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    Saturday 22nd June

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Saturday 13 June 2015

Pictures Matt Howes & Damien Widdows

Report Mark Paulson


The Banger Racing world gathered at the Adrian Flux Arena, King’s Lynn on Saturday night, 13 June, to say a fond farewell to one of the sport’s greatest ever entertainers, 13 Pieter ‘Peewee’ Leistra, in Heinegone. The meeting lived up to all of its hype and more with an epic display of wrecking in a list of material unlikely to be matched in a very long time, if ever.

Well over 150 drivers were in action, with 160 Unlimited Bangers in the pits as the man of the moment surpassed even himself with five fantastic motors, one for each of the four sub-classes, plus another to be saved for the destruction derby.

They came from far and wide, with a big travelling contingent from Peewee’s Dutch homeland, plus Irish, Scots, Welsh and many from every corner of England. A selection of the stunning machinery they piloted is listed below:

      1          Maarten Steenbekkers        Rover P5 Coupe

      4          Mark Mitchell                       Vanden Plas 3-Litre R Hearse

      10        Bert Petter                           Oldsmobile Mk8

      13        Pieter Leistra                        Wolseley 6/110

      13        Pieter Leistra                        Ford Granada Mk2 Hearse (Irish)

      13        Pieter Leistra                        Dodge Charger (1973)

      13        Pieter Leistra                        BMW M6 E63 (2009)

      13        Pieter Leistra                        Nissan President ‘Wide Body’

      16        Mike Flaherty                         Dodge Charger (1974)

      17        Kyle Overy                            Toyota Crown S110

      27        Jake Fowler                          Rolls Royce Silver Shadow I

      27        Will Longford                        Rover P5

      48        Mark Cassidy                        Ford LTD Crown

      54        Tom Davey                            Ford Granada Mk1

      56        Karel Eeckloo                       Cadillac Fleetwood limousine

      61        Hendrick Domine               Buick LeSabre Mk4

      67        Rickie Beasley                      Toyota Crown S50 Estate

      72        Billy Bond                               Cadillac Seville Mk1

      89        Joe Barrett                            Daimler XJ1200 Hearse

      90        Adrian Harboard                 Jaguar Mk10

      122      Mark Cooper                        Lincoln Town Car Mk2 limousine

      125      Nathan Lake                         Daimler DS420 limousine

      126      Richard Reitsma                  Ford Thunderbird Mk10

      128      Andy Shipp                           Cadillac Eldorado Mk7

      133      Karly Day                                Cadillac Seville Mk1

      133      Marc Paton                           Rover P4

      152      James Dillon                         Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II

      153      Shaun Buckley                     Nissan Stagea

      168      Calvyn Girling                       Austin A135 Princess limousine

      170      Darren Teal                           Ford Granada Mk1

      174      Curtis Rathbone                  GAZ ZIM-12 limousine

      176      Ady Gibbs                              Rover P5 Coupe

      186      Mike Pullen                          Ford Granada Mk1 limousine

      189      Marco Krul                            Mazda 929 Estate

      196      Ben Harrison                        Cadillac Fleetwood

      203      Darren Nash                         Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II

      206      Phil Milner                             Bentley T1

      208      Frankie Samyn                     Daimler DS420 limousine

      222      Matty High                            Lincoln Town Car Mk2 limousine

      226      Brian Youngson                   Jaguar Mk10

      247      Lee Clarke                             Rover P5

      252      Steven Bugler                      Cadillac Fleetwood

      252      Gareth Griffiths                  Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser Estate Mk2

      262      Buddy James                        Toyota Crown Custom S60

      280      Simon Goodale                   Rover P5

      301      Albert Troost                        Toyota Supra Mk4

      312      Sybo Huizenga                     Lincoln Town Car Mk2

      313      John Cullingford                  Rover P5 Coupe

      313      Craig Osborne                      Ford Scorpio limousine

      338      Terry Garrod                        Volvo 940 limousine

      347      Dave Bull                                Mercury Marquis

      349      Lewis Price                            Bentley Turbo

      353      Dan Buckley                          Pontiac Tempest Coupe (1962)

      359      Simon Rolph                         Mercedes E-Class Estate

      388      Stevo McGrath                    Rolls Royce Silver Raith Hearse (1947)

      388      Taylor Sowter                      Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II

      396      Karl Turner                            Jaguar  Mk10 (used)

      401      Steve Hemmings                Austin A135 Princess limousine

      404      Luke Brinton                         Daimler DS420 Hearse

      411      Daniel Pegg                           Oldsmobile Mk10

      433      Ben Smith                              Daimler DS420 limousine

      439      Danny Sutton                       Toyota Crown S110

      465      Liam Johnson                       Jaguar XJ Series 1

      476      Ross Coleman                      Austin A135 Princess

      479      Joel Allen                               Lincoln Town Car Mk2 limousine

      549      Phil Smith                              Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II

      557      Paul Bowen                          Daimler Sovereign

      559      Petrick Kooiker                    Volvo 242

      581      Simon Fixter                         Humber Imperial

      597      Andy Ashman                      Lincoln Town Car Mk2

      601      Chris Medler                        Toyota Crown S110

      611      Joe Geeves                           Lincoln Town Car Mk1

      622      Garry Webb                          Rolls Royce Corniche

      632      Callum Read                         Ford Granada Mk2 Hearse (Irish

      733      Kyle Picton                            Rover P5

      739      Jason Moore                        Toyota Crown S50 Estate

      776      Ady Groom                           Rover P4 (used)

      779      Luke Allen                             Daimler XJ1200 Hearse

      791      Nicky Young                          Humber Pullman limousine

      800      Tom Hannah                         Lincoln Town Car Mk1

      811      Pete Winter                          Ford Scorpio limousine

      812      Lewis Winter                        Ford Scorpio Hearse

      821      Ryan Preston                       Rover P5

      827      Sjirk Hansma                        Rover P4

      851      Adam Storr                           Cadillac Fleetwood

      880      Neil Naismith                       Humber Super Snipe

      884      Tom Filmer                            Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II

      888      Lloyd Stark                            Cadillac Fleetwood

      912      Kieran Greenway               Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II

      959      Aaron Keoghan                   Nissan Cedric Y30

      996      Brett Driver                           Oldsmobile Cutlass Mk5


A grand parade at 4pm allowed the huge crowd the chance to savour the fantastic machinery before it was given a send-off in style, beginning with a heat for pre-1985 cars, mainly Granadas (Mk1 and Mk2), Volvos and Jag XJs. On a track surface made a little tricky by rain, the 43 cars immediately all piled in on bend 4, with Peewee himself among those who didn’t even make it to the green flag. A wrecking train developed on bend two, while 209 Tom Waller followed in one of the Dutch Volvos, with 514 Charlie Taylor and 632 Callum Reed joining in before 189 Marco Krul blitzed Reed’s Irish-built hearse. The action on bend four was completed by the entertaining 557 Paul Bowen reversing into the pile-up at speed and 338 Terry Garrod using his Volvo limo to take out passersby, including 248 Dave Harding. Out front, 22 Dave Vincent led in his Toyota Crown until three laps to go, despite hefty rear-end damage, but was caught and passed by 158 Shane Davies’s well-used Mk2 Granny. Entertainers awards went to 390 David Gibson, Krul and 359 Simon Rolph.

Heat two was for pre-70 machinery, raising a super-impressive 44 cars. It begun with 27 Jake Fowler following in his number-sake 27 Will Longford and 549 Phil Smith doing likewise to 791 Nicky Young’s amazing Humber Pullman limo. 176 Ady Gibbs blew up 476 Ross Coleman’s A135 and was then done by 90 Adrian Harbord, while Peewee took in 776  Ady Groom. A track blockage developed on bend four and we were treated to an amazing 14-car wrecking train. The action was completed by Beasley blasting Peewee before red flags were called to aid 827 Sjirk Hansma. Entertainers awards went to Beasley, Hansma and 912 Kieran Greenway while 247 Lee Clarke was awarded the win on countback, whilst in the middle of the train!

A superb showing of 23 Yanks (not quite all those present) came out for heat three. Peewee took in 411 Daniel Pegg, while 611 Joe Geeves, 252 Gareth Griffiths and 16 Mike Flaherty all went in hard, 996 Brett Driver was given a trip up the fence and 851 Adam Storr blasted Peewee. 331 Jason Jackson used his massive machine to deliver a shot on 61 Hendrick Domine and was later blasted by 196 Ben Harrison. 72 Billy Bond gave up the lead to hit 126 Richard Reitsma on the nose, before Storr blasted the latter, followed by 85 James Ellis. 122 Mark Cooper walloped his huge motor into Ellis, with 56 Karel Eeckloo, 48 Mark Cassidy and 10 Bert Petter then joining in. The field was now getting very thin as 597 Andy Ashman hit 851 The Intimidator to block the track. Eeckloo managed to get going again to do another lap and pile into Storr, with 252 Steve Bugler then blasting the former, and Jackson also backed off to pile back in again. Ashman managed to free his crippled motor and bring it home for the win, the only car to complete the distance. The efforts of Geeves, Storr and Eeckloo were deemed worthy of entertainers awards.

Heat four was for modern machinery , tracking 44 cars. 89 Joe Barrett used his hearse to blow up the late-arriving 24 Mark de Laat, while 137 Jason Chilton did 811 Pete Winter’s limo. Several good shots went in on turn one, involving 399 Jonny Atkin (Jag), 148 Ian Redden (Mercedes) and others, while a wrecking train developed on bend two. On the final bend, 779 Luke Allen used his hearse to blast 331 Eelke van der Zwaag and earn himself an enterainers award, alongside 148 Shorty and 266 Callum Hall, while 89 Panda managed to pilot his hearse to victory – a rare sight indeed.

The top three from each heat, together with race entertainers, qualified for the final, but were all eligible to contest the consolations if they wished as well. Before those took place, an interval was taken while expert track curator Buster Chapman bladed off the wet stuff to reveal a fine racing surface for the rest of the night.

The first consolation was reserved for cars from the first two heats and raised 42 cars. It begun with 401 Psycho piling straight into 388 Little Stevo’s nearly 70-year-old hearse, with several more then flying in too, resulting in another massive wrecking train. 288 Carl Sowter took in 4 Mr Happy’s hearse which was later shot to pieces by 313 John Cullingford in one of the hits of the night. That earned Cully an entertainers award, along with 152 James Dillon and 1 Maarten Steenbekkers who was well involved with 791 Spud, among others. Out front, 17 Kyle Overy took his Jap to the win.

Thirty-six returned for the second consolation where Pegg blasted Peewee, back out in his sixth consecutive race, this time in the Westy. Pegg was then done by 800 Tom Hannah, with 41 Arjan de Witte, 479 Joel Allen and 312 Sybo Huizenga then piling in. 222 Matty High dished out a head on to Flaherty, while Harboard was wasted after a hit on Bugler, with 128 Andy Shipp, Domine and 415 Scott Cornish joining in for good measure. When Jackson and de Witte piled in to the back straight heap red flags came out, with 830 Lee White taking the win, and Flaherty, 18 Jamie Clayton and Shipp earning entertainers awards.

The third consolation had the night’s smallest field at 23 cars. It saw 20 Rocky McKenna put the BMW-mounted Peewee away who then was done head on by the pack. Harding blasted Fowler and Cooper on the home straight, before Cooper went straight into 812 Lewis Winter’s hearse which was broadside across the track by the pit gate. The race then went relatively quiet until 604 Ross Cooper blasted 174 Curtis Rathbone’s superb GAZ and was then done by 262 Buddy James’s equally fantastic Custom Crown, while the latter suffered at the hands of 339 Jack Garrod’s Previa. 321 Kieran Fry uncharacteristically turned down the opportunity to join in with the big shots as he motored to the win, while James, Cooper and Garrod were named the race entertainers.

The qualifiers-only final featured 27 cars with heat winners starting at the back. 133 Karly Day led them away before Peewee (Dodge Charger) walloped the similarly-mounted Flaherty. That left the star of the show broadside across the track and 10 Paul Whiteman (used Mk2 Granada) duly obliged with a big hit over the back wheel, realising too late that unlike Flaherty, Peewee’s car was left-hand drive. Red flags came out and the thankfully unhurt – if shaken – Peewee emerged from his car. In the pile-ups on the restart, Overy tried to blast Davies head on but only managed to clip him, while 247 Bro blasted Rolph, and Steenbekkers was dealt shots by Eeckloo and Geeves. Beasley went in with an enormous hit on 390 David Gibson on the scoreboard bend and backed off with little damage which raised a few eyebrows. He went on to finish third behind Vincent, who near enough led from start to finish, and 301 Albert Troost in a modern Supra, but was later excluded for illegal strengthening, while Bro – promoted to third – and Geeves earned themselves entertainers awards.

The first allcomers race saw 100 Callum White follow in 347 Dave Bull, and Joel Allen did Peewee who was back in his Granada hearse. Several big shots from the lively Midnight Runners duo of Bull and Jackson earned themselves entertainers awards, along with 349 Lewis Price, while 160 Shayn Winsor raced to the win and Eeckloo entertained by taking himself into the fence a couple of times after losing his steering.

Down to 26 cars for the last allcomers race, Peewee’s mechanics finally had to admit defeat in turning his cars around after nine consecutive races. But Geeves came to the rescue and gave up his big Yank to allow Peewee to take a tenth ride of the night. He didn’t get it very far, getting well stuck in on the action on bend two, while some big shots went in on the back straight too and a fire on board 900 Jasper Verboven’s Volvo required a stoppage. Only eight cars were left for the restart but it was still lively, as Vincent planted 308 Rick Woertnik into the trashed 997 Meilof Troost. 433 Ben Smith caught and passed Buddy James for the win, with the latter blasting Vincent on the last lap.

Given the action already seen, a mid-30s turnout for the destruction derby was a terrific effort from all concerned. Peewee, out in his very unusual bodykitted Nissan President (minus some of the plastic bodykit) set himself up for Geeves to put him away as a mark of gratitude for his previous gesture, although sadly Geeves couldn’t oblige when his car wouldn’t start. Before the Gladiators fought to the death, Peewee instead embedded himself in 479 Jooble’s big Lincoln and was duly blasted by Bull to bring the curtain down on his career.

A very big hit to end a very big night. It was a superb effort from everyone involved – thanks go to them all – and none more so than the man himself, Pieter Leistra. Happy retirement, Peewee. 


Unlimited Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 (Pre 85) 158 22 10 248 959 nof
Heat 2 (Pre 70) 247 622 433 912 353 388 262 827 791 581
Heat 3 (Yanks) 597 nof
Heat 4 (Modern) 89 148 301 160 415 316 604 101 137 nof
Consolation 1 17 247 288 197 308 439 20 1 39 601
Consolation 2 830 128 180 347 61 883 800 nof
Consolation 3 321 439 133 nof
Heinegone Final 22 301 247 288 597 nof
All Comers 1 160 347 331 nof
All Comers 2 433 160 262 nof
Final 51 673 337 399 185 339 604 nof
Destruction Derby 349
Car of Meeting 388 (SM) 4 174 791 252 (SB) 622
Merit Awards 912 54 186 209 262 (BJ) 632 170 16 128 353
Merit Awards 476 401 739 800 821 247 61 601 331 400 (NL)
Entertainer Awards 16 18 128 339 262 122 611 247 331 349
Merit Awards 27 (JF) 247 22 13 347 611 61 359 390 189
Entertainer Awards 912 67 827 851 611 56 148 266 779 1
Merit Awards 152 313
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