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    Saturday 6th July

    F1 Stock Cars: 1 Tom Harris. Unlimited Bangers: 750 Rhys Parrin. F2 Stock Cars: 136 Kyle Taylor

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    Saturday 22nd June

    2L Bangers: 314 Luke Rawlings. 1300cc Stock Cars: 303 Jacob Bromley. 2L Saloons: 214 Tom Yould

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Monday 22 April

Pictures: Damien Widdows

Report: Keith Organ


The annual Easter Monday Races day took in a glorious day of Sunshine and some excellent action packed “Wacky Races”. Some great entertainment on track to the delight of the crowd.

Micro Bangers

Race 1 of the Micro Bangers was a straight race for the White Graders; the White Top Whirlwind. 20 cars on track led off by Charlie Jackson (444), the first casualty Olly Scott (339) taken around in turn 1 by Reece Crane (904), who in turn collected the plating; the rest of the field ploughing in for good measure.  A lap later and Scott spun again, tripping over with Lewis Canham (244) and Josh Stewart (334) in to the first turn. Damien Matthews (87) was left stranded on the exit to turn 2, he was blitzed by Callum Lacey (412); who in turn received a shot off of Jack Licquorice (51) for his troubles. It was soon chequered flag time Stewart took the flag, but deemed to have jumped the started, so the win was awarded to Craig Allen (181), Mac Bell (28) took second and Stewart rounding out the top three.

Next up for the Micro’s was the Le Mans style start, a chaotic start as you would expect, cars in all directions in the opening lap. Kieran Bowman (178) dumped Josh Stewart (334) in to the turn 1 plating whilst Callum Lacey (412) took Mac Bell (28) in to Stewart. Damien Matthews (87), Olly Scott (339) and Fabian Ashley-Leathers (808) tripped over one another in the backstraight. Jamie Blything (248) followed in Reece Crane (904) in to the plating of turn 1. Then a rollover for Craig Allen (181) in turn 3, prompted the yellow flags. Simon Avis (118) was the leader on the restart, but promptly dropped back by Ben Mynott (352) who took the lead. Callum Taylor (855) was attacked by Jon Bailey (247) in to turn 3, Bailey going for the follow in, but Taylor held it well only to be spun out on the exit of the bend. Lacey went after Donny Mann (143) and Taylor Sowter (388) in to turn 1; Mann sent in to a spin, but Sowter held the hit well. The lap boards now presented. Lee White (830), Callum Gill (757) and Blything tripped over one another out of turn 3, Blything catching a wheel of White; flipped the 248 machine up and over to the fence, bouncing back down, all ok and they get back going, but Blything came to rest further down the homestraight; the chequered flag fell for Mynott; whilst Bowman slammed in to Blything, blitzing the 248 machine to round out the race. Mynott deemed to have jumped the restart was docked two places, Bowman awarded the win, Avis in second and Mynott third.

Heat 2 – the spin and start race; a lap racing the wrong direction, spinning and going back the right way. Drivers struggling with the initial lap in the wrong direction and then needing to spin on the freshly watered track. A numbers of spinners in the opening part of the race; two cars clashed in the homestraight, inviting Taylor Sowter (388) to blitz the back of one of them, as Karl Corsby (175) took Russell Gill (77) to the fence in turn 1, Corsby then blitzed by James Licquorice (51). Ben Mynott (352) then went in with the bumper on Lewis Canham (244) in to turn 1, dumping Canham into the Gill machine. Corsby blitzed once more by Riley Freestone (342); prompting a caution period. Mynott the leader on the restart; Mark Simpson (136) met Reece Crane (904) head on in the backstraight. Crane not finished there, continued on opposite went after Mynott, catching the leader in the side with a t-bone, Mynott bouncing off the marker tyre, carried on relatively unscathed and continued. Aaron Colbert (121) run in Alistair Oxby (974) in to turn 1; Colbert left broadside, nose to the fence, was then blitzed by Sowter. At the chequered flag, Mynott took the win, Ben Green (634) second and Callum Gill (757) in third.

The Micro Banger Final – the spin to win race – was led off by Josh Stewart (334); with 15 cars on track. A steady race, that settled into a quick pace, saw Stewart pulling out a lead. A good battle between Lee White (830), Ben Mynott (352) and Callum Gill (757) developing further back.  Gill was held up after Kieran Bowman (178) spun out Mac Bell (28) in the back straight, left Gill no where to go but straight in on the nose. Stewart retired, left Nick Ashbridge (248) in the lead. White closing in rapidly; drove straight through Ashbridge, sending him spinning round at the pit gate. White took the win, Mynott in second and Bowman in third.

Straight in to the destruction derby; Olly Scott (339) and Fabian Leathers-Ashley (808) joined the action off the middle and unfortunately for them Taylor Sowter (388) was charging down the homestraight at the same time and Scott the unlucky victim, Sowter storming in. Leathers-Ashley joining in along with Riley Freestone (342) and Callum Lacey (412); Ashley Garrod (337) steamed in for good measure. Garrod and Lacey then got better acquainted in the backstraight. Reece Crane (904) and Mac Bell (28) shared a sizeable head on in turn 2, Jack Licquorice (511) going in blitzing the back of Bell. Bowman and Licqourice squared up for a big head on in the homestraight, Freestone storming in on the back of Bowman. Bell and Freestone then also went in for a big head on in the backstraight; killing off the Bell Machine, Freestone awarded the win.


Reliant Robins

19 Reliant Robins for heat 1, a brilliant turn out; Stiff Haddon (291) led them off. Disintegrating fibre glass flying off around the track as the Robins tussled and jostled. Sam Weston (377) and Ben Oliver (185) coming to rest on the turn 3, Ray Layton (16) your early leader as #132 swerved and weeved down the homestraight, amazingly avoiding the roll; Sam Tomlinson (632) though did roll in turn 1, prompting the yellow flags. Layton led the restart, Marcus Skeels (321) second and Ian Robins (96) third; Laytons lead was short lived as Skeels took around the 16 Robin, in to a slight roll, but bouncing back on to it’s wheels, Roy Gedge (385) taking over the running; a big roll for the 132 Robin prompting the yellow flags. Gedge your leader, Robins second and Daniel Douglas (553) third. In to turn 1 on the green Colin Aldred (576) run in Jordan Bliss (194) as Douglas was challenging for the lead, and went on to take the win, Gedge in second and James Ellis (85) moved in to third.

Heat 2 for the Robins was led off by Jordan Bliss (194), 19 three-wheelers on track. Alex Brindley (805) the first spinner, taken around by Marcus Skeels (321) before the flag. A lap later and Skeels was involved once more, taking around the #132 Robin, toppling it over in the process, but rocked back on to it’s three wheels, but whilst trying to get back going, rolled over again prompting the yellow flags. Bliss led off the restart, Mark Curtis (244) spun before reaching the green, collecting Stiff Haddon (291) and Sam Tomlinson (632) in the process. Carnage then followed down the backstraight as 5 drivers went in to all simultaneously; Tomlinson the biggest of the bunch with a barrel roll in turn 3; yellow flags called for. Bliss the leader, Skeels in second and Ray Layton (16) in third. Skeels quickly took the lead; as Layton went in with the bumper in to turn 1 taking second place. Steve Willis (66) took Jamie O Hanlon (551) in to a spin in the backstraight which resulted in o Hanlon rolling on to his side to the infield. Out of turn 3; Willis took around Bliss whilst James Ellis (85) run in the back of Willis. Brindley went over in the backstraight clashing with the leader Skeels; landing back on it’s wheels, the race continued; the delay holding up Skeels letting Roy Gedge (385) through to 1st place just before the lap boards were presented. Yellow flags called for due to #132 stuck across the racing line in to turn 1. Gedge, Skeels and Lee Barnard (490) the top three on the restart. Layton got the better of Barnard in the final lap to take third; but it was Gedge who took the win and Skeels second. Skeels then went in to a big roll after the flag in to turn 1.

16 Robins for the final led off once again by Jordan Bliss (194). The green flag short lived due to a rollover in the backstraight, yellow flags prompted, but again the restart was short lived with two big rolls for Ben Oliver (185) in the backstraight and Mark Curtis (244) in the homestraight. Back under green flag conditions and the top ten entered all together in turn 1; naturally something had to give and the leader went flying over; the field avoiding thankfully; and back on all three wheels, the race continued. Steve Willis (66) got back going after the first turn skirmish, and whilst being lapped steamed in on Roy Gedge (385) in to turn 3; sending Gedge in to a big barrell roll; all ok, the race continued. James Ellis (85) now the leader, Ray Layton (16) second and Colin Aldred (576) now third. A big barrell roll for #132 in to turn 3, prompting the yellow flags once more. On the restart and Willis and Gedge were playing games, Willis on the breaks holding Gedge back, and then when Gedge held back for quicker attack, Gedge ended in a roll, yellow flags once more. Back under the green flag, Gedge went back in with an attack on Willis taking the pair to the middle, Daniel Douglas (553) this time rolling to the middle; three laps to go indicated. Ellis ticked off the laps without challenge, taking the final win, Aldred in second and Ian Robins (96) coming home third; to round out a good day for the Robins.


Siamese Bangers

A fantastic 13 Siamese pairings took to the track and what a sight it was; a great increase on previous years; Damien Matthews (87) and Jason Smy (138) led them off. At the drop of the green Darren Mouldy (503) and Liam Wright (557) nobbled the pairing of Aaron Colbert (121) and Lewis Judd (908). In to turn 1 and James Unwin (71) and Luke Stannard (711) went in with the bumper on Lee Barnes (41) and Lee Horwood (441); Brett Jackson (551) and Jason Giddings (591) latching on to the back followed them both in; with Alan Wombwell (32) and Robert James (132) on their outside getting caught up too; the Wombwell/James pairing got squeezed up the wall and went up and over, rolling end over end. On the restart, Lee Middleton (519) and Scott Miller (785) led them off, Mouldy/Wright went in with the bumper on Matthews/Smy snookering in to Middleton/Miller, resulting in a spin and tipping over in to turn 1, yellow flags needed once more. Take three and Carl (288) and Taylor Sowter (388) picked up Callum White (100) and Roy Gedge (385) and Kieran Bowman (178) and Roberts Betts (219) on the front of them; the Sowters following both pairings in to the turn 1 plating; Bowman/ Betts getting taken around in the process. Out of nowhere; Jackson/Giddings had turned it round in turn 1 and went after Mouldy/Wright; catching them in a huge head on; the backends lifting and turning 90 degrees; Colbert/Judd going in on Mouldy/Wright for good measure and James Licquorice (51) and Alex Hensby (375) going in on Jackson/Giddings too. In to the backstraight, the Sowter duo latched on to the back of White/Gedge and took them around in to a spin, toppling them over in the process; yellow flags once again. Matthews/Smy led them off, with three laps to go. Bowman/Betts turned it round in the last lap and in turn 2, sought out the Sowters, going in on the nose for a head on. Colbert/ Judd going in on the back of the Sowters; Licquorice/Hensby going in on the back of them. Matthews/Smy took the win, Karl Corsby (175) and Lee White (830) took second and Licquorice/Hensby in third.

Heat 2 for the Siamese Bangers led off by James Licquorice (51) and Alex Hensby (375). In to turn 1 Damien Matthews (87) and Jason Smy (138) followed in James Unwin (71) and Luke Stannard (711); whilst in turn 3, Kieran Bowman (178) and Robert Betts (219) turned it round; and caught a shot from Callum White (100) and Roy Gedge (385). Unwin/ Stannard was attacked by Karl Corsby (175) and Lee White (830) in to the homestraight, sending them in to a roll over. On the restart Matthews/ Smy took around Licquorice/Hensby out of turn 3, whilst Corsby/White sent Lee Middleton (519) and Scott Miller (785) to the plating in turn 1; Matthews/Smy then went in with the bumper on Corsby/White. Milddleton/Miller took a tumble in turn 3; prompting the yellow flags. The race declared at this point; Corsby/White the winners; Matthews/Smy second and no other finishers declared.

The Final for the Siamese was led off by James Licquorice (51) and Alex Hensby (375); the race kicked off with an absolutely monstrous head on between Darren Mouldy (503) and Liam Wright (557) who had turned round for Brett Jackson (551) and Jason Giddings (591); the latter getting some serious air time. Yellow flags called for. Damien Matthews (87) and Jason Smy (138) led off the restart, Carl (288) and Taylor Sowter (388) went on the attack of Licquorice/Hensby whilst Karl Corsby (175) and Lee White (830) did the same to Lee Middleton (519) and Scott Miller (785). The Sowters were taken around by Middleton/ Miller as Corsby/White had closed the gap on Matthews/Smy; albeit some serious steam bellowing out from the front. The lap boards now presented as Corsby/White went by for the lead. Licquorice/Hensby were holding up the Sowter duo down the homestraight; Matthews/Smy obliging and ploughed in the back of them. Into the last lap and the Corsby/White engine seemingly let go and the pairing lost all drive in to turn 1, Matthews/Smy stormed in on the back of them for good measure. Licquorice/Hensby turned it round in turn 1 and went after Middleton/ Miller with a head on. Matthews/Smy took the win and celebrated by storming in the back of Corsby/White on the exit of turn 2. With no others completing the laps It was straight into the destruction derby.

Matthews/ Smy attacked the back of Licquorice/ Hensby; whilst the Sowters went after Middleton/ Miller; Callum White (100) and Roy Gedge (385) steaming in on the back of them too; soon after White/ Gedge had toppled over; prompting the red flags.  Back on the restart it was down to Matthews/Smy and Kieran Bowman (178) and Robert Betts (219); the pair sharing a big head on in turn 3, Matthews/Smy still showing signs of life declared the winners.


4X4 Bangers

Heat 1 was led off by Sonny Parsons (23), 15 cars on track. Lee Horwood (411) came under attack a couple of times in the opening laps, sent spinning around; whilst Callum White (100) followed in Parsons in to turn 3; a lap later and White jacked Parsons. A steady opening laps and the lap boards were presented; Lee Barnes (41) your leader. White took Horwood to the fence in turn 3; the front of White’s suspension collapsing in the process. Barnes took the win, Chris Shipp (170) finished second and Andrew Shipp (128) third.  

Lewie Godfrey (93) led heat 2, 13 cars on track; Lee Barnes (41) took around Callum White (100) at the start in the homestraight; a lap later and White stormed in on Taylor Sowter (388) in turn 3. Sowter was back running, but in reverse; Sowter was then blitzed by Godfrey, who was leading at the time. Kieran Bowman (178) stopped on the exit to turn 3; White needing no invitation stormed in. Lee Horwood (441) then went in White and Brad Bartum (69) going in on Horwood. In to the last lap and Chris Shipp (170) went in with the bumper to move Lee Barnes (41) wide to take the lead, and went on to win, Barnes finishing second and Lee White (830) third.

Just the 9 4X4’s returned for the final, Lewie Godfrey (93) leading them off. Brad Bartrum (69) went around in the homestraight courtesy of Lee Barnes (41) to take second, Barnes soon went after the leader too, taking around Godfrey in turn 3. Nicky Young (791) took Dean Mouljourd (230) to the fence in turn 1; Mouljord was in further trouble a lap later, sent in to a spin by Chris Shipp (170) in turn 1. Barnes took the win, Andrew Shipp (128) in second and Lee White (830) in third.

Straight in to the destruction derby; Mouljord blitzed Taylor Sowter (388) in turn 1 as Shipp (128) did the same to Kieran Bowman (178), Lee Horwood (441) was blitzed by Young in turn 1. Soon after Young blitzed Kieran Bowman (178). Barnes bundled Young in to the marker tyres in turn 3, whilst Shipp (170) bundled Mouljourd and Shipp (128) in to turn 3. Barnes went in on Bowman in turn 3, Shipp (170) then went in on the back of Barnes. Shipp (128) turned it round and went in on the nose of Barnes, as Young stormed in on Bowman once more. Young once again the aggressor went in on Barnes and Horwood. Mouljord now turned it round went in on Young. Shipp (128) and Young exchanged a head on; with Shipp (170) going in on the back of Young. Young headed off and turned it round; Shipp (128) stuck it in reverse and backed into Young. Shipp (170) and Young then went off and jostled. Shipp (170) and Sowter exchanged a big head on in turn 1. Shipp (170) declared the last car running awarded the win.



4X4 Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 41 170 128 93 830 69 791 388 230 100
Heat 2 170 41 830 791 69 93 178 100 NoF
Final 41 128 830 170 791 230 NoF
Destruction Derby 170
Micro Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
White Grade 181 28 334 136 51 855 444 118 NoF
Heat 1 178 118 352 757 337 175 224 51 634 551
Heat 2 352 634 757 143 178 974 388 511 248 NoF
Final 830 352 178 757 634 511 248 28 143 388
Destruction Derby 342
Siamese Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 87/ 138 830/ 175 51/ 375 NoF
Heat 2 830/ 175 87/ 138 NoF
Final 87/ 138 NoF
Destruction Derby 87/ 138 NoF
Reliant Robins 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 553 385 85 96 321 490 554 576 194 551
Heat 2 385 321 16 490 143 96 551 NoF
Final 85 576 96 490 16 385 132 291
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