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    Saturday 6th July

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    Saturday 22nd June

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Saturday 18th April 2015

Report by Mark Paulson - Pictures Darren Garwell


Four formulas provided a feast of action at the Adrian Flux Arena, King's Lynn, on Saturday night, 18 April. The Two-Litre Saloon Stock Cars stole the show, as they often do, with some sensational racing, as 217 Sid Madgwick charged to victory in the meeting final. The smaller 1300cc Stock Cars also impressed, with 780 Simon Sparrow victorious in the main event. 695 Mark Mason took the main honours in the 1500cc Bangers, while it was experienced campaigner 74 Caroline Garner that took the Lady Banger Final.


Two-Litre Saloon Stock Cars

Another excellent turnout of 41 Saloons included debuts for 321 Marcus Skeels (stepping up from Ministox) and 733 Kyle Picton (from Bangers). Neither fared too well, but the experience will prove invaluable. In the pre-meeting white & yellow grad race which fielded 23 cars, an early restart was required when 22 Karl Petters took a big hit. Thereafter, 912 Andi Newman dominated, winning with ease from 525 Wes Starmer and 328 Daniel Lathan, with the race called one lap early after a retired driver removed his helmet while not in the safety area. 

Heat one proper tracked just over 30 cars, with Skeels leading briefly after firing himself around the fence, before tangling with 420 Ivan Street. After 350 Thomas Parrin spent a couple of laps in front, 538 Jake Swann took up the running, before spinning and handing the lead to 26 Tommy Barnes. A big crash on the home straight in front of the leaders meant Barnes - now sporting father Willie's traditional colour scheme - had to punch his way through. But he did so successfully and held on to remain in front when a red-and-chequered finish was called to assist Petters again. Man on form 304 Martyn Parker came home second, with 570 Simon Venni third.

A couple more made it out for heat two, which saw an early caution when 306 Daniel Parker was left facing the traffic on the exit of bend four. Parrin was again leading but again spun it away, letting 157 Max Stott in front. There he stayed until after half distance when 328 Daniel Lathan pushed past, in what was a hard-hitting, action-packed race. Lathan held on to win but behind him, third placed Martyn Parker attacked 349 Michael Allard for second on the final bend, sending them both wide and allowing 18 Jamie Clayton to nip past the pair, before Allard recovered ahead of Parker.

The 28-car final began with 391 Jake Banwell being launched up the fence onto his side, but the car came back to earth on four wheels and Banwell was able to coast to the centre and allow the race to continue, while track championship leader 6 Simon Welton performed a similar feat at the other end. 217 Sid Madgwick, who has made an excellent start to the season, relieved Parrin of the lead on lap six and controlled the race from the front as Parrin gradually dropped back and then spun from contention. 420 Ivan Street drove a steady race to second, with third placed 304 Martyn Parker surviving a last lap scare when 360 Carl Waterfield reversed across his path. The star graded men just weren't able to catch the leading yellow tops in a frenetic race, as 131 Timmy Barnes, Clayton and Daniel Parker completed the top six.

The Saloons' evening was rounded off by an allcomers race which was led by 800 Scott Greenslade until a yellow flag for a loose wheel. Madgwick then moved in front before 149 Jamie Sampson took over, but the latter was then passed by Martyn Parker and Venni, who then spun Parker out to take the lead. Madgwick, Timmy Barnes and Daniel Parker also passed Sampson, before the 306-car's attack on Barnes delayed them both. So Venni was able to build a small gap and complete the win, from Madgwick and Daniel Parker.

At the top of the points standings, the leading 6 Simon Welton failed to take advantage of second-placed 499 David Aldous's absence with engine woes, adding just one point to his tally. Those two remain out front, but they're now queuing up behind Aldous as the standings look rather congested. The Saloons return to action at the Adrian Flux Arena on 2 May when we hope to see the new English Champion in action.


1500cc Bangers

An excellent entry of 53 1500 Bangers allowed for a white top whirlwind race to kick off proceedings. 695 Mark Mason led much of the way but it was 878 Luke Rowland who took the flag, having put away 183 Karl Thorpe on his way to victory. Further action was provided by 10 Ben Collins blowing up 691 Ryan Bartrum and following in 412 Jake Burgess, earning himself an entertainers award.

Nearly 40 cars contested each of the two heats proper. The first was dominated from flag to flag by 821 Ryan Preston, whose form means he won't be white graded next time out. 392 Sam Baines blitzed 13 Karl Harding to earn the race entertainers award.

Preston was caught out in an early pile-up in heat two, turning his attention to wrecking thereafter and earning himself an entertainers award. Some hard hits were going in and 130 Chris White took a few while stranded mid-track, leading to a red flag. After the restart, local driver 319 Shaun Clarke pulled clear for a comfortable win from Rowland and 339 Terry Garrod.

Down to 29 cars for the final, which was a slightly more racy affair, where Mason just held off the fast-closing Rowland for the win, with 601 Chris Medler completing the top three. Entertainers awards were claimed by south coast visitor 321 Kieran Fry and 400 George Kelly.


1300cc Stock Cars

Another good entry of 29 1300s made things hard work for the higher graded drivers again. Both heats were claimed by 22 Ian Cowern, who has looked on the verge of some really strong results in the last couple of meetings. Sadly his car failed after crossing the line in heat two and he didn't make it back out for the final.

The man who was doing all the winning, 400 Kevin Shinn, racing from the yellow grade for the first time, came through to second in heat one and looked set for at least a repeat in heat two. But he got caught out and dropped a lap down, before making a nuisance of himself and taking out the leading Cowern. Such was the latter's advantage, that he was able to recover and take the win, but not before 704 Stuart Henderson had been shown the chequered flag. Henderson had had an early spin which left him a lap and a little bemused when called to victory lane, but the issue was soon corrected, Cowern confirmed the winner from 412 Jordan Gay. 09 Buster Ketteringham's ninth place was only bettered by Henderson's seventh in heat one as the best results for red-tops in either heat!

In the final, the leading pair of 114 Cliff Wallace and 444 Natasha Street both got caught out, allowing 780 Simon Sparrow ahead, while Shinn spun onto the infield at pace and 241 Beau Southgate clobbered the spun 451 Jordan Spavins head on. With big hits going in all over the place, 653 Gemma Rainer worked her way up to second. 273 Kevin McClagish lay third but 673 John Moat managed to get past him, after which the front four stayed the same. Rainer was gradually catching Sparrow but not quickly enough, so it was the 780-car that took the win, his third of the season, following a double at Coventry last month.


Lady Bangers

The ladies were also strong in number, totalling 25, and they continued the lively racing from their previous meeting. Heat one saw a huge rollover for 419 Laura Quadling as 369 Kirstie Rix took the win from the hard-charging 3 Danielle Hewitt. A pile-up on the final lap of heat two caused plenty of confusion, but it was Hewitt that emerged from it to take the flag from fellow superstars 74 Caroline Garner and 477 Amy Brown. Garner then went one better in the final, taking the win from 369 Jane Allard and 79 Stacy Lightfoot who had earlier taken a big hit in heat one. 88 Alice Sullivan led much of the way in the final but spun with two laps to go, all that after the ladies had managed an impressive track blockage on bend two - lively stuff indeed!


2L Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
White & Yellows 912 525 328 304 682 420 232 214 733 538
Heat 1 26 304 570 149 428 349 131 306 641 6
Heat 2 328 18 349 304 641 730 525 389 591 131
Final 217 420 304 131 18 306 428 730 570 218
All Comers 570 217 306 912 149 131 420 641 730 218
1500cc Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
White Top Whirlwind 878 821 319 148 924 675 235 217 183 526
Heat 1 821 509 319 399 888 116 673 390 313 22
Heat 2 319 878 339 22 601 791 509 757 338 821
Final 695 878 601 888 339 22 338 319 886 313
Destruction Derby 337
Entertainer Awards 10 392 183 821 321 791 400 924 390
Merit Awards 51 321 601
1300 Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 22 400 794 781 673 444 704 702 653 473
Heat 2 22 412 653 273 780 673 794 114 9 316
Final 780 653 673 273 702 838 473 114 85 444
Lady Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 396 3 609 95 477 762 514 660 511 611
Heat 2 3 74 477 609 369 79 95 511 70 762
Final 74 369 79 319 88 3 477 511 419 762
Merit Awards 529 609
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  • 419 3 dg
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