchanged bumpers, but back up front Bromley took the chequered flag; Kerr second and Southgate third.

Heat 1 drew out 32 cars; Beau Southgate (241) racing off pole; the slippery track catching out a number of drivers who went straight on to the fence. Wet track. Callum Anderson (31), Carl Morgan (42) and Charlie Ellis (555) battled amongst themselves for the opening laps; whilst Kevin Shinn (400) launched Jason Clow (217) in to turn 3, spinning Clow out. Southgate your leader Ryan Jordan (183) shunted Barry Wade (731) as Shinn continued to have fun and games further back.  Jordan Bliss (194) collided with Ellis in turn 3. Waved yellows were called ; 241 the leader, 42 second and 535 in third . All dive in on the restart with shunting all down the order; Will Morphey (129) gained the most, after he muscled his way to first. Karl Morris (390) bumpered Lauren Overy (317); whilst Morphey was now under pressure from 183; as the bumpers continue to go in all down the pack. Southgate back in contention, joins the battle for the lead. Overy, Shinn and Luke Jackson (450) exchanged bumpers as the laps wound down; enjoying a ferocious battle. But it was Jordan who went for a big last bender on Morphey for the lead, taking the chequered flag. Shinn went in hard on Clow in the last bend, sending Clow in to a stranded car.

27 cars for heat 2 Jordan Bliss (194) starting pole; Chris Taylor (421) left stranded on the backstraight; prompting the waved yellows. Beau Southgate (241) led off the restart; the Red and Blue grade thunder in. Daniel Weavers (333) takes out Barry Wade (731) in turn 1; as Bliss offered the same to Southgate. Jacob Bromley (303) was challenging the leader as waved yellows were needed for the stranded 42 car in turn 1. 241 303 142; the top three on the restart. Todd Payne (149) and Morris were sent to the turn 3 fence by Weavers and Paul Sparrow (682). Jackson was spun out of contention by Bromley, whilst Morphey was now challenging and went in on 241 for the lead, Lauren Overy (317) followed through with the bumper on the last bend in a drag race to the line.

22 cars for the final, Beau Southgate (241) on pole. The freshly watered track saw a number of cars drifting to the plating; including Dean Moat (473) who crunched Chris Taylor (421) to the turn 1 fence. The start, chaotic, with cars going everywhere including Lauren Overy (317) who got out of control in the homestraight was collected by the field; the Robert Spinks (760) machine catching Overy the worst, going under the 317 car. Overy getting air time,pirouetting over the top of the Spinks bonnet coming to rest with only three wheels properly left attached at the end of the home straight; waved yellows out. Barty Ketteringham (209) the leader on the green flag, as Carl Morgan (42) and James Bruce (858) collide to the fence in to turn 3; waved yellows needed once more. Ketteringham led them off again ahead of Southgate and Daniel Weavers (333). Weavers dived in on the restart to take over; with the rest of the field behind train in to turn 3; Ketteringham losing out being sent into a spin. The bumpers were going in hard down the order; Will Morphey (129) went in on Weavers to take over the lead as Moat, Kevin Shinn (400) and Charlie Morphey (92) dive in on each other in to turn 3. Todd Payne (149) was next to be sent out wide by 92. Payne was then in further trouble when he was slammed to the plating by Shinn in turn 3. Payne retaliated down in to turn 1; Shinn taking exception to this destroyed Payne in to turn 3; taking them both out of contention; Shinn whilst recovering was then taken around by Ben Englestone (769). 129 leads. 216 second 241 third.


Micro Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 (White Grade) 274 143 634 318 908 579 591 339 121 NoF
Heat 2 556 337 248 579 36 352 175 974 834 247
Heat 3 634 556 248 337 249 830 143 175 974 37
Final 634 248 (JB) 337 556 352 175 830 247 37 321
Destruction Derby 830
2 Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 370 144 337 898 326 212 841 441 604 619
Heat 2 370 841 898 337 157 212 NoF
Final 841 370 898 144 830 337 157 NoF
Destruction Derby 604
1300 Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
W & Y 303 880 241 555 690 42 142 760 444 682
Heat 1 183 129 241 760 92 473 390 682 450 400
Heat 2 129 317 400 241 92 142 216 303 390 769
Final 129 216 241 92 731 473 421 769 NoF
Junior Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
W & Y 667 555 715 622 84 101 822 54 281 NoF
Heat 1 555 715 450 90 229 77 622 54 131 608
Heat 2 999 54 667 715 555 450 608 90 77 NoF
Final 608 101 90 450 622 715 555 854 68 NoF
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