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  • Saturday 6th July

    Saturday 6th July

    F1 Stock Cars: 1 Tom Harris. Unlimited Bangers: 750 Rhys Parrin. F2 Stock Cars: 136 Kyle Taylor

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  • Saturday 22nd June

    Saturday 22nd June

    2L Bangers: 314 Luke Rawlings. 1300cc Stock Cars: 303 Jacob Bromley. 2L Saloons: 214 Tom Yould

    Updated: 23 Jun 2024 20:57

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Saturday 1 August 2015

Report: Mark Paulson

Day one of the early-August speedweekend at the Adrian Flux Arena, King’s Lynn, was Summer Carnival Night, headlined by the second annual Big Reunion for pre-1985 Unlimited Bangers, where a variety of classic machinery played out some entertaining races, with 318 Tony Citro making the trip from Middlesbrough worth it with a heat-and-final double. The Two-Litre Saloon Stock Cars were also in action, qualifying for the following day’s National Championship providing some hard-hitting, action-packed racing. The programme was completed by the frolics of Reliant Robins, including rollovers galore and plenty of shed bodywork. 

Pre-1985 Unlimited Bangers

A large number of late cancellations left the entry a fair bit lower than it looked set to be a couple of weeks earlier, but still at a very impressive 67 cars. Many had already seem action, principally at Heinegone, but there was also a good smattering of fresh machinery, including Mk2 Granadas, a number of smart Jaguar XJs, a Rover P5 from 262 Rob Bugler, an Austin FX4 (London Taxi) piloted by 155 Sam Coote, two Jaguar XJSs in the hands of 341 Andy Jones and 660 Paul Lambe, and an unusual Chrysler LeBaron from 178 Kieran Bowman on his National Banger debut.

First up was a race for pre-1970 machinery that raised 12 cars, most of which seemed to spin themselves out in the opening stages on the watered track! 884 Tom Filmer (used Rolls Royce) led most of the way to take the win from 433 Ben Smith (used Daimler DS420 limo) who delivered 247 Lee Clarke’s used Rover P5 to the fence en route. 280 Simon Goodale (used Rover P5) put away 252 Steve Bugler (used Cadillac Fleetwood) in the same place and also got involved with 821 Ryan Preston’s used P5, which allowed Bugler to get some revenge on the 280 car, earning ‘Boogie’ an entertainers award.

Heat two was for Granadas and Volvos and fielded 30 cars. 382 Jack Foster Jr (Mk2) blasted the similarly mounted 960 Ross Winsor, while 390 David Gibson (Vole) used Winsor’s car to allow him to blast 34 Warren Burnham (used Mk2 estate), with 392 Sam Baines (Vole) then doing likewise, before red flags were called for to assist Winsor. On the restart, 197 Joe Bowers (Vole) fought off the early attentions of 266 Callum Hall to take the win, while 22 Dave Vincent (Mk2 estate) carved his way through the field for second.

The remaining cars were eligible for both heats three and four where they were joined for one more outing each by those who had already raced. 29 cars contested heat three, led by Lambe until spun by 318 Tony Citro (Vole) who went on take his first ever win. Action was supplied by the DWO and Damage Inc boys, with Jones blasting the spun Preston, then Clarke immediately blitzing the former. 190 Steve Bailey (XJ) went for Preston but didn’t fully connect and left himself open to a monster t-bone from 185 Lenny Smith (ultra smart XJ). The action was completed with a head on between 449 Will Guppy and Jones, who took the entertainers award.

An enormous field of 51 cars returned for heat four, with more turned away after trying to compete in their third race of the night. Predictably, carnage ensued around the raceway, with particular hits difficult to single out. They included Bowman blowing up 249 Ryan Guppy and 210 Steve Haywood (very used Vole) blasting 632 Callum Reed (ultra smart Mk2 estate). Perhaps the biggest hit though, earning himself one of many entertainers awards handed out for the race, was dished out by 779 Luke Allen (Vole) on 932 Rhys Reed which left the latter’s Mk2 estate well wrecked. Rob Bugler’s P5 was mullered on the back straight, while 331 Jason Jackson (XJ) followed in 137 Jay Chilton (Mk3 Granada estate) and Bailey was set about on the home straight by 601 Chris Medler (Vole). 597 Andy Ashman (vintage Vole) led most of the race, before spinning on the penultimate lap. He recovered quickly enough to take the win but was then spun after the flag by 88 Lyndon Stark (Mk3 Granada estate), who had finished third behind Vincent, and given a head-on, ending his day.

The 44-car final could not possibly live up to that in the action stakes but still provided plenty of carnage in the opening laps, sadly cut short to assist Haywood who had been knocked out. After a few minutes’ assistance, Haywood was able to walk away, thankfully, leaving around 30 for the restart. 650 Phil Barker (Vole estate), 196 Ben Harrison (used Cadillac) and Filmer formed a wrecking train on bend four, as Citro raced to his second win of the day from Allen and Vincent.


Two-Litre Saloon Stock Cars

The 50-car entry of Saloons on the National Championship trail included very few visitors, proving just how strong the formula is in East Anglia. There was not a single West Country driver, but travelling from Scotland were 85 Kyle Irvine, 219 Luke Grief and 600 Barry Russell, while top marks go to Northern Irishman 811 Kieran McIvor for his efforts. King’s Lynn debuts in the formula were made by 24 Richard Skeels, former F2 driver 537 Tom Alsop and former National Banger superstar 998 Wayne Cottrill Jr. It was also pleasing to see a return for 106 Jamie Stafford.

A three-from-five heat format was adopted, leading to close to 30 cars in all but one race. The first begun ignominiously for the blue grade who were all thrown to the back of the grid for jumping the initial start. 192 Robert Heanes built a decent lead in the early laps of the restarted race before yellow flags were called to rescue 525 Ryan Boughen’s car that had been collected on the back straight. On the restart, Heanes was spun out by the lap-down 158 Shane Davies, while 349 Michael Allard charged inside 591 Aaron Morris to take the lead. Morris then tangled with 304 Martyn Parker as they disputed second place, allowing Allard to ease to the win from 149 Jamie Sampson and 321 Marcus Skeels.

Early spinners in heat two included 698 Danny Colliver and 306 Daniel Parker, while 22 Karl Petters blitzed a marker tyre, ending his weekend’s racing. 573 Marty Colliver charged around the wall to take the lead but was soon passed by 391 Jake Banwell who raced to an impressive win from cousin 128 Craig Banwell and 525 Wes Starmer.

Relative newcomer to the formula 450 Luke Jackson impressed as he built a gap at the head of heat three but was gradually caught and then passed by 912 Andi Newman. After a yellow flag period to aid Richard Skeels and 350 Thomas Parrin, stranded in separate incidents, Newman was delayed as he tried to lap Cottrill on the penultimate lap. That allowed 360 Carl Waterfield – fourth in his opening race – past, and although Newman stuck with him and made contact with a last bend lunge, Waterfield just beat him to the line, while 538 Jake Swann completed the top three.

As had been the case in the earlier races too, several of the red grade delayed each other in heat four, which assisted 512 Darren Barnett in escaping to his first win of the season. 499 David Aldous – sixth in his opening race – passed Morris on the penultimate lap to take second, while Craig Banwell again ran well, only slipping to fourth in the closing laps.

The last race of the night was packed with action, as Jackson emerged from a frenetic opening lap in the lead, only to be passed by Parrin and Craig Banwell. Heanes and 144 Daniel Bullock went into the fence hard on the road bend, leading to yellow flags, after which there were a multitude of spinners on the freshly watered track, including Aldous and British Champion 428 Lee Sampson who had endured a miserable night that saw him miss out on a top-28 qualifying place. 214 Tom Yould rode the top of the fence as Waterfield and Craig Banwell hit the front, passing and re-passing each other. On the last lap, Banwell led but Waterfield went in with the last bend lunge. Although he succeeded in passing the 128-machine, both were delayed, and Daniel Parker sneaked up the inside to take the win.

Totting up the points would reveal Waterfield as the following day’s pole sitter, with Craig Banwell alongside, and Jake Banwell and Daniel Parker making up row two. Aldous would be a major threat from row three, where he would have Allard for company. Lee Sampson was the biggest name non-qualifier, but the likes of 131 Timmy Barnes and 220 Casey Englestone would also have been disappointed not to make it, while Cottrill could count himself unlucky, only missing out after the heat five result was re-checked.


Reliant Robins

Just over a dozen Reliant Robins thrilled the carnival crowd with their rollovers and bodywork-shedding antics.

Plenty of big hits and rollovers came in heat one which featured a storming drive from 85 James Ellis, but it wasn’t quite enough to deny 576 Colin ‘Porkey’ Aldred the win, as 276 Adam Rowell and 553 Daniel Douglas were named the race entertainers, and 490 Lee Barnard earned a merit award for his impressive paint job.

Another fine drive from Ellis yielded the win in heat two, this time from Douglas with Aldred in third. Then in the final, Ellis prevailed in a good scrap with 704 Stuart Henderson to take the win, with Barnard third. 379 Peter ‘Yogi’ Graham claimed the entertainers award for managing to roll his machine on multiple occasions during the race.



2L Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 349 149 321 84 600 811 304 912 158 85
Heat 2 391 128 525 360 26 499 306 219 641 591
Heat 3 360 912 538 391 304 698 450 641 600 321
Heat 4 512 499 591 128 219 570 730 6 26 349
Heat 5 306 360 128 641 730 698 219 811 6 158
Unlimited Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1  (Pre 70) 884 433 262 280 252 821 912 nof

Heat 2 (Mk 1 & Mk 2 Granadas & Volvo 240s)

197 22 266 811 179 89 714 601 632 382
Heat 3 318 185 779 178 128 433 338 888 (SS) 247 888 (LS)
Heat 4 597 22 88 807 179 382 318 197 128 811
Final 318 779 22 160 331 88 338 148 888 (SS) 179
Destruction Derby 388 (SM)
Car of Meeting 178 262 155 597
Merit Awards 197 632 811 888 (SS) 185 601 392 148 960 88
Entertainer Awards 252


392 341 888 (SS) 178 660 779 190 331
Entertainer Awards 884 196 222 185 912 388 (TS) 868 888 (SS)
Reliant Robins 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 576 85 704 553 185 490 270 276 886 nof
Heat 2 85 553 576 270 490 704 185 276 379 nof
Final 85 704 490 270 3 185 276 nof
Merit Awards 490
Entertainer Awards 276 553 886 379
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