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Trackstar Racing | Info | Results | 2018 | Monday 27 August

Latest Results

  • Saturday 18th May

    Saturday 18th May

    BriSCA F1: 1 Tom Harris. BriSCA F2: 47 Greg McKenzie

    Updated: 29 May 2024 16:38

  • Monday 6th May

    Monday 6th May

    Micro Banger: 678 Alex Ward. 1600cc Banger: 275 Joel Bond. 2L Banger: 519 Lee Middleton. Unlimited Banger: 382 Jack Foster JNR. Reliant Robins: 553 Daniel Douglas.

    Updated: 11 May 2024 13:52

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Latest Points

Monday 27 August

Pictures: Alex Catley

Words: Keith Organ


The third staging of the “Crash for Cancer” meeting once again didn’t disappoint. Van banger meetings are typically attracting 20 or less vehicles; the Crash for Cancer meeting bucking that trend; over 50 Vans once again in attendance with a variety of vehicles on display including a very rare 1964 Bedford j2 Duple for event co-ordinator Mick Gedney (186); who without his determination (along with the Gedney family) the event wouldn’t be what it is. With 20 Reliant Robins scheduled and 16 looking to take part in the ramp rollover, the day would be brilliant entertainment start to finish; in front of massive crowd too!  

Van Bangers

Heat 1 for the Vans drew out 15 vehicles; Simon Sparrow (780) in pole position; Mac Bell (28) was the first casualty, sent to a spin by Joel Allan (479) before reaching the green flag. Sparrow spun around Jordan Godfrey (144) in turn 1 as Ricky Johnson (872) went in on the back of the Chevy Camper of Mark Saunders (734) in turn 3. Kieran Bowman (178) came under attack from Lee Saunders (349). Tony Lowther (902) was then nobbled by John Reeves (188) on the exit to turn 2, blocking the track; the passing pack not having anywhere to go wading in. Tom Neat (78) took around the Ford A series bus of Reeves in turn 3, as Bowman tried to take avoiding action but caught the stranded Johnson van, who was still stuck in the back of Saunders. Neat was splintered by Sparrow on the exit of turn 3. Whilst the spun Reeves caught out several other drivers; including George Tickner (403) who also caught the Johnson Transit. Lowther had turned it round in turn 1 and caught out Godfrey; Godfrey then copped a shot off the Ambulance of Jordan Bliss (194); the track blocked once more into the backstraight. Bowman wasn’t phased and drove straight at the side of Lowther. Yellow flags called for. The race declared at this point, the win going to National Points leader Lee White (830), Sparrow finishing second and Saunders (349) in third.

19 Vans for heat 2; Nick Wakeman (317) led the field off from pole position. Les Jackson (51) and Lee Ivatt (77) were the first in trouble getting sent in to a spin in the backstraight. James Ellis (85) had collided with Mick Gedney (186) in turn 3 before the flag and the pair parked up across the track in anticipation. Karl Parry (58) duly obliged and steamed in on the side of Ellis’ bus; half the field getting caught out in the commotion, in particular Christopher Howland (196) who went in on the side of Gedney. Ellis still parked up across the track backed it up in to the leader Jonny Atkin (399); as Aaron Parry (518) steamed in on the back of Dan Pegg (411) in turn 3. Scott Smith (671) was on the back of the Trevor Wright (380) and made sure he went in on the side of Gendey and Ellis; before Ricky O’Neills (47) bus then stormed through on Ellis. Nicky ‘Spud’ Young (791) your leader. Ellis was causing more trouble for the drivers; reversing his bus up the homestraight taking out Mick Ivatt (55) and blocking the track, collecting the vans of Young, Wakeman and Nick Houghton (293) in the process. Ellis continued to cause havoc and parked his bus across the homestraight once more just as Parry (58) arrived on the scene sending debris scattering. Down into turn 1 now and Ellis got another T-bone from Parry (518). The leader, Young, was followed in to turn 1 by Ivatt (55), sending the 791 Van rattling around the plating; catching Ellis in a T-bone in the process too. Atkins ploughing in to Ellis too; the stranded Atkins machine copping one from Jackson. In to turn 1 and Ivatt (55), Wakeman, Smith and Kier Jackson (632) tripped over one another, the transit of Smith getting ploughed into by Jackson. Parry (518) going in once again on Ellis; O’Neill doing the same in turn 1.  Spud taking the win, ahead of Gareth Wright (995) and third O’Neill in third.

Heat 3 and another grid of 17 vans; with Mark Latham (324) starting in pole position. Kevin ‘Mad  Mouse’ Mcclagish (273) parked up his Fiat truck on the exit of turn 1, backing up and picking out leader Latham catching him on the nose, resulting in the field piling in. Billy Cunningham (753) spun on the exit of turn 3 and was duly t-boned by Peter Beard (257). The EA Van of Ross Coleman (476) went in on Bill Poilious (666) in the backstraight whilst Aaron Challis (664) was helped round by Lee Horwood (441) and Latham in the homestraight. Latham was then in further bother in a collision with Aaron Mann (143) and Jamie Cunningham (752) in turn 3. Russell Gill (77) had turned round his bus in turn 1 and got Leeroy Heywood (633) on the nose. “Mad Mouse” had also turned around and was met head on by Chris Medler (601) as Heywood then went in on the transit of Alex Hensby (375) in turn 3; the front of Heywood’s Renault van severely buckled, but unphased then steamed in on the back of the mini bus of Challis. Coleman went in on Hensby in turn 3; Coleman then getting the same treatment from Horwood; the bodywork of Coleman just clinging on; Horwood kept pushing Coleman down the homestraight, taking Coleman to the fence in turn 1 and the van disintegrating in the process.  Medler was spun around in the homestraight by Horwood; as two to go was presented to Cunningham (752); Chris Loveridge (186) though lunged in on the leader in to turn 1, to take the lead. Horwood t-boning Gill in the entrance to the backstraight at the same time as Medler went in again on the nose of Mad Mouse in 273; Mann and Challis having nowhere to go went in on Medler; Mann backed out and got Cunningham (752) on the nose. Loveridge taking the win; whilst Hensby backed his transit across turn 3 to get Medler before the red flags.

 14 vans returned for Heat 4 Mac Bell (28) starting on pole. Joel Allen (479) took a big shot off George Tickner (403) in turn 1; the back of the transit getting put to the cage; Tom Neat (78) took round Mark Saunders (734) catching Allen in the process, John Reeves (188) going in on Neat too in turn 1. Neat took around Reeves in turn 3; Jordan Godfrey (144) also getting spun around by Lee Saunders (349) in the homestraight. The bus of Ricky O’Neill (47) went in on the Chevy camper of Saunders (734) in the backstraight, Tickner going in on the back of O’Neill; Kieran Bowman (178) backed his bus out across turn 3 aiming for Tickner, only just scraping the 403 machine. Neat pilled in on Bowman; the bodywork of Neat detaching in turn 3, Reeves doing the same stormed in on Bowman. Trevor Wright (380) and O’Neill were battling in turn 1, were then joined by Tickner who went in on O’Neill. O’Neill and Saunders (349) backed their buses up across turn 1 both simultaneously got Gareth Wright (995); Neat also tripping over the buses in the process. Tickner backed his bus up in to Bowman in the entrance to the backstraight as Reeves launched in on O’Neill; a pile up in the back straight now forming; but with some pushing a path was cleared. Bowman stormed in on Wright, Tickner going in on Bowman and O’Neill joining too, went in on Tickner; Reeves not wanting to be left out, also went in.  Nick Houghton (293) taking the win, ahead of Reeves coming home second and Tickner third.  

Heat 5 drew back out 23 vans with Billy Cunningham (753) starting in pole position; at the green flag, Peter Beard (257), Ross Coleman (476) and Aaron Parry (518) bundled in to the pit gate fence. Alex Hensby (375) reversed his transit across the track in turn 3, getting Aaron Challis (664), Simon Royal (86) and Nick Wakeman (317). Mick Ivatt (55) went in on the back of the bus off Jake Swann (538). James Ellis (85) now turned it round on opposite went after Royal in the entrance to turn to the backstraight. Mark Latham (324) took around Aaron Mann (143) and Chris Loveridge (186) collecting the Ivatt van in the process; whilst Tony Lowther (902) ploughed through Wakeman and then Ellis; Andrew Marshall (187) went in on Hensby. Jamie Cunningham (752) latched on to the back of Mick Gedney (186) in to turn 1, following him into the pile up forming on the exit of turn 2. Challis was stopped when he run into the back of Swann and Lowther. Marshall also getting caught out by the bus of Swann. Russell Gill (77) did a lap on the back of the Gedney wagon, rattling around the plating before coming to rest in turn 3 in the side of Lowther; the 902 machine now severely splintered; Lowther drove off and built up some speed before going in on Wakeman in turn 1; Latham there also for some assistance. Swann parked across the track in turn 1 once more, but this didn’t phase Gill who piled straight in to the side of Swann. Lowther run in to the stranded Gedney machine parked in turn 3 as Lee White (830) went in on Jordan Bliss (194) in turn 2. Lowther backing off from Gedney caught Latham in turn 3, forcing him in to a collision with the Gedney wagon. White then clashed with Nicky Young (791) and Swann in turn 1; Gill lining up Young with an almighty t-bone; before he then went in on Ellis. Cunningham (752) took the win, White coming home second and Latham in third.

27 Vans for the final of the day on track, but before the action got going; a moment silence observed in tribute to Michael Howard, Dave Mumby and Shaun Grooby who the East Anglian banger scene recently lost in the week prior to the meeting. Jordan Godfrey (144) in pole position led the field off at the green flag; a number of vans tripping over one another at the start resulting in a small pile up in the backstraight. Mark Saunders (734), Daniel Latham (324) and Christopher Howland (196) then tripped over one another in the homestraight; Latham left exposed enough was then attacked by George Tickner (403); Nick Houghton (293) caught the pile up in the backstraight and went over in to a roll by the pit gate prompting the red flags. It wasn’t long before they were needed once more as shortly after the restart John Reeves (188) piled in on Joel Allan (479) rolling the transit over in turn 1. In to the restart and Jake Swann (538) led them off; Tom Neat (78) thundered in on Russell Gill (77) in turn 1; with Tickner also offering a helping hand on the back of the 78 machine. Lee Saunders (349) clashed with Nicky Young (791) and Reeves in turn 1; were quickly joined by Jamie Cunningham (752) - who was being pushed by Chris Medler (601); in to the pile up; Medler ploughing through the vans; not wishing to be held up. Swann backed his bus up across the track in turn 1, Tickner happily obliged and ploughed in the side. Reeves also copped a big shot; left broadside in to the backstraight, was t-boned by Medler; a pile up once again in the backstraight, lots of toing and froing as the drivers try to find a way through; finally a path was cleared and they went on their way; back round into the backstraight and the gap had closed, Lee White (830) not having anywhere to go was run into by Mark Saunders (734) as Medler turned it round for a t-bone with Reeves; Peter Beard (257) doing the same for Gill; whilst Saunders (349) went in the side of Swann. Those left moving continued to pile in in to the pile up in the backstraight entrance. Saunders (349) though took the win, ahead of Young in second and Reeves in third.

Straight in to the destruction derby and a number of vans join in on the action; Saunders (349) piled in on Kieran Bowman (178) as did Leroy Heywood (633) on Mac Bell (28); James Ellis (85), Lee Horwood (441) also aim for Bell. Houghton then ploughed in on the side of Jordan Bliss (194). Lots of vans jostling amongst themselves as they start to struggle to move. Ricky O’Neill (47) backed his bus in to Tickner in turn 3; Bliss then went in on O’Neill. Heywood lined up Horwood for an almighty t-bone as those still running still jostle. Into turn 3 and Heywood attacked Saunders (349); before Reeves arrived on the scene and went in on Heywood. Latham arrived and went in the back of Heywood; pushing him round in to the pile up in the backstraight entrance. Neat piled in to Young in turn 1; Kevin Mcclagish (273) also going in on Neat, almost rolling in the process. Bell then took a t-bone off of Saunders (349). Neat getting another shot in the side from Mark Quincey (571) who was being pushed by Latham; the pair continued through and went in on O’Neill soon after. Bell once again copping another big t-bone this time from Neat who had built up a big turn of speed; Quincey went in on Bell as did Tickner, the 28 van taking some punishment. Latham punted O’Neill to the fence; as Bell backed up in to O’Neill; Bell drove off allowing Tickner to go in on the side of O’Neill. Neat had built up some more speed and again went on Bell. Young backed up his van through the pile up and met Neat on the nose; whilst Bell reversed his van up ramming the side of O’Neill; Bell was once again nobbled, this time by Tickner who had built up some speed and went in across the back corner of the 28 Van. Red flags were called for momentarily halting proceedings. Still a handful of vans left running, the D.D. resumed. Young and Bell clashed in turn 1 whilst Tickner lined up O’Neill for another big shot. Ellis went in on the tangled Young and Bell; Ellis then backed off and got O’Neill on the nose. Young reversed back in to Bell as Tickner also went in on 28. Not much left to give from the vans still running, as they struggle for power and steering; but Tickner once more set off on another lap to build up some speed and waded in on O’Neill for another time. Ellis backing up went in on the pair, as did Young; before the pair take it in turns to reverse in to the ailing buses. Bell had managed to manoeuvre himself to the homestraight, Young set off after him and got a decent t-bone straight through the 28 Van; Young the backed up from the end of the straight and did the same but in reverse; Bell’s van now severely dilapidated; Young continuing to punish the Bell van. Young now parked up at the end of the straight had Bell bearing down on him and 28 got some retribution diving in on the back of the 791 van. Horwood and O’Neill had been struggling to get their vans pointing in the right direction but had now got themselves in to the homestraight whilst Ellis, Young and Bell collided in the exit of turn 3. O’Neill met Ellis on the side whilst Young launched in on Bell once more. Ellis lunged in on Horwood; as did Young and Bell. Ellis backed up and went on the side of O’Neill; Ellis then drove off and met Horwood head on as Young reversed in on them too. Down to three as Ellis and Horwood gave up the ghost. O’Neill still struggling to get his van to go where he needed it to go as Bell and Young continued to run in to one another. One big final crunch from Bell and Young as the pair backed up to each other, Young keeping his foot to the floor; pushed Bell round in to turn 3; O’Neill using the plating to get him round the corner set off after them, Bell and Young coming to rest under the scoreboard, O’Neill in one last gasp swung his bus round in reverse striking Bell. 28 and 791l expired, O’Neill last one running declared the winner; rounding out a brilliant day for the Vans.


Reliant Robins

The first race was for the World of Shale, 15 cars on track; with pre-race favourite Roy Gedge (385) on pole. The opening lap saw Dale Russell (9) launch into a big roll before reaching the green flag, Steve Futter (229) also went over in turn 1 in a big way; Steve Willis (66) took around Scott Russell (3) in turn 3, catching out Ian Robins (96) in the process, Futter spinning out Jack Wright (247) in turn 3; sending Wright in to the third roll in the space of a lap. Gedge led them off on the restart; with defending champion Daniel Douglas (553) taken out wide by Colin Aldred (576), unsettling the 553 Robin down the homestraight; Douglas rolling over in to turn 1. Aldred then battled Willis and James Ellis (85) for second place.  Ellis took himself to the plating in turn 3; gifting Willis second place; who then charged off after Gedge. Russell (3) unsettled and looked set to roll; but headed straight on to the fence instead; the 3 machine wasn’t off the hook however as he was sent in to a massive roll on the exit of turn 3 by Shane Harvey (383). Gedge made a rare mistake into turn 3; going out very wide which was enough to let through Willis to the lead; Willis pulled out a gap over Gedge which allowed to hold down the lead to the chequered flag, Gedge coming home second and Ellis in third. Chalkie Douglas (554) sent Harvey in to a roll in at the end to round out the World of Shale.

The first allcomers saw 15 Robins return including new 2 Litre Stock Car World Champion Max Stott (157) and BriSCA F2 Stock Car star Ollie Skeels (124) making surprise appearances. Jordan Street (552) starting on pole; Stott took new World of Shale Champion Steve Willis (66) to the fence in turn 1. Dale Russell (9) rolls as a result of bunching with Skeels and Colin Aldred (576) in turn 3. Daniel Douglas (553) went for a spin in turn 3.  Street the leader; whilst further back James Ellis (85) went for a roll after a Collison with Stott in turn 3, the waved yellows called for. Street still holding on to the lead in the restart; Scott Russell (3) took himself to the fence in turn 1 and then spun in turn 3. Stott had now turned his robin around in turn 3 – certainly a rare sight in Reliant Robins and caught Lee Barnard (490) who bounced in to a roll; waved yellows needed once more. Street led the field off, Skeels second and Jamie O Hanlon (551) in third; but his time in third place was short lived when Ellis took the 551 Robin into a spin at the green. Ben Oliver (185) also went to a spin in turn 1, as Willis moved up; challenging Ellis and moving by to take third before quickly moving on to Street and bumpering him wide. Stott and Street collided in the backstraight, the 157 machine rolling; waved yellows needed once more. Skeels, Willis and Ellis the top three on the restart. Willis wasted no time and bumpered Skeels wide with two to go; but both went wide letting Roy Gedge (385) to sneek through; Willis went in for a last bender assault on Gedge, edging out the 385 machine to take the win. The race rounded out with 551 rolling in the backstraight.

All comers 2. Jack Wright (247) leading the field off from pole; in a bizarre occurrence Chalkie Douglas (554) rolled on the rolling lap; prompting the red flags. Max Stott (157) collided with Shane Harvey (383) in turn 1;  Stott rolling in turn 1; waved yellows needed. Dale Russell (9) takes round Lee Barnard (490) on the restart; Wright had come to a stop on the outside of turn 1, Roy Gedge (385) collided with the stricken 247 machine, both ending in a roll; waved yellows called for once more. Steve Futter (229) the leader on the restart; Jamie O Hanlon (551) second and Ollie Skeels (124) in third; the restart shortlived when Douglas (554) spun around and then went in to a roll; waved yellows again needed. Steve Futter (229) now your leader; Russell and Barnard collide whilst Stott turns round in turn 1 and aims for Steve Willis (66) just clipping him as Ian Robins (96) rolled in the backstraight, another set of waved yellows needed. Futter still holding the lead position and Stott was still turned round; but before he had the chance to aim for someone, Willis launched in on him; as did O’Hanlon; Stott caught the leader Futter who went in to a big roll; waved yellows required once more. Gedge now the leader ahead of Skeels in second; just 7 cars left running.  Douglas (554) rolls in the backstraight, thankfully landing on his wheels. The lap boards were out for Gedge who was now clear of Russell; who had now taken over second place from Skeels; Skeels dropped further back before the chequered flag; Robins moving up in to third place and Barnard upto fourth.


Ramp Rollover

For the first time at King’s Lynn a Ramp Rollover competition; Steve Hemmings (401) defending champion from the last Trackstar ramp rollover at Swaffham raceway; once again came out on top, declared the winner for the best roll and furthest travelled; fellow Predator Kieran Bowman (178) awarded second and Terry Gathercole (636) declared third.

Big Van Bangers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 830 780 349 29 178 78 188 43 NoF
Heat 2 791 995 47 317 NoF
Heat 3 186 CL 324 143 752 476 601 375 NoF
Heat 4 293 188 403 78 178 NoF
Heat 5 752 830 324 902 NoF
Final 349 791 188 830 324 NoF
Destruction Derby 47 NoF
Reliant Robins 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
World of Shale 66 385 85 576 96 490 552 553 551 554
Allcomers 1 66 553 124 85 490 9 185 NoF
Allcomers 2 385 9 96 490 124 551 554 NoF
Ramp Rollover 1st 2nd 3rd
401 178 636
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  • XD0A9573
  • XD0A9580
  • XD0A9593
  • XD0A9620
  • XD0A9631
  • XD0A9637
  • XD0A9645
  • XD0A9666
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  • XD0A9707
  • XD0A9709
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  • XD0A9734
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  • XD0A9802
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