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Trackstar Racing | Info | Results | 2020 | Saturday 19 September

Latest Results

  • Monday 1st April

    Monday 1st April

    4X4 Banger: 339 Jack Garrod. Micro Banger: 28 Mac Bell. Siamese Banger Final: 174 Dave Osborn/ 560 Andrew Milner. Reliant Robins: 553 Daniel Douglas. 1300cc Stock Cars: 673 John Moat.

    Updated: 11 Apr 2024 21:11

  • Saturday 30th March

    Saturday 30th March

    Unlimted Bangers: 209 Tom Waller. Saloon Stock Cars: 341 Austen Freestone. Junior Bangers: 08 Taylor Morton

    Updated: 31 Mar 2024 14:59

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Latest Points

Saturday 19 September


Photos: 1- 12 Jim Harrod, 13- 24 Damien Widdows, 25 - 36 Major Gilbert

Report: Keith Organ


The highly anticipated Volvo and Granada night didn’t disappoint providing some superb racing and action complimented by the excellent Micro Bangers.

Volvo / Granada Bangers

Daniel Clarke (721) led the grid off for the Mk1/Mk2 Granada race; 17 cars on track; a number of them fresh in the Mk2 variety, including two Limo versions at the hands of James Ellis (85) and Kevin McGlagish (273). Martin Brunson (537) and Tom Farren (757) early spinners taken around at the drop of the green. Liam Lake (114) also going around a lap later. Josh Gooch (625) and Ellis tripped over one another in the backstraight, Gooch forced in to a retirement. Clarke took around James Burrows (224) out of turn 4 to take the lead, catching out now second place Al Roskell (266) in the process, who was all out of shape allowing Steve McGrath (388) to close in. A lap later and Clarke was still in amongst it running in Brunson to the plating in turn 1, again, allowing McGrath to close in. An attack from McGrath not required though as Clarke retired to the middle at the lap boards. McGrath having a steady run to the chequered flag took the win, Roskell finishing second and Jack Deacon (103) coming home third.

Heat 1 for the Volvo/Granada’s; led off by Martin French (267) in a Volvo Limo, 28 cars on track. The white grade tripped up over on another underneath the scoreboard at the drop of the green flag; another of spinners also going around on the raceway. Polly Reade (185) was dumped in to the turn 1 plating by James Ellis (85). Kieran Gray (123) was taken around in the homestraight; whilst Reade went in on the back of William Deeley (330) in to turn 1. Reade though spun around in the backstraight by Ash Reynolds (2). French your leader, James Licquorice (51) second and Reynolds third. Deeley was in further trouble in turn 1 when he was taken around by the Mk3 Limo of Jordan Sharpe (828). French though was caught on the nose in turn 2 by Adam Rowell (276), snapping off the Volvo Limo, Shamus Wyer (568) piled in on the back of French, Ben Cox (9) then going in on Wyer and Licquorice also going in. The field narrowly squeeze the small gap left behind, Sam Coote (155) driving through the back of French to clear a bigger path, yellow flags called for. Dalton Steel (466) led off the 3 lap dash restart, Laura Quadling (419) second and Coote third. Simon Smith (589) got a good start at the green flag, quickly making his way by Coote, before shifting past Quadling for second; Lee White (830) following suit, went through in to third. The top three remaining the same to the flag, Ellis tackling Coote out of turn 4 at the final time of asking, just piping Coote to fourth place, spinning the 155 Volvo out before the line up.

Heat 2 for the Unlimiteds saw James Burrows (224) lead the field off, 38 cars on track. A number of spinners early on in particular Jamie Clapton (92) and Al Roskell (266) who tripped over one another at the end of the homestraight, Clayton getting pummelled by the field. Dan Clarke (721) copped a show off of Sid Cooper (517) as Ashley Bell (81) was attacked by Kieran Bowman (178). A lap later and Ben Lawrence (91) was run in to turn 1 with Lee Macey (78) by Matthew Jode (420). Matt Thomas (333) who was left stranded out of turn 4, was run into by Bowman. Nicky Young (791) was taken around by Tom Reynolds (312) in turn 1, as was Tom Waller (209), taken around by Joey Reynolds (760) soon after. Reynolds then took around Shaun Smith (661) down the homestraight the next lap; Bowman needing no encouragement went in with the blitz, annihilating the Smith Granada. Callum Jacobs (317) was stopped on the nose by Waller in turn 2; letting Bowman go in on the back the 317 Volvo in to the backstraight. Waller keeping it face the wrong way stopped Macey with a head on too; Brett Jackson (551) going in on the back of the 78 machine. Davey Cox (119) took the chequered flag; ahead of Dan Wigman (146) in second and Steve McGrath (388) in third. Lee Clarke (247) took Andy Shipp (128) to the fence in the last bend, taking around Reynolds (312) in the process; Shipp though just held on to 5th place.

Polly Reade (185) led off heat 3, 38 cars on track. Connor Siddalls (704) and Ashley Bell (81) early spinners, Danny McSweeney (768) also left stranded in the homestraight was blitzed by Kieran Bowman (178), Ben Green (634) also going in on the back of McSweeney, snapping off Green’s MK3 Granada. A caution period called for. Damien Matthews (87) led off the restart, Reade in second and Daniel Clarke (721) in third. Reade was quickly taken out of the running by Clarke, sending her in to a spin at the drop of the green flag. In turn  2 and Phil Jackson (550) had turned it round and went in for a t-bone on the side of the Sean Mullins (353) Mk3 Hearse; Tom Reynolds (312) going in on Jackson in the process. Mullins turned it around and went in on Jackson. Callum Jacobs (317) then turned it round and went in on the back of Mullins, Connor Siddalls (704) then turned round and went in on Jacobs as Ashley Bell (81) was spun around by Lee White (830) in turn 1, Bowman went in on White as the field also pile in including Shamus Wyer (568) and Ben Cox (9). Leader Matthews tripped up with Davey Cox (119) at this point gifting the lead to Lee Clarke (247). Reynolds turned it round for Bowman, going in on the back of The Predator in turn 2. Clarke and Liam Lake (114) provided synchronised Mk2 Granada spins in the final turn, as Clarke took the win Cox (119) second and Joey Reynolds (760) third. Reade and Cox (119) clashed under the scoreboard as the red flags signalled the finish.

Polly Reade (185) led off the Feature Final, 32 cars on track. Most of the white grade pressing the self destruct button, most of them falling by the wayside including Ben Cox (9), Matt Thomas (333) and Laura Quadling (419). Austin Burns (426) took around James Licquorice (51) in the home straight, Burns was taken around himself a lap later by Dan Wigman (146). Daniel Clarke (721) was then run in to the turn 3 plating by Alex Utting (548). Steve McGrath (388) soon muscled his way by Al roskell (266) to take over the running, further back Connor Siddalls (704) another sent in to a spin in the Mk3 limo. Jack Deacon (103) took around Martin Brunson (537) in turn 1 as the lap boards were presented to McGrath who took a steady run to the chequered flag. Joey Reynolds (760) took around Lee Clarke (247) in the last bend to snatch 6th as the Siddalls limo found the plating in turn 1 and Reade was attacked by Reynolds in turn 3 at the conclusion. McGrath your winner, Utting second and Wigman third.

Over 20 cars returned for the Allcomers event, led off by Damien Matthews (87). The race settling down in to a steady rhythm, Matthews time up front soon ended with an unaided spin in turn 3; gifting the lead to Dan Wigman (146). Martin Brunson (537) and Ben Randell (165) also going round in to a spin under the big screen, as did Callum Jacobs (317) who was clobbered by James Licquorice (51) in the process. Kieran Bowman (178) tripped up with James Ellis (85) in the backstraight, Bowman ripping out a wheel in the process, went straight on in to turn 3 and collecting the stranded Brunson machine on the nose. Wigman took the 3 to go lap board as Jordan Sharpe (828) went in on the back of Bowman down the homestraight, sending Bowman round into a spin at the end of the straight, beeched and with no where to go and left in a precarious position, James Licquorice (51) went in on The Predator; whilst Alex Utting (548) and Nicky Young (791) clashed in turn 2, catching out Kieran Gray (123) in the process. Lee Clarke (247) turned it round for Young in turn 2, the pair sharing a head on. A lap later and Wigman took the chequered flag as Clarke turned it round for Young once again in turn 2, Clarke getting Young on the nose again and getting a t-bone off Sharpe in the process. Young left stranded was the blitzed by Utting and Joey Reynolds (760). Utting turning it round and going in on the back of Young once again with Clarke offering the same. Phil Smith (549) finishing the race in second and Liam Lake (114) coming home third.

In to the D.D. and Jordan Sharpe (828) went in on the nose of Lee Clarke (247) in turn 3, before doing a lap then went in on the back of Clarke, Sharpe getting a shot off of Connor Siddalls (704) in the process. Phil Jackson (550) went in with a t-bone on Siddalls with Dwayne Nicholls (788) going in on the nose of Jackson.  Sharpe blitzed the back of Nicholls in the backstraight. Siddalls jacked Sharpe in turn 2, Licquorice then went in on the back of Siddalls. Utting got back going and went in on the back of Nicky Young (791) once more. Sharpe turned it round and went in on the back of Utting; Gray then went in on the nose of Sharpe. Ben Randell (165) found some drive and  went in on the back of Gray. Utting then went in with a t-bone on Randell. Gray the only one left running at this point was then awarded the win.

Micro Bangers

Jackson Whitehead (330) led off heat 1, 38 cars on track. Tony Carter (345) was taken around the start and was batter pillar to post down the homestraight, half the field seemingly piling in in turn 1 and caught out in some form. Lewis Leeson (77) one of the cars left stranded, was blitzed by William Cole (84). Jacob Filer (17) led the restart; Ben Collins (10) turned round for Sean Rowell (277) in turn 2, Ryan Sutcliffe (664) turned round for  Collins, the field caught out in the process and pile in. Reece Crane (904) jacking Jack Maryon (212) as more go in. Nathan Thomlinson (609) now your leader pushes a gap through. Adam Clarke (275) was being attacked by Lewis Garrod (57) who in turn copped a shot off of Chris Hornbrook (65), the trio collecting the stranded Leeson KA for good measure. Terry Garrod (338) then run in Ryan Clarke (247) to turn 2. The lap boards now out for Thomlinson, who took a trouble free run to the flag, Gary Beecham (579) was closing him down in second, but not close enough at the flag to mount a challenge, Ashley Garrod (337) coming home third.

Heat 2 grid 45 cars and was led off by Jacob Filer (17). Scott Harbour (382) was picked up Anthony Kerr (880) at the drop of the green flag and dumped in the plating in turn 4. Nathan Ling (6) also picked up at the start by Brad Stutter (162) and run in under the scoreboard, Scotsman Boab Ryan (557) also taken in as Terry Church (920) also took in Jack Maddox (5) into the pile up. Cars also sent in all directions down the homestraight into turn 1. Ryan Sutcliffe (664) then copped a shot off of Nathan Tomlinson (609) in turn 4 as Maddox took a shot off of Anthony Kerr (880) as the yellow flags were called. Filer led off the restart, Louis Fidment (41) was taken into the stranded pile up of turn 4 by James Unwin (71); the field bundle in behind. Mackenzie Whitehead (331) was taken around in the homestraight collecting the Sophie Unwin (70) car in the process. Filer was sent in to a spin in turn 1 by Will Cole (84) whilst Mark Ginders (256) offered the same to Church. Church in turn collected by James Licquorice (51) and Gary Beecham (579); Bradley Green (449) going in on the back of Licquorice. Ginders in amongst it again went after David Broughton (231) in turn 1, spinning the Broughton machine around, who also ended in a roll in the process, red flags called for. Harry Cobb (229) led off the restart who quickly pulled away from Ben Lay (175) in second. Further behind Bradley Green (449) was seeing off the challenge from Matt Tillow (556), Marcus Skeels (321) and Phil Smith (549). Lay was then run in to the fence in turn 3 by Lee White (335). William Deeley (330) put himself in to the back of the Tomlinson machine, with Ben Green (634) going in with the blitz on Deeley. Skeels was then dropped out of the places by Smith with a spin in to the homestraight. Cobb took the chequered flag with Smith finishing second some way behind and Dave Lewis (37) in third. White finding the back of the Green Micra in turn 3 to round out a lively heat for the Micros.

Heat 3 for the Micros grid with 40 cars on track led off by Josh Steward (334). Taylor Pratchett (107) tripped up with Boab Ryn (557) in to turn 1, Pratchett then collected by the field too. In to turn 3 Laurence Wells (751) followed in Gary Stanney (330), the Stanney and Wells machines tripping up the field in the process; a small pile up forming in under the scoreboard. Yellow flags called for. James Licquorice (51) led off the restart; the field getting caught out by the stranded cars left from the earlier pile up including Dave Lewis (37) and Lee Reynolds (117). In turn 2 and Ben Collins (10) turned it round and found Chris Hornbrook (65); Mickey Croft (04) then went in on the back of Hornbrook. Croft got back going and came under fire from Mac Bell (28) down the backstraight, Jack Maryon (212) then was jacked up by David Broughton (231); the back of Maryon’s KA getting some air time as a result. Reece Crane (904) had now turned round in turn 2 and went in on the back of Collins; Ben Green (634) then blitzed Crane; the lap boards now shown to the leader Ashley Garrod (337) as a caution period was called for. Garrod led the restart in front of Phil Smith (549) and Ricky Garrod (99).  The top three looking to remain unchanged to the chequered flag, but Smith made an error and tripped over an abandoned car in turn 2; promoting Garrod up to second and allowing Reynolds up to third. The top three unchanged at the flag with Smith recovering to finish fourth.

The Final for the Micros was led off by Jacob Filer (17) at the head of the 30 car field. Josh Stewart (334) the first casualty followed near the pit gate by Micky Croft (04), Marcus Skeels (321) catching Stewart on the nose in the process, Lee Moatt (359) and Codie Reeves (488) also tripping up into the homestraight; Mark Ginders (256) took around Will Cole (84) in to a spin out of turn 4 a lap later; Harry Cobb (229) and Nick Ashbridge (248) clobbering Cole in the process. Ginders in amongst it again in the next bend attacking Josh Green (834) in turn 1 as Ben Lay (175) was taken around by David Broughton (231) in the homestraight. Louis Fidment (41) went in with the bumper on Cole in to turn 3; Cole catching the stranded Stewart machine in the process; Cole in further trouble the next bend when he was followed in by Lee Reynolds (117) in the roadside turn. The Stewart machine clobbered further when Skeels went in with the bumper on Reynolds and Dave Lewis (37); clattering the 334 KA. Findment planted Ashbridge in to the back of Stewart under the scoreboard; Gary Beecham (579) going in on Fidment as retribution for his team mate. Beecham though himself clobbered by the passing pack; Lee White (335) finding himself in a precarious position; Croft wasting no chance when in on the back of White; Dalton Smith (662) catching Croft in the back too. The lap boards now out, Filer your leader with a fast moving Jon Bailey (247) closing in second. Heading in to the penultimate lap though Filer caught the stranded cars parked in turn 4 and allowed Bailey to close in and muscle his way to the lead. Filer went for a last bend assault but carried too much speed and caught the pile up once more, taking him out of second spot; Terry Garrod (338) promoted to second and Phil Smith (549) in third.

Micky Croft (04) led off the Allcomers, 27 cars on track. Boab Ryan (557) quickly went on the attack at the green flag running in Josh Green (834) and ben lay (175) underneath the scoreboar, but it was Ryan left stranded after a ripping out a front wheel. Green blitzed the back of Taylor Pratchett (107) in turn 3; Anthony Kerr (880) piled in on Green; Ben Green (634) wade in to annihilating Kerr and getting some good airtime in the process. Yellow flags called for. Cameron Hubbard (624) led off the restart; Hubbard was quickly swamped at the green flag by Micky Croft (04) and Marcus Skeels (321), Hubbard dumped into a parked car as a result. Skeels your leader, Jon Bailey (247) now second and closing in. Towards the back and Jackson Whitehead (330) went in on the attack of Lewis Garrod (57) in to turn 1. The lapboards now presented Skeels just managing to hold off Bailey; into the last lap and Bailey managed to pull himself alongside and level with Skeels and down the backstraight held him on the outside to get the drive off turn 3 and take the win, Skeels tucked in behind for second and Ashley Garrod (337) closed them both down, right behind in third.

Straight into the Destruction Derby and wasting no time Mark Ginders (256) drove straight in to the back of the Lawrence Wells (751) machine; before setting off after James Licquorice (51). Ginders turned it round for Ryan Sutcliffe (664) as Wells came under attack from Bradley Green (449) and Skeels dived in on Lee Reynolds (117). Ginders still going the opposite direction went in on the back of Licquorice in turn 3. Wells found himself being spun on in the homestraight; getting caught in the front corner by Harry Cobb (229) in the process. Codie Reeves (488) was sandwiched by Chris Hornbrook (65) who went in on the nose and Ginders going in on the back simultaneously. Yellow flags called for. Back under green flag conditions and Reynolds was jacked by Will Cole (84) in turn 2, Skeels went in on the back of Cole and Dalton Smith (662) went in on the back of Skeels putting the roof up on the 321 Micra. Hornbrook went in on the back of Smith and Green went in on Hornbrook; Sutcliffe blitzing the back of Green for good measure. Ben Lay (175) went in on the side of Smith and Lewis Garrod (57) found the back of Lay; Smith now left stranded across the track found another t-bone from Micky Croft (04). In the homestraight and Reynolds was blitzed by Jack Maddox (5). A caution period called for. Back under green flag conditions, most of the competitors cars now visible ailing; Sutcliffe went in on the back of a slow moving Green; in the backstraight before Cole offered the same in to turn 3. Sutcliffe and Licquorice shared a head on the backstraight, Sophie Unwin (70) getting going went in with a t-bone on Garrod by the pit gate. Yellow flags needed once more. Down to the last few. Maddox went in on the back of Licquorice dumping him in to the stranded Unwin machine by the pit gate. Cole went in on the back of Maddox turn the homestraight, before the pair share a head on the backstraight. Cole turns it round in search of the limping Micra of Green, finding each other on the start finish line in an eruption of steam. 

Volvo/ Granada Unlimited Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Mk1/Mk2 Granadas 388 266 103 128 757 760 625 224 NoF
Heat 1 466 589 830 85 155 419 188 549 791 828
Heat 2 119 146 388 466 128 247 517 760 549 791
Heat 3 247 119 760 103 589 185 114 426 312 165
Final 388 548 146 128 589 760 114 85 426 549
Allcomers 146 549 114 589 760 830 548 257 165 791
Destruction Derby 123
Micro Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 609 579 337 338 335 359 04 28 334 65
Heat 2 229 549 37 247 17 99 41 579 331 834
Heat 3 337 99 117 549 634 04 NoF
Final 247 338 549 99 662 37 17 321 337 634
Allcomers 247 321 337 338 549 99 662 37 04 330
Destruction Derby 84/ 449
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