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Trackstar Racing | Info | Results | 2020 | Monday 31 August

Latest Results

  • Monday 1st April

    Monday 1st April

    4X4 Banger: 339 Jack Garrod. Micro Banger: 28 Mac Bell. Siamese Banger Final: 174 Dave Osborn/ 560 Andrew Milner. Reliant Robins: 553 Daniel Douglas. 1300cc Stock Cars: 673 John Moat.

    Updated: 11 Apr 2024 21:11

  • Saturday 30th March

    Saturday 30th March

    Unlimted Bangers: 209 Tom Waller. Saloon Stock Cars: 341 Austen Freestone. Junior Bangers: 08 Taylor Morton

    Updated: 31 Mar 2024 14:59

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    • Saturday 18 May - 5pm
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Latest Points

Monday 31 August


Photos: 1- 10 - Alex Catley, 11 - 20 Damien Widdows, 21 - 30 Jim Harrod, 31 - 40 Major Gilbert

Report: Keith Organ


The Bank Holiday sessions are always one of the highlights of the year in the Adrian Flux Season and the first one of 2020 didn’t disappoint! The crowd favourite Big Van Bangers, Reliant Robins and 2L Bangers put on a tremendous days racing.

Big Van Bangers

Heat 1 for the Big Vans doubling up as the White grade race; led off by John Anderson (373); 21 vans on track. Charley Streeton (320) got on the back of Josh Stewart (334) at the start who was on the back of Sam Evans (386); the Streeton Van pushing in to turn 1, following in Streeton and Stewart. Joel Allen (479) offering the same to Jake McClagish (723) and Sonny Parson (23) in to turn 1. Joe Geeves (611) then piled in on the back of McGlagish; David Wright (121) offering the same to Geeves, Kevin McClagish (273) went in on the back of Wright. A small pile up now offering an obstacle course in turn 1. The Winnebago of Ben Randell (165) now blocking the exit of turn 3, found Streeton, Allen and Lee Saunders (349). Daniel Gant (173) was taken around in to a spin by Anderson, the pair joining the pile up in turn 1. More of the field going in on the pile up including Callum White (100) and Daniel Pegg (411). White a lap later lining up the old Camper of Wright, blitzing the 121 Van.  Gary Beck (17) was taken round by Lewis Ivatt (717) in the homestraight. White and Beck then collide in turn 3, Parsons going in on the back of Beck; Oliver Marshall (318) then collected Parsons; McClagish also going in on the back of Parsons; before more of the field pile in. The lap boards presented to Allen. Kieran Norton (222) picked up Lee Reynolds (117) down the homestraight, taking him all the way to the plating and pile up in turn 1. The field collecting one another out turn 4 at the chequered flag; Allen the winner, Ivatt second and White in third.

Josh Stewart (334) led off heat 2 with 19 Vans on track. Ralph Wright (12) went around in to a spin at the green flag courtesy of Callum White (100) with Scott Saunders (346) for help, Ricky Garrod (99) getting caught out with Wright. Wright, then getting clobbered by the field down the homestraight.  Michael Carter (329) and Ashley Garrod (337) also tripping up down the homestraight. The field now bunching up bundled in to turn 3 in a heap, David Wright (121) and Kieran Bowman (178) coming off worst with James Ellis (85), Alfie Lee (577) and Saunders left stranded too. Phil Smith (549) your leader. Sam Gelsthorpe (555) caught a t-bone off of Sonny Parson (23) in turn 3 as more of the field bundled in causing havoc. A lap later and Gelsthorpe caught another shot this time of off Chris Shipp (170). The lap boards now presented to Smith. Kieran Norton (222) got better acquainted with Stewart in turn 1 as Gelsthorpe and Lee did the same. Russell Gill (77) turned it round in turn 1 and went in with a t-bone on Norton as Liam Weedon (606) did the same the otherside; Weedon and Gill driving off, leaving Norton exposed to a shot on the nose from the ailing Ellis Dodge. Bowman was left broadside across the track in turn 3 and attracted the attention of Gelsthorpe who went in with a t-bone; Weedon offering the same to Bowman shortly after. Smith though managed to pick his way through the last bend carnage to take the chequered flag. Gill went in on the back of Shipp down the homestraight to round out the second heat. Smith taking the win, Garrod second and Gary Beck (17) in third.

Heat 3 for the Vans was led off by Charley Streeton (320), 18 Vans on track. Streeton quickly in trouble half spinning at the drop of the green, gave the lead to Daniel Gant (173). Scott Saunders (346) took around Sonny Parsons (23) in to a spin in the homestraight. Chris Shipp (170) took Joe Geeves (611) to the fence in turn 1, as Gant was tripped up in an incident in turn 3. Lee Saunders (349) taking over the running; Saunders time up front though was short lived, taking around Russell Gill (77) into turn 1 and popping an outside rear on the Saunders Van; the field collecting Gill in the process too. Geeves went in with a t-bone on Sam Gelsthorpe (555) in turn 3, Parsons blitzing the back of Geeves. Joel Allen (479) was taken around in turn 3 by Shipp, both Vans rattling the fence in the process. Parsons went on round for another lap and jacked Geeves once again, the Geeves Van now totally snapped and axle well out of place at the back. Shipp was causing trouble for Streeton now in turn 1, the back of the Shipp inviting a shot off of John Anderson (373), Gill also joining in.  The lap boards out for Lewis Ivatt (717); with a rapid Phil Smith (549) closing in quickly. Parsons was still putting the hits about, this time on the back of Allen who was parked up in turn 1. Smith going in with a last bend lunge on Ivatt, but Ivatt using the limping  Parsons Van for a buffer, run around the side of the 23 Van to hold on to the lead and take the flag, Smith second and Ashley Garrod (337) in third.

Just 12 survived for the Big Vans Fina; Lee Saunders (349) led them off. Kieran Norton (222) parked himself in turn 2 at the start and backed out across the track, catching Sonny Parsons (23) for his first victim; as Michael Carter (329) took around Chris Shipp (170) down the homestraight. Norton still parked up in turn 2 found himself copping a T-bone off of Alfie Lee (577), with Parsons lining him up for retribution, settled for going in on the back of Lee. Shipp attacked Josh Stewart (334) in turn 3, Lewis Ivatt (717) doing the same and going in on the back of Stewart. Stewart keeping his Van going, nudged forward and stopped Carter on the nose; Carter turned it round quickly and went in with a t-bone on Stewart. Stewart still in amongst it stopped the leader Saunders before Shipp went back in on the back of Stewart once more. A caution period called for. 349 led off the restart with three laps to go. Saunders tripped up with the Van of 577 who was parked across the track; breaking the steering on Saunders Van. Parsons blitzed Shipp in turn 1, your leader now Phil Smith (549) who run out the laps to take the win; Smith dumping his Van in the collection of parked vans in the backstraight. Ivatt also going in on Shipp before the Destruction Derby signalled.

Sonny Parsons (23) went in with a t-bone on Kieran Norton (222), whilst Lewis Ivatt (717) attacked Michael Carter (329), Phil Smith (549) offering the same to Lee Reynolds (117). Gary Beck (17) went in with a t-bone on Olly Marshall (318) in the homestraight before Daniel Pegg (411) spun around Parsons. Reynolds t-bones Scott Saunders (346) in turn 1. As the field pile in on Callum White (100). Beck went in on the back of Smith as Parsons attacked the back of Norton. Beck also went in on Reynolds down the backstraight soon after. Marshall getting involved in the action too went in on Norton.  Marshall was then struck by Parsons as the Vans started to lose momentum. Parsons blitzed the Van of Norton, whilst Beck and Parsons battle; blitzing and attacking one another. Reynolds also getting attention off Beck too. Beck blitzing Parsons twice before Beck set off allowing Parsons to take a run up on Beck down the homestraight. A yellow flag needed, the DD called and Beck declared the winner.   


2L Bangers

A huge turnout out for the class with just over half of them in the White grade race up first; 32 cars on track led off by Daniel Holmes (26). Mac Bell (28) took Kieran Gray (123) to the fence at the drop of the green whilst Jamie Avery (548) was offered the same by Archie Cullum (132) in turn 1. John cook (843) was then collected in to turn 3 by the pack who bundled in on the back of him. Bill Crittenden (449) followed in a Predator in turn 3 as Codie Reeves (488) and Bell joining them. A lap later and Kyle Stevenson (60) went in on the back of Reeves, Bell once again in the mix went in on Stevenson; Cieran Harmer (101) wasting no opportunity blitzed Bell.  Dom Davies (261) and Jamie Webster (686) collided in to turn 3 with Cook also getting caught up; Cook was blitzed by Callum White (100), a number of the field also piling in. A lap later and White piled in on Davies, blitzing the 261 machine. A caution period called for. Holmes your leader on the restart. Ryan Sutcliffe (664) was taken around in to a spin in turn 3 by Michael Chiddle (530), the track soon blocked and the field piled in turn 4. White storming in on Bell the biggest oft the hits. A path cleared and Holmes made his way through to be presented with the lap boards. Adam Hexton (314) copped a shot off Mark Cross (687) in to turn 1, Hexton was then clobbered by Sutcliffe. Holmes went on to take a trouble free win, Ross Cooper (604) finishing second and Billy Taylor (117) third.

Heat 2 for the 2L Bangers drew out 39 cars on track led off by Mark cross (687). Daniel McSweeney (768) bundled Phil Milner (201) and Archie Cullum (132) in to turn 1 at the green flag. Milner’s team mate Dylan Goodman (93) catching him on the nose, at the same time into  the backstraight and turn 3, cars went sent in all directions. Charlie Taylor (514) your leader in the early stages as the race began to settle down. Ben Mynott (352) followed in Dean Cruickshanks (73) into turn 3.  The red flags called for. Taylor your leader, Kieran Gray (123) second and Codie Reeves (488) third. Ben Wilkes (392) tripped up with Reeves down the homestraight; Ross Cooper (604) went in on the back of Wilkes; leaving the 392 Focus stranded against the fence in turn 2. McSweeney storming in on the back of Wilkes; Callum White (100) blitzed the back of McSweeney. A run through the lapboards Taylor held the lead as Jack Maryon (212) followed in McSweeney in to turn 1, Wes Freestone (340) took Jordan Sharpe (828) in to a spin at the chequered flag, Sharpe collecting the marker tyres in the process. Taylor took the win before bundling in to the back of Maryon in turn 2; Dan Poole (259) stormed in on Taylor, White parking himself in the side of Maryon leaving himself open to a blitzing off of Bill Crittenden (449).

Heat 3 was led off by Damien Matthews (87); 37 cars on track. The field bundle in as you would expect, Ryan Sutcliffe (664), Michael Chiddle (530) and Andy Shipp (128) caught up in turn 1, with more sent scattering down the homestraight; Tyler Reid (843) getting caught out worst, clobbered pillar to post. Terry Garrod (338) also caught out in turn 1, sent around in to a spin by Ashley Garrod (337). Garrod (337), John Reeves (188) and Lee White (830) getting caught up in to the next bend with Alfie Crittenden (448). Charlie Daniels (741) run in Kieran Bowman (178) in to turn 1; the field pile in too. Bowman was then jacked up by James Licquorice (51), Licquorice in turn inviting the attention of Callum White (100) who also stormed in; White suffering a similar fate from Steve Austin (126) who went in on the back. The train backing off left Bowman stranded on the exit of turn 2; he was then blitzed by Kyle Stevenson (60),  a caution period required. The restart led off by Matthews. A steady restart, the race settling down, Jordan Sharpe (828) lunged in on Ben Mynott (352) in to turn 3, just before the lap boards were presented to Matthews, Matty Butcher (599) in second and in Phil Smith (549) third; staying this way to the chequered flag.  

Ben Wilkes (392) led off the final; Taylor Pratchett (107) tripped up in turn 1, the field piling in and catching up members of his own team and Damien Matthews (87) who clipped a marker tyre and bundled out the way by Jordan Sharpe (828); Matthews then catching a shot off Alfie Crittenden (448) and Charlie Daniels (741) for good measure; Wilkes also left stranded on the outside of turn 1, waved yellows were requested. Kieran Gray (123) led off the restart. Archie Cullum (132) and Dan McSweeney (768) got better acquainted in to turn 1 as Dom Davies (261) was sent to the fence in turn 3. Jamie Avery (548) took Callum White (100) in to a spin, the pair ending on the middle; whilst Daniel Holmes (26) tripped up with McSweeney, Holmes helped round to a spin by Ben Mynott (352) in the process, the pair coming to rest in the turn 1 fence. The lap boards now out as Timmy Aldridge (257) makes his way in to the lead; and went on to take victory; Gray coming home second and Cullum in third.

Straight in to the Destruction Derby Alfie Crittenden (448) turned it round for a big head on with Cieran Harmer (101) in turn 3, Callum White (100) then turned it round and went in on Crittenden. Bill Crittenden (449) went after White getting him with a head on too, a Gladiator on the back of White; making for a hefty shunt. Red flags called for around the raceway. Back under green flag conditions and Jamies Avery (548) attacked Billy Taylor (117) down the homestraight; whilst Mark Cross (687) went in on the back of Michael Chiddle (530) in turn 3. Avery went in with a huge head on with Chiddle; Cross going in on the back of Avery for good measure. Lee Dace (521) jacked the back of Avery; as Cross offered the same to Dylan Goodman (93). Goodman turned it around and went in on the back of Dace in turn 3. Goodman and Cross shared a head on with Phil Milner (201) going in on the back of Cross for good measure. Cross left on the exit of turn 4, Milner went and built up some speed before blitzing the back of Cross. Milner repeating the same manoeuvre to ensure the Cross Mondeo was killed off. Milner the winner.


Reliant Robins

A great field of 20 Robins in attendance; with a race for the White and Yellows graders up first. Callum White (100) led them off, 13 Robins on track. Taylor Douglas (555) was the first spinner, going round at the drop of the green. James Utley (880) went around at the opposite end in turn 3, Steve Austin (126) helped round in to a spin by Jordan Street (552), the Austin Robin also toppling over, Tommy Parrin (350) collecting the back of Street in the process. The yellow flags called for. White led off the restart; which was short lived when at the drop of the green Laura Quadling (419) went in to a big roll with Street, Parrin and Douglas for company also involved, Parrin also ending up on his roof. White led them off once again. Danny Mitchell (506) was nudged onto his side, ending in a big end over end roll, Utley just clipping the 506 Robin helping him back on to three wheels. Steve Futter (229) took around White into a spin and out of the lead in turn 4; before Street offered the same to Jack Licquorice (511) in turn 1. White went in with a big shot on the back of Utley in to turn 1, sending the 880 Robin in to a big Roll. Street and Skeels tripped over one another out of turn 4, Street slamming the plating as a result, whilst Futter went out of the lead with a big roll, unaided; yellow flags needed. Street led off the restart, Skeels in second and Chalkie Douglas (554) third; Skeels though dropped out at the start with front end suspension issues; the lap boards were out next laps for Street; who went on to take the win unchallenged, Parrin finishing second and Futter recovered up to third. Licquorice went for a last bend lunge on Quadling, but sent himself in to a big roll in the process.

The World of Shale was up next for the Reliants; led off by Roy Gedge (385) and Colin Aldred (576) on his outside, 19 Robins on track. Marcus Skeels (321) the first roll over at the drop of the green, but carrying enough momentum to go over back on to three wheels. The field stormed in to the first turn, bunching up: Gedge was taken around by Aldred, Danny Mitchell (506) sent round in to a spin, the field collected the 385 Robin, Tommy Parrin (350)  coming off worst, going in to a big roll down the backstraight. Waved yellows called for. Aldred, Jack Licquorice (511) and Callum White (100) the top three on the restart. Mick Croxon (215) taken into a roll at the drop of the green by Chalkie Douglas (554) whilst Tommy Tatham (197) taken over by White in to turn 1, Jordan Street (552) pushing on the back of White, Tatham went in to a big roll to the fence. Waved yellows called for once more. Aldred again led the restart. Daniel Douglas (553) went in on the attack at the drop of the green in to turn 1, muscling his way by Licquorice to take second. Waved yellows for another rollover this time for White in turn 2. On the recommencement Steve Futter (229) and Skeels muscled their way by Lee Barnard (490) to take third and fourth, whilst Douglas (553) moved by Aldred to take over the running, with Skeels closing in too for good measure. Barnard and Laura Quadling (419) tripped over one another in turn 3, the 419 Robin ending perched on it’s side in the fence, another caution period called for. On the restart Skeels mounted a challenge to Douglas but Skeels overcooked it in turn 2 and went around in to a spin leaving Douglas clear at the lapboards. Barnard mimicking this whilst challenging for Mitchell in second in turn 3, the 490 Robin going round into a half spin. Futter had turned it round in turn 2 and was lurking behind the stricken White machine. Futter going in on Quadling with a head on. Douglas picked his way through to take the chequered flag and the World of Shale title, Mitchell in second and Aldred in third.

The first Allcomers for the Robins took to the track with Danny Mitchell (506) leading them off, 12 cars on track. Mick Croxon (215) was the first round in to a spin in turn 1, as Taylor Douglas (555) went in for a lunge on Callum White (100) just missing him. Laura Quadling (419) took Jordan Street (552) in to a spin in turn 4, the pair coming to a stop by the Speedway gate. Mitchell and White both got out of shape going in to the backstraight, ending up in to a roll, yellow flags called for. Marcus Skeels (321) led them off on the restart. Croxon hooked up with Street and Daniel Douglas (553), Quadling also there doing the pushing down the homestraight, the quartet of cars saw Croxon sent in to a roll; dumped onto his side in to turn 1; White looking to take avoiding action, unsettled his Robin, also going over on to his side, a caution needed once more. Skeels led them off again at the drop of the green, Jordan Street (552) launched Tommy Parrin (350) in to a big roll in turn 3, Street, in turn being clobbered by the field; yellow flags required. Skeels still holding on to the number 1 spot, Douglas in second and Roy Gedge (385) now third; back under racing and into turn 1, White went in with the bumper on Mitchell, the 506 Robin pirouetting off  the marker tyres, but remarkably not rolling over. At the lap boards and Douglas was all over the back of Skeels; ready to mount a challenge. That challenge came quickly and in to turn 3, Douglas lunged in on Skeels sending him wide the otherside of a slow moving back marker, heading to the fence Skeels forced to back out and allowed Gedge in to second. Into the last bend and Gedge went in on Douglas; the 553 spinning around, took Gedge to the fence with him; allowing Skeels to sneak underneath to take the chequered flag. Douglas emerged for second and Gedge recovering for third.

13 cars returned for the Second Allcomers. Callum White (100) starting in pole position Taylor Douglas (555) took Jack Licquorice (511) in to the fence in turn 1 at the green. Waved yellows called for early on. 100 leads the restart; Marcus Skeels (321) went to a spin and was collected by Tommy Parron (350); a rollover for Anthony Cherry (9) prompting another yellow flag. Laura Quadling (419), Douglas and Tommy Tatham (197) the top three on the restart. White went in with a dive on Parrin, but rolling himself in the process, the top three unchanged on the restart. Quadling got a good restart but Daniel Douglas (553) rapidly closed in, she tried to see off the challenge from 553 in second who in turn was battling Roy Gedge (385). Douglas found his way by Quadling using the bumper and unsettling her down the homestraight as the lap boards were presented; Quadling unsettled enough to allow Gedge through also in to second. In to the last bend and Gedge dived in on Douglas to put himself in first, Douglas tried to get the cut back to under take Gedge but Douglas trips up and half rolls, allowing Quadling back into second and Lee Barnard (490) in to third.



Big Van Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 (White graders) 479 717 100 320 121 273 411 173 17 334
Heat 2 549 337 17 170 555 222 334 85 717 NoF
Heat 3 717 549 337 346 23 NoF
Final 549 717 99 23 NoF
Destruction Derby 17
2L Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 (White graders) 26 604 117 87 664 431 687 107 NoF
Heat 2 514 257 828 340 123 259 549 337 830 589
Heat 3 87 599 549 36 696 352 340 828 128 338
Final 257 123 132 340 830 338 549 337 828 188
Destruction Derby 201
Reliant Robins 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Whites and Yellows 552 350 229 555 126 554 100 419 NoF
World of Shale 553 506 576 490 554 350 NoF
Allcomers 1 321 553 385 215 9 100 419 NoF
Allcomers 2 385 419 490 197 555 553 321 554 09 NoF
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