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  • Monday 6th May

    Monday 6th May

    Micro Banger: 678 Alex Ward. 1600cc Banger: 275 Joel Bond. 2L Banger: 519 Lee Middleton. Unlimited Banger: 382 Jack Foster JNR. Reliant Robins: 553 Daniel Douglas.

    Updated: 11 May 2024 13:52

  • Sunday 21st April

    Sunday 21st April

    1600cc Bangers: 311 Gary Lown. Junior Bangers: 515 Reagan Flatters. 1300cc Stock Cars: 167 Jimmy Morris. 2L Saloons: 129 Will Morphey

    Updated: 24 Apr 2024 14:35

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    • Saturday 25 May - 16:00
    • 2L Stock Car Lowman Race Engines National Championship, 1300 Stock Car British Championship & Unlimited Bangers
    • Monday 27 May - 13:00
    • Big Van Bangers (3.5tonne limit), Micro Bangers, Classic Cars R Us Junior Bangers & Unlimited Lady Bangers
    • Saturday 08 June - 17:00
    • National Banger Bilge Bonanza for Brooks & Classic Cars R Us Junior Bangers
    • Saturday 22 June - 17:00
    • 2L Bangers War of the Worlds Teams, 1300 Stock Cars, Moats Old Skool Throwback – Trackstar celebrates over 40 years of 673 John Moat behind the wheel & 2L Stock Cars incl. Ladies Race

Latest Points

Monday 7 May

Pictures: Holly Nash

Report: Keith Organ


An all Banger Bonanza was next on offer at the King’s Lynn Adrian Flux arena with 4 classes on the line up; 2 Litre Bangers racing for the Bandit Memorial, Junior Bangers World Final, Micro Bangers and Reliant Robins completing the line up.


2 litre Bangers

The Michael "Bandit" Bailey memorial lined up for the first 2 litre race of the day; 35 cars taking to the track. Jack Maryon (212) was the early leader as the early race carnage followed. Dom Ambrose (785) caught the attention of the predators and James Licqourice (51), the Ambrose mondeo looking very battered as a result.   Phil Milner (201) turned it round; seeking out Jason Smy (138). Licqourice also turned it round for Lee White (830) catching the 830 machine across the front corner. Maryon put away Ricky Twell (79) and Smy into parked cars in turn 3; Ricky Beasley (67) then went in on Twell. Maryon taking the win and the Bandit Memorial.  

Allcomers race 1 grid 23 cars. Stu Carman (841) takes in Callum White (100) as one of the Gladiators thundered in Jack Maryon (212). Nicky Bell (306) turned it round, but seemingly struggling for power. Lee White (830) took Kieran Bowman (178) and Phil Milner (201) in to a spin. Milner keeping it the wrong way and met Andrew Shipp (128) head on, Maryon then run into the back of the Shipp machine. Milner then searched out his next victim and goes for Sid Cooper (517). Milner still facing on opposite, gets the 830 machines. Scott Munson (431) searched out the stranded 830 and went in on him also. Lee Middleton (519) rattled in Cooper 517 in turn 1 to round out the first allcomers. 

18 cars for the final Kieran Francis (541) starting pole. Jack Maryon (212) runs in  Bradley Bowman (279); whilst Stu Carman (841) followed in Damian Matthews (87). Francis was then blown up by Kieran Bowman (178) in the back straight. Bowman (279) met Maryon with a head on. Joel Allen (479) was run in on turn 1; as Lee White (830) spun Phil Milner (201) to the middle; Milner then turns it round taking on White with a head on. Bowman (178) steamed in on White (830). Callum White (100) met head on with Bowman (279); 178 then blew up the 100 machine. Ashley Garrod (337) taking the win ahead of only a handful of other finishers.

It was straight in to the destruction derby. Maryon 212 turned it round on Carman 841. As Andy Battle (898) lunged in on Matthews 87. Lee Middleton (519) caught Shane Harvey (383) head on as Middleton then went for another head-on this time with 87. Allen 479 went a head on with Battle. Carman 841 also going in on the nose with Allen 479.  Battle 898 and Allen 479 went head on once more, just before Bowman 178 blew up on Battle. 898 turns It round on 178, the 178 machine lifeless was then jacked by Battle. Middleton got the motor back going in time for a monstrous head on with Battle. The 898 machine backed off last car running awarded the win.  


Junior Bangers

The World Final lined up the first Junior race of the day with 32 cars on the grid; Aiden Storr (854) and Joshua Prince (715) lining up the front row after the random Incarace grid draw. The freshly watered track catching out the youngsters with a lot of collisions at the drop of the green. Jamie Murrell (823) quickly takes over the lead at the end of the first lap as Connor Osbourne (214) took around Josh Dodge (710). Finlay Damon (08) and Devon Usher (601) run in to the side of a stranded car from the first lap skirmish.  The waved yellows needed. Murrell led them off on the restart; soon after, pre race favourite Joey Holmes (90)  was took out in a collision with Will Walmsley (14) and Osbourne (214) continued attacking anyone in front of him. Back up front and Ben Nichols (328) was catching the leader. Usher (601) run into the back of defending champion Harley McCarthy (131), the pair coming to rest in turn 3. Usher was then blitzed by Osbourne. Further down the order, Archie Cullum (132), Keaton Ivins (842) and Tyler Sayer (129) were battling it out. The lap boards were out as Murrell continued to hold off Nichols; Murrell first across the line, but into the last bend and Ryan Nieuwenburg (993) lunged in on Dodge and Walmsley. The race result not able to be declared at the time until confirmation of post race checks.

26 cars returned for Junior Bangers All comers 1. Tiffany Unwain (70) was the first casualty with a spin; whilst Tyler Sayer (129) took Ryan Nieuwenburg (993) to the fence. Lennie Murkin (608) then attacked Josh Dodge (710) in turn 3. Morgan McCarthy (13) took Unwin to the fence; just as Achie Cullum (132) did the same to Josh Prince (715). Will Walmsley (14) collected Unwin in the homestraight as Finlay Damon (08) was spun out by Cullum. Harry Cobb (229) then attacked the 129 machine as Harry Gelsthorpe (555) went in on  Cobb. Dodge and Damon clashed up in turn 1. The Sayer car looking worse for wear after coming under attack from Cieran Harmer (101). A J Weston also going in no Sayer. The 555 car clips Levi Oughton (156) and nearly rolls; but the 555 machine bounced back on to 4 wheels and took the win.

24 cars for the last Junior Banger Allcomers and Harvey Webb (622) started on pole position. Harry Eyles (452) took Finaly Damon (08) in to a spin and he was then met head on by Will Walmsley (14). Levi Oughton (156) launches in on Blake Platts (450) in turn 3 as Lennie Murkin (608) takes in Bladen Baker (02). A J Weston (244) collided with Louie Cottrill (999). Waved yellows were called for; Webb still holding on to the lead on the restart; but he was soon overhauled by Joey Holmes (90) who took over the lead. Harry Gelsthorpe (555) spun Cieran Harmer (101) to the fence. Platts took around Harry Eyles (452) to snatch fourth. Lewis Ivatt (77) and Lennie Murkin (608) battled it out for the last spot on the podium as Webb dropped back. 


Micro banger

The sheer number of white and yellow grade Micro bangers saw them split across two hears; the first one lined up with 25 cars. Chris Loveridge (186), Nathan Moore (54) and Wayne Howat (734) were the first in to the fence; the trio collecting the fence before passing the green flag. Howat wasting no time followed in Mark Ginders (256) a lap later in to turn 3. Ady Groom (776) made a welcome return and took Paul Sweet (452) and Loveridge to the fence in turn 2. Jack Licqourice (511) then piled in on the 186. A few from the Dirt bags team turned it round in turn 1and collect a cluster of cars; before the 186 machine took another steaming hit. The red flags were called for. Sweet 452 the leader on the restart. Groom 776 was back in amongst the action rattling in a few more including Jon Bailey (247). Sweet 452 taking the win in the opening race. 

Heat 2 drew out 32 cars. Early doors and Dalton Smith (662) spun Aaron Colbert (121) around; whilst Olly Scott (339) collided with Daniel Clarke (747). Mackenzie Whitehead (331) spins Kieran Challis (666) and Ben Green (634) who was then run into by Colbert. Brad Bartrum(69) went in on Danny Jenkins (461) in turn 3. Jenkins turned it round and caught Sean Cooper (512). Whilst Smith 662 jacked Micky Clarke (147) in turn 1. Micky Croft (04) taking the win.  

Heat 3 and the rest of the drivers joined on track; 34 cars ready to do battle. Josh Green (834) spun in the first corner and collected Jack Goodey (187) across back wheel. Ricky Lewis (36) and Cameron Hubbard (624) came to blows in turn 1, just as Ryan Sutcliffe (664) took in Matt Tillow (566) and Dalton Smith (662). A small pile up formed in turn 2; several cars piling in. Mitchell Finnie (3) came off worst after being blitzed by Micky Clarke (147). The red flags were called for. On the restart 157 run in Ben Mynott (352). 258 tackled long time leader 146 for the number 1 spot. Jake Burgess (312) turns it round; making a few half hearted attempt for Nathan Moore (54). Lewis (36) was now the leader but he was squeezed out by 146 into a parked car. Burgess (312) eventually got a car on opposite, Jamie Blything (248) the victim. 

The last heat for the micro bangers drew out 27 cars. Jon Bailey (247) starting on pole position. Wayne Howat (734) run Jamie Blything (248) in to the plating. Ady Groome (776) was thick amongst the action once more, slamming into several cars; a small pile up developed in turn 1. Groome then went in hard on a member of the Young Gun team and also collected an Allsort car. The red flags were required. Bailey (247) holding the lead; led them off on the restart. Kieran Bowman (178) takes around Allistair Oxby (934); Oxby was then blitzed by Scott Elden (313). Up front, Bailey 247 was now being challenged for the lead by Bradley Tomlinson (619); Tomlinson taking over the running and collecting the chequered flag. Brad Bartrum (69) was then blown up by James Unwin (71) before the end of the race.

30 cars returned for the final; Matt Tillow (556) starting on pole; at the start; again, a small pile up developed in the first bend; a number of cars thundering in. Dalton Smith (662) was spun to the fence in turn 3; whilst Jack Licourice (511) was attacked by Daniel Clarke (747). Lee White (830) went after Mitchell Finnie (3); whilst Kieran Bowman (178) went in on Mackenzie Whitehead (331). Ben Green (634) was trying to take out Clarke (747); but the yellow flags were needed for a rollover. Luke Tongue (460) the leader on the restart. Shortly after the green Ryan Sutcliffe (664) went in for a head on with Kieran Bowman (178) in turn 1; the Sutcliffe machine bursting out in flame; just as Bowman connected, Micky Croft (04) went in on the back of Bowman; the yellow flags called for to address the fire. Tongue (460) still the leader on the restart with just a handful of laps left to run, Tony Pallett (566) in close contention fired in a last bend attack on Tongue, unsuccessfully. At the close Brett Judge (110) attacked Jack Licquorice (511) to round out the final, before the green flag dropped again to go straight in to the destruction Derby.

Mackenzie Whitehead (331) piled in on James Unwin (71) at the start of the D.D as Micky Croft (04) did the same on 331. Croft then jacked James Licquourice (511). Brett Judge (110) attacked Jamie Blything (248). Croft then head on head on with 511. Danny Jenkins (461) collided with Blything; before Croft went head on with Jenkins. Jenkins backing off the last car running.


Reliant Robins

12 cars in attendance; all on track for heat 1; although Roy Gedge (385) was clearly having car issues. Lee Barnard (490) takes Lee Wright (247) to the fence; the 247 car half rolling in to the fence in turn 3. Wright in further trouble with a big roll shortly after in turn 1 as a result of a collision with Daniel Douglas (553). Scott Russell (03) leading. Dale Russell (9) spins and was collected by  Barnard (490) and Jamie O’Hanlon (551). Chalky Douglas (554) puts out Colin Aldred (576) in last bend; Russell (03) took the win.

Heat 2 and all 12 cars returned. Dale Russell (9) on pole for this one. Lee Barnard (490) half rolled early on in turn 3. Chalky Douglas (554) went for a big roll landing firmly back on all 3 wheels and carried on. Scott Russell (3) your leader. Jack Wright (247) was sent into a huge roll by Douglas (554). Daniel Douglas (553) sent Wright into a spin as Steve Wills (66) took over the lead and stayed out front to the chequered flag. Barnard and Russell (3) going for a roll after the flag. 

11 cars came back for the Final; Scott Russell (03) on pole. Jack Wright (247) tipped over early on prompting waved yellows. Russell (03) still the leader, on the restart Chalky Douglas (554) took Dale Russell (9) to the fence. 96 was sent in to a spin by Roy Gedge (385). 385 now in second place catching leader Russell, but Gedge as he was closing, was then held up by 247. Russell held on for the win, Gedge coming home second; with Lee Barnard (490) coming home third.


Another entertaining day of motorised action at the Adrian Flux King's Lynn arena, the next meeting Saturday 19 May @ 5:30 - BriSCA F1 Stock Cars, 1300 Stock Car European Championship and V8 Stock Cars. 


Micro Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
W & Y Heat 1 452 579 138 NoF
W & Y Heat 2 04 556 3 36 247 609 842 69 625 NoF
Heat 3 146 248 664 662 54 NoF
Heat 4 619 04 247 146 634 661 974 313 69 178
Final 460 566 247 536 830 662 NoF
Destruction Derby 461
2 Litre Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Bandit Memorial 212 830 337 157 103 67 178 NoF
Allcomers 1 519 479 337 157 603 100 517 178 11 NoF
Allcomers 2 337 370 178 898 212 NoF
Destruction Derby 898
Reliant Robins 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 03 66 554 552 385 576 96 553 490 551
Heat 2 66 385 96 553 576 554 9 Nof
Final 03 385 490 66 576 553 96 551 9 554
Junior Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
World Final 328 450 993 132 156 229 33 710 842 129
Allcomers 1 555 622 77 90 999 710 13 132 156 33
Allcomers 2 90 608 77 450 622 132 33 229 555 452
  • Bandit Memorial 7.5.18-045
  • Bandit Memorial 7.5.18-049
  • Bandit Memorial 7.5.18-059
  • Bandit Memorial 7.5.18-085
  • Bandit Memorial 7.5.18-107
  • Bandit Memorial 7.5.18-119
  • Bandit Memorial 7.5.18-135
  • Bandit Memorial 7.5.18-154
  • Bandit Memorial 7.5.18-164
  • Bandit Memorial 7.5.18-173
  • Bandit Memorial 7.5.18-174
  • Bandit Memorial 7.5.18-176
  • Bandit Memorial 7.5.18-198
  • Bandit Memorial 7.5.18-219
  • Bandit Memorial 7.5.18-251
  • Bandit Memorial 7.5.18-252
  • Bandit Memorial 7.5.18-268
  • Bandit Memorial 7.5.18-269

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