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    Saturday 22nd June

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Saturday 19 Sept 2015

Report: Mark Paulson

Pics: Colin Casserley


Stock Car racing legend 318 Rob Speak took his second BriSCA Formula One World Championship crown on a night of high drama at the Adrian Flux Arena, King’s Lynn on Saturday, 19 September. Also in action were the Two-Litre Saloon Stock Cars, with local favourite 641 Willie Skoyles Jr claiming the Driver of the Year title.


BriSCA Formula One

On-track action for the big V8 monsters began with time trials for the overseas World Finalists to decide their grid positions. With the track getting appreciatively quicker as it dried, it was definitely an advantage to be among the last cars on track for the first run, while watering seemed to have even more of an effect on the second run which was in reverse order, with only the last three cars on track managing to improve their times. H240 Henk Jan Ronitz wound out fastest in his very racy sounding machine, with H226 Pieter van der Iest quick enough to join him on row three of the World Final grid. 

The full times, in draw order were as follows:


No.        Driver                                                   Run 1        Run 2           Pos

H228      Jan Roelof Wijbenga                      18.341s    17.291s       6th

H61        Koen Maris                                        18.262s    16.836s       3rd

H65        Hans Baegen                                     no time   18.491s       11th

H148      Sjeng Smidt Jr                                   17.798s    17.811s       9th

H27        Rutger Valk                                        17.791s    18.216s       8th

NZ118   Bryce Steiner                                    17.289s    18.486s       5th

NZ19     Kerry Remnant                                16.912s    18.192s       4th

NZ92     Kyle Frazer                                         17.941s    19.505s       10th

H226      Pieter van der Iest                          16.761s    18.510s       2nd

H240      Henk Jan Ronitz                               16.374s    18.840s       1st

H113      Raymond van den Hadelkamp  17.461s    20.469s       7th


Two support heats began the meeting proper. Each featured 26 cars with the top eight qualifying for the meeting final. In the first, H54 Sierd de Vries led either side of a caution caused by H104 Jan Vrieswijk losing a wheel. H422 Marten Bijlsma then caught and passed de Vries to take the win, just holding off a fast-closing H595 Sander Borst, with H477 Martin Oudhuis completing a Dutch 1-2-3 ahead of World Final reserve 37 Chris Cowley. 

Heat two was a little processional, with H604 Stefan van Rossem leading 316 Billy-Tom O’Connor and 207 Ben Hurdman from the early stages and throughout the rest of the race. 220 Will Hunter carved through the field and challenged for third on the final bend but couldn’t make it stick and had to settle for fourth.

After the World Final build-up and driver introductions, there was drama on the rolling laps as pole-sitter 318 Rob Speak couldn’t get his car to start. 515 Frankie Wainman Jr pushed it for an entire lap with no joy, before Speak hopped out and set about fixing the alternator-related issue and the start was aborted. He eventually did so and the grid reformed as follows:


Inside                                                               Row             Outside

318         Rob Speak                                          1                 390            Stuart Smith Jr

515         Frankie Wainman Jr                       2                 150            Mick Sworder

H240      Henk Jan Ronitz                               3                 H226         Pieter van der Iest

4             Dan Johnson                                     4                 16              Mat Newson

445         Nigel Green                                       5                 55              Craig Finnikin

H61        Koen Maris                                        6                 NZ19         Kerry Remnant

212         Danny Wainman                              7                 217            Lee Fairhurst

2             Paul Harrison                                    8                 259            Paul Hines

NZ118   Bryce Steiner                                    9                 H228         Jan Roelof Wijbenga

512         Michael Steward                             10              51              Dylan Williams-Maynard

191         Josh Smith                                         11              84              Tom Harris

H113      Raymond van den Hadelkamp  12              H27           Rutger Valk

21           Mark Gilbank                                    13              338            Chris Broksopp

463         James Morris                                    14              421            Jack Aldridge

321         Ed Neachell                                       15              53              John Lund

H148      Sjeng Smidt Jr                                   16              NZ92         Kyle Frazer

H65        Hans Baegen                                     17              H21           Jeroen Wekema

H29        Durk Greidanus                               18              H161         Tom Maris


H161 Tom Maris also stalled at the next attempt but the race eventually got away, with defending champion 55 Craig Finnikin and the winner last time the event was held at King’s Lynn 84 Tom Harris both early casualties. Finnikin was blasted into the infield marker tyres at the end of the home straight by H61 Koen Maris. At the front, Speak led from 4 Dan Johnson, 445 Nigel Green and 390 Stuart Smith Jr.

All hell broke loose on the first bend of lap two with everyone piling in and Green and Smith coming off worst, both being tipped over. Red flags came out and a complete restart called, with 15 minutes repair time allowed. Amazingly, almost everyone managed to complete repairs, including the reprieved Finnikin and Harris, with only Green and New Zealanders NZ19 Kerry Remnant and NZ92 Kyle Frazer missing out. It looked like Smith wouldn’t be able to get his car to start but with the help of a tractor he eventually did, much to the crowd’s delight.

Speak led away the restart from 515 Frankie Wainman Jr, Johnson and 16 Mat Newson but a roll for 2 Paul Harrison on the exit of bend two necessitated more red flags. This time, however, the race order was kept. 150 Mick Sworder and van der Iest were further retirements, and Ronitz was excluded from taking the restart after the damage to his bumper left it insufficient.

Speak initially pulled clear of Wainman before the latter started to close back in, while Newson overhauled Johnson and Finnikin clung onto the lead pack. Then the fun started amongst the leaders with multiple hits going in and resulting positional changes in a very exciting spell of the race. Each of the chasing trio behind Speak had spells in second position but none were able to overhaul the #318. His biggest scare came when he was clipped by the backmarking 463 James Morris but Speak survived that too to maintain the lead. Wainman dumped Newson into a parked car to resume in second before the complexion of the race changed when 51 Dylan Williams-Maynard suffered a stuck throttle and thundered into the parked car of NZ118 Bryce Steiner on the scoreboard bend at unabated speed, launching the New Zealander’s car high into the air. Yellow flags were called and it quickly became apparent that all was not well with Williams-Maynard who had suffered a severely smashed kneecap in the incident. Some 90 minutes or so were spent carefully extracting the stricken driver from his car before the race could resume.

By this stage, just 10 cars were left running with 10 laps to go, with Finnikin and 53 John Lund having also joined the retirement list. Wainman quickly cleared the lapped car between himself and the leader but was unable to do anything about the Manchester man in front, who reeled off the remaining laps to strike gold for the 10th time in his career spanning Formula One and Formula Two Stock Cars. Wainman and Newson completed the podium places, with celebrations understandably a little flat.



1       318      Rob Speak

2       515      Frankie Wainman Jr

3       16        Mat Newson

4       4          Dan Johnson

5       H148   Sjeng Smidt Jr

6       191      Josh Smith

7       338      Chris Broksopp

8       H27     Rutger Valk

9       H65     Hans Baegen

10     H29     Durk Greidanus


After such significant delays, the remaining program had to be cut short, with just a single consolation and the meeting final run for the F1s. The bad luck that had seemed to strike the meeting didn’t end there though, with two further incidents overshadowing proceedings which thankfully did not result in any significant injuries.

H155 Pieter Langeveld won the consolation from 421 Jack Aldridge and 45 Nigel Harrhy, before Newson – for the second time in three years – took the meeting final for the Harry Smith Memorial Cup, heading home Wainman and Finnikin.


Saloon Stock Cars

The biggest race of the day for the Saloons was their Driver of the Year, staged before the overseas’ F1 drivers lap trials. With a system of weighted scoring by grade applied to the season-long qualifying campaign, the grid lined up as follows:


Inside                                      Row       Outside

905      Wes Starmer               1          360      Carl Waterfield

499      David Aldous               2          304      Martyn Parker

306      Daniel Parker              3          570      Simon Venni

128      Craig Banwell              4          349      Michael Allard

217      Sid Madgwick             5          (144    Daniel Bullock – DNS)

730      Deane Mayes             6          538      Jake Swann

641      Willie Skoyles Jr         7          912      Andi Newman

26        Tommy Barnes           8          214      Tom Yould

218      Jacob Downey            9          591      Aaron Morris

350      Thomas Parrin            10        220      Casey Englestone

321      Marcus Skeels            11        6          Simon Welton

600      Barry Russell               12        157      Max Stott

177      Chris Masters             13        74        Tam Tweedie

4          Paul Brown                  14        158      Shane Davies

84        Carl Boswell                 15        131      Timmy Barnes

174      James Reid                  16        389      Ryan Santry

998      Wayne Cottrill Jr        17        270      Matt Fuller

428      Lee Sampson              18        312      Neil Payne


525 Wes Starmer led them away, but 499 David Aldous soon slipped inside with 360 Carl Waterfield following into second, only to lose out again. 570 Simon Venni and 641 Willie Skoyles Jr then came through into second and third, and from there the crowd was treated to a magnificent stock car race. The leading trio scrapped hard throughout the race, with places changing hands on almost every bend. It was Skoyles that would eventually triumph, winning from Venni and Aldous after a superb battle which they obviously all enjoyed. 

A heat race for the Saloons then took place before the F1 World Final. 270 Matt Fuller and 312 Neil Payne led the early stages before a caution period. After that, 321 Marcus Skeels quickly hit the front and went on to claim his fourth win in two meetings at the track, continue the fine form he has shown in his rookie season. 26 Tommy Barnes and 218 Jacob Downey followed him home.

The rest of the Saloons’ programme was also severely shortened, with just one further race, nominally the final, being run, which was claimed by 349 Michael Allard from Skoyles and 217 Sid Madgwick.

Congratulations go to Rob Speak and Willie Skoyles Jr on their successes, and our best wishes go to Dylan Williams-Maynard on his road to recovery.


F1 Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 H422 H595 H477 37 94 H54 152 H8 24 H6
Heat 2 H604 316 207 220 337 335 H646 313 422 H155
Heat 3 (World Final) 318 515 16 4 H148 191 338 H27 H65 H29
Consolation H155 421 45 150 463 H44 215 169 55 H759
Final 16 515 55 337 335 463 H646 169 H422 37
2L Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Driver of the Year Final 641 570 499 217 600 26 218 128 428 6

All Comers

321 26 218 998 389 6 131 349 158 217
Final 349 641 217 350 220 128 428 4 600 158
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