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Trackstar Racing | Info | Results | 2019 | Monday 26 August

Latest Results

  • Monday 1st April

    Monday 1st April

    4X4 Banger: 339 Jack Garrod. Micro Banger: 28 Mac Bell. Siamese Banger Final: 174 Dave Osborn/ 560 Andrew Milner. Reliant Robins: 553 Daniel Douglas. 1300cc Stock Cars: 673 John Moat.

    Updated: 11 Apr 2024 21:11

  • Saturday 30th March

    Saturday 30th March

    Unlimted Bangers: 209 Tom Waller. Saloon Stock Cars: 341 Austen Freestone. Junior Bangers: 08 Taylor Morton

    Updated: 31 Mar 2024 14:59

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Latest Points

Monday 26 August

Photos: 1 - 6 Major Gilbert, 7 - TSR, 8 - 22 Damien Widdows

Report: Keith Organ


King’s Lynn basked in a glorious Sunny day on August Bank Holiday for the annual Crash for Cancer day; Big Van Bangers; Reliant Robins and 2Litre Bangers the order of the day; and a tremendous day it was, raising a sum of money for charity which currently stands at over £6,600! Thank you to everyone for their support to raise such a great number. The meeting firmly cementing it’s status as one of the best Big Van meetings in the Country, with some machinery, paintwork and entertainment to match.

Heat 1 for the Big Vans was led off by Aaron Mann (143), 15 Vans on track. Vans going in all directions at the drop of the green, John Anderson (373) and Trevor Wright (380) in particular going in all directions. Chris Shipp (170) also in trouble soon after when he was spun around by Wright, the huge Campervan from Shipp stating to collapse after an attack from Lee White (830) in the backstraight and Anderson in the homestraight. Simon Sparrow (780) was then rattled around the turn 1 plating by the Ambulance of Reece Crane (904); Wright then backed his LDV across the track in turn 2, first collecting Donny Mann (135) and Lee Ivatt (77). Crane then went in with a huge t-bone on Wright; Carl Morgan (42) then went in on Crane. David Wright (21) attacked Anderson in the homestraight, before Wright came under fire from Mark Ginders (256) in to turn 1. Shipp now forcing a track blockage entering the backstraight stopped Ivatt, who in turn was collected by the field. Alfie Lee (577) your leader forcing his way through, managed to survive the remaining laps to take the chequered flag. Mann (135) finishing second and Ginders third.

Dan Clarke (721) led off heat 2 alongside Trackstar’s own and Banger legend Mick Ivatt (55); 16 more vans on track. A number of spinners on the freshly watered track. Lee Horwood (441) copped a big shot off of Kieran Bowman (178) in turn 1; Ivatt also going in for good measure; Dan Wright (113) took around the huge motorhome of Kevin McClagish (273) in turn 1; Wright backing out was caught by the passing field; James Ellis (85) t-boning Horwood at the same time; a track blockage forming; the field planted themselves in to the pile up. Lots of pushing and shoving a path cleared. Horwood and Jake Swann (538) clashed in turn 2 Wright stormed in on the back of Swann; whilst Bowman came under attack from the Export Crew’s Ricky Lee O Neil (47) and Ace Taylor (427) in turn 3. The rest of the field bundled in to the pile up in turn 2. The lap boards now out; McClagish forcing his way through the pile up took the win.

Heat 3 was led off by Alex Butcher (125), 22 Vans on track. Ross Coleman (476) and Lee Saunders (349) the first casualties spinning to the infield marker tyres; Saunders then clobbered down in to turn 1. Butcher was then taken to a spin a lap later in turn 1 by Shaun Smith (661). Most of the field then tripped over one another the homestraight, Adam Storr (851) getting caught the worst, copping a shot by Oliver Betts (106). Storr then was caught by Saunders with a t-bone. The track now littered with dead vans, providing additional obstacles for the field to navigate. In turn 3, Chris Shipp (170) absolutely destroyed Coleman’s Leyland EA; with a huge t-bone, Coleman almost rolling in the process. Ben Cox (9) presented with the lap boards; as Lee Barnes (41) was proving to be a moving chicane in turn 1 for the field, nudging forward and backwards to attack. Coleman was once again attacked, this time by Saunders. Cox went on to take the win, as the rest of the field battled; Donny Mann (135) copped a head on from Barnes, as Butcher went in on the back off Mann and Aaron Challis (664) turned it round for a shot on the back of Barnes. Jamie Roberts (782) was left broadside across the backstraight prompted a t-bone from Saunders drawing the race to a close.

Heat 4 saw Ricky Lee O Neill (47) start in pole position 10 vans on track for this one; a number of spinners the early action. O Neill your leader, but caught out with Kevin McClagish (273) in turn, the 47 van then attacked by Kieran Bowman (178), who bundled in at some speed, the track mostly blocked, the rest of the field piled in. A lap later and Bowman was the aggressor once more, destroying the Horsebox of James Ellis (85). The field pushing and shoving in the backstraight as the track became blocked. Bowman went off another circuit and this time finding Sean O Neill (407) with a big t-bone. Ellis went in on Dan Clarke (721) with a t-bone in the backstraight; a lap later and McClagish did the same on Clarke. A race stoppage called for and the race was awarded at this point;  Kevin Swann (539) taking the win, Mick Ivatt (55) second and O Neill (407) third.

Heat 5 drew out 18 Vans, Callum Taylor (855) led them off. Aaron Challis (664) a spinner in turn 3; whilst David Wright (121) caught a big head on with John Anderson (373) in the backstraight; Lee Barnes (41) goes in; Challis joining them. Mark Ginders (256) reversed out across turn 1, catching Alfie Lee (577); Ginders offering the same to Anderson.  Adam Storr (851) backs in to the leader Brandon Thomas (55), whilst Anderson went in on Storr. Lee got a shot on Ginders; Thomas plows in through Barnes; with Chris Shipp (170) also going in for good measure. Anderson and Ginders continuing to get involved, went in on Oliver Marshall (318); with Lee also going in on the backstraight. Shipp now had turned it round and went in on Storr; whilst Thomas got stuck in with Simon Royal (86); Tomas the long time leader was spun out just before the chequered flag, letting Lee coming through for the win. 

18 Vans for the meeting final; Lee Saunders (349) led them off; a number of spinners early doors. Kieran Bowman (178) and Simon Royal (86) collided in the backstraight, whilst Kevin McClagish (273) tripped up Russell Gill (77). Aaron Mann (143) collected Joel Allan (479) as Donny Mann (135) and Lee Ivatt (77) went in too; a track blockage forming, the field pile in. Alfie Lee (577) turned it round in turn 1 and went after Ben Cox (9). Cox then went in with t-bone on Gill. Bowman then went in with a huge t-bone on Reece Crane (904) in turn 1. Chris Shipp (170) then collected Gill in the backstraight. The lap boards out, as much of the field were stuck in the entrance to the backstraight pushing and shoving. Gill went in with a big shot on Mann (135). Lee went in with a shot on Cox in turn 1. James Ellis (85) awarded the win, Lee second and Saunders third.

In to the destruction derby and a number of vans join off the middle. James Ellis (85) picked up Mark Ginders (256) and followed him in to turn 1, all around the arena Vans jostling and shoving gradually losing momentum or steering. Ginders and Lee Saunders (349) got better acquainted in turn 1, with Kevin Swann (539) going in for good measure. A red flag period called for. On the restart James Ellis (85) went in with a t-bone on Ace Taylor (427), whilst Dan Wright (113) and Swann backed off and reversed into one another several times in the backstraight.  Ellis went in with a couple of big hits on Chris Shipp (170) who had been left doing doughnuts with damaged steering; Ellis offering the same to Swann too; with Wright backing up in to Shipp for good measure. Just down to three, Taylor, Ellis and Wright. Taylor got a run up and stormed in on Ellis in turn 1; with Wright backing up in to Ellis. The three jostled and shove in turn 1, back and forth, before Ellis expired and we were down to two. Taylor then went in with a t-bone on Wright,, before lined each other in the homestraight and reversed into one another; the pair entangled but with only Wright showing signs of movement was awarded the win.



2Litre Bangers

The 2L Bangers contested the Norfolk teams of 4, or East Anglian Teams as it had been called before. Having not been staged for a handful of years, it makes a welcome return to the fixture list; Callum White (100) started in pole position; 26 cars on track. Chris Horton (227) was run in to the fence at the drop of the green by William Cole (84) whilst Brett Jackson (551) was taken around into a spin and was subsequently clobbered. Tyler Reid (843) was followed in by Stu Davies (622) in turn 3 as John Reeves (188) was taken around by Joe Barrett (89); the field pile in. Lee White (830) went in with a big hit on Harry Overy (356); Kieran Bowman (178) then went in on White (830). Lee Middleton (519) attacked Reid, whilst White (100) put a huge hit in on Bowman in the back straight. Stewart Carman (841) took in Middleton in to turn 3 as Jason Smy (138) piled in on Reid. Barrett your leader with 3 to go, Reeves behind in second. Taylor Sowter (388) took Sid Cooper (517) to the infield marker tyres. Reeves moved ahead of Barrett when Barrett went in on the pile up; as Horton lunged in on Carman in turn 4. 

Heat 2 for the 2 Litre Bangers was led off by James Licquorice (51) with 25 cars on track; Lee Overy (125) the first casualty was run in to the fence at the drop of the green; whilst Jason Smy (138) did the same to Callum White (100). The race settling down in to a rhythm, Brett Jackson (551) your leader. Chris Horton (227) run in White in turn 1, taking White around into a spin. Over then stormed in on the nose of White, Licqourice the next on the scene stormed in on the back of Overy. Overy got back going and turned it round for White. The lap boards out for Jackson; surrounded by backmarkers who could have easily upset the party, but the 551 car took the win as Lee White (830) put away Ashley Garrod (337) in turn 1. Harry Overy (356) finishing second and Jamie Blything (248) third.

The final drew 21 cars back on track, James Licqourice (51) led them off pole. Damien Matthew (87) run in Lee White (830) in to turn 3 as Jack Deacon (103) was spun, Wes Freestone (340) getting caught out in the process.  Brett Jackson (551) spins out James Porter (842), a number of the field pile in. Licquorice goes in on Lee Overy (125) in turn 1. Deacon went head on with Stewart Carman (841). White (830) leads as the lap boards. Porter was caught up with Matthews and Tom Filmer (884) piling in with more going in on turn 3. Jackson then turned it round for Deacon as White (830) took the win, as Horton was fired in to turn 3 by Jamie Blything (248), rolling in the process. 

In to the Destruction Derby; Matt Black (25) went in on Jack Deacon (103); Tom Filmer (884) then lined up head on with Harry Overy (356), Taylor Sowter (388) storming in on Overy. Overy and Deacon left running; Overy t-boned Deacon. Deacon backing off went in on Overy; Deacon last car running was awarded the win.  



Predators A – 40pts

Ice Cream – 30pts

Predators B – 25pts

ANW – 25pts

Team Silver – 20pts

Sowter/Filmer – 20pts

Team Mates – 15pts

World Champ – 5pts



ANW – 40pts

World Champ – 30pts

Team Mates – 25pts

Ice Cream – 10pts



Reliant Robins

First race up was the last chance/ white graders race, Marty Dunderdale (360) started in pole position, 6 cars on track. Dunderdale didn’t last too long up front and quickly went to a spin, rolling over straight away, giving the lead to Mick Dunderdale (36), whilst Laura Quadling (419) also went round in to a spin. Tony Cherry (9) moved into second. 36 then went into a spin as Jack Wright (247) clipped a marker tyre. The lap boards out, with punctures on Wright and Quadling. Dunderdale (360) spinning and once again went over. The yellow flags prompted for; Cherry, Dunderdale (36) and Quadling your leaders. Into the restart, Wright went into a spin; Cherry and Dunderdale (36) went either side; Dunderdale just managing to squeeze out Cherry to take the lead and the win, Dunderdale following in second and Quadling nursing the 419 Robin home in third.

The big race of the year for the Reliant Robins, the World of Shale, drew an impressive field of 19 cars, the biggest grid seen at King’s Lynn recently. Roy Gedge (385) starting from pole position. A big roll for Marcus Skeels (321) at the start in to turn 1, sent over by Jordan Street (552); Alex Brindley (805) also going for a roll in turn 2; the waved yellows called for. Gedge, Colin Aldred (576) and James Ellis (85) your top three. Mick Dunderdale (36) went into a big roll; whilst Marty Dunderdale (360) sent Tony Cherry (9) over in turn 1, Street also rolling. Daniel Douglas (553) muscled his way through by Douglas to take over the lead in turn 1. A big barrel roll for Aldred and Ian Robins (96) at this stage prompted another set of waved yellows. Douglas, Gedge and Ellis now your top three. The restart was short lived as Street rolled Chery over, taking him to the fence; waved yellows once again, the top three unchanged at the restart. Scott Russell (03) attacked Laura Quadling (419) in turn 3; the lap boards presented. Jack Wright (247) went into a big roll in turn 1; but back up front Douglas takes the win; Gedge in second and Ellis third.

Allcomers 1 and 14 cars returned from the pits, Marty Dunderdale (360) led them off; he was quickly into a spin in the backstraight, collecting Tony Cherry (9) in the process. Laura Quadling (419) now your leader as Jamie O’Hanlon (551) rolled, but the momentum carried him back over on to all 3, Jordan Street (552) just avoiding; but he then spun out, almost rolling. Quadling still your leader, Scott Russell (03) in second and Ian Robins (96) third. James Ellis (85) another one for the almost rolled, but managing to keep it on all three; as the lap boards were now presented to Quadling as Robins muscled his way in to second in turn 3. Further back, Daniel Douglas (553) and Tommy Tatham (197) battle until Douglas made a rare error, spinning in to Jamie O’Hanlon (551) in turn 3. Quadling took the win, Robins second and Russell third; Tatham going into a roll after the flag to round out the Reliants first allcomers.

Allcomers 2; Mick Dunderdale (36) led them off, 10 Robin on track. Scott Russell (03) the first casualty going into a spin at the drop of the green. Laura Qualding (419) your leader. Daniel Douglas (553) was making rapid progress through the field and was soon up against Ian Robins (96) and Lee Barnard (490) for third place. Dunderdale flipped into a roll in turn 3; waved yellows called for. Quadling led them off, Douglas in second and Barnard in third. At the green Douglas made it passed Quadling quickly to take over the running. The lap boards were soon out; Jack Wright (247) and Chalkie Douglas (554) collided in the backstraight whilst Tommy Tatham (197) went into a roll in turn 3. Douglas took the win, Roy Gedge (385) came home second and Barnard in third.


Big Van Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 577 135 256 55 NoF
Heat 2 273 85 539 47 NoF
Heat 3 9 135 830 349 170 125 NoF
Heat 4 539 55 407 273 77 NoF
Heat 5 577 830 9 55USA 86 42 170 NoF
Final 85 577 349 N0F
Destruction Derby 113
2Litre Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 188 89 337 103 551 248 101 340 830 138
Heat 2 551 356 248 337 830 188 101 227 841 125
Final 830 125 337 356 89 248 388 227 128 25
Destruction Derby 103
Reliant Robins 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
White Grade/ Last chance 36 9 419 835 NoF
World of Shale 553 385 85 490 96 554 197 03 NoF
Allcomers 1 419 96 03 197 85 554 490 552 247 NoF
Allcomers 2 553 385 490 419 96 197 03 NoF
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