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Trackstar Racing | Info | Results | 2015 | Saturday 8 August 2015

Latest Results

  • Saturday 8th June

    Saturday 8th June

    Micro Banger: 949 Tony Fidoe. 1600cc Banger: 419 Laura Quadling. 2L Banger: 69 Brad Bartram . Junior Bangers: 609 Levi Murkin.

    Updated: 12 Jun 2024 19:40

  • Monday 27th May

    Monday 27th May

    Big Van Banger: 288 Chris Ford. Micro Banger: 869 Jamie Steele. Lady Unlimited Banger: 100 Emma Mullins. Junior Banger: 609 Levi Murkin

    Updated: 05 Jun 2024 21:15

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Latest Points

  • Banger Entertainer

    Banger Entertainer

    # 51 James Licquorice leads the 2024 National Banger Entertainer League Championship

  • Banger (White & Yellow)

    Banger (White & Yellow)

    #51 James Licquorice leads the way in the 2024 National Banger White & Yellow Championship

  • Banger National Points

    Banger National Points

    #69 Brad Barteam leads the way in the 2024 National Banger National Points Championship

  • Junior Bangers White and Yellow

    Junior Bangers White and Yellow

    #41 Archie Horwood leads the way in the Junior Banger White & Yellow Points.

  • Junior Bangers

    Junior Bangers

    #609 Levi Murkin leads the way in the 2024 Junior Banger National Points Championship

Saturday 8 August 2015

Report: Mark Paulson

Pics: Colin Casserley


Former World Champion Stuart Smith Jr put down a marker in the race for this year’s gold roof with an impressive display that saw him win the BriSCA Formula One final at King’s Lynn’s Adrian Flux Arena on Saturday night, 8 August. Also in action were the Two-Litre Saloon Stock Cars where Ely’s Carl Waterfield continued his fine form with success in the final, and BriSCA Ministox where 2015’s top driver, Courtney Witts, once again dominated with another hat trick.


BriSCA Formula One Stock Cars

Forty-one cars were in action for the all-important last chance to race at the track before World Final weekend next month. A full format was therefore employed but with only eight qualifiers from the two heats, in order to ensure a well-populated grand national, from which 12 would qualify for the meeting final.

The 21-car white & yellow grade race saw 32 Chris Farnell escape from the carnage among the other white tops to lead the opening half of the race before retiring. His exit 244 Mick Rogers through to take the flag from 45 Nigel Harrhy and 337 Dave Willis. On the final lap, 293 Eliot Smith and 216 Jack France, running in the lower reaches of the top ten, went into the wall hard, with Smith requiring some treatment. He would emerge not too worse for wear but that was the end of his night.

Heat one also fielded 21 cars and began with 94 John Dowson Jr and 220 Will Hunter spinning, delaying most of the other stars and superstars, but not 55 Craig Finnikin who shot past them all except 51 Dylan Williams-Maynard and continued to make rapid progress. He had risen to second when he pulled off, his wretched luck at the track continuing. In the meantime, 501 George Elwell and 451 Martin Spiers had spells in front before the first caution period, called to assist 191 Josh Smith who had gone into the fence hard with 202 Henry Hunter on bend four. 45 Nigel Harrhy then took up the running but ran wide and let 515 Frankie Wainman Jr though, just as the yellows came out for 372 Colin Goodswen on the scoreboard bend. With only 10 cars left running, Dowson had done well to recover to fourth and then took advantage of Harrhy and 463 James Morris getting hooked up to move into second. Wainman was gone though, so Dowson had to settle for second, ahead of the closing 212 Danny Wainman.

Farnell led the opening stages of the 18-car heat two, then 231 Danny van Spijker moved ahead before a yellow flag period that turned out to be unnecessary, called for just as 249 Joff Gibson and 335 Mark Woodhull untangled themselves on the back straight. On the resumption, van Spijker survived taking himself into the fence to remain in front of 318 Rob Speak and 4 Dan Johnson. But on the next lap he couldn’t avoid the spun 287 Sean Willis and collected the stricken white top. Speak (terminally) and Johnson were also delayed in the melee, allowing 16 Mat Newson, 2 Paul Harrison and 390 Stuart Smith Jr to take up the running. They reeled off the laps in that order, with Norfolk’s own Newson noting afterwards, “Six months ago, that would have been me, but now everything seems to be going right.” On his World Final chances, he added: “Fingers crossed for that day – it could be my day for once.”

The consolation was another 21-car race, led away by Willis until 316 Billy-Tom O’Connor moved ahead before half distance. There he stayed, to claim his first race win since his return to the formula. Further back, Speak and Finnikin were both looking quick again only for their luck to run out once more. Speak retired with a puncture, while Finnikin was delayed when 311 Neil Clarke and Elwell tangled on the scoreboard bend – he did manage to recover to fifth by the end of the race though, as 150 Mick Sworder and Goodswen completed the top three.

All 28 qualifiers except O’Connor – who was basking in his earlier success – made it on track for the final which begun with a bang. The reds and blues piled into the scoreboard bend, resulting in Sworder toppling onto his side. The pack somehow tipped him back though and he was able to take part in the restarted race. It would be some time before that got going as several leading runners followed Junior Wainman’s lead of changing wheels having suffered punctures. The last to get the job done was Johnson but it turned out he’d needed to change two wheels and so was still unable to take the restart.

When we eventually got going, 415 Russell Cooper set the pace but it wasn’t long before yellow flags came out after France had gone in hard and been collected on the scoreboard bend. Dowson picked up where he left off in his heat as the leading star-graded driver, with Finnikin again the leading superstar until again hitting trouble. Dowson, FWJ and Stuart Smith found their way past Cooper, with Smith then moving inside Wainman before Willis called for yellow flags after being nudged into the wall by Williams-Maynard. On the restart, Newson passed Wainman for third as Smith got straight into Dowson. The leader initially held him off but was given a bigger hit the next lap and lost a lot of time as his car jumped out of gear. So it was now a straight fight between Smith, Newson and Wainman. Newson briefly got through but retaliation was swift from Smith as he despatched the 16 car to the fence and Wainman followed through. The order thereafter stayed the same, S Smith winning from F Wainman, Newson, Sworder, D Wainman and Morris.

The grand national raised 22 cars but it didn’t take long for Speak to drop out with yet another puncture. Harrison was an early spinner, delaying Finnikin among others, as 306 Ian Noden hit the front. Johnson moved inside with five laps to run, with Dowson following him through. The north-eastern racer then successfully pulled off a last-bend lunge to take the win his efforts deserved, from Johnson and Finnikin, as Stuart Smith came through to ninth from the full lap handicap, without the aid of a caution period.


Two-Litre Saloon Stock Cars

With several drivers unable to repair the damage sustained at the previous weekend’s action-packed National Championship, the entry of Saloons was a much lower than usual 26 cars. The white & yellow grade race featured a good battle between 84 Carl Boswell and 998 Wayne Cottrill Jr for the lead, Cottrill eventually prevailing to take his first win in the formula, albeit not national points-paying. 

Heat one was led away by 575 Ryan Boughen but he went out with 177 Chris Masters, allowing 391 Jake Banwell into the lead. After yellow flags to assist 214 Tom Yould, Banwell initially had father-and-son duo 304 Martyn Parker and 306 Daniel Parker as lapped runners between himself and the pack, but they soon unlapped themselves. Banwell stayed with them until he clipped a marker tyre that had been brought onto the track by 428 Lee Sampson and 360 Carl Waterfield (which would later claim several more victims, Boswell giving it the biggest hit), bringing Cottrill onto his tail. Cottrill soon found his way past, by which time 499 David Aldous was rapidly closing in. The World and National Champion put the bumper in on Banwell with three laps to go, then passed Cottrill with one lap left, to take the win from that pair.

In a repeat of heat one, Boughen led heat two until Banwell and Cottrill came past. The latter would then be swallowed up by the pack though, headed by 591 Aaron Morris who charged through, closed the gap that Banwell had built and nudged him wide into a lapped car with four laps to go to take the lead. Morris went on to win from Banwell and Aldous in what was a subdued race by the Saloons’ incredibly high standards.

The 23-car final was led by 858 James Bruce (in the Deane Mayes hire car) until Banwell once again hit the front, again followed by Cottrill. After a yellow flag period for 317 Dwayne Powell who had gone into the fence hard, 360 Carl Waterfield caught and passed the leaders after which it all went wrong on what had looked to be a great night for Banwell. He was turned very hard into the fence, immediately signalling all was not well. Although the youngster was able to extract himself from his car, he was in obvious pain lying on the back of the pace truck which took him to the medical room. Sadly, a back injury will keep him out of racing for some time: get well soon, Jake.

On the restart, the third placed Daniel Parker jumped ahead of 349 Michael Allard for second, then closed down and passed Waterfield to take the flag, only to be docked two places for being a little over-eager on that restart. So Waterfield inherited the win from Allard, Parker, 570 Simon Venni, Aldous and 641 Willie Skoyles Jr.


BriSCA Ministox

The restricted 25-car entry (in order to allow an interval for mid-meeting track preparation) of Ministox once again proved easy pickings for form driver 180 Courtney Witts who waltzed to another impressive hat trick of wins. She won the first by a quarter of a lap from 183 Charlie Guinchard and 269 Ben Chalkley, then the second from 1 Frankie Wainman and long-time leader 282 Thomas Street. Witts had to work a little harder in the final, as 60 Matt Venables fought back when she passed, charging her hard into bend one. But Witts held on and then powered away to the win from Guinchard and 8 Catherine Harris, as Venables dropped to fifth at the flag.


2L Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
White & Yellows 998 84 128 214 391 912 177 525 317 858
Heat 1 499 998 391 349 158 591 525 641 428 360
Heat 2 591 391 499 306 349 360 998 912 128 570
Final 360 349 306 570 499 641 158 591 912 84
F1 Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
White & Yellows  244 45 337 237 215 451 267 316 195 231

Heat 1

515 94 212 306 169 215 216 463 220 nof
Heat 2 16 2 390 4 337 32 422 415 287 nof
Consolation 316 150 372 191 55 224 220 249 51 202
Final 390 515 16 150 212 463 337 306 169 415
Grand National 94 4 55 335 306 212 16 515 390 51
1300 Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 180 183 269 598 69 291 60 8 313 287
Heat 2 180 1 282 269 183 147 434 60 69 287
Final 180 183 8 1 60 69 598 147 152 287
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