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Saturday 4th June 2016

Report: Mark Paulson

Pictures: Damien Widdows


The Banger Racing world gathered at Lynn’s Adrian Flux Arena on Saturday night (4 June) to bid a fond farewell to one of East Anglia’s greatest ever racers, 88 Alan ‘Speedy’ Read.

‘A Speedy Exit’, featured nearly 120 pre-1975 cars, including many that were very rare. A selected list is shown below, categorised according to how they were split in the first round of heats.


Unlimited – ‘Modern’

                06     Niek Tippe                   Volvo 240

                15     Ryan Thomas              Volvo 240

                17     Kyle Overy                   Volvo 240

                87     Justin Kappert            Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

                90     Adrian Harbord          Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

                160   Shayn Winsor             Ford Granada Mk1

                172   Simon Byrne               Ford Granada Mk1

                174   Curtis Rathbone        Jaguar Mk10

                186   Mike Pullen                 Ford Granada Coupe

                211   Dennis Vorkink          Volvo 240

                222   Matty High                  Jaguar XJ6 Series 2

                235   Danny Williams          Volvo 244 Saloon

                266   Callum Hall                   Toyota Crown Super Saloon Mk1

                321   Kieran Fry                    Volvo 240

                321   Andy Newton            Volvo 240

                338   Terry Garrod               Volvo 240

                399   Jack Garrod                 Volvo 240

                343   Lewis White                Ford Granada Mk1 estate

                372   Barry Overland          Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

                390   David Gibson              Volvo 240

                397   Stuart Sandell             Jaguar XJ6 Series 1

                409   Carlos Pears                Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

                439   Danny Sutton             Toyota Crown Super Saloon

                611   Joe Geeves                 Volvo 240

                632   Callum Reed               Ford Granada Mk1 estate

                768   Calvyn Girling             Jaguar XJ Series 2

                777   Arian Vorkink             Volvo 240

                844   Tom Haggerty            Volvo 240

                883   Tom Filmer                  Mercedes W123 Coupe


Unlimited – Yanks

                10     Bert Petter                  Pontiac Benneville

                70     Charlie Cunningham              Chevrolet Kingswood (DNR)

                85     James Ellis                    Mercury Colony Park station wagon (DNR)

                273   Kevin McClagish        Pontiac Tempest hearse (DNR)

                280   Simon Goodale          Chevrolet Caprice estate Mk3

                332   Chris Reed                   Plymouth Volare

                753   Billy Cunningham      Chevrolet Caprice estate Mk3

                999   Klaas Slager                 Chrysler New Yorker Mk9


Unlimited – ‘Old’

                1       Maarten Steenbekkers        Austin A135 Princess limo (1963)

                22     Dave Vincent              Rover P5

                27     Will Longford              Rover P4

                40     Lester Freestone      Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire

                41     Kevin Freestone       Jaguar Mk2

                61     Hendrik Domine        Humber Super Sniper MkIII (1952)

                63     Rene Tiemens            Wolseley 16/60

                88     Alan Read                    Austin A135 Princess hearse

                132   Robert James             Rover P4

                155   Sam Coote                   Mercedes 114 Coupe

                176   Ralph Emerson          Daimler V8

                206   Phil Milner                   Jaguar S-Type

                211   Barry Franklin             Rover P5

                246   Luke Taylor                  Rover P4

                249   Matthew Frost          Vanden Plas 4R

                288   Carl Sowter                 Jaguar 420

                307   Jon-Joe Cunningham            Rover P5

                312   Tom Reynolds            Daimler DS420 limo

                313   John Cullingford        Rover P5

                326   Shane Lynn                 Rover P4

                328   Daniel Lathan             Rover P4

                336   Nigel White                 Vanden Plas 3L

                341   Austen Freestone    Rover P5

                342   Ryley Freestone        Rover P4

                388   Taylor Sowter             Cadillac Fleetwood limo (1961)

                396   Karl Turner                  Daimer DS420 limo

                502   Doug Walker               Rover P5

                537   Martin Brunson         Rover P5

                557   Paul Bowen                 Daimler Majestic

                576   Colin Aldred                Vanden Plas 4R

                601   Chris Medler               Austin A135 Princess hearse

                673   Darren Fendley         Humber Super Snipe

                757   Callum Gill                    Cadillac

                788   Aaron Riches              Ford Granada Mk1

                811   Pete Winter                Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

                830   Lee White                    Mercedes W114

                884   Jack Filmer                   Austin A135 Princess limo

                888   Shaun Stark                 Vanden Plas 4R

                925   Aaron Preece             Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

                970   Bob Turner                  Rover P5

                997   Meilof Troost             Simca Beaulieu


‘Unders’ – small/slow

                10     Ben Collins                   Vauxhall Six (1948)

                27     Will Longford              Austin A60

                72     Billy Bond                     Morris Marina Coupe

                82     Tom Foster                  Saab 99

                128   Andrew Shipp            Lancia Beta HPE

                145   Colin Dicken                Vauxhall Six

                188   John Reeves               Vauxhall Viva

                272   Garry Murrell             Austin A60

                276   Adam Rowell              Morris Marina 1700

                293   Nick Houghton           Wolseley 16/60

                312   Tom Reynolds            Datsun 180B

                333   Hayden Read              Morris Marina estate

                349   Lee Saunders             Austin A60

                352   Ben Mynott                Vauxhall Victor F (1960)

                382   Jack Foster Jr              Morris Oxford estate

                396   Kev Harland                Triumph Dolomite

                421   Laurence Ault             Morris Oxford estate (1958)

                439   Danny Sutton             Mitsubishi Celeste A70 coupe

                548   Alex Utting                  Sunbeam Rapier

                581   Simon Fixter               Standard 12 (1931)

                587   Alex Humphrey         Austin A60

                601   Chris Medler               Austin A60

                821   Ryan Preston              Humber

                869   Sam Steele                  Wolseley 16/60

                902   Tony Lowther             Lada Riva


‘Unders’ – medium/fast

                5       Jeffrey Woolford      Triumph 2000 Mk2

                21     Jason Colbert             Triumph 2000 Mk1

                25     Mark Thomas             Triumph 2000 Mk2

                88     Alan Read                    Triumph 2000 Mk1

                141   Dan Steele                   Triumph 2000 Mk1

                186   Brett Gedney             Austin A60

                243   Jamie Millen               Triumph

                303   Brian Cope                   Wolseley 18/85 Landcrab

                312   Brad White                  Morris 1800 Landcrab

                313   Craig Osbourne         Triumph 2500 Mk2 estate

                321   Andy Newton            Triumph 2000

                346   Scott Saunders          Triumph 2000 estate

                390   David Gibson              Triumph 2000 Mk2

                566   Andrew Potter          Triumph 2000 Mk2

                791   Nicky Young                Triumph Renown (1952)

                851   Adam Storr                  Saab 99

                888   Shaun Stark                 Ford Cortina Mk3


Arguably, the cars of the meeting were the stunning Rolls Royce Silver Cloud of 811 Pete Winter and the 1931 Standard 12 of 581 Simon Fixter, one of the oldest cars ever raced.


Unlimited Bangers

The first Unlimited heat was for the more modern cars – if they can be called that! – and tracked 27. 222 Matty High made the running but gave his lead away to blast 321 Kieran Fry. That allowed 777 Arian Vorkink into the lead but it would be 160 Shayn Winsor who came through for the win in trademark sideways style. Behind him, third-placed Vorkink latched onto runner-up 409 Carlos Pears as they crossed the line, and together they took 90 Adrian Harbord hard into the fence.

Next up was the all-Yanks heat. Sadly, with a couple of late arrivals, a couple more that either failed scrutineering or chose to load up, and a few more who decided they’d rather not go out against other Yanks, it fielded a much lower than anticipated four cars. Action was provided by 280 Simon Goodale spinning 10 Bert Petter into the home straight marker tyres, before being removed from the lead himself by 332 Chris Reed. Reed went on to win from 999 Klaas Slager and Petter.

The older cars went in the third Unlimited heat, featuring an excellent 39 on track, including a number of Yanks. 22 Dave Vincent would probably have rathered that those had been confined to the previous heat, as while most of the early races were fairly quiet, to let the drivers get some laps out of their special cars, he was absolutely obliterated by 388 Taylor Sowter’s big Cadillac. A big pile-up on the scoreboard bend had claimed many, including Speedy’s hearse early on, and set Vincent up for that shot, with 970 Bob Turner also well involved. The most action-packed race of the meeting so far earned entertainers awards for Turner, 155 Sam Coote and 601 Chris Medler, as 830 Lee White took the win from 288 Carl Sowter and 326 Shane Lynn.

The other newer Yanks went in with the more modern machinery for the next round of heats. The first of those, with 25 cars on track, saw Petter on a mission, delivering follow-ins to Arian Vorkink and 844 Tom Haggety. Then, on the road bend, High was set about by team-mates Petters and 06 Niek Tippe. Petters’ car eventually snapped and was blasted by 339 Jack Garrod, setting up a superb wrecking train, also featuring 883 Tom Filmer, 186 Mike Pullen and Carl Sowter. Out front, 439 Danny Sutton led much of the way, but the win went to 632 Callum Reed.

The 29-car heat five featured plenty of action including a rollover for 925 Aaron Preece before the car was flipped back onto its wheels by an accidental hit from 211 Barry Franklin. 557 Paul Bowen’s Majestic was ‘caged’, while 1 Maarten Steenbekkers’ Princess also took some hefty damage from Taylor Sowter and 313 John Cullingford. Bowen managed to keep his car going and joined in the fun, as the race effectively turned into a DD, with only Lee White and Taylor Sowter still running at the end.

The Unlimited final also featured 29 cars. After a complete restart, Speedy, who had managed to effect repairs to the hearse, hit Pears, with Medler then going in on Speedy in his matching hearse. There was also some cool Yank-on-Yank action involving Slager and Taylor Sowter, before Pears did 884 Jack Filmer on bend four. Pete Winter and Slager also piled in, along with Pears, Medler and Pullen, delighting the large crowd. Winter in particular was on form, pulling himself out, driving a lap and charging in again twice more, completely splintering Medler’s hearse. When Carl Sowter piled into Winter a fire broke out, bringing out red flags and an early finish, with 17 Kyle Overy declared the winner from Sutton and 576 Colin Aldred. The 17-car DD then provided some more excellent action, with Speedy appropriately winning his last-ever event in the fresh Rover P5 he had saved for the occasion. It was a fitting way to bring the curtain down on a night of nostalgia, and the career of one of the most successful East Anglians of all time.



The opening two heats for the smaller cars were both relatively quiet affairs. The 25-car opener, for smaller/slower cars was won by the unusual Lancia of 128 Andrew Shipp from 82 Tom Foster in his well-used Saab and the A60 of 869 Sam Steele. That after the returning 145 Colin ‘Sonic’ Dicken had provided some sideways entertainment in his superbly presented Vauxhall Six. He survived an attack from 312 Tom Reynolds but was then done after the flag, while 902 Tony Lowther’s Lada was blasted by 27 Will Longford. 

The 16-car heat two was won in style by the man of the moment, 88 ‘Speedy’. He carved his way from the back of the field to third within two laps and was there to pick up the pieces when 851 Adam Storr put away 312 Brad White and 888 Shaun Stark put himself in. Speedy was delighted with his win, suggesting it proved he still had what it took – not that that was ever in doubt – and he could now relax and enjoy the rest of the meeting.

The same split for the next round of heats saw Tom Foster win the next by half a lap, having deposed 821 Ryan Preston of the lead, from Shipp and 439 Danny Sutton. 396 Kev Harland took some punishment in his little Triumph Dolomite, while 188 John Reeves rolled after the flag after a coming together with Reynolds.

The middle-sized/faster cars’ second race was a quiet one, won by 25 Mark Thomas from 566 Andrew Potter and Shaun Stark. Speedy had spun 21 Jason Colbert from third but could not catch the leaders, then got caught up in the aftermath of Storr’s t-bone on Colbert, spinning and dropping to fifth at the flag.

The Unders final raised 24 cars. It was led much of the way by the Triumph estate of 313 Craig Osbourne before 382 Jack Foster Jr took over but he was beaten to the flag by younger brother Tom, with 141 Dan Steele completing the trophy placings. Colbert and Read were again in the thick of the action, with Speedy joined this time by son 333 Hayden ‘Greedy’ Read, while Sonic took some hefty hits after being turned into the path of 390 ‘Gibbo’.

The smaller cars’ action was completed with their own DD which raised 14 cars and saw Danny Sutton eventually prevail after seeing off 293 Nick Houghton, 349 Lee Saunders and Stark. That after 10 Ben Collins had pulled off a superb on-opposite hit in his little Vauxhall Six on John Reeves, and Dan Steele blasted Potter, earning the pair entertainers’ awards.


Overs 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 160 409 777 222 172 883 174 235 611 nof
Heat 2 332 999 10 nof
Heat 3 830 288 326 757 312 396 576 211 249 132
Heat 4 632 332 439 172 999 390 768
Heat 5 830 388
Final 17 439 576 338 332
Destructon Derby 88
Car of the Meeting 40 61 388 557 811 997
Merit Awards 222 439 172 409 601 186 174 397 883 884
Merit Awards 576 63 341 332 211 (Bazza) 249 888 88 1 176
Entertainer Awards 970 601 155 10 339 883 186 288 557 1
Entertainer Awards 388 313 811 338 601 777 999 439 925 537
Unders 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 128 82 869 439 27 188 72 293 352 821
Heat 2 88 141 851 390 888 25 566 791 21 nof
Heat 3 82 128 439 548 293 587 188 27 312 382
Heat 4 25 566 888 141 88 346 nof
Final 82 352 141 439 88 869 390 27 587 nof
Destruction Derby 439
Car of the Meeting 145 581 791
Merit Awards 821 548 421 439 10 272 601 869 566 888
Entertainer Awards 821 851 21 10 141
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