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  • Monday 6th May

    Monday 6th May

    Micro Banger: 678 Alex Ward. 1600cc Banger: 275 Joel Bond. 2L Banger: 519 Lee Middleton. Unlimited Banger: 382 Jack Foster JNR. Reliant Robins: 553 Daniel Douglas.

    Updated: 11 May 2024 13:52

  • Sunday 21st April

    Sunday 21st April

    1600cc Bangers: 311 Gary Lown. Junior Bangers: 515 Reagan Flatters. 1300cc Stock Cars: 167 Jimmy Morris. 2L Saloons: 129 Will Morphey

    Updated: 24 Apr 2024 14:35

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    • Big Van Bangers (3.5tonne limit), Micro Bangers, Classic Cars R Us Junior Bangers & Unlimited Lady Bangers
    • Saturday 08 June - 17:00
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Saturday 7 July

Photos - Damien Widdows 

Words - Keith Organ

Another fantastic night of banger action done. Thank you as always to all who raced and everyone who joined us for a brilliant show last night. If you thought it would be a quiet domestic meeting. Wrong! Lots of bent cars went home on the 7th July. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves; it was a great day all round following on from the Football.


Micro Bangers

32 cars micro bangers lined up; this one just for the white graders only. Jack Maryon (212) on pole, the field pile in to turn 3 at the green flag which also then saw a number of spinners. Andrew Horry (582) and Lennon Phillips (440) were taken in to turn 1 as Luke Tongue (460) attacked Alistair Oxby (974) in the backstraight. Tongue then blitzed James Chapman (842). James Licqourice (51) then went after Tongue in the homestraight. Nick Ashbridge (248) your leader. Jordan Eagle (702) went on the attack after Jackson Whitehead (330) in the first bend as Ben Green (634) was run in to turn 3 by Daniel Clarke (747). Licqourice turned it round as this point and got Micky Clarke (147) as the lap boards were now presented. MacKenzie Whitehead (331) followed in Licquorice in to turn the parked 634 machine in turn 3. Licquorice was then blitzed at the end to round off the first race.

29 cars returned for heat 2 which was open to all grades; Aaron Mann (143) on pole; Jack Maryon (212) was an early spinner with the field pilling in; Mitchel Finney (3) getting stuck on the 212 machine; Mark Ginders (256) wading in on the beached Finney car in the homestraight; Ginders on a mission then goes in on Tom Fox (322) in turn 3. Mann and Colin Coupland (46) clashed in the backstraight as Kieran Bowman (178) amongst others piled in. Alistair Oxby (974) had come to rest on the outside of turn 1, Donny Mann (135) collected which then launched him in to a big roll; waved yellows needed.  MacKenzie Whitehead (331) leads them off; but his lead was short lived and Andy Skeels (24) took around the 331 machine; Lee White (830) your new leader. Brad Thomlinson (619) spun around the Phil Bassett (990) car in to the stricken Bowman Micra in the backstraight. White then took around the Whitehead machine; Whitehead quickly recovered but collected Skeels in the process taking him to the marker tyres out of second. White then cruised to the win ahead of Bradley McCarthy (31) in second and Ashley Garrod (337) in third. 

Heat 3 saw a field of 26 cars on track, early on Ryley Freestone (342) took in Jon Bailey (247) in to turn 1; whilst Andy Skeels (24) Jamie Blything (248) and Ben Green (634) create a pile up in turn 3. Skeels taking a big tbone off Freestone; the red flags caught for. After the restart Tom Fox (332) followed in Callum Lacey (412) in turn 3. James Licquorice (51) went in on the back of Jordan Eagle (702) in turn 1; Will Longford (27) then did the same with an identical shot. Phil Bassett (990) goes after Olly Scott (339); Licqourice then went in on Bassett before Kieran Bowman (178) then went in on Licquorice in turn 3. Longford spun around Alan Jackson (234) in the homestraight. Licqourice had now turned it round; and sought around Mitchel Finney (3), catching Finney in an almighty head on in turn 3, Finney was then unlucky enough to be jacked by Fox simultaneously. Brad Thomlinson (619) was the blitzed by Bowman also in turn 3; with the Licqourice machine now with a small fire, the red flags were called for.

The final and 27 cars returned with Jack Maryon (212) the pole sitter. Daniel Clarke (747) caught a head on with Ben Green (634), Green was then collected by Kieran Bowman (178). Clarke was then destroyed by Tom Fox (322), the red flags were then called. Andy Skeels (24) on pole for the restart. Skeels though was then taken to fence by Lennon Phillips (440) in turn 3; the chasing field pile in before a collection of cars head to the marker tyres including Kieran Bowman (178) who caught some air time. Rob Clarke (647) spun out Maryon whilst Morgen McCarthy (13) went in to a rollover in turn 3, prompting the red flags. Ashley Garrod (337) your leader on the restart. MacKenzie Whitehead (331) goes in on Maryon; whilst Alan Jackson was blitzed by Will Longford (27) in turn 3. Clarke was then destroyed by 331 Whitehead, the red flags needed. Garrod still your leader. On the restart Lee White (830) took a head on from Brad Bartrum (69) in turn 3, before Alistair Oxby (974) was spun to the marker tyres. The lap boards now ticking by, Whitehead taking on Maryon the only notable incident before the chequered flag, which fell for Garrod. Straight in to the Destruction derby; with a handful of cars joining off the middle.

Jackson Whitehead (330) followed in Kieran Challis (666); Colin Coupland (46) offering the same to Gary Stanney (330). 331 then destroyed the Coupland machine. Tom Reynolds (312) turned it round for Kieran Bowman (178) in turn 3. Whilst Jon Bailey (247) went in on the back of Ryley Freestone (342). Mark Ginders (256) waded in on Whitehead (331). Reynolds then took in Whitehead (330); Ginders wasting no opportunity went in on the 330 machine. Red flags needed. Just a handful remained for the restart; Dalton Smith (662) went for a head on with Alistair Oxby (974), Freestone blitzing the back of Oxby. Smith and Freestone then exchanged a head on before Reynolds annihilates Freestone down in turn 1 the last hit of the event and 79 the last car running.


1500cc Bangers

24 cars for heat 1 with Steve Greenhalgh (792) in pole position; the freshly watered track meant lots of spinners early doors. Greenhalgh your leader, mid pack bunching early on saw Shaun Clarke (319) coming off worst; ending up the wrong way. Clarke was caught head on by Nathan Tupper (350) in turn 1. Clarke now left stranded the field needing to take avoiding action. Jack Rookard (910) took out Greenhalgh from the lead to take over. Lee White (830) was seemingly struggling was spun around in turn 1. The lap boards were soon out for Rookard, but he went wide in turn 1 letting through Paul Lovick (26). Lovick’s time in the lead was short lived though as he was spun around in the last bend with Tony Pallett (566) and Rookard in close company squabble for the lead to the line, Pallett just edging the win. At the finish Jake Burgess (312) took a head on from Tim Rees (799) with Nathan Webb (315) blitzing Rees for good measure.

The eventful earlier heat saw a reduced 15 cars for heat 2, Steve Greenhalgh (792) once again on pole. Aaron Colbert (121) spun himself early on; Jack Giddings (591) running Greenhalgh and Eddie Holland (270) in to turn 3 fencing. Colbert turned it around in turn 3 misses his intended target; whilst Jack Rookard (910) took Greenhalgh in to a spin in the backstraight. Colbert still on opposite eventually got Sam Evans (386) who was spun by Giddings. Giddings getting caught up also, the field piled in. Russell Gill (77) turned it around in the entrance to the back straight, catching Ashlun Woods (271) on the nose; Craig Gray (370) then blitzed Woods. Paul Lovick (26) taking the chequered flag.

17 Cars returned for the final, Steve Greenhalgh (792) was left stranded early on up against the turn 1 fence, Jack Giddings (591) didn’t waste the opportunity and absolutely blitzed the 792 machine. The red flags needed; Liam Halls (800) led the field off. Chris Wick (10) and Halls battled for the lead on the restart; Halls though was soon spun around. Halls quickly recovered and took out Dave Chapman (101), Halls was then destroyed by Tim Rees (799). Eddie Hollands (270) was blitzed by Aaron Colbert (121) in the homestraight, Craig Gray (370) then also going in. The red flags required; Nick Ungermann (666) led them off with Nathan Tupperman (350) and Paul Lovick (26). Tony Pallett (566) not far behind attacked Chris Wick (10) in turn 3 whilst Jack Rookard (910) turned around for Troy Cobbett (12); Rookard was then met head on by Rees.  Ungermann holding on for the win ahead of Pallett in second and Tupperman in third. Once complete; the green flag then fell to signal the destruction derby

Giddings met Sam Evans (386) for a head on; with Michael Carey (79) also going in on Giddings for head on. Carey reversed off and launched in on the back of Evans. Carey the last running, rounding off a short and sharp DD for the 1500s.  


Junior bangers

17 cars for whites and yellows race, which saw Codie Reeves (188) starting on pole position. Finley Damon (08) was an early casualty after being sent to a spin by Josh Prince (715) in turn 3; whilst Robbie Dillon (833) also spun around in turn 1. Tiffany Unwin (70) caught Jamie Wright (281) head-on in turn 3. Callum Self (667) your early leader; but his lead was soon to be challenged when Unwin slowed the leader up in the backstraight allowing Reeves in to challenge in to turn 3, taking over the lead. Harvey Webb (622) attacked Max Eaton (670) in turn 1 as the lap boards were presented. Reeves in control of the race, cruised to a win, whilst the last bit of action saw Webb spin out Unwin to the centre. Reeves taking the win.

Heat 1 and 24 cars took to the track, Callum Self (667) starting in pole position. Jamie Wright (281) was the first in trouble with an early spin before the green and Finley Damon (08) tripped over Leah Roberts (783) in the backstraight. Codie Reeves (188) took Lee Reynolds (117) out wide in turn 1. Reeves then collected the stranded 56 car in turn 1 whilst Roberts was caught head on by Max Eaton (670) in turn 3. Wright was taken to the turn 3 fence; the waved yellows called for. Robbie Dillon (833) led the field off ahead of Reeves in second and Josh Prince (715) third. The drivers taking avoiding action and scatter to avoid the 783 car in turn 3. Reeves took over the lead, but was under pressure from Lennie Murkin (608). Reeves went wide around the stranded 783 car letting through Murkin to lead, whilst further back Lewis Ivatt (77) battled with Blake Platts (450). Patrick Hughes (294) spun around Prince. Reeves wasn’t letting Murkin get away and kept with him. Harvey Webb (622) spun Howe Reade (352) in turn 3 as the lap boards came out. Heading into the last lap the top three were together and Joey Holmes (90) went in on Reeves in the last bend; unable to shift Murkin, he went on to get the win but slowed in to turn 1 after the flag, both Holmes and Reeves running in to the back of Murkin, Reeves ending up out of control slammed in to the dead cars in turn 1 to end the race.

20 cars for heat 2, Tiffany Unwin (70) your pole sitter. Codie Reeves (188) spun around Robbie Dillon (833) in turn 1; Callum Self (667) your race leader. Reeves on a charge set about attacking Shane Masterman (822) in turn 3; whilst Harvey Webb (622) did the same to Howe Reade (352). Further down the order the star drivers battled amongst themselves 90, 328, 450 and 608 all involved. Aiden Storr (854) was taken out in turn 1 and collected by the passing field. Finley Damon (08) took over the lead in the closing stages as the lap boards came out. Joey Holmes (90) and Ben Nicholls (328) battled right to the flag.

The final saw 22 cars back out on track Tiffany Unwin (70) on pole position once again. Lennie Murkin (608) was run in to turn 1; whilst Reeves was taken out too; Callum Self (667) your early leader. Unwin and Robbie Dillon (833) clashed in the first bend as the red grade resumed their battle from the previous race. Unwin crashed to the fence in turn 3; as Reeves went on the attack of Joey Holmes (90) and Patrick Hughes (294) in turn 3. Finley Damon (08) spun out Dillon in the backstraight. Murkin and Holmes battling it out; Reeves went in to attack just missing out, catching the marker tyre in the process. Josh Prince (715) your leader holding a steady advantage over Damon in second and Hughes in third; Prince cruised to the win.


Junior Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
W & Y 188 117 258 622 670 715 822 833 783 03
Heat 1 608 90 188 450 294 229 77 715 08 662
Heat 2 08 715 667 622 328 1888 450 229 90 608
Final 715 08 294 328 450 90 229 77 667 258
Micro Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Whites 248 256 579 31 331 312 212 412 702 234
Heat 1 830 31 337 440 123 342 331 619 NoF
Heat 2 619 27 46 (CC) 337 312 322 662 346 234 330 (JW)
Final 337 46 (CC) 123 322 662 212 NoF
Destruction Derby 212
1500cc Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 566 910 792 69 10 370 830 NoF
Heat 2 26 566 370 910 10 NoF
Final 666 566 350 10 26 315 NoF
Destruction Derby 79
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