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    Saturday 6th July

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    Saturday 22nd June

    2L Bangers: 314 Luke Rawlings. 1300cc Stock Cars: 303 Jacob Bromley. 2L Saloons: 214 Tom Yould

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Saturday 23rd June 2012


Report by Mark Paulson. Pictures © Damien Wissows.

Locally based 370 Mark French and Standlake driver 227 James Saunders took the big races at King’s Lynn on Saturday night, 23 June in the Michael “Bandit” Bailey Memorial meeting. A big field of bangers paid a fitting on-track tribute to Bailey, whilst the National Saloon Stock Cars also honoured a fallen brother – 311 Steve Newman, tragically killed at Mildenhall a week earlier. All the saloons (and many of the bangers too) sported Newman’s trademark yellow bumpers and adorned a black flag carrying Newman’s race number as the sport came together to pay its respects.

Nearly 100 bangers raced for the two Bandit Memorial trophies on offer, one for the unlimited class (of which there were over 50 cars present) and one for the two-litre bangers which accounted for around 40 cars. With so many unlimiteds, a full format of heats, consolation and final was adopted. 26 cars took to the track for the first heat which was shortened after 753 Billy Cunningham’s used Jaguar was left in a crumpled heap on the first bend after a big follow-in from race-leader 137 Jay Chilton in his late-model Granada estate. That move gave Chilton the race entertainers award as well as the race win, with 185 Lenny Smith and 266 Callum Hall completing the top three.

The second half of the field, 27 cars, raced in heat two which was again shortened unfortunately. Team Extreme’s 555 Ben Williams (Scorpio), all the way from Exeter, dumped 851 Adam Storr’s smart Lexus into the spun 401 “Psycho” Steve Hemmings on the power station bend. Hemmings’ Yank was returned from Eastbourne on Wednesday night where he had largely been out of luck but fortunately Psycho had been able to pull the back end out and employ liberal quantities of tape to hold the rear suspension together! 125 Roy Preece (Volvo estate) then piled in before 601 Chris “Bling” Medler blitzed him with his monster Yank. 465 Andy Scarlett completed the train in other Yank which had been looking a real handful on track. The red flags came out as Preece was in trouble and the race called early when it became clear the Nottingham man would need attention for some time. Having been cut free from his wreckage, Preece was ferried to hospital where it was confirmed he had broken his leg in two places – best wishes go to the Black Rat for a speedy recovery. 169 James Rushton (Omega estate) was declared the winner from Barton Boys team-mate 142 John Kavanagh and Preece’s son, 325 Craig (Volvo)

Over 30 cars repaired in time for the lively consolation. 269 Greg Mulligan latched on to the back of 340 Wesley Freestone who in turn was pushing Mulligan’s Wild Boyz team-mate 43 Nicky Bishop for a big follow-in near the pits gate on the first lap. The ensuing pile-up led to a partial track blockage which accounted for a number of cars including Medler who had done well to return his Yank. 79 Ricky Twell (Scorpio) took in and spun Scarlett while Psycho moved in for a big head-on with the latter. 925 Aaron Preece (Volvo) steered clear of the carnage to race to victory, his first in national bangers, continuing a day of highs and lows for the Preece family. 27 Terry King (Mk2 Granada) drove well to follow him home in second ahead of Williams, with Bishop named as race entertainer.

The Memorial trophy final saw 31 cars on track and was led almost from start to finish by 370 Mark French in his smart Lexus. 321 Andy Newton looked fast in his Mk2 Granada from last year’s Unlimited World Final but after French had pulled an early lead, he was unable to close the gap enough to mount a challenge for victory. 97 Dave Allen was best of the large Team Black entry, third in his smart Jaguar. An all-comers race pulled a healthy 26 cars for an entertaining race. 791 Nicky Young (Omega Estate) turned the all-action Psycho into the home straight fence while Bishop pulled his crippled car across the track from the infield. Freestone duly obliged with a big hit over the back wheel. Meanwhile Psycho had recovered to deliver a package on Ipswich’s 141 Jake Stewart on the power station bend. 150 Andrew Parrin (Volvo estate), 516 Carl Gould (Lexus) and the lively Mulligan joined in to complete the wrecking train before the red flags came out with Williams declared the winner from 280 Simon Goodale (Toyota Supra) and 179 Shaun Rushton (late Granada estate).

Earlier in the evening 227 James Saunders had set the tone for the night by taking the 2-Litre Memorial race, also starting from the white grade. The smaller cars were racing in an all-in format and so had their big race first up. 38 cars took to the track where 180 Mark Foster proved very lively from the off. Having run in 603 Jon Cooper, he also accounted for 79 Ricky Twell, who was racing in both classes. The leading Saunders found time to put 392 Sam Baines into Cooper’s empty car with Foster then going hard into the back of Baino. He managed to reverse back out, leaving the way for nephew 382 Jack Foster Jr to finish the job on the slow-down lap. Saunders raced to victory ahead of 427 Big Dave Johnson and national points champion 22 Dave Vincent. With this meeting being the last qualifier ahead of next month’s World Final, those points will have secured Vincent’s place on the grid for the big one.

A couple of all-comers races followed, with 30 cars returning for the first. 180 Sparky continued where he had left off in the trophy race with another fine display versus the Predators, including doing Twell on the power station bend and 8 James Jackson on back straight. 100 Callum White, named race entertainer in the first outing, then steamed heavily into the back of Jackson’s struggling motor before Foster completed things with a massive shot on the crippled Jackson, deservedly claiming the race entertainer award. Earlier 807 Chris Murfin had turned round for a head on with Baines, while 89 Joe Barrett raced to the win from Predators team-mate 176 Ady Gibbs and Dave Johnson.

The second all-comers was down to 21 starters and was stopped early on after 578 Lee “Mr Schizo” Ranshaw rolled when followed in by Barrett. On the restart, Foster latched on to the back of White for a full lap. White put the anchors on and 604 Ross Cooper duly obliged with a big hit on Foster before finishing him off with another couple of hits. Out front, the lead trio of Gibbs, 479 Joel Allen and 90 Simon Chapman (in full Steve Newman colours) were having a good battle before Gibbs was removed. Allen sealed the win on the final lap by following Chapman in hard on the road bend. 337 Ashley Garrod followed him home ahead of Johnson who sealed his third straight top-three finish. The usual couple of lively destruction derbies rounded off a great night’s entertainment from the bangers.

The saloons kicked things off with their customary race for white and yellow graded drivers. With 18 cars on track, form driver 350 Tommy Parrin led much of the race after moving ahead of early leader 417 Fred Powell. But after 728 Kris Woods found his way past, having started from the back, Parrin spun out of second place with three laps to go. He was caught by the backmarking 218 Jacob Downey (racing the ex-Luke Grief car) as he entered the road bend, with 51 Paul Licquorice completing the job. Licquorice held on to second ahead of 184 Marty Colliver and Powell.

The first heat proper was preceded by a tribute to the late Steve Newman. All 33 cars present lined up on track and their drivers were joined on the home straight by other racers, officials and Steve’s family. Alistair Oxby offered some very moving words and the whole stadium joined in with applause in celebration of Steve’s life whilst his family released balloons in his pink and yellow colours. With several drivers visibly shaken up, their resolve was admirable as they served up a fitting tribute to Steve on track in the race. It was a race where 26 Tommy Barnes rediscovered his early-season form to win in emphatic style. A big pile-up early on amongst the yellow graders led to a complete restart after which there was a caution period to allow 637 Mick Bulldeath some attention following a heavy hit on the home straight. Third on the restart, Barnes soon removed 80 Lee Boyd and passed 128 Craig Banwell to assume the lead. An all-action performance (including after the chequers) from 219 Luke Grief netted him second, while Banwell held onto third.

We were down to 24 cars for the second heat. Boyd led early on before shale specialist 420 Ivan Street found a way through. Then 641 Willie Skoyles raised the stakes by pushing past both in one excellent move. Meanwhile, Barnes was once again making good progress and when Skoyles was delayed by backmarkers he seized his opportunity, putting the bumper in to half spin the leader and move in front. Street also nipped through, while Skoyles recovered to have a good scrap with 499 Aldous for third, Aldous prevailing and then also finding a way past Street on the line.

Ahead of the 22-car final, the question was would Barnes be able to make it a hattrick? And whilst he didn’t have it easy, ultimately the answer was a resounding yes. With the rain now falling, the track was greasy and there were a lot of early spinners which allowed the higher graded drivers to make some quick progress towards the front. Skoyles was again on form, spinning out Powell and 192 Robert Heanes within yards of each other to hit the front. However, the move on Powell would come back to haunt him as once recovered, the lap down veteran got his revenge by returning the favour. That allowed Barnes through to take up the running and he never looked back. Licquorice chased hard but had to settle for second ahead of 511 Craig Barnett. Barnett had taken advantage of more rough stuff from Grief on Skoyles and Aldous, including turning the latter into the fence as they crossed the line.

All in all, another very entertaining meeting and a fitting tribute to both Michael Bailey and Steve Newman. The saloons return to action at the Norfolk Arena in three weeks’ time where they support the 2-Litre Shale World Final. Be sure not to miss that one!

Unlimited Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 137 185 (v) 266 321 730 22 370 22 (v) 280 384
Heat 2 169 142 325 150 124 119 688 998 247 97
Consolation 925 27 555 5 65 349 160 516 542 141
Bandit Memorial 370 321 97 247 22 (v) 349 160 730 185 (v) 390
All Comers 555 280 179 22 (v) 730 160 791 321 61 390
Destruction Derby 61
Merit Awards 22 (v) 370 465 601
Entertainers 43 137 516
2L Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Bandit Memorial 227 427 22 129 382 572 5 701 730 180
All Comers 1 89 176 427 64 119 22 730 701 100 61
All Comers 2 479 337 427 730 119 61 512 176 nof
Destruction Derby 382
Merit Awards 219 479 578 730
Entertainers 100 180 392 604
2L Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
White & Yellows 728 51 184 417 128 512 192 130 404 637
Heat 1 26 219 128 499 641 115 360 731 80 420
Heat 2 26 499 420 641 511 56 191 131 115 219
Final 26 51 511 499 219 641 56 360 420 417

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