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Trackstar Racing | Info | Results | 2018 | Saturday 8 September

Latest Results

  • Saturday 18th May

    Saturday 18th May

    BriSCA F1: 1 Tom Harris. BriSCA F2: 47 Greg McKenzie

    Updated: 29 May 2024 16:38

  • Monday 6th May

    Monday 6th May

    Micro Banger: 678 Alex Ward. 1600cc Banger: 275 Joel Bond. 2L Banger: 519 Lee Middleton. Unlimited Banger: 382 Jack Foster JNR. Reliant Robins: 553 Daniel Douglas.

    Updated: 11 May 2024 13:52

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Latest Points

Saturday 8 September

Pictures: Damien Widdows. 

Words: Keith Organ


Is the combination of Unlimited Bangers and 2 Litre Saloons one of the best to be seen in Short Oval Racing? A brilliant night of over 100 Unlimited Bangers racing for their World Of Shale event; a record attendance for this event; and a full field of 2 Litre Saloons in action for the Whites and Yellows Final plus the Bumper Trophy; big night of action. 

Unlimited Bangers

Two last chance races for the number of cars in attendance; 30 cars for the first. Kieran Fry (321) in pole position; chaos followed at the drop of the green when Jordan Sharpe (828) and Callum Roberts (396) tripped over one another in the homestraight, which in turn caught out Reece Moran (205) who went up Sharpe and rolled in turn 1; Connor Ratcliffe (24) and Damien Matthews (87) also caught up in the commotion were taken to the fence in turn 1; red flags called for the rolled 205 machine; a complete restart needed. 27 cars for the resumption; Fry once again on pole.  Roberts went round in a spin in turn 1 as Sharpe took around Gary Webb (622) in to a spin. Carl Sowter (288) took Nicky Bishop (43) and Sharpe to the fence in turn 3. Whilst Phil Markham (127) caught Shane Lynn (326) head on in the backstraight. Fry caught Roberts head on as the 396 yank spun around once more. Shane Fry (831) turned it round for Liam Cracknell (241) in turn 1 and was caught by Sam Bartlett (91) in the process. Red flags needed once more for a small fire on the limo of Lynn. Scott Gough (99) leads off the restart; Cracknell turned it round in turn 1 whilst Mitchell Finney (3) was followed in turn 3. Cracknell dived for Fry (321) and was caught by Sowter too; Sowter then coped a shot off Webb. Luke Maynard (43) then turned it round and went after Cracknell. Gough, Lee Vaughan (278) and Andy Ashman (597) the leading three; Ashman took around Vaughan in turn 1; the 278 machine catching 321 whilst re-joining, promoting Jordan Storr (221) to third. Fry then went in on Cracknell in the backstraight to continue their race long feud and rounding out the race. 

The second last chance race drew another 30 cars; as rain started to fall. Kurt Jacobs (817) on pole position. Mark Foster (180) goes in on Darren Teal (170) in the home straight; with Russell Gill (77) involved too; whilst James Cushion (316) does Gary Shaw (164). Brad French (268) follows in Jack Giddings (591) into turn 1; with Jonny Atkins (399) involved getting caught up in the backstraight. Gill went in on Dean French (269) head on in turn 2. As Ben Green (634) spun around in his MK2 Granada; likewise Gav Robinson (21) mirroring in turn 1. James Martin (115) and Michael Carter (329) collide in the backstraight. Foster taking round Green in turn 1. French, Robinson, Martin and Cushion end up in a pile in turn 1, whilst Tom Foster (82) went in on Green caging the Granada. The Bentley of Callum White (100) collecting the pile up in turn 1; the Merc of 606 wasting no opportunity jacked White. Foster (82) went in once more on Green with Ryan Preston (821) following suit. The lap boards presented; Forster piling in on 634 again as Ricky Hutton (623) launched in on Jacobs; with Foster going in on Green for a final time before the red flags; the Mk2 Granada looking severely second hand. 

The World of Shale grid with 50 cars; subject to an Incarace draw. Ben Randell (165) on pole position and Andrew Shipp (128) on his outside; a number of spinners early on, including the pole man Randell. James Cushion (316) jacked up William Ogilby (166) in turn 1 as Taylor Sowter (388) turned it round in turn 1 aimed for Aston Burt (246) catching Tom Filmer (884) in the process too. Kieran Bowman (178) went in on Cushion as Steve McGrath (388) and Adam Rowell (276) was taken round in turn 1. Ricky Hutton (623) dived in on the back of Bowman destroying the Volvo. Shayne Winsors (160) hopes of reclaiming the title were over when he was taken round in turn 3; likewise with Buddy James (262) who was spun around by Steve Farrell (200) in the homestraight. Andy Newton (321) was left stranded in the backstraight and was caught by Daniel Weavers (333) which caught out defending Champion Dave Vincent (22); Vincent spinning around in the backstraight; the passing pack piling in on Newton too. Vincent quickly sticking it in reverse to try and recover but was piled in to by Hutton by the pit gate; Burt though steamed in on Vincent; caging the MK2 Granada of Vincent and shattering his hopes of retaining the Championship. Yellow flags were called and Steve Dean (52) was the leader for the restart; Jonny Atkins (399) and Lee Clarke (247) rounding out the top three. Deans’ lead was shortlived; Randell had spun around in turn 1 and whilst trying to recover took out Dean in the process; Clarke now taking over the running as Weavers and Mark Foster (180) tripped over in turn 1 and Rickie Finney (455) went in on Nicky Young (791) in the backstraight. Micky Maskell (327) turned it round in turn 2 and was met head on with Cameron Bradford (907); Kyle Shires (01) then going in on the back of Bradford and Atkins doing the same to Shires. Andy Battle (898) made a rare error collecting the abandoned Vincent machine and spun to the fence in turn 3. Dean Goodearl (271) and Jordan Storr (221) collected each other in the entrance to the homestraight; Storrs Mk2 Granada estate left exposed; was stormed in to by James (262) bending the roof of the 221 machine. The lap boards were quickly out for Clarke, who took an unhindered run to the flag to take the win; Goodearl second and Ross Winsor (960) finishing third. 

The first of 3 Allcomers events drew out 30 cars; Phil Markham (127) on pole. Jordan Sharpe (828) and Shane Fry (831) collide at the green with Lee Vaughan (278) going in on Luke Maynard (43); Callum White (100) also involved. Lewis Winter (812) and Adam Rowell (276) pile in to pit gate; with a small pile up forming behind at the end of the backstraight. Fry went after Winter on opposite; whilst Maynard collides with Damien Matthews (87) in turn 1; Lewis Tingle (281) goes in on Matthews. Charlie King (204) put a shot in on Fry in the homestraight; Tingle was then further amongst things spinning out Martin Mullens (355) in turn 1. Ricki Finney (455) puts in Kieran Fry (321) in turn 1. Adam Rowell (276) now turned it round and now on opposite went for Carl Sowter (288); Fry in 321 wasting no chance also went in on Sowter. Mitchell Finney (3) then followed in Will Longford (27) in turn 1; Sowter ending the race going on opposite searching out Rowell; James Guppy (349) taking the win.  

Allcomers 2 drew back out over 40 cars; with Sam Bartlett (91) in pole position. Andrew Shipp (128) and Callum Roberts (396) collides at the start; Jonny James (362) steaming in on Shipp; Shipp further in trouble with a shot off William Ogilby (166); Kieran Bowman (178) then stormed in on 166; Gary Webb (622) also involved in on the pile up; got a t-bone from James. Ogilby recovered; but copped a shot off Bartlett in the homestraight. Ricky Hutton (623) went in to a spin in turn 1 whilst Bowman was further in amongst the action on turn 1. Micky Maskell (327) and James Martin (115) trip over in the homestraight; as Hutton followed in Dalton Smith (662) in to turn 1; catching the stranded Ogilby Jaguar in the process. Sowter went in on the back of Smith before Hutton turned round and went for a head on with Smith. Red flags to signal the end of the race; Kyle Shires (01) taking the win.

Allcomers 3 and Steve McGrath (388) on pole position; 28 cars on track. Daniel Weavers (333) took round Nicky Young (791) just after the start. Taylor Sowter (388) jacked the back of Callum White (100) in turn 3; Sowter then caught a t-bone from James Cushion (316); Liam Cracknell (241) lined up Cushion for a big blitz; Cracknell backed off leaving Cushion vulnerable, Kieran Fry (321) obliging and piled in on the 316 machine. Sam Bartlett (91) then blitzed the back of Fry; just before red flags were called for. Ross Winsor (960) now on pole for the restart. Tom Waller (209) took round Liam Bartlett (92) in turn 1. Darren Fendley (673) went in on Gary Shaw (164) in turn 1; Shaw left stranded against the fence received a head on from Cracknell; Carl Sowter (288) then piled in on the back of Cracknell; kicking off a jacking train which then saw Maskell pile in on Sowter, Tom Filmer (884) blitzed Maskell; Buddy James (262) next to go in, destroying Filmer before the yank of Callum Roberts (396) went in on the back of James. At the opposite end of the circuit Weavers and Young had a massive head on the exit of turn 3; Kieran Bowman (178) went in on Weavers; the red flags then called for. The remainder of the race and the Destruction Derby needed to be cancelled due to Weavers requiring medical attention which was the priority. An unfortunate end to an otherwise brilliant night of action and we wish Weavers a full and speedy recovery.


2 Litre Saloon Stock Cars

The Whites and Yellows final took to the track with 16 cars, Tom Balls (425) starting on pole position; Karl Douglas (552) was taken to marker tyres in the home straight; whilst Mackenzie Whitehead (331) went for a spin in turn 1. Tyler Bloomfield (502) now challenging for the lead. Wesley Starmer (525) was taken around in turn 3 as Danny McCluskey (316) took round Bloomfield. The 425 machine took a trip to the fence in turn 1 gifting the lead to McCluskey. Stuart Tointon (52) spun in turn 1; Carlos Pears (409) doing the same at the opposite end. McCluskey, Jack Rust (172) and Luke Dorling (120) the top three; but Rust was now challenging for the lead. Consequently McCluskey was sent to a spin in to the back straight, Dorling now seeing his chance to challenge just before the lap boards were presented. Timmy Smith (131) went in on 425 in turn 1.  McCluskey and Tointon went round in to a spin; whilst Lewis Gallie (182) was holding up the leader Dorling, letting Rust back through. Into the last lap and Barnes put Neil Payne (312) out wide into turn 1. Dorling shunted Rust in to the last bend putting Dorling back in to the lead to take the win. Payne retaliated on Barnes in to the last bend; but didn’t have enough drive out the corner in a drag race to the line; Barnes holding on to third. 

The annual Bumper trophy was next, thank you Kevin Wickham for his help coordinating and sponsorship of the event, 34 Cars on track; with Karl Douglas in pole position. Timmy Barnes (131) the first casualty was sent in a half spin by Wesley Starmer (525) and Jamie Sampson (149); Barnes broadside pushed the length of the straight; Sampson and Barnes ending in a pile in turn 1; with Craig Banwell (128) for company as Sid Madgwick (217) went to a spin in turn 3 whilst Barry Russell (600) was sent to the plating by Cole Atkins (399) and Willie Skoyles (641). Ian Redden (148) lunged in on Thomas Parrin (350) in to turn 1. Carl Waterfield (360) took round Diggy Smith (116) in to a spin in turn 3; Smith was then collected by Starmer and Deane Mayes (730); Skoyles was then spun in to Smith. Douglas spun out of the lead in to turn 1 as Danny McCluskey (316) out of shape took a trip to the fence, Shane Emerson (888) now your leader. Lee Sampson (428) went in on Luke Dorling (120) in to turn 3; snookering him in to Smith and Tom Balls (425) who was sent in to a spin, Skoyles went in on Redden too taking him round. McCluskey was spun around in the homestraight by Mackenzie Whitehead (331); McCluskey getting a t-bone from Dorling in the process, Atkins tripping over in the commotion spun around; Whitehead getting caught from Daniel Parker (306) and Neil Payne (312). Jason Secker (529) and Carlos Pears (409) taking a trip to the fence in turn 3; waved yellows called for as rain started to fall. 888 leader on the restart. Pears was spun around by Max Stott (157) in turn 3, Pears then clobbered by the passing pack. Barnes and Madgwick clashed in to turn 1, both coming to rest up against the fence. The lap boards out for Emerson; who had a clear lead; went on to take the win; Parker in second and Starmer in third.

The first of two allcomers saw 26 cars on track; Karl Douglas (552) led them off from pole. Blue graders immediately went on the attack of one another; often resembling a train in to each turn; they were promptly joined by Diggy Smith (116) and Lee Sampson (428). Stuart Tointon (52) half spins and was caught by Deane Mayes (730); whilst Craig Banwell (128) also went to a spin. Thomas Parrin (350) then sent Jack Rust (172) in to a spin in turn 3; as Shane Emerson (888) was launched in to turn 1. Waved yellows were called for; Douglas the leader; but he was quickly overhauled by Sid Madgwick (217). Parrin took Lee Sampson (428) and Douglas out wide leaning them up to the fence; Diggy Smith (116) doing the same to Daniel Parker (306) and Cole Atkins (399). Sampson and Parrin clash in turn 1; Sampson was in further trouble when he, Casey Englestone (220) and Willie Skoyles (641) take a trip to the fence in turn 3; the Skoyles machine getting some good air time and rides the wall. Jason Secker (529) was then sent to the fence in turn 1; waved yellows were called for. Madgwick, Smith and Timmy Barnes (131) the top three on the restart. Carlos Pears (409) goes in on Jack Rust (172) and Parrin in turn 1; Mackenzie Whitehead (331) was spun around in the commotion. Atkins and Secker tripped over the homestraight; Secker going in to a spin. Tommy Barnes (26) took in Luke Dorling (120) and Rust in to turn 1; Parker bumpered Sampson. Barnes (131) went in on Jamie Sampson (149) just as the lap boards came out. In to the last bend and Barnes (131) went in with another massive last bend assault on Atkins; both ending up in the fence; Atkins recovered to cross the line, but outside of the top 10. 

Allcomers number 2 Stuart Tointon (52) in pole position led them off, 22 cars on track. Tointon spun himself out in turn 1 as does Will Brazier (340). Thomas Parrin (350) and Luke Dorling (120) battled for the lead; Timmy Barnes (131) went in on Craig Banwell (128); Carlos Pears (409) doing the same to Banwell a lap later. Carl Waterfield (360) and Wesley Starmer (525) collide in the homestraight; Starmer going to a spin. Jamie Sampson (149) lunged in on Casey Englestone (220) and Jack Rust (172) in a battle for second. Brazier was spun around by Lee Sampson (428) and Daniel Parker (306) in the backstraight; as the track begins to dust. Waterfield joined the Sampson and Parker battle for minor places who were then in turn joined by Barry Russell (600) and Diggy Smith (116); as the group battled, Parker broke clear as the lap boards were presented. Parker spun out Pears in to the home straight; Pears was then collected by Smith in a hard t-bone. Waterfield, Sampson and Dorling ending in a pile in turn 3 as yellow flags called for. Thomas Parrin (350), Englestone and Sampson (149) the top three for a one lap dash; Englestone went in for a big last bender on Parrin. Mayes and Russell go in on Dorling in the last bend, taking him around; Englestone picking up the win, Parrin second and Madgwick third.


 Link to Mylaps: https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/1588029  


Unlimited Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Last Chance 1 99 597 221 88 92 622 43 NoF
Last Chance 2 200 898 399 821 817 NoF
World of Shale 247 271 960 257 309 673 262 78 382 662
Allcomers 1 349 247 455 372 136 204 281 321 NoF
Allcomers 2 01 898 262 382 247 281 24 327 455 884
Allcomers 3 821 400 898 673 209 247 160 455 77 92
2 Litre Saloons 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
W & Y Final 120 172 131 312 600 425 888 409 128 525
Bumper Trophy 888 306 525 172 409 120 399 116 360 502
Allcomers 1 217 116 306 360 149 428 220 730 525 120
Allcomers 2 220 350 217 149 172 360 306 730 600 116
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